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SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch 538 Status Reports

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Adaptive Skiing & Snowboarding at Utah Resorts

A current of snowflakes sparkling through the sunshine and dancing through the breeze amid peaks blanketed in snow is an experience that should be accessible and shared by everyone of any ability. Programs that offer adaptive skiing and snowboarding make it all possible... Learn where you can take an adaptive ski or snowboard lesson in Utah or find an organization that offers rewarding volunteer work.  Volunteering with the (WAS) organization is the most enriching experience I've discovered...
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Succession Season 4 Officially Ordered At HBO

Season 3 of "Succession" just started, but HBO knows a good thing when it sees it. The first episode brought in 1.4 million viewers across all platforms, which was not only a record for the series but was the best premiere night of any HBO original series since the launch of HBO Max in May 2020.Based on the show's unbridled popularity, the premium channel announced today it ordered another season of the series. "With each season of 'Succession,' [showrunner] Jesse Armstrong has continued to surp...
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Succession Season 3 Power Rankings: Siblings (Almost) Unite For Mass In Time Of War

(The bid for power has intensified in season 3 of "Succession," meaning now more than ever, anyone can come out on top. As the war rages on, we'll be tracking the rise and descent of the Roy's, their allies, and their never-ending list of enemies.)Last week, amidst his swirling rage and frustration, Logan Roy (Brian Cox) quietly stared off into the distance, struck by a concerning thought: are my children rallying against me? As the Roy family dynamics slowly revealed themselves in season 1, "Su...
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Superhero Bits: Why Venom Made Riz Ahmed Avoid Blockbusters, Simon Kinberg Talks X-Men Reboot & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:"Venom" made Riz Ahmed quit blockbustersSimon Kinberg weighs in on the "X-Men" rebootJames Gunn shares a new BTS look at "The Suicide Squad""Eternals" gets another new featur...
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‘Don’t Be Shocked By Anything When These Two Teams Get Together’: CBS Sports’ Rick Neuheisel Previews LSU-#12 Ole Miss And 3 More Games

(CBS Local Sports) — Another week of college football season means another full schedule of games on CBS and CBS Sports Network. In the SEC, LSU and #12 Ole Miss look to run up the score. #16 Wake Forest tries to sort out Army’s triple-option offense. In the Mountain West, #22 San Diego State pits its top-flight run defense against Air Force’s own version of the triple-option. Colorado State faces Utah State. CBS’s Norm Elrod talked to CBS Sports’ Rick Neuheisel about the matchups. LSU @ #12 Mis...
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Harrison Ford Is Back On The Indiana Jones 5 Set Following Injury

The one and only is back in the saddle! I'm talking about Harrison Ford, of course, who was photographed returning to the set of "Indiana Jones 5" on October 18, following an injury that took him off the shooting schedule for some time.The 79-year-old legend was spotted giving his costar Antonio Banderas a bear hug on the set of the film in Italy on Monday, and both the "Star Wars" actor and the "Legend of Zorro" star appeared to be in great spirits and were seen smiling and laughing in the phot...
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The 20 Best Assassins In Film Ranked

The hitman might be one of the most purely cinematic professions -- the silent, emotionless hired gun without any affiliation or loyalty. They've taken on an almost mythic status that feels completely at odds to the reality. Some are portrayed as sociopaths, some as slick, cool secret agent types. As it is, the numerous cinematic portrayals on film often makes them the most intriguing part of their films.There are so many depictions of assassins, hitmen, and mercenaries in cinema that it's impos...
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Succession recap: season three, episode one – is Logan Roy on the ropes?

This series opener didn’t disappoint, as battle commenced in the wake of Kendall’s biblical backstab, and the Roys became mired in more dirty corporate double-dealing• TV review: Smash hit reaches new heights of comedy – and crueltySpoiler alert: this recap is for people watching Succession season three, which airs on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. Do not read on unless you have watched episode one.The Roys are back in town. And, in the words of Logan himself, they’re going full fucki...
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'Succession' star Brian Cox: 'You can't underestimate Logan in any shape or form'

We're toward the end of our interview time when actor Brian Cox, in describing his character's few but strong loyalties on HBO's "Succession," raises his voice to the level most people only hear through the television.
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Unbreakable Ending Explained: Accepting The Powers Within

M. Night Shyamalan's follow-up to the Academy-Award nominated "The Sixth Sense" was highly anticipated, especially after the announcement of Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson leading the cast. Shyamalan has made a career out of films with unexpected (or sometimes, very expected) twist endings, but many forget that Shyamalan has made more films devoid of a twist ending than those that include it, perhaps most notably, the first installment of what would become his "Eastrail 177 Trilogy," 2000's ...
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Succession Season 3 Power Rankings: Secession Kickstarts The Roy Civil War

(The bid for power has intensified in season 3 of "Succession," meaning now more than ever, anyone can come out on top. As the war rages on, we'll be tracking the rise and descent of the Roy's, their allies, and their neverending list of enemies.)The Roy's have been at war for longer than we've known them. Long before the finer details of their lives unraveled before us, we learned to read into their snarky comments and fractured relationships. Having a father like Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is akin ...
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Succession' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Kendall Channels O.J. and Logan Wants Blood

As Kendall Roy plots the next moves in his latest coup against his father—who promises to go “full f*cking beast”—this season seems...
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'Succession' star Brian Cox: 'You can't underestimate Logan in any shape or form'

