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America's obsession with tipping of course has racist roots

Tipping-as-wage is a weirdly American phenomenon. Don't get me wrong, I have some friends in the restaurant industry who have done quite well for themselves thanks to the bizarre social expectations of gratuity. That's not to say there's no benefit to the incentivizing aspect of it, either. — Read the rest
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Living up to our promise of ubuntu

South Africa needs active citizens and real change starts in the home, with conversations about social justice The post Living up to our promise of ubuntu appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Sic Transit Discourse

Oh boy, I made the mistake of using Twitter for something other than telling dumb jokes and got a glimpse into the minds of normies and it was scary. People are absolutely *obsessed* with the idea of a Living Wage. Putting aside the point that the real minimum wage is zero, I was interested to take the pulse of the Living Wage crowd, so I replied to a discussion... "Even grocery baggers?"  "Do you know what grocery baggers do?!?!?"  "Uh, yeah. It was my first W2 job. But the steady rise ...
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Freeze on national living wage would be totally wrong, says TUC

Frances O’Grady calls for pay rise pledge to be met, amid speculation it will be scrappedThe head of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has denounced a possible freezing of the national living wage as “totally wrong”, as the Treasury reportedly considers backtracking on a planned pay rise for the lowest paid.The hourly pay rate under the national living wage, the legal minimum paid to workers over the age of 25, was due to rise 6.2% from £8.72 to £9.21 in April, under targets set last December by t...
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The Special Kind of Impostor Syndrome That Comes When You’re Not Broke Anymore

In the rush to manage and make more money, don’t forget to manage your mental health, too.
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Leila Janah, Entrepreneur Who Hired the Poor, Dies at 37

A child of Indian immigrants, she created digital jobs that pay a living wage to thousands in Africa and India, believing that the intellect of the poor was “the biggest untapped resource” in the world.
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Dear C.E.O.: Before You Give to Charity, Look at Your Own Workplace

Many business leaders commendably donate to charity. But they don’t do enough to support their employees and the less fortunate they work with daily.
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London's Royal Parks to pay attendants living wage following strikes

Union says board agreed to salary increase after threat to escalate industrial actionPark attendants at seven central London green spaces will now be paid the London living wage after a wave of coordinated strikes.Their union, United Voices of the World (UVW), said the board of Royal Parks – a charity which manages Hyde Park and St James’s Park, among others – agreed to increase workers’ salaries after it threatened to escalate industrial action on Thursday. Continue reading...
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Staff at 'Brexit HQ' Mayfair members' club strike for living wage

Migrant workers at club owned by Boris Johnson-backer Robin Birley, asking for £10.55 an hourStaff at an exclusive private members’ club owned by a high-profile, Brexit-supporting backer of Boris Johnson are to go on strike.Celebrities coming to 5 Hertford Street – which has hosted figures including George and Amal Clooney, Margot Robbie, Alexa Chung, Bella Hadid and royals such as Prince William – will have to consider whether they want to cross a picket line at the Mayfair property. Continue r...
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Pay rise for nearly 2 million as UK living wage goes up by 4.9%

Legal adult minimum of £8.21 an hour still leaves millions struggling, say campaignersAlmost 2 million workers in the UK are in line for a pay rise on Monday as the legal minimum wage increases by nearly 5%.Adults on pay rates rebranded as the “national living wage” will receive a 4.9% rise from £7.83 to £8.21 an hour, worth an extra £690 over a year and affecting around 1.6 million people. The hourly rate for 21- to 24-year-olds will go up from £7.38 to £7.70, and for 18- to 20-year-olds from £...
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Grim £1,500 pay gap of minimum rate workers compared with 'real' Living Wage employees

Campaigners urged businesses to stump up extra cash to meet the voluntary level and give staff a wallet-filling boost [Author: Ben Glaze]
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More than money: How a living wage changes Kiwis' lives

In our ongoing series, made possible by MYOB, we turn to the issue of the Living Wage and the difference it can make to workers. It's not just the food that's been reimagined at Kai Pasifika, an upmarket eatery on Auckland's Mt... [Author: [email protected]]
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One in four UK workers covered by national living wage underpaid

Women more likely to be hit by underpayments than men, Low Pay Commission figures revealAlmost one in four British workers on the government’s national living wage are paid less than they should be, according to official figures, with more women than men hit by underpayments.The figures revealed by the government’s Low Pay Commission showed that 369,000 workers – representing about 23% of all of those over the age of 25 who are covered by the national living wage – were paid less than that amoun...
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Anaheim's living wage ballot measure pits big corporate donors against union money

Disney is Anaheim's largest employer and the city is something of a company town, with Disney exerting massive influence on the city government and engaging in strong-arm tactics to suppress media reports of the dirtiest of its deals, whereby the city financed much of the company's building projects and expansions while extending massive tax breaks. The times are changing: a less-Disney-friendly Anaheim city government, coupled with a high profile campaign for a $15 wage, pushed the compan...
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I Work at the Happiest Place on Earth. Why Can’t I Pay My Rent?

