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Lou Reed Concert Film Berlin Streaming Free Online for the Next Week Last laughs can be sweet, and according to music journalist, Anthony DeCurtis, his friend, the late Lou Reed, “reveled” in the critical drubbing that greeted his 3rd solo album, 1973’s Berlin. Not immediately, however. Berlin, which followed hard on the heels of Reed’s widely adored Transformer, had a painful, protracted delivery. This was due in part due to RCA execs getting cold feet about releasing Reed’s grim concept record as a double albu...
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Apple Buys Rights to 'The Velvet Underground' Documentary

Apple today announced that it has purchased the worldwide distribution rights to "The Velvet Underground," a documentary from Todd Haynes. Haynes' documentary follows 1960's band "The Velvet Underground," which was headlined by Lou Reed and once managed by artist Andy Warhol. "The Velvet Underground" was known as the "house band" at the Factory, which was Warhol's studio that served as a hangout for artists and a venue for legendary parties. "The Velvet Underground" will feature never before...
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Lou Reed and John Mellencamp shared an Indiana stage in 1987. Now you can watch the show.

YouTube viewers can watch 1987 performances by Lou Reed and John Mellencamp at Bloomington's Bluebird nightclub.          [Author: Indianapolis Star]
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We’ve Got A File On You: Suzanne Vega

We’ve Got A File On You features interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc. More »
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Discover the Longest Song in the World: A 639-Year Performance of the John Cage Composition Called “Organ/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible)”

In 2016, Laurie Anderson recreated the experience of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music in Saint Mark’s chapel in Brighton. The five-day-long performance piece involved “some eight unmanned guitars leaning on a similar number of vintage amps,” Mark Sheerin writes, all of them cranked up, feeding back, and echoing around the Anglican church’s vaulted ceiling. It was a fitting tribute to Reed, a sustained, dissonant drone that also invokes “the mysteries of faith and the incarnation of rebel a...
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Racial harmony, circa 1986: Everybody, especially Lou Reed, sings "Soul Man."

I ran across that this morning because the Jessica Krug story (see previous post) got me thinking about the old movie "Soul Man," which I've never seen, but remember very well, because it was about affirmative action in law school, in which a white guy misidentifies himself as black so he can qualify for a black-only scholarship at Harvard Law School. The movie is named after the old Sam and Dave song, and Sam participated in that remake with Lou Reed — known for, among other things, the song "I...
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"At a time when the pop charts were dominated by cloying songs such as 'A Horse with No Name' and 'Joy to the World' and the playlists of burgeoning FM radio stations were heavy on..."

"... James Taylor; Crosby, Stills & Nash; and the Eagles; Creem respectfully ceded coverage of those artists to Rolling Stone. It championed, instead, proto-punk bands such as the Stooges, the MC5, ? and the Mysterians, and Count Five; mavericks such as Lou Reed, Dr. John, Marc Bolan, and George Clinton; and nascent heavy-metal acts, including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Alice Cooper. 'Unlike Rolling Stone, which is a bastion of San Francisco counter-culture "rock-as-art" orthodoxy, Creem is...
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A Conversation With Chris Frantz

Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz Although Chris Frantz has lived the rock lifestyle, you wouldn’t know it by his convivial personality. Easy going and laid back, the legendary drummer for Talking Heads and co-founder of Tom Tom Club has spent his career making some of the most seminal music of the last half-century. After recording eight studio albums with Talking Heads and six with Tom Tom Club, Frantz deci...
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Watch Unearthed Video Of Lou Reed Joining John Mellencamp At A Small Bloomington Club In 1987

On the evening of September 17th, 1987, about 100 people showed up to the Bluebird night club in Bloomington, Indiana to see the local band Ragin' Texans. Instead, they ended up catching something much bigger: a surprise performance from John Mellencamp, Lou Reed, and John Prine. More »
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More Rock Opera Reviews

