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10 amazing Vogue-caliber wedding dresses

Happy Friday friends! You may have seen this Big Sur wedding and this candy-striped beauty we’ve been ogling at over on Instagram, and what can we say? We just couldn’t stop there. We had to add this Chanel haute couture (shot by Elizabeth Messina) to the mix, the first in a slew of incredible Vogue-caliber gowns for you to spend your weekends dreaming about… Here’s Caitlin Mociun in that AMAZING Carolina Herrera gown for her Puglia wedding. (Photo by Gesi Schilling) Isn’t this full, formal M...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 January 2019

Fedex tracking information showing it will take eight days for a package to travel about 15 miles from Seattle to Redmond.  See article below. Good morning A chatty sort of newsletter rather than a “real” one today.  I’m still easing back into the usual routine after a disruptive Christmas/New Year break, but plan to be back to whatever passes for normal next week. There used to be a time when I’d bemoan the start of each new year due to the difficulty in breaking the habit learned over the pre...
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What is noble rot

When the wine grapes ripen in the vineyards of the Tokaj region in Hungary, a fungus starts to form. The fungus is fuzzy and gray — something you’re familiar with if you’ve seen moldy strawberries — and causes the grapes to shrivel. It’s also intentionally allowed to foster on the wine grapes. The fungus is the reason why the sweet white wines from Tokaj are some of the most expensive in the world. Tokaj is in northeastern Hungary near the Slovakian border, and wines from the region are calle...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 December, 2018

Our group (minus me as photographer) enjoying our farewell “Captain’s Dinner” on our Land Cruise in Lille, France, last week. Good morning Very few shopping days remaining until Christmas – but you already know that, I’m sure! This week’s newsletter is in slightly different form.  I arrived home at 1.30am on Thursday morning and the rest of Thursday has been a bit of a jetlagged blur, during the course of which I wrote an article which is added at the end of today’s newsletter. The article was ...
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The best sparkling wines

If there’s only one rule you follow when picking out which wine to drink, it’s this one: When in doubt, reach for the bubbly. Synonymous with celebrations, seasonal parties, and weekend brunches everywhere, a bottle of sparkling guarantees a good time. And the world of sparkling doesn’t stop at Champagne. Sparkling wines are produced all over the world using an array of grape varieties, production styles, and aging techniques. You’re missing out on some of the most exciting wines out there if...
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12 Design Lessons from Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge

My favorite places to visit when traveling are biographical museums, the original homes or workplaces of architects, artists, or writers. The spaces are personal, the experience is intimate, and I leave feeling as though the subject is a close friend. Perhaps the most intimate of them all is Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, England. That’s because Kettle’s Yard is remarkably unchanged since owners Jim and Helen Ede left in 1973. “One of [England’s] most intimate and spellbinding museums, the collect...
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Dinant, Belgium – The Essential Travel Guide

We share the top things to do in Dinant, Belgium and the surrounding area in Namur province, as well as the best restaurants in Dinant and where to stay to have a great weekend getaway in Belgium. Dinant was one of the first cities I visited in Wallonia and, as it is bisected by the River Meuse, I couldn’t help but compare it to the towns and villages along the Rhine River in Germany. With its lively waterway, hilltop castles and fortresses, beautiful churches and picturesque vistas, Dinant on...
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The Most Beautiful Places in Germany (Map Included)

Germany is a vast European country with plenty of attractions for visitors. We round up the most beautiful places in Germany from its busiest cities to picturesque German towns and villages. We also share the most beautiful castles in Germany and some stunning natural wonders to explore. Andrew and I have visited quite a few areas of Germany, but we still feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of this fantastic country. When I decided to round up the most beautiful places in Germany, of cours...
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Recommended Reading: Half An Hour from Paris

“Half an Hour From Paris: 10 Secret Daytrips by Train” by Annabel Simms, author of the now-classic “An Hour from Paris”, written in the days when people had more time, is a great resource for locals who need a good excuse to escape Paris for the day, or for visitors looking to expand beyond the regular tourist haunts of the capital. As I write this on a particularly gray and chilly autumn day, I want to say that this would be a great book for the warmer days of spring, or to escape the suffo...
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Recommended Reading: A Half Hour from Paris

