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As A Ring Is Busted, Counting The Ruinous Damage Of Years Of Fake ‘Authentic’ Native Art

Several businesses were involved in purchasing jewelry from the Philippines and selling it as “genuine” Native American art – scams worth $12 million, with 300 shipments from 2010-2015. “During the court hearing, Native American artist Liz Wallace said, ‘I don’t think calling this cultural appropriation is adequate. It’s economic colonization.'” – Hyperallergic
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Ordinary Time Bible Study: Philippians — Friends in the Gospel (9)

Ordinary Time Bible Study Philippians: Friends in the Gospel Study Nine Note: When passages are quoted at the beginning of new sections, I will be using The Message translation because of its conversational, friendly tone. You can compare this version with others, as well as have access to Gordon Fee’s commentary, at Bible Gateway. ✥ There’s an old Jewish joke that says if you’ve got two rabbis you’ve probably got three opinions, and often the church seems like that as well. Not only are there...
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Sportsmanship Taking a Beating From Ego

Imagine the world of sports without ego. No more trashtalking, showboating, cheating, cheap shots or running up the score. No more wackadoo parents and coaches ruining youth sports. No more prima donna professional athletes. The win-at-all-costs mentality? Gone. The me-first athlete? History. Greedy owners that put their wallets ahead of what's best for the game? Bye-bye. As John Lennon once sang, "Imagine ...." Sports have always brought out the best and worst in people. One of the compelling ...
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