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Star Wars Bits: J.W. Rinzler, Galactic Starcruiser, War of the Bounty Hunters, The Black Series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Author J.W. Rinzler Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Reveals First Poster Marvel’s Upcoming Star Wars Comics Star Wars: The Black Series Announcements Obi–Wan Kenobi Rumors and Speculation And more! Author J.W. Rinzler Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer J.W. Rinzler, author of The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film (2007), The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (2010), and The Making of Retur...
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How Star Tours saved Disneyland at a low point in the park’s history

Disneyland was struggling for new ride ideas in the 1980s after a slate of mediocre Disney films when Walt Disney Imagineering turned to Star Wars creator George Lucas for a boost of creative inspiration that would eventually lead to Star Tours coming to Tomorrowland. “I wanted to have an involvement in Tomorrowland,” Lucas said in a new Disney+ series. “I thought that was a portion of the park that had always been a little less than it could have been.” It certainly helped Lucas was a lifelong ...
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Mark Hamill Discusses His Role in Masters of the Universe: Revelations

Hamill has also made a name for himself in the voice-over community, most notably lending his voice to the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Per his recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Star Wars actor chatted about voicing Skeletor in Kevin Smith’s animated series Masters of the…Read more...
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New ‘Star Wars: Visions’ Details Reveal the Show’s Place on the Saga’s Timeline

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, we’ve all had to make our peace with the fact that Star Wars would likely dominate the big screen and our television sets until the end of our lives (and almost certainly beyond that, too). Even the most hardcore fan would have to admit that the key to staving off franchise fatigue will be introducing fresh perspectives and original approaches, and that’s where Star Wars: Visions comes in. The animated anthology series is already shaping up to be one of the...
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Disney+ August 2021 Schedule: Movies and TV Titles Revealed

Disney+ has revealed the full list of new movies and TV titles available on the streaming service this coming August 2021. This includes the highly-anticipated series debut of Marvel Studios’ first animated series What If…? which will reimagine significant events from the Infinity Saga in unexpected ways. In addition, three new episodes of Marvel Studios: Legends are also set to arrive, centering around Peggy Carter, The Avengers Initiative, and The Ravagers. Next month will also see the premier...
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Star Wars Bits: ‘The Mandalorian’, ‘War of the Bounty Hunters’, ‘Darth Vader’, ‘The High Republic’, and More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: The Mandalorian Receives 24 Emmy Award Nominations A Special Episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian War of the Bounty Hunters and Darth Vader Exclusive Previews Star Wars: The High Republic: Out of the Shadows Excerpt New LEGO Playsets and Black Series Action Figures And More! The Mandalorian Receives 24 Emmy Award Nominations The Mandalorian’s second season received 24 nominations in the 73rd Emmy Awards. The Disney+ Original Series created by Jon...
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Sung Kang is About as Excited to Work on the ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ TV Series as You Would Be

Even though Star Wars isn’t churning out TV shows for Disney+ as fast as Marvel Studios, there’s still plenty to be excited about when it comes to the galaxy far, far away. Along with The Book of Boba Fett and the continuation of The Mandalorian on the horizon, the live-action side of Star Wars is bringing Ewan McGregor back as Obi-Wan Kenobi in his own TV show. If you’re excited about the return of the Jedi Master, imagine how Fast and Furious franchise co-star Sung Kang feels as one of the sh...
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Park Life: Jungle Cruise preview; Halloween Time is around the corner

Park Life is a newsletter all about Southern California’s theme parks that lands in your inbox weekly. Subscribe now. We got to see the eighth wonder of the world — the back side of water — in a  sneak preview of the revamped Jungle Cruise. Columnist Robert Niles talks about Disney’s ticket prices. And while it’s scary to start thinking about the fall when it’s still July, we have more news on Southern California theme parks’ Halloween plans. Plus: Meet the Disneyland dad who built Star Tours i...
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Disney+ Will Air a Special Episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Season 2

Shortly after The Mandalorian wrapped up its second season last December, Disney+ released a 70-minute making-of documentary under its Disney Gallery banner. However, the special conspicuously lacked any insight into how the filmmakers pulled off the season’s biggest reveal, which notably featured a digitally de-aged Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke Skywalker in the action-packed finale. Now that fans have had seven whole months to catch up, the streamer is finally delving into this insta...
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Luke Skywalker's Mandalorian Cameo Is Getting Its Own Behind the Scenes Special

