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Queensland Ballet Is Practicing For 2021, And One Of Its Principals Answers Questions

Lucy Green is deeply aware of her privilege right now in the world of ballet – to be employed, to be practicing, to be planning for performance, none of it can be taken for granted during a pandemic. When the interviewer asks her which famous people she’d invite for dinner, she keeps it absolutely real: “I’d much rather have dinner with my family and friends who live interstate/overseas and who I haven’t seen all year due to border closures.” – Ballet News
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Why The World Has Problems With Women Musicians?

Any new music or new message has problems with reception. Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven all had problems with reception. Even Jesus had problems with reception in his own hometown. Women in particular, though, have problems with reception in music. Lucy Green, music education philosopher and author of Music, Gender, Education, posits that there is a spectrum for acceptance of women in music. A woman singer is accepted because using her body to make music is an extension of her femininity. Put an i...
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Playing Like a Girl: The Problems with Reception of Women in Music

The year was 1942. In the USA, all-girl orchestras toured extensively, rather like a jazz version of A League of Their Own. Audiences were surprised to find that these girls played “just like men!” As in A League of Their Own, though, when the men returned, women were expected to go back to homemaking or other acceptably female professions. Those women who were leaders found themselves in the background once more. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Fletcher Henderson, and Duke Ellington play large in ...
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Reader’s Ride: Coast to Coast in a 1971 Ford Ranchero!

This great hobby of ours has many different layers and genres within it. Whether you like unique rat rods, modernized restomods, survivors wearing battle scars, plastic-infused late-models, or classic American iron, we can all agree on one thing—we love cars, and that’s the glue that bonds us together. One of our dedicated readers, 24-year-old Alex Waltz from Florida, is one of our fellow car lovers, and he sent us his adventure with a new-to-him classic, so we decided to turn it into a feature....
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New Zealand Ballet, Army Band share stage in WWI show

The New Zealand Army Band and the Royal New Zealand Ballet collaborate on Salute, a WWI commemorative show making its world premiere in Wellington on Friday night. Dancer Lucy Green with, from left, Corporal Marc Ellis, Yang Liu, Corporal Vaea Peterson, Lori Gilchrist, Private Jordan Seaton, Alayna Ng, Private Raynor Martin, Bronte Kelly, Private Joel Williams, Katherine Grange and Private Hettie Adams.
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