“Half an Hour From Paris: 10 Secret Daytrips by Train” by Annabel Simms, author of the now-classic, written in the days when people had more time, “An Hour from Paris” is a great resource for locals who need a good excuse to escape Paris for the day, or for visitors looking to expand beyond the regular tourist haunts of the capital. As I write this on a particularly gray and chilly autumn day, I want to say that this would be a great book for the warmer days of spring, or to escape the suffo...
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A Wine Expert Shares The Best, Most Surprising Things To Sip This Fall

We swap our wardrobes according to seasons and the same goes with our wine: whites in spring, rosés in summer, and reds all fall through winter. Just as we don't wear shorts in snow, we also don't sip rosés with a Thanksgiving feast — right? Well, not exactly. Fall and winter's wine lineup can actually cover a spectrum of reds, whites, and even pinks. In other words: summer may be ending, but rosé season isn't over yet.We consulted certified wine educator and founder of Wine Savvy NYC, Sayle Mi...
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La Gaucherie aux Dames Guesthouse in France’s Loire Valley

A French-American couple on turning ruins into a quaint bed and breakfast You know the Loire Valley. You’ve heard of it in reference to wines. But as it’s not the home of Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne, you might not be aware of the fact that the region on either side of the Loire River—Pays de la Loire—is one of exquisite agricultural beauty worth experiencing. From …
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Chateau de Beauvois and Le Prieuré in the Loire

Early in July, I was invited to visit two new chateau hotels in the Loire Valley. I have only made a few day trips to the Loire, so this was a nice opportunity to spend a few days in the region. American real estate entrepreneur Zaya S. Younan always dreamt of owning a chateau and with his newfound wealth living in the U.S. he fulfilled his dreams quadruple, purchasing four chateaus in the Poitou- Charentes and Loire valley. La Grande Maison Younan Collection consists of four redeveloped h...
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7 adorable French villages to visit

Everyone should see Paris at least once in his or her life, but as French tourism goes, it’s only the beginning. One of the cardinal sins of travel is limiting your itinerary to capital cities alone, and there’s no better place to venture out into the countryside than France, home to villages so quaint they look like they were ripped straight out of a fairytale. From medieval towns to artisan communities, these adorable French villages will have you itching to travel to France — without feeli...
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A Walk on The Fortified Ramparts of The Château Des Ducs De Bretagne

One of the best “playgrounds” in Nantes is free—it’s the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, the former Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. By French castle standards, it’s fairly big and it was restored a few years ago so it’s not falling apart. There are hundreds of castles in France, especially in the Loire Valley, and there are also hundreds of stories of bankrupt French aristocrats forced to leave their ancestral homes because guess what, it takes more than a quick trip to IKEA to renovate a castle....
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How Learning French Made Me Feel Like a Kid Again (or, 66-years young)

If you’re reading this, then I take it that you’re considering learning French. First off, congratulations, you’re in good company. Not only is French aversatilelanguage, it’s also consideredrelativelyeasyfornative Englishspeakerstolearn.Plus, it’s the language of romance, so even old married dudes like me can keep the spark of love alive. But you don’t want to hear about that… If you’re on the fence about whether or not to start learning French, you want facts. Is learning French challenging, ...
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Rooftop Views of Paris and the Loire

In the last month, I have had three terrific opportunities to photograph the roofs and rooftops of Paris and the Loire Valley. At the beginning of July, I took a trip to the Loire Valley and toured some chateaus. I climbed up to the tower of the 15th century Chateau de Langeais and set my camera on the ancient rooftops of the town. The slanted slate roofs accented with brick chimneys and dots of treetops made for a rich, architectural mosaic. At Chateau Villandry, I captured the vi...
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Current Obsessions: Tricoleur

On Bastille Day, as we’re wrapping up our Vive La France issue, and on the eve of the World Cup finals—and as one of us is on the ground in Paris—we’re noting goings-on in France and beyond. Here’s what’s on our radar this weekend. Above: RW Guild is following the theme of “bleu et blanc” this summer. Among their offerings: Japanese ceramics in classic hues from Marumitsu Poteri. First: the submissions are in (all 590 of them), our judges have made their selections, and voting is now open...
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12 Favorites from the French Scullery

Every time we look behind the scenes in French kitchens, we discover an arsenal of new (and not-so-new) must-haves. Here are a few of the things we’re coveting. Above: The Complete Shovel and Brush, a beautiful broom and no-stoop dustpan combo designed by Mr. & Mrs. Clynk from Andrée Jardin; €79.90. Above: Cloth Knot Bags (or baluchons) are made in France by a textile artist and are an all-purpose alternative to plastic, for carrying and preserving bread, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and m...
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Above the Shop: An Antiques-Filled Apartment at Maison Empereur (and It’s for Rent)