A week after Luke Skywalker returned on The Mandalorian’s season two finale, Disney+ released a 70-minute behind-the-scenes special breaking down the whole season—or rather, the whole season, minus the revelation of Luke Skywalker’s return. Now, with that massive spoiler no longer so massive, Lucasfilm and Disney+ are…Read more...
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Special ‘Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’ Episode Will Explore Luke Skywalker’s Grand Return

The end of The Mandalorian season 2 had a big reveal. If you know (or read the headline for this article), you know. It might not as big as the reveal at the end of the show’s first episode (it’s hard to beat Grogu), but it’s a big reveal nonetheless. I’m talking, of course, about a young Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) showing up and saving the day. Hamill’s cameo was exciting, and not only because he’s Luke Skywalker. It was also exciting because Hamill’s Luke looked very much like he did in the...
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New ‘Star Wars’ Toys Include X-Wing Pilot Dave Filoni & More as Hasbro PulseCon 2021 Exclusives This Fall

Hasbro PulseCon is returning this year to reveal a bunch of new toys and collectibles from Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, and more. Though we’re not sure what the toy makers will be revealing during the virtual event, they’ve already shown off a batch of Star Wars Hasbro PulseCon 2021 exclusives, such as the debut of The Mandalorian executive producer Dave Filoni action figure in the form of X-wing pilot Trapper Wolf. But that’s not all. Star Wars: The Black Se...
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‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Will Bring Back More Directors from ‘The Mandalorian’

The Book of Boba Fett is coming to Disney+ this Christmas and it’s bringing with it some notable directing alumni from The Mandalorian. We already knew that Robert Rodriguez would be executive producing the series and helming several episodes himself, but now the actor under Boba Fett’s helmet and armor, Temuera Morrison, has dropped the news that a few other directors will be returning to help film the bounty hunter’s adventures. Jon Favreau, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Dave Filoni Will Retur...
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Trump's Oval Office was nicknamed 'the Star Wars bar' because so many bizarre characters would hang out there, Wolff says

President Donald Trump talks to reporters in the Oval Office on January 9, 2019. January 9, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis President Donald Trump's staff were perplexed by the company he kept, author Michael Wolff said. It led them to nickname the Oval Office 'the Star Wars bar' he told The Times of London. The reference was to a locale in the movies beloved of outlaws and bizarre-looking aliens. See more stories on Insider's business page. White House staffers got so used to s...
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Mark Hamill Responds To Star Wars Merch Focusing On Luke Skywalker’s Severed Hand, And I Gotta Hand It To Him

The infamous lost hand of Star Wars just keeps on giving.
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Shares A+ Story Behind His Iconic Empire Strikes Back Scene

Who can forget that huge moment between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader?
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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Faces a Stormy Turning Point in “Reunion”

This article contains spoilers for the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode “Reunion.”  Is Crosshair a good luck charm? Because his appearance elevates any Bad Batch episode to the top tier. Directed by Steward Lee and written by Christian Taylor, “Reunion” is exactly what the title suggests: Crosshair resurfaces into the plot to confront his Bad Batcher (Dee Bradley Baker) brothers. (There’s also a meta reunion for the Star Wars fans, but we’ll get to that.) Wrecker and Omega (Michelle Ang) bon...
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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Breakdown: The Details and History That Enrich “Battle Scars”

This post contains major spoilers for the latest episode of the series. “Battle Scars,” the new episode of Star Wars:  The Bad Batch,  begins in medias res, with the Bad Batch escaping from their most recent job, stealing a creature named Ruby from an uncouth group of ne’er-do-wells called the Rhokai. When they return to Cid’s, they encounter none other than Captain Rex, hoping to feel them out and check on their status. He insists they’re ticking time bombs with their inhibitor chips still in...
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Star Wars' Test Tube History With Force-Sensitive Clones

Star Wars loves few things more than it loves clones. From grand armies to wars and a certain scrupulous senator from Naboo, cloning is as intrinsic to the saga as X-Wings, blaster pistols, and even the Force itself. But as we’ve delved further and further into the franchise, the mixing of this fascination with the…Read more...
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Political Party Inspired by 'Star Wars' Seeks Recognition

