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An Ohio woman was denied a life-saving liver transplant after refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Clinicians work on intubating a COVID-19 patient in the ICU at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 10, 2021. Mario Tama/Getty Images Michelle Vitullo can't get her planned liver transplant since she and her donor won't get vaccinated. Vitullo has end-stage liver disease, which is fatal without transplantation. Hospitals say COVID-19 vaccination is necessary for the safety of both donor and recipient. After years battling stage-four liver cancer and...
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Bio Roundup: Moderna Publishes, Life Science Cash, AdComm Votes & More

If it seems like biotech investments have defied the financial headwinds of the pandemic, maybe it’s because they have. In the second quarter, 16 of the top 25 largest early-stage venture capital deals were investments in life science companies.The figures come from the National Venture Capital Association and financial research firm Pitchbook. This week they released their quarterly analysis of dealmaking, which shows that the tally of big biotech transactions tops the second quarter of 2019 w...
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Bio Roundup: A Royal IPO, Akili Arrives, Orca Bio Surfaces & More

The biggest life sciences deal this week involves a company that doesn’t discover or develop drugs, or even sell them. Yet its mark is found on pharmaceutical products spanning the entire sector.Royalty Pharma (NASDAQ: RPRX) acquires the royalty rights for drugs. Most of those royalties are for products that are already approved, but the company has also been striking deals for compounds still in development. The biotechs forking over royalty rights get cash right away to continue the expensive...
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Viscient Bio Proposes Organovo Merger to Tackle NASH and Go Beyond

[Updated 5:58 p.m. PT. See below.] Organovo, a company developing technology to 3D print human tissue, announced two months ago that its dwindling cash is leading it to explore options that include merging with another firm. The San Diego biotech now has an offer from a familiar face close to home.Viscient Biosciences, a seven-person biotech startup also based in San Diego, announced Wednesday that it has submitted a merger proposal to the Organovo (NASDAQ: ONVO) board of directors. The two com...
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Mirum Pharmaceuticals Launches with $120M to Advance Liver Drugs

Serial entrepreneur Mike Grey is launching a biotech enterprise with $120 million in new funding to advance two investigational liver disease drugs—one of which he has worked to develop before.Called Mirum Pharmaceuticals, the startup is developing a compound, maralixibat, to treat Alagille syndrome (ALGS) and progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC), genetic liver disorders that affect primarily children. Mirum plans to move maralixibat, its lead drug, into a Phase 3 trial next yea...
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With Big Takeda Deal at Launch, Can Ambys Keep Control of Its Future?

A new biotech has debuted today aiming to make a variety of treatments for deadly liver diseases. The startup, Ambys Medicines, has formed an unusual, broad alliance with Takeda.Some early, wide-ranging partnerships between new biotechs and Big Pharma have fallen apart in the past and have been too limiting for the biotech, but Ambys’s CEO says this deal will still allow the company to maintain control of its future.Ambys, of Redwood City, CA, has raised a $60 million Series A from Third Rock V...
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More Young Adults Are Dying From Alcohol-Caused Liver Disease

Over the past few years, there’s been a steady rise in the rate of Americans who die by suicide and drugs each year. But while much of the attention surrounding these deaths has focused on the opioid crisis, a new study out Wednesday in the BMJ highlights a different aspect of that increase: More people, especially…Read more...
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Romance and reality: clinical science in liver transplant for alcoholism

Many view organ transplantation as one of the miracles of modern medicine: preserving a person’s life by providing a new liver, heart, lung, kidney, or other organ where the original vital organ has failed. One sees the transplant surgeon as the proverbial knight in shining armor riding a white horse and impaling the demons of death and disease on the end of his sharp-pointed lance. In this view, the patient receiving the organ graft is naturally worthy, good-hearted, and grateful for the new ho...
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Cirius Therapeutics Raises $40M to Expand Ongoing Liver Study

A $40 million transfusion led by Frazier Healthcare Partners and Denmark’s Novo A/S is bringing fresh life to a Michigan biotech working to advance a new experimental drug for treating a type of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. As part of the financing, Kalamazoo-based Octeta Therapeutics has been rechristened Cirius Therapeutics, and three San Diego-based biotech executives are stepping into key executive roles. All three were former Laguna Pharmaceuticals executives who spent the past...
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With $20M, UCSD Spinout Jecure To Press New Attack On NASH

Liver disease is challenging for doctors because it can develop without symptoms, making diagnosis difficult without removing cells for examination. For these reasons, fatty liver disease is often called a “silent disease,” says Ariel Feldstein, a gastroenterologist at the University of California San Diego. Feldstein has been studying the liver for nearly 20 years, and his research now forms the basis of a newly launched company called Jecure Therapeutics. Backed by $20 million in Series...
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Man Develops Severe Hepatitis After Binging on Energy Drinks For Three Weeks

A 50-year-old construction worker who consumed four to five energy drinks a day for three weeks was recently diagnosed with acute hepatitis, a condition characterized by liver inflammation. While not the first case of its kind, the incident points the largely ignored dangers of excess niacin consumption. Read more...
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Man Contracts Severe Hepatitis After Binging on Energy Drinks For Three Weeks

A 50-year-old construction worker who consumed four to five energy drinks a day for three weeks was recently diagnosed with acute hepatitis, a disease of the liver that causes inflammation. While not the first case of its kind, the incident points the largely ignored dangers of excess niacin consumption. Read more...
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How alcohol-related liver disease is diagnosed

What tests are involved when someone has liver problems? [Author: Telegraph Staff] [Link to media]
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