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The Best Work is Not Always Perfect

Simply put, don’t waste the court’s time just to show off how perfect you are.
Tags: Litigators, Advice, Christine A. Rodriguez, Perfectionism

Why Are Some Transactional Attorneys So Afraid Of Going To Court?

There's really nothing to be scared about. Litigation is oftentimes more flexible than most people might think.
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Should Clients Insist That Young Lawyers Get Trial Experience?

It’s really not our job, says in-house columnist Mark Herrmann.
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Hold Back Sometimes

You never know when doing this could help you at trial.
Tags: Law, Advice, Litigators, Boutique Law Firms, John Balestriere

Lawyer Arrested And Held Without Bail For Witness Tampering Emoji

Yes, I do think we should talk about Matt Gaetz again.
Tags: Law, Congress, Courts, Litigators, Matt Gaetz, Witness Tampering

Trump Administration Set To Allow Individuals To Sue Foreign Companies Over Cuba

This time, the disaster was brought to you by Bill Clinton.
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Question Your Motives

When making a tactical choice or almost any significant choice on behalf of a client’s matter, ask yourself why.
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Is Emoji Law Going To Be A Thing?

Santa Clara Law professor sparks conversation about emoji evidence.
Tags: Law, Courts, Litigators, Eric Goldman, Emoji Law, Clara Law

Litigating While Expecting (Part II): The Return

Would the trial attorney version of myself still exist after maternity leave? Fortunately, the answer turned out to be yes.
Tags: Kids, Law, Women's Issues, Litigators, Maternity Leave, Pregnancy / Paternity, Jillian L. McNeil

The Reasonable Snooki Standard

For a lawyer, what is a "reasonable" fee.
Tags: Law, Ethics, Litigators, Lawyer Ethics

Working From Home

With technology as it is, we are no longer tied to our desks. Here are some tips and tricks for the logistics of working from home.
Tags: Law, Advice, Working From Home, Litigators, Telecommuting, Boutique Law Firms, Jillian L. McNeil

Non Sequiturs: 02.10.19

* Irina Manta, a recent addition to the roster of Volokh Conspirators, assesses some of the attacks leveled against D.C. Circuit nominee Neomi Rao. [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * In other nomination news, Thomas Jipping explains why conservatives should temper their excitement over those 44 judicial nominees who just got reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. [Bench Memos / National Review] * Michael Dorf's take on Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four liberals on the Supreme Co...
Tags: Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Religion, Alabama, Blogging, Death Penalty, Abortion, Capital punishment, Louisiana, Litigation, Legal Technology, Litigators, Casetext, John Roberts

You Are Responsible For Controlling How Your Time Is Spent

Use good judgment to spend your time wisely and win for your clients.
Tags: Law, Advice, Litigators, Boutique Law Firms, John Balestriere, Phone Calls

This Is Why It Pays To Have Lawyers Do The Extortion Thing For You

The gray area between 'extortion' and 'criminal' extortion.
Tags: Crime, Law, Jeff Bezos, National Enquirer, First Amendment, Litigators, Extortion, AMI

Preparing Witnesses For Trial, Rather Than Deposition, Testimony

Trials are different than depositions. Make sure that your witnesses understand that.
Tags: Law, Advice, Trials, Litigators, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Depositions

Well, This Appears To Be The Whitest Lawsuit Ever

A ski crash... in Utah... involving Gwyneth Paltrow.
Tags: Utah, Law, Lawsuits, Gwyneth Paltrow, Litigators

The Key To Crafting A Winning Argument? Context. [Sponsored]

Litigators are usually forced to take a one-size-fits-all approach to litigation, and it shouldn’t be that way. With Context, it no longer has to be.
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Non Sequiturs: 01.20.19

* Adam Feldman explores the possible effect on the Supreme Court of replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a staunch conservative -- e.g., Judge Amy Coney Barrett. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, here's Ilya Somin's read of the tea leaves in Knick v. Township of Scott, an important Takings Clause case.  [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * Stephen Embry disagrees with Joe Patrice's suggestion that junior lawyers are going extinct, but Embry acknowledges the major effect that technology ...
Tags: Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Congress, Washington, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Government Shutdown, Shutdown, Litigators, Bill Of Rights, Michael Cohen, Adam Feldman, The Hill, Grady, Embry

A Front-Row Seat To The Rise Of Litigation Finance: An Interview With Marla Decker [Sponsored]

Three years after leaving Biglaw for a young litigation-finance firm, is she glad she made the move?
Tags: Money, Law, Biglaw, Litigators, Marla Decker, Sponsored Content, Litigation Finance, Lake Whillans, Lake Whillans Litigation Finance

Commercial Litigation (However You Define It) Is The Perfect Way To Begin Your Legal Career

Commercial litigation provides anyone within it with unparalleled experience in the wide range of business disputes that it encompasses under its umbrella.
Tags: Law, Litigators, Commercial Litigation, David Forrest

Non Sequiturs: 12.30.18

* In 2018, what did Donald Trump talk about when he talked about the courts? Adam Feldman dives into the data to find out. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of President Trump and the judiciary, he continues to appoint federal judges at a record pace -- but the Democrats are doing everything they can to slow down his progress. [Bench Memos / National Review] * If you care at all about affordable housing, then you should be heartened by these developments in the fight against exclusionary zoning, a...
Tags: Real Estate, Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Scotus, Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Federal Judges, Department Of Justice, Donald Trump, Justice Department, Litigation, Legal Technology, Litigators, Trump, Adam Feldman

Lower The Expectations

Most on-screen dramas do not come close to depicting what litigation is like in real life. Make sure your clients understand this.
Tags: Television, Law, Litigators, Christine Rodriguez

Moot Your Case Before You Walk Into Court

But be careful about becoming too enamored of your 'winning' argument.
Tags: Law, Advice, Trials, Litigators, John Balestriere, Moot Court

Trust Your Barber: Knowing When To Defer To Experts

Try to make an effort to be a little better at knowing your limitations, and be a little more willing to swallow your pride and ask for help.
Tags: Law, Advice, Experts, Litigators, Matthew W. Schmidt

Judge Amul Thapar On Discovery And The Civil Justice System

Judge Thapar believes that we need to replace the current system with one that delivers justice to people more quickly.
Tags: Justice, Law, Discovery, Courts, Trials, Federal Judges, Litigation, Litigators, Access to justice, Jury Trials, Amul Thapar, Thapar, Thomas Hardiman, Terri Gerstein

Remember What Your Job Is: Beware The Trappings Of Experienced Lawyers

The perks are just that -- perks, extras -- they are not the core of the job.
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