DOVER, Del. (AP) — If you know anything about “Star Wars” beyond the fact that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father, there’s a good chance you know what a Mandalorian is.
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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Breakdown: The Details and History That Enrich “Decommissioned”

This post contains major spoilers for the latest episode of the series. The protagonists of The Bad Batch remain on Ord Mantell at Cid’s in the latest episode, “Decommissioned.” Tech and Wrecker take it upon themselves to train Omega in the use of an energy bow when Cid interrupts them with a new mission. She wants them to head to Corellia to steal a tactical droid from a decommissioning facility. With clones now serving the Empire, the data from a Separatist tactical droid skyrockets in value....
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Love, Death and Robots Explains How to Make the Perfect Digital Michael B. Jordan

The second season of Netflix’s animated sci-fi anthology Love, Death and Robots contains a short titled “Life Hutch,” starring Michael B. Jordan as a space explorer who gets trapped in the titular Life Hutch along with a malfunctioning maintenance robot that tries to destroy anything that moves. But was that the real…Read more...
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The Morning Watch: Stuntmen React to ‘Justice League’, ‘Shadow and Bone’ VFX Breakdown & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, see what Corridor Crew and a couple of their stuntmen friends think of one of Wonder Woman‘s action sequences from Justice League. Plus, see the visual effects work that went into Netflix’s fantasy series ad...
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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Breakdown: The Details and History That Enrich “Rampage”

This post contains major spoilers for the latest episode of the series. The Clone Troopers of The Bad Batch look for help anywhere they can get it, and in the latest episode “Rampage,” Echo has an idea. Cid was an old contact of the Jedi and they seek out this mysterious barkeep. The group heads to Ord Mantell, hoping they can learn more about Fennec Shand, the bounty hunter that chased them down in the previous episode. As things like this tend to go, they eventually discover that in order to ...
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Luke Skywalker: Digital Minimalist

I recently returned to a book I first discovered earlier in the pandemic: The Power of Myth. It consists almost entirely of edited interview transcripts from a now classic, wide-ranging filmed conversation between Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell, which originally spanned over twenty hours of footage, but was later narrowed down to a handful of 60-minute episodes that aired on PBS in 1988. You’ve probably heard of this interview as it went on to become one of the most watched series in public te...
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Ewan McGregor Confirms Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Has Begun Filming

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Golden Globe winner Ewan McGregor has opened up about some behind-the-scenes details about the long-awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi series, confirming that production on Disney+’s newest Star Wars prequel series has already begun in Los Angeles. Production was originally scheduled to start in January, but was delayed because of the ongoing pandemic. When asked if they were able to celebrate May the 4th on set last week, McGregor went on to tease that he w...
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Star Wars Spin-Offs That Would Make Great Disney+ Shows

With Star Wars: The Bad Batch released on Disney+ earlier this week, we thought it would be cool to suggest further spin-offs we’d like to see from that galaxy far, far away. After all, while the Mouse House has certainly provided a fair amount of Star Wars content since acquiring Lucasfilm way back in 2012, there’s still plenty of material to be mined from this enormous gallery of heroes, scoundrels, and villains. Read on and be sure to chime in on the Star Wars spin-offs you’d like to see! D...
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Celebrate Star Wars Day with the 11 best 'Star Wars' games of all time

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Released in 2017, "Star Wars Battlefront II" is the prettiest "Star Wars" game yet, but it's not the best. Electronic Arts Along with its iconic movies, the "Star Wars" franchise has spawned dozens of video games. The latest "Star Wars" game is "Star Wars: Squadrons" for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. To celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4, we've ranked the best "Star Wars" games of all time. Whil...
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Cool Stuff: May the Fourth Be with These New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy and ‘The Mandalorian’ Posters

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! Now it’s time to spend some money on stuff you don’t need. Bottleneck Gallery has released a big batch of new Star Wars posters by artists Pablo Olivera, Bartosz Kosowski, Lawrence Noble, and Marko Manev. Some of the focus on the original Star Wars trilogy while others dig into the second season of The Mandalorian. But that’s not all. Artist Scott C. has also debuted a Star Wars collection of his signature Great Showdowns watercolor prints inspir...
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Star Wars Might Be Teasing the Return of Luke Skywalker's Clone

Star Wars could be hinting that Luke Skywalker's evil clone will soon become a part of the new [...]
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