Over the last couple of months, I've posted several new rock opera reviews over at These include: Crack The Sky - Machine (2010)The best rock band you've never heard of with one of their best albums ever. CTS combines the best elements of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Cheap Trick. And they're still recording and touring after 40 years. Green Day - American Idiot (2004)One of the rare rock operas that actually accelerated a band's career. It's a great album ...
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Lou Reed’s New York Gets Deluxe Reissue With Previously Unreleased Tracks

Lou Reed's 1989 album New York is getting the deluxe reissue treatment from Rhino. The 3xCD/2xLP/DVD set will feature a newly remastered version of the original album alongside 26 unreleased studio and live recordings from the Lou Reed Archive, including early versions of album tracks and the non-LP track "The Room," and a DVD of … More »
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Read About The Time Talking Heads First Met Lou Reed, From Chris Frantz’s New Memoir

Talking Heads are, obviously, one of the most storied bands in rock history. But along the way, their tale has only really been told in interviews. No member of the band has gone in-depth, exploring their rise and history and eventual dissolution. That changes today with Remain In Love, the new memoir from former Heads …
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John Zorn – Musician Inside The Cracks

Though Zorn has operated almost entirely outside the mainstream, he’s gradually asserted himself as one of the most influential musicians of our time. His projects and endeavors during the past 40-plus years could fill an encyclopedia: from rigorous classical works and radical reimaginations of Ennio Morricone film themes to deep explorations of his Jewish heritage under the Masada banner, whimsical neo-exotica, and sprawling improv excursions, where his sometimes jagged, sometimes supple saxop...
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Destroyer’s “Foolssong” Video Is A Powerful Image Of Isolation

Dan Bejar's Destroyer released the great album Have We Met earlier this year, and they were on tour when the pandemic hit. (Our own Ryan Leas witnessed them covering Lou Reed in Brooklyn, and he wrote that "if you are a Destroyer fan, you should really make an effort to see … More »
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Take a Virtual Tour of the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Tate Modern

Not only did Andy Warhol miss out on the internet, but the internet missed out on Andy Warhol. Surely, these days he would be prolifically posting to his Instagram and YouTube from home, indulging multiple celebrity and pop culture obsessions. Warhol’s Polaroid aesthetic and pioneering of the self-as-brand helped create 21st century online culture. Maybe he was the original “influencer,” though Warhol was more of an instigator. But he’s become too familiar for us to appreciate his unique...
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Read Tom Waits’ Tribute To Hal Willner

Hal Willner, Saturday Night Live's longtime sketch music producer and star-studded concert and tribute album assembler, died last week of complications from coronavirus. This weekend's at-home episode of SNL featured writers and cast members singing Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" in a tribute to Hallner. And now, his old friend Tom Waits … More »
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Ecstasy Turns 20

Shortly before show business became illegal, I had the privilege of attending one of the last public gatherings in New York City, a performance by noted Canadian rock act Destroyer, at the cavernous petri dish Brooklyn Steel. Dan Bejar and his crack seven-piece backing band had been thrilling the audience for the better part of … More »
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Julian Schnabel and Laurie Anderson in Conversation for Art News

The Art News has a piece this week featuring Julian Schnabel and Laurie Anderson in conversation about their early days in New York, their work, and Lou Reed. “He had insight into all sorts of things, and he had a lot of heart,” Schnabel says. “Berlin, the record he made in 1973, was one of my favorite […]
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Watch Destroyer Cover Lou Reed’s “Ecstasy” In Brooklyn

Dan Bejar is currently on the road touring behind his latest Destroyer release, the great Have We Met. And let me tell you, if you are a Destroyer fan, you should really make an effort to see these shows. The band sounds amazing, effortlessly blending highlights from the Destroyer era starting with Kaputt … More »
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New video for Iggy Pop's spoken-song based on Lou Reed poem

