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Beautiful, historic town in Sicily is selling homes for $1

Sambuca, the "City of Splendor" is hoping to save its historic structures and revive a waning community.
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Want to save the world? Here's what you should eat

Scientists say this is the only way to feed 10 billion people without causing catastrophic damage to the planet.
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Quorn launches vegan fish alternative

The expansion of plant-based meat and fish analogs marches on.
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'A Year of Great Style' is the conscious woman's weekly wardrobe planner

This 52-week guide will teach you, step by step, how to put together fabulous outfits and do so sustainably.
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Canada wastes more than half its food

Most of the waste happens at the processing stage, not in people's homes.
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Top 10 US cities for plant-based eating

Check out the (surprising!) American cities with the most vegetarian and vegan dining options.
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"Wing-it Wednesday": my family's simple weapon against food waste

It's become a very tasty ritual.
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This family batch-cooks 40 meals at a time

This is some serious meal-prepping.
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I tried making my own beeswax wraps

It's a surprisingly simple DIY project.
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Overtourism: Can this problem be solved?

Yes, but first we need to develop a collective conscience when it comes to travel.
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How "Rick and Morty" explains why self-help is (kind of) evil

Is obsessing over yourself really such a great thing?
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4 ways to read more books

Just when you thought you knew all the reading efficiency tips, there are more, thanks to Neil Pasricha.
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Is big data ruining education?

Standardized tests may not be making kids smarter.
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How to store and drink craft beer

German research on trendy craft brews proves how to optimize the craft beer experience
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8 ingredients I always have on hand

I never leave the grocery store without these staples in hand.
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Air pollution is as bad as smoking when it comes to miscarriage risk

A new study has found that even short-term exposure to polluted air can have serious consequences for pregnant women.
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Mysterious moss-covered figures are inspired by forest folklore (Video)

Photographed in various natural settings, these life-sized, child-like works of art invoke a sense of wonder and delight.
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7 Rs for sustainable fashion

Use these recommendations to create a wardrobe that feels as great as it looks.
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I tried to dye my faded jeans

Wonder how hard it is to dye your old clothes? I found out for you.
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3 ways to override disgust at eating insects

How do you convince people to eat something from which they instinctively recoil?
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Hong Kong scientist develops tool to measure kids' connectedness to nature

It reveals what we already know but needs repeating – that more time in nature equals greater happiness in kids.
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10 heirloom seeds for dazzling vegetables

My fantasy garden include these showstopping varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.
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In this town, it's illegal to grow vegetables in your front yard

A Florida village made this couple rip up their garden.
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UK schools now offering sleep lessons to exhausted kids

Health care providers are alarmed by the rise in sleep disorders, but is it the kids or the parents who are in need of education?
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First came the Straw Wars. Next up are the Balloon Battles.

The balloon bubble is about to get popped as the anti-plastic movement gathers force.
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Soft, fuzzy sculptures hint at the plight of world's coral reefs

Concerned about the threats facing coral reefs, this artist is creating bright, tactile reminders of what healthy corals look like.
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These 2D perspectives unfold to form 3D furniture

Remember all the time spent creating a perspective drawing and trying to get those angles right? Well, this 2D form turned furniture will take you back to those moments with pure nostalgia!South Korean designer Jongha Choi has created a line of space-saving furniture that can be hung on your wall when not in use. The collection, named “De-Dimensions” plays with visual forms, transforming a two-dimensional form into a functional three-dimensional object. Comprising of a stool and a bench, each ...
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Decluttering? Consider the Japanese concept of 'mottainai'

There should be more to decluttering than just tossing your joyless junk.
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Why you should cook the same recipes over and over again

Repetition guarantees success and saves time and money.
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Insect-based dog food cuts canine carbon

And it's available now across the UK.
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