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                                                             Related Stories On Top of the Eiffel TowerLouis Rossignol: The Art of HandwritingTwilight in Cassis  [Author: French la Vie]
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On Top of the Eiffel Tower

    Have you checked out the Eiffel Tower on Google Earth?,2.2922926,574m/data=!3m1!1e3            Related Stories Louis Rossignol: The Art of HandwritingTwilight in CassisWhen You Come to Provence  [Author: French la Vie]
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Louis Rossignol: The Art of Handwriting

            Louis Rossignol (1694) was a master calligraphist. "Not all calligraphy is the same. In fact, this form of artistic handwriting can actually fall into a number of different styles. Essentially, there are three main of calligraphy: Western, Arabic, and Oriental. Within each style there, maybe several lettering sub-styles or hands. Louis Rossignol was instructed in the art of writing by Olivier-François Sauvage, the most reputable teacher of the time (who didn’t publish any copybook),...
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Twilight in Cassis

  Twilight in Cassis. What a sight to make one oh and ah. And every time I see Cassis I sigh, "Beautiful!" Cassis anytime never disappoints, especially at twilight. What place do you never tire of seeing?        Related Stories When You Come to ProvenceThe Incognito Kitchen Man  [Author: French la Vie]
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When You Come to Provence

    If you come to Provence take time to be, time to let Provence get under your skin and into your heart. Provence is a place to wander aimlessly, to taste the countryside, to soak in the sounds and to follow your thoughts until they are just a mountain of softness and valleys of delight. Provence is spread out like a quilt of many colors starting with the sky and all the way to the blue sea, from the olive trees, vineyards, tiled roofs, confit pots, cigalles, rosé... Let me lead the way, come...
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The Incognito Kitchen Man

    Standing outside the Cassis Home I waited for the kitchen cabinet maker to arrive he was running late, I rubbed my hands together wishing I had worn gloves. While I waited I saw a truck not too far away with a man sitting inside looking as if was waiting for someone, could he be the kitchen cabinet maker I wondered? Just then I received a phone call from the kitchen cabinet maker he said, "Where are you I am in Cassis and cannot find your home number?" As I was describing the street I noti...
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Happily Stuffed Piglets

      Chelsea and Sacha during lunch. Sacha bought a beret at Maison d'Emperuer to take back to Seattle, he said, "I am French so I should show it."         Chelsea waiting for Martin to join us at lunch. The Moroccan restaurant where we were to have lunch, was kind enough to stay open to serve us as the train Martin and Fabrice were on was delayed for over an hour due to a flood on the tracks.     And as if the lunch wasn't big enough, Sacha wanted a Raclette dinner. We had a couple of ton...
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Pre- Reunion

  Preparing for the arrival of the three I love: Cook favorite foods- Check. Put fresh sheets on the bed- Check. Turn up the heat- Check. Flowers- Check. Make sure everything is just so... At that point, an idea came to mind, "Why not move the armchair in the house-next-door to Sacha's old bedroom, and put the armchair that is utterly impossible to sit on in my bedroom as a decorative monster.  And so I did but not without whacking my back out. Lovely.           The two armchairs are in plac...
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Provence. Paris. Poland. Italy

  The morning sun could not penetrate the coldness that was left behind from the hours of darkness, this morning it was 26 Fahrenheit.  It has been colder. In Paris, a blanket of white greeted Yann who had a meeting there. Though he missed Chelsea as she flew to Poland for her work, I am sure it was colder than Paris. Sacha is in Italy, his heart is warm so nothing else matters. What is the weather like in your part of the world?        Related Stories Covering France from Head to Toe with A...
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Covering France from Head to Toe with Antique Quilts

  If I took every quilt I have ever seen from the French brocantes and laid them out  they would cover France from head to toe. Can you imagine how beautiful that would look from up above? The women and maybe a few men who over the hundreds of years have created  a national treasure with their handiwork, stitches, their creative force, choice of color and pattern. Needless to say, if I laid out the monogrammed laced sheets, pillowcases and why not throw in the dishtowels the entire planet wou...
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Becoming French