Iggy Pop's "We Are the People" is based on a poem penned in 1970 by his old friend, the great Lou Reed. About the poem, Pop told the BBC back in September, "My God, this is the country today as I understand it, or at least one legitimate portrayal of the country today." Last week, Pop performed "We Are the People" with Reed's widow Laurie Anderson at Carnegie Hall for the Tibet House Benefit and now he's released this striking video performance. The song appears on Pop's latest album Free. Fro...
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Tiffany Tsao's Playlist for Her Novel "The Majesties"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Roxane Gay, and many others. Tiffany Tsao's novel The Majesties is a haunting literary page turner I couldn't put down. Publishers Weekly wrote of the book: "Tsao cannily pulls back the gilded surface from a w...
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"They said Torres continued to call out to Boone saying he couldn't breathe, to which she is heard saying, 'That's on you. Oh, that's what I feel like when you choke me.'"

From "Florida man dies inside suitcase, girlfriend charged after claiming they were playing hide and seek: report" (Fox News).Boone allegedly told police that they thought it would be funny if he got inside the suitcase, Fox 35 Orlando reported. She allegedly said they were drinking at the time and she passed out on her bed. When she woke up-- hours later-- she allegedly said she found him unresponsive and not breathing....But she made videos, which police retrieved from her phone. Deputies said...
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Counterbalance No. 4: 'The Velvet Underground and Nico'

Mendelsohn: Nico could put a shiny boot on the back of my neck anytime she wants. Just no singing. I think the major reason the Underground remains so popular is the study in contrast it presents. The pop aesthetic remains, but the album is a much more visceral, realistic representation of humanity than the versions presented by either the Beach Boys or the Beatles. While the issues addressed on this record are nothing new, they are presented in a frank matter. Plus, Lou Reed pops up every co...
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The 27-song playlist that Lou Reed made just before he died

The UK's Far Out Magazine has posted the playlists of 27 songs that Lou Reed was listening to when he died in 2013 of liver disease. Reed continually kept his finger on the pulse of contemporary and popular music. Taking a hands-on approach to the developing technology around him, Reed controlled his own Spotify account which hosted several different playlists of songs he liked from the radio, or, alternatively, general songs he was listening to at that time. Entitled ‘What I’m listening to’, Re...
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Shorties (Winter's Anticipated Books by Black Authors, An Interview with Anais Mitchell, and more)

Essence recommended new books by black authors to read this winter. Paste interviewed singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell. Largehearted Boy's list of "best books of 2019" lists has collected 1,430 year-end lists so far. Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting year-end "best of 2019" music lists. January's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $1.99 todat: Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir by Jean Guerrero NPR Music interviewed singer-songwriter Torres. Greta Gerwig discu...
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Lance Olsen's Playlist for His Novel "My Red Heaven"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Roxane Gay, and many others. Lance Olsen's novel My Red Heaven is bold and inventive in its form without sacrificing readability. Another must-read book from a writer never afraid to take chances. Publishers We...
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What do Lou Reed, Bill O'Reilly, and Adam Driver have in common?

Answer: They all walked out on Terry Gross — the magnificent interviewer of NPR's "Fresh Air."Info gleaned from "Adam Driver skips out on his NPR interview after host Terry Gross tries to make him listen to a clip from his new Netflix film Marriage Story" (Daily Mail). Gross was on notice that Driver was sensitive about listening to himself. In previous interview with her, he refused to listen to a clip, and this dialogue ensued:'I don’t want to hear the bad acting that probably was happening du...
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The Singer or the Song? Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M., Big Star) and Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #23 Discuss What's your relationship to music? Do you just embrace the pure sound, or do you care about who made that sound? One way of seeing where you fall on this issue is whether you care more for singles or to whole albums or careers by artists. Ken Stringfellow, who co-fronts The Posies and was a member of R.E.M. and Big Star, joins Mark Linsenmayer, Erica Spyres, and Brian Hirt to talk about ...
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