These Disneyland employees are fighting to pass a living-wage ballot measure in Anaheim, Calif.
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Bunnings agrees to pay staff Living Wage

Hardware chain Bunnings has committed to pay its staff the Living Wage of $20.55 per hour.The move to the Living Wage will see the majority of the retailer's 4000 staff pay increase by $2, the equivalent of $80 extra per week.Bunnings... [Author: [email protected]]
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UK firms to be forced to justify pay gap between bosses and staff

Labour and unions say plans in wake of shareholder revolts fail to tackle ‘entrenched inequality’ The country’s biggest public businesses will have to publish the gap between the pay of their chief executive and an average worker, according to rules to be unveiled in parliament on Monday. Greg Clark, the business secretary, said directors of all companies with more than 250 employees would be required to disclose and explain this difference, known as the “pay ratio”. Continue reading...
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Local US campaigns boosted living wage

Peter Prowse on anti-poverty campaigns and Martin London on ‘dimensions of inequality’Peter Baker’s long read (13 April) on the minimum wage and US living wage misses two important points. First, during Barak Obama’s presidency, the US national wage was increased only twice and this actually triggered a wave of living-wage campaigns and galvanised the campaign for $15 an hour. This rate was not costed, or calculated but used as a rallying call for various campaigns during 2013-16. By 2017, more ...
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London cinema workers call off new series of strikes

Staff at Picturehouse chain cancel 13-day strike after they were threatened with losing pay beyond hours of actionCinema workers have called off strikes, saying they were threatened with losing more pay beyond the hours they were due to take action.Staff at the Picturehouse chain in London were set to walk out from this weekend for 13 days from Saturday in Crouch End, Hackney, East Dulwich and the company’s flagship Picturehouse Central venue in Piccadilly, as well as the Ritzy in Brixton. Conti...
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National living wage has caused biggest fall in low pay since 70s, says thinktank

George Osborne’s living wage has not caused predicted job losses, says Resolution Foundation, but Britain is still too reliant on low-paid workMore than 300,000 people on low incomes were given a pay boost by the government’s new “national living wage”, dispelling fears that the move to raise minimum salary levels would trigger widespread job losses.The Resolution Foundation said Britain had experienced its biggest fall in low pay since the 1970s following the introduction of the national living...
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Picturehouse staff protest over pay at start of London film festival

Living wage and union clampdown dispute leads to demonstration in capital after cinema firm’s threat of sackingsCinema workers have staged a protest at the start of the BFI London film festival in defiance of a threat by their employer, Picturehouse, to sack those taking part in strike action.About 50 protesters took part in the demonstration in Leicester Square, in the capital, as part of a campaign entering its second year demanding a London living wage. Continue reading...
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Low-paid should receive inflation-only rises, say business leaders

The British Chambers of Commerce have told the Low Pay Commission that a rise of more than 2.7% in the national living wage could lead to job cutsLow-paid workers in the private sector should see their wages restricted to inflation-only rises, according to business leaders, who have said that without the real-terms freeze, they could be forced to make job cuts.The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said the “national living wage” (NLW) should rise by a maximum of 2.7% in its response to the Low ...
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Brexit leads cosmetics firm Lush to look for expansion outside UK

Government’s ‘lack of clarity’ over exit plan causes Dorset-based company to offer staff the chance to move to new German factoryLush has threatened to focus its planned expansion outside the UK because of the government’s “lack of clarity” over Brexit. The British cosmetics firm said it is exploring options for growth abroad, blaming the government for not having a viable exit plan. It also revealed that more than 80 of its staff took up an offer to move to its new factory in Germany as a direc...
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Scottish exam invigilators threaten to resign over low pay

Invigilators say Scottish Qualifications Authority has refused to increase fees in line with national living wage by understating working hours Scottish exam invigilators are threatening to resign after the national exam board refused to increase their fees in line with the “national living wage”. Invigilators have accused the Scottish Qualifications Authority of knowingly underpaying them by understating their actual working hours, despite a series of complaints raised since last year about low...
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Autumn statement: Hammond to crack down on letting fees

Chancellor will also announce £1.4bn investment in affordable housing in bid to help ‘just about managing’ familiesMillions of families who are being charged hundreds of pounds by agencies to cover the supposed administrative costs of renting will be offered relief when Philip Hammond promises to ban letting fees.The chancellor will unveil the measure in the autumn statement on Wednesday alongside a £1.4bn investment in affordable housing as he tries to deliver on Theresa May’s promise to help f...
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A day in the life of a care worker: 23 house calls in 12 hours for £64.80

More than 600,000 people work in the care sector, many for agencies hired by councils, on zero-hours contracts and minimal rates of pay. Jean is one of them• Help fund our journalism by becoming a Guardian Supporter or making a contributionIt’s 6.30am and still dark, and Jean is setting out for her job as a home care worker. When she returns in 12 hours’ time she will have made 23 house calls to sick and elderly people, driven 20 miles between appointments and earned £64.80 before tax. Jean isn’...
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Call to pay 300,000 Wales employees voluntary Living Wage

Nearly 300,000 employees in Wales are not paid the voluntary Living Wage, according to a think-tank.
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Cambodian Garment Workers Quickly Losing Their Rights

Cambodian workers don not necessarily reap the economic benefits of the country’s growing garment trade. Relations between workers, factory owners and the government have always been volatile. Now they are getting even worse. [Author: Leon Kaye]
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