(Photo French Flag found on Pinterest no link was available)   I did it!   Nearly, eighteen months ago I applied for my French citizenship. Yesterday, in Nice, I had an interview with the immigration authorities. I was anxious that I might not answer something correctly and be told I wasn't accepted. To be safe I read everything I could online and went over hundreds of questions that they could ask me. Questions such as: "Why I wanted French citizenship? Name five French philosophers? What is la...
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What I Found at the Brocante

  Usually, after going around a brocante several tours I start to look at smalls. They never disappoint with their purpose, meaning and evident stories worn proudly for everyone to see. Honor medals are easy to find, usually given by an organization, the city or country. This one with a young girl playing music to a dear was from the 1950s. The round glass frame, is easy to find as well usually they have photos of loved ones, this one had one on both sides. Sometimes there are messages inside, ...
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Baby Boy Buggy Dreams

  Chelsea is four months pregnant. Not showing just thick around the waist. Chelsea feels great and has not been ill a single day, lucky Pup. They hope to find out the sex of the baby next month. Shortly after she was pregnant, and when I say shortly after, I mean probably the day she was pregnant though they did not know that they were and certainly I did not know that, I had a dream that she had a boy. I called her and asked if she was pregnant and she laughed, "No, I don' t think so." I drea...
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Cassis Home Renovation Project

    If I did not have such a great team to work with I would never agree to step in and project manage such an undertaken of Cassis Home. Plus if Ching and Gary were not good friends of mine and if they weren't one hundred percent behind every decision I make I would never be doing this. But since the "Team" is behind me and creativity is free rein this is one of the best projects, that am lucky and happy to be part of it.  What I mean is that this apartment was good enough, it was livable but ...
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The Language of Love

  Recently, I found several French postcards in souvenir booklet from the 1900s. What caught my eye was that the cards were in series, extra charming, depicting the language of love in unusual ways such as the language of love in stamps. Depending on how one would stamp an envelope for example if the stamp was upside down it meant, "Believe in me" if the stamp was sideways it meant I like you.         If a stamp was put on like an upside down diamond it meant, "I am dying for your love".     ...
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You Never Know When a Moment Can Make up for Another Moment

  A glorious winter morning, crisp clear, sunny we did not need a coat while sitting at an outdoor cafe along the port with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a croissant. A Wannabe Friend came along with soulful eyes that spoke gently without saying a word. I smirked, not in a mean way, but as to say, "Out of all the people in the cafe you came by me?". My friend that understands dogs whispered, "He wants a bite of your croissant, he is an old dog you needn't be afraid." The Wannabe...
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Are You Ready for Christmas?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Are you ready for Christmas?        Related Stories Are You Ready for Christmas?The Story of FamilyHow to Achieve Harmony  [Author: French la Vie]
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The Story of Family

    The history of my family started back before any of us were born, back before history was recorded, before ink and pen, somewhere amongst a woman's arms and a man's kiss, somewhere in the middle of a heart and soul. My father's and my mother's parents came from the Azores, the islands off of Portugal.         The history of my family took place sailing across the ocean, traveling and working across the fields, buying farmland, and prayer. I never thought about it before, but the long row o...
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How to Achieve Harmony

    The other day I found a book if you could call it that, with its pages barely hanging on, I asked the dealer how much? French Husband looked at the book, looked at me, looked at the dealer and shrugged. He doesn't get the attraction to things on their last leg. He doesn't understand that kind of reckless beauty. His knees don't buckle at the sight of old junky stuff with a price tag.         BUT he does get me. He shrugged, saying, "I am certain it is going to look better the moment you t...
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French vs. American Finding the Way

  Someone once told me that the difference between a French and an American could be summed up like this: "If you put a French person and an American person in the middle of a dense jungle and asked them to find their way out, the French person would bend down grab some soil look at it for clues, look up to see which way the wind blew the trees and which way the sun was moving across the sky... in other words the French person would study the situation right then and there before making a ...
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When Your Child Grows Up