One of our all-time favorite French shops? Maison Empereur, a venerable hardware/kitchen home emporium in Marseilles. Fortunately, they also have quirky guest quarters for rent, upstairs from the shop. Our friend Victoria Smith of SF Girl by Bay dropped in a while back and documented the space. Let’s take a tour, courtesy of Victoria. Above: “We must reserve a back shop all our own, entirely free, in which to establish our real liberty and our principal retreat and solitude”; the owners quote...
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Travel News: July 10, 2018

Boeing to acquire 80% of Embraer’s commercial aircraft division Travel Weekly Boeing has agreed to purchase 80% of Embraer’s commercial aircraft division. The transaction, which values Boeing’s share at $3.8 billion, would be undertaken through the formation of a joint venture. The move would give Boeing a leading position in the regional jet market of 70- to 90-seat aircraft, a segment in which it does not currently compete. It also would boost Boeing’s position to compete in the small mainlin...
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How To Speak Wine Like You're Wise Beyond Your Years

What do millennials love aside from cold brew, avocado toast, and the color pink? Wine. Millennials order wine out and drink wine in (where pants are optional). As the first generation to prefer it over all other booze options, we've even led to a rise in subscriptions services for curated monthly shipments. Wine is is an affordable luxury:  the options are endless and accessible for a wide range of tastes and budgets."The thing about wine, aside from being a miracle, is that it is subjective. ...
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How to Plan a Day Trip from London to Paris

A day trip to Paris from London is the perfect addition to a trip to England! Thanks to the fast and efficient Eurostar train, it’s never been easier to visit Paris for a day. Honestly, one day isn’t enough for Paris — ideally, you should spend as much time there as you can. But not everyone has lots of extra time to spend. So is it worth it if you only have one day to spare? Absolutely — a day trip to Paris is always worth it. Even if all you have is one day, you can still make it the best day...
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Odyssey 2018 Another jewel of the Loire Valley

This afternoon we visited yet another of the chteaux for which this area is famous thanks to the generous offer of our lovely and charming hostess Sophie. She insisted upon driving us to the village of AzayleRideau located about 15 miles southwest o
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Odyssey 2018 The grand chteaux of the Loire Valley

Under cloudy skies and intermittent rainfall today we enjoyed a fullday semiguided tour of three famous chteaux in the Loire Valley. We met our driverguide a very pleasant and knowledgeable young French lady and a retired couple from Vancouver Ca
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Odyssey 2018 An Easter cruise on the canals of Bruges

Our days in Bruges are now dwindling since we move on to the Loire Valley region of France in just a few days' time. The overcast skies chilly temperatures and frequent showers have so far dissuaded us from taking a canal cruise an activity that is alm
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Film Review: ‘Back to Burgundy’

When I was 13 years old, my great-aunt arranged for me to visit a vineyard in France’s Loire valley, where I was allowed to spend an afternoon planting grape vines with the family who had worked those fields for centuries. Together, we visited the facilities where the harvest was crushed and fermented, and tasted the […]
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This French art collective is building the world's largest hanging garden

French art collective Les Machines de L’ile is embarking on plans to build the world’s largest hanging garden – which will be on the scale of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Nantes-based design team is currently working on what they are calling The Heron’s Tree – a massive interactive garden that will span more than 160 feet in diameter and 114 feet high. The “mechanical menagerie” will invite guests to climb the labyrinth-like branches and ride one of two mechanical herons on flights that...
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Discover France through These Road Biking Routes

Travel Experta, Expat Mama, Educator and Entrepreneur - Inspiring Families to New Horizons France is a beautiful country with its landscapes, medieval architecture, chateaus, museums, galleries, wineries and the famed French wine and cuisine. It also has one of the best biking routes for the biking enthusiasts. There really is nothing that provides more happiness than biking along scenic routes, stopping at will, exploring areas nearby and reveling in the local environment. France offers quite ...
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Exploring art (through selfies) with Google Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture platform hosts millions of artifacts and pieces of art, ranging from prehistory to the contemporary, shared by museums across the world. But the prospect of exploring all that art can be daunting. To make it easier, we dreamt up a fun solution: connect people to art by way of a fundamental artistic pursuit, the search for the self … or, in this case, the selfie.We created an experiment that matches your selfie with art from the collections of museums on Google Arts & Cu...
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