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Fully vaccinated people who previously had COVID-19 should be last in line for booster shots, experts say

A health worker administers a dose of the Pfizer vaccine in the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina, on August 29, 2021. Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images Fully vaccinated people with a past COVID-19 infection may be last to get booster shots. COVID-19 infection can trigger the immune response in a similar way to booster shots. Therefore, these people have already had "three exposures," one expert said. Fully vaccinated people who previously had COVID-19 could be the last in line for boo...
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Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s ordeal: a story of British arrogance, secret arms deals and Whitehall infighting

While his wife suffers in an Iranian jail, Richard Ratcliffe fights on for her release. But he fears she cannot cope for much longer. By Patrick WintourOn a cold October night, Richard Ratcliffe, not for the first time, was watching a play about his wife’s ordeal in an Iranian prison. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a dual-national British-Iranian, has been in detention in Tehran since her arrest on 3 April 2016. She is accused of spying – a charge she denies. The play was being staged in the London ...
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Prince Andrew's private office to be moved out of Buckingham palace

Duke intends to keep working on mentoring scheme despite saying he would step back from public lifePrince Andrew is preparing to leave his private office in Buckingham palace as he seeks a way to maintain control of an entrepreneurial scheme he set up, despite having agreed to step back from public life.The palace confirmed on Friday that the Duke of York intended to continue working on the [email protected] scheme, even as Barclays became the latest among a growing number of organisations to sever t...
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Prince Andrew's private secretary steps down after Newsnight interview

Amanda Thirsk, who orchestrated disastrous BBC interview, will run prince’s mentoring initiativeThe aide who orchestrated Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview about his links to the convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is no longer his private secretary, it has emerged as organisations continue to sever ties with the beleaguered royal.Amanda Thirsk, who was said to have played a key role in persuading him to agree to the BBC interview, has reportedly moved on to run his business mentorin...
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How Art and Design Schools Put Kickstarter in the Classroom

The Matilda Rocking Note and Photo Stand is one of several from graduate students at RCA. Today a class of Royal College of Art graduate students are preparing to show their latest work, but they're not hanging paintings or putting finishing touches on models. They're launching Kickstarter campaigns. Under the guidance of repeat creator and RCA graduate Oscar Lhermitte, the workshop aims to teach students the full breadth of skills required to bring a design object to life. Their projects rang...
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McDonald's touchscreens test positive for feces, dangerous bacteria

The Metro newspaper conducted a semi-scientific test of touchscreen kiosks in eight McDonald's restaurants in the U.K.All of them tested positive for various kinds of bacteria that can cause infection.Public touchscreens are known to harbor high amounts of bacteria, though tests also suggest the average smartphone isn't much cleaner. None A new test suggests you should strive to avoid public touchscreens — unless you don't mind getting poop and other infection-causing bacteria on your fingers.Th...
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Florian Beigel obituary

Architect and educator whose Architecture Research Unit revolutionised the way the discipline was taughtFlorian Beigel, who has died aged 76, was a hugely influential architect and teacher. For more than 40 years, Architecture Research Unit, his studio at the Polytechnic of North London (now London Metropolitan University), educated successive generations of architects both directly and vicariously, through his compelling lectures, writings and drawings, its numerous, beautiful publications, and...
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Low carbohydrate diet may be effective strategy for managing diabetes, research suggests

Following a reduced carbohydrate diet can help to lower blood glucose levels, providing a safe and effective strategy for managing diabetes, new research by London Metropolitan University suggests.
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Boys more accurate at spotting offside, but not because they understand it better

Boys and girls are equally capable of understanding the offside rule in football, but it is boys' everyday experience of the game that makes them better at identifying players in offside positions, recent research from London Metropolitan University has found.
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London university scraps 400 jobs and two campuses

Lecturers’ union says cuts at London Met are devastating and accuses management of investing in buildings rather than teachingAlmost 400 jobs will be scrapped at London Metropolitan University as it moves all its students from three campuses on to one, it has been announced.The shake-up at the university – which will reduce staff headcount by about 395 posts, 13.5% of the workforce – will take place over the next two years. The reductions include cuts to the university’s management team, which h...
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Ex-undercover officer who infiltrated political groups resigns from academic posts

Bob Lambert, who fathered a child with an activist, quits part-time posts at St Andrews and London Metropolitan universitiesA university lecturer who has a controversial past infiltrating political groups as an undercover police officer has resigned from two academic posts following long-running protests from campaigners.Bob Lambert, who fathered a child with an activist before abandoning both of them, has quit his part-time posts at St Andrews and London Metropolitan universities. Campaigners h...
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Would you buy used makeup? Episode 103

Support the Beauty Brains by signing up for a free trail at Would you buy used makeup? Link Have you heard of this company, Glambot? It’s a startup company that is apparently sells a million dollars a year of pre-owned makeup. The company, which was founded in 2013 by CEO Karen Horiuchi, buys used makeup and resells it online. They clean and sanitize every product before resale. (They use heat or alcohol to sterilize containers or in some cases to “remove layers of product to get...
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For the record

A heading on a letter last week The prime ministers stance on tax is in fact totally moral Comment, page 40) was at odds with the substance of the letter, which criticised the way that columnist Will Hutton had argued that David Camerons tax credo was immoral (Comment, 2 November). The letter writers, Dr William Dixon and Dr David Wilson of London Metropolitan University, make no claims of their own about the morality or otherwise of the prime ministers approach to taxation.The 2006 murders of f...
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