  Sacha wrote me the other day asking, "Mom do you remember the last time you held my hand when I was a child?" As we lived in an old house in the country not so far away from the village, close to a river and a forest behind us, we often walked to and fro the village and went wandering by the river that looked more like a stream. Up the hill from our house Annie lived, and in the surrounding fields wild tulips, asparagus, and rows of grape vines grew. Sacha's childhood friend Fabrice lived do...
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Not Blogging about Politics

  Writing a blog starts with a theme, and usually, that theme has to do with a person's interest or passion, such as food, family, crafts, politics, social awareness, style, or a knowledge regarding a certain area of expertise. Blogging is vast and takes on many subjects, some bloggers blog with a goal in mind whether for their business, pleasure or a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Blogging is journalling, it can be personal, it can be deep, lighthearted, carefree, connected, cha...
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French la Vie

      French la Vie, gathering what I love and taking you along by leading journeys in Provence, and Bretagne. Bretagne will be more about landscapes, culture, history, visiting artisans and of course, food and brocante shops. Whereas Provence will do that too but visiting more antiques, brocante markets, and going to private homes of artisans who focus on reinventing with old things. Bretagne and Provence will follow a path to inspire our creative soul.             Those of you who ...
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Homecoming: Rolling Between Both

  Home the deep well, unending ever rich the source of who I am and the springboard to my tomorrows. Home that comes with me wherever I go and roots me when the wind tries to cause unbalance. It is my everything, it is the threads that connect and bind me, the threads of memories, faith, family, friends, threads that my parents have woven together with their very lives for the sake of their children, a deep, unending ever rich... My life. Ever grateful for the path that my family, community, fa...
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Living in Provence Then and Now

                                If you are on interested in experiencing Provence from an authentic viewpoint, to explore deeply with your senses and live the daily steps at a pace that lends to wonder and awe Then please come to visit and let me show you the Provence I love. Either on a French la Vie Journey or by staying in our House Next Door.   for information follow the links by clicking on them:   French la Vie Journey   The House Next Door          Re...
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Where Do Our Words Leads Us?

  Last night I watched a video (linked below) called: The Birth of a Word. I was amazed and moved. Amazed that someone could imagine how to capture the birth of a word, and amazed at that implication of what that means.             Imagine capturing the birth of a word?! While watching the video I realized in a profound way the gift, or trouble our words can have on one another. That what we say does matter. That our prayers are heard, that our life song can lead others to move. Our words ...
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Lay Faux Toy Excitement

      LAY FAUX TOY  Memory from 1992     "Corey, there are, old ones, nice ones, I think they are nice. Someone in the office building threw them away, the chairs are outside by the garbage, should I bring them home?" My French Husband said out of breath, was there a sound of excitement in his voice?    "What are they? Office chairs, we don't really need office chairs?" Doubting my husband's judgment, I asked him to describe "the chairs" to me.     ...
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Being French at the Bistro

French Bistro, Morning:  Walk straight to the counter, when the bartender looks at you, nod your head, point your pointer finger up, and at the same time mouth whisper, "Espresso please". Grab a croissant off the platter, pinch off a bit (do not bite into the croissant) and pop it into your mouth, when the espresso comes, down it in two gulps, do not wince if it is hot, glance at your phone, leave the amount on the tag. Say, Merci, Ciao, and leave.     Doing the French Bistro is not an art, bu...
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Yann's Return

Yann came home from India. I can see in his eyes that he has had a wonderful adventure, snippets of stories unfolded one moment to another as he unpacked his bag and settles back to daily life. He brought a few gifts, scarves, perfume, Safran and fewer photos that have yet to be seen. As soon as I have some of his photos I will post them. Overall Yann said the trip was amazing, that traveling opens your eyes to see people and places in a new light, he hopes to go again in a few years when they o...
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Speaking French But Not Really

  This is our grand niece Tatianna she is fifteen years old. In 2009 I wrote this about her:   _______________________________________________________ The mothers gathered at the school gate wore their coats unbuttoned. I took off my scarf and stuffed it in my pocket. The Autumn day felt more like late summer than mid-November.  While waiting outside the school I checked out the other women: How they were dressed, listened to what they were chatting about, and wondered if they thou...
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