"Succession" star Brian Cox previews Season 3 of the HBO drama. The Emmy winner shares his take on the 1%: "We don't need more spaceships." And he explains why people often confuse him with his character, Logan Roy: "I scare people all the time."
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'Succession' returns with more sinister power struggles

Check out killer content in October: Power struggles rock the Logan family in season three of "Succession," stalker Joe Goldberg is a new dad in "You," Jamie Lee Curtis returns in "Halloween Kills," and more.
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The 10 Best Romance Movies Of The Last 10 Years

When we think of romantic movies, our minds most often go straight to rom-coms, the most enduringly popular romance sub-genre. However, romantic stories can be found in fantasies, war movies, historical epics, literary adaptations, and indie dramas, among many other genres. While I do enjoy a cheesy rom-com, my most beloved and re-watched romantic movies are more likely to be dramas or period films. And that's why you're only going to find one rom-com on this list of the 10 best romances of the ...
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What Succession's Logan Roy Could Learn From The Danes - Forbes

What Succession's Logan Roy Could Learn From The Danes   Forbes
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‘Succession’ Creator Jesse Armstrong Dives Into Season 3, Writing Kendall and ‘Post-Traumatic Stress in America’ After Trump

The “Succession” Season 2 finale aired on HBO on Oct. 13, 2019, with the propulsive episode “This Is Not for Tears.” Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the family patriarch and CEO of Waystar RoyCo, has asked his erratic, striving son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) to take the fall — make a “blood sacrifice,” as Logan calls it […]
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NY Fed's Logan Says Banks May Have Access to Standing Repo Facility by Early 2022

By Jonnelle Marte(Reuters) - The domestic standing repo facility established by the Federal Reserve this year could be open to banks by early next...
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Giants vs. Dodgers: What to expect from Logan Webb, Julio Urías in winner-take-all NLDS Game 5

The two starters are pitching for the second time in the series; will we have a Game 5 pitchers' duel?
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Exclusive: See You Next Christmas Rom-Com Trailer & Poster

ComingSoon is debuting the exclusive trailer and poster for the upcoming holiday romance comedy See You Next Christmas. Giant Pictures will release the film on Digital platforms on November 9, 2021. RELATED: Exclusive: Lady Usher Clip Starring Billie D. Merritt in Edgar Allan Poe Tale “Annie and Tom Clark throw a holiday party every year, Clarkmas,'” reads the official synopsis. “Over the years, it’s become the go-to holiday event for their ragtag group of friends. When chronically single Natali...
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Child Tax Credit: When Is Your October Payment Coming?

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The 14 Greatest Action Movies Of The 21st Century

As nebulous and vague as the term "action movie" is, we're here to celebrate some of the more recent entries in the genre. With a series of 14 movies that, between them, possess enough vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and henchmen to populate a small army, they're a relatively diverse bunch. After all, the 21st century has been a watershed period for action flicks. The influence of eastern cinema over the past 20 years has led to a deluge of highly choreographed and spectacularly brutal fight scen...
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Gilmore Girls: Rory & Christopher's Relationship Timeline, Season By Season

From the pilot of Gilmore Girls, it's clear that Lorelai has done an amazing job raising Rory on her own, making life full of lessons but still a lot of fun. When Rory's dad Christopher Hayden visits Stars Hollow in season 1, viewers begin to learn about their complicated connection. Chris loves his daughter and is proud of how intelligent and ambitious she is, but he can't seem to get this parenting thing right no matter how hard he tries.When examining how well Rory gets along with her dad in ...
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Child Tax Credit: When Will Your October Payment Arrive?

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‘North Sea Connection’ Casts Sinéad Cusack in Lead Role, Shooting Underway – Global Bulletin

CASTING English-language thriller series “North Sea Connection,” the next Viaplay Original produced by Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT), is currently filming in Ireland and has confirmed that Sinéad Cusack (“V for Vendetta”; pictured) will star alongside Lydia McGuinness (“Wild Mountain Thyme”), Kerr Logan (“Alias Grace”), Alida Morberg (“Black Lake”) and Claes Ljungmark (“Borg”). The series follows […]
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Child Tax Credit – When Will Your October Payment Arrive?

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The 14 Greatest Heist Movies Of The 21st Century

As the past two decades have proved, the heist movie genre is as broad as they come. Real crimes can inspire fascinating biographical films, while current events allow filmmakers to explore relevant issues through perspectives of various criminals. Other heist films don't aim for plausibility at all, and many cross over with other genres, such as comedy, action, or science fiction.Just look at how popular franchises have incorporated heists into existing mythologies. "The Fast and the Furious" f...
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No Time To Die Spoiler Review: Daniel Craig's Final Outing As James Bond Strives For Closure

"No Time to Die" comes 15 years after "Casino Royale," arguably the best James Bond movie. 2006 introduced the world to a rising star named Daniel Craig, who was known for his work in films like "Road to Perdition" and "Layer Cake," but who had yet to really break out and become a household name. Since then, we've been adventuring through the typical franchise peaks and valleys with Craig's Bond, and now, we're here at the end.And it does feel like the end. Craig and all involved have made no se...
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10 X-Men Heroes Who Were Villainous In The Comics

Charles Xavier created the X-Men for two reasons. One was to teach young mutants how to use their powers safely. The second was to create a team that could act as heroes to ease the relationship between mutants and the humans who fear them. However, there are several X-Men who have been anything but heroic in their lives. The X-Men have always had to battle with anti-mutant bigotry, and this has caused some of them to act like the villains they usually fight. The mutants have cheated, stol...
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