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Lionlimb – “Nothing”

Lionlimb announced a new album, Spiral Groove, last month. It came with a glowing endorsement from Angel Olsen, which makes sense because the project’s (now) sole leader Stewart Bronaugh plays in Olsen’s backing band. We’ve heard “Loveland Pass” from it already and now we’re getting the album’s second single, “Nothing,” which is about trying to overcome personal dissatisfaction and be happy with the strides you’ve made: “There was nothing I could do/ But just take a seat right next to you/ Cause...
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Lionlimb – “Loveland Pass”

Lionlimb used to be billed as the project of Stewart Bronaugh and Joshua Jaeger, two members of Angel Olsen’s backing band. As a duo, they released two impressive albums, 2016’s Shoo and 2018’s Tape Recorder, psych-pop efforts informed by Elliott Smith at his catchiest, Britpop at its spaciest, chamber-pop at its most maudlin. Now, more than three years since we last heard from the band, Lionlimb is back with Bronaugh solely in control.
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2019 Chrysler 300 Review: An Affordable Executive-Level Car

91 Solid 2019 Chrysler 300 Overall Impression Smooth Riding.Affordable Luxury.Lots of Safety Features. Pros Quiet Cabin Available Hemi V8 Touchscreen Display Cons Poor Visibility Handing At Times In a world dominated by SUVs, there is the rare 2019 Chrysler 300 rear-wheel drive sedan. Although all-wheel drive is available, it’s still a rare breed, especially here in Colorado, where 90 percent of the vehicles on the road are crossovers and SUVs. For the driving enthu...
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Uraling to Montezuma and Loveland Pass

Sunday.Another clear and sunny sky with brisk Sunrise temperatures but while the sun appearing proved to be a wash, I did catch its light shining on the nearby peaks and making a line of Aspen trees on ridge glow.  Ten Mile Peak on the left and Peak 1 on the right.  Buffalo Mountain to the left and Red Peak on the right.  The Glowing Aspen Times like the above I wish I had a larger than 200 mm telephoto lens with me!I rode off towards the small town of Montezuma, to explore the roa...
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10 local Colorado ski mountains

C olorado is home to some of the top ski mountains in North America, if not the world. You know their names: Vail, Aspen Snowmass, Breckenridge…the list goes on, and each resort is worthy of its own dedicated winter trip. But in a state with so many peaks and cool little mountain towns, you don’t have to stick to the world-famous. And when you get off the beaten track, what you’re likely to find are shorter lift lines, lower ticket prices, and a higher percentage of locals with you on the slope...
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4 All Time Record Highs in Feb - Global Warming

February has been fabulous here in Colorado this year. This mountains are getting snow and the skiing is great and the low lands are warm and the snow stays melted off. If this is what they call Global Warming, sign me up! Rode the bike over the long weekend and this is the first time I have ever ridden over Loveland Pass in February. We also skied a day at Monarch and it was fantastic.
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Loveland Pass in January

Took yesterday, Thursday, off as I get to work this Saturday.We had a narrow window of sunny weather this week, with Thursday being the last day of the sunny stuff before the next series of snow showers hits us.Pikes Peak was not clear all the way to the top so Fiona, my '99 Bural and I headed through the miasma that is Metro Denver commuter traffic to Loveland Pass.  Note to self, next time, wait till 9AM, the lighting is better on the mountain peaks at the pass; and you don't have to fight com...
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10 differences between a Denver local and a transplant

Photo: Dekan Naked 1. A local wears a hat, while a transplant wears a hat with a Colorado flag embroidered on it. 2. When you ask a local where they live, they’ll say ‘Denver.’ When you ask a transplant where they live, they’ll say ‘The Highlands.’ Then the local might say, ‘I remember when that area used to be called the North Side.’ 3. While a transplant spends months actively texting with friends trying to figure out which ski pass everyone is planning to buy, a local will sit back and hope...
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A Two Pass Day for ScooterBob

September is the month where the Fall Colors appears in the Colorado high lands.  There had been rumours that it might be a week earlier than usual, the peaking of said Fall Color so I decided to do some reconnaissance.First, it was ride to Loveland Pass and the Continental Divide.ScooterBob and I rode Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol, using both frontage roads and also the I-70 Superslab where it couldn't be avoided to ride towards the Eisenhower Tunnel.The Eisenhower Tunnel crosses the Continenta...
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The NARGS 2016 Conference - Denver and the Loveland Pass

Joe and I are attending the Annual Meeting of NARGS, the North American Rock Garden Society, which this year is being generously hosted by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NARGS and the Denver Botanic Garden. I'll try to post as much as I can as we hike, attend lectures and talks, and basically enjoy the high elevation mountains in both Denver and the Steamboat Springs area. Yeah - this is how I spend my summer vacation, and I am not complaining. Colorado in June! How iconic is this?...
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LoveGames 2016 Recap

Austin Gregory. Photo: Juan Jose Sieiro “We haven’t built that feature since something like ‘98?” Raul says to me with a sly grin and the fire of stoke in his eyes as we start digging out what will become the second zone at this year’s LoveGames. The jump he’s referring to is on the other side of the pass where a crew of diggers is wrapping up and making their way toward the rest of the dig crew armed with rakes and shovels. We’re standing at 11,990ft; I’m on the highest continuously maintained...
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Scarlett and the First Day of Spring

I retrieved Scarlett from the URAL dealer in Fort Collins on the 17th of the month, it snowed on me on the way up and on the way down. Randy, the dealer, had coordinated the return of the malfunctioning gearbox to URAL HQ in Redmond, WA.  Here's what I got from Jason, the VP in charge of operations and support:Sergey is not positive what could have caused the bearing failure. It is possible the bearing may have been defective and/or damaged during installation.We have completed the repair of you...
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Uraling to Montezuma, Colorado via Loveland Pass

Saturday, February 20It had been quite a while since I'd visited the town of Montezuma, roughly south of the Arapahoe Basin ski resort.  In fact, I got apparently confused thinking that I'd missed a cliff side dwelling associated with the name Montezuma, but alas, that turned out to be somewhere else.Still it was a pretty good day of riding, temperatures never fell below freezing even at the summit of Loveland Pass and most of the time in the mountains was spent with temperatures in the mid-40s ...
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CDOT: Brief traffic hold on EB US6 Loveland Pass

A brief traffic hold will take place Saturday afternoon for eastbound US 6 on Loveland Pass, half-a-mile east of Arapahoe Basin ski resort, an official from the Colorado Department of Transportation said in a statement. These holds are designed as a safety measure to prevent traffic traveling on US 6 from being stopped at known avalanche slide paths due to traffic backups from peak period traffic volumes, according to the CDOT official.
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U.S. 6 Over Loveland Pass Closed Due To Avalanche Danger

U.S. 6 over Loveland Pass has been closed due to avalanche danger, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. US 6 Loveland Pass closed b/c avalanche hazard;HazMat vehicles use Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 @ top of hour,other traffic held;Delays possib Vehicles traveling with hazardous materials need to use the Eisenhower Tunnel on Interstate 70 where it's reportedly snowing very heavy.
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