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Lumberjack 3

The third lumberjack is the last for now. I’ve got a lot of prep work on my desk right now- sewing, cutting, and even getting out the dyes. I’m revving up for a new year that seems so very uncertain. But I will continue to make because that’s what keeps me sane! Spotty hair. George Washington on his chest. A wooden button because he is a lumberjack!
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2nd doll is another Lumberjack

After I took all the pics, I found his axe on the floor- so I had to take some additional pics. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice! And so here he is with his axe and his hat on too. 2 faces- His arm tats, more faces-
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First Doll for 2021- a Lumberjack

A ginger-haired beefy lumberjack to start off a new year. I didn’t give him a hat because I like his hair too much to cover it up. Classic toile tattoos on his chest and arms. A nice old button on his belt and embroidered buttons on his shirt.
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2020 dolls in review

I do a review every year although sometimes it happens a little late (like this year). What a crazy day- I was a bit reluctant to post this today with the high of the win in Georgia followed by the madness in Washington. But I will do it anyway because who knows what tomorrow will bring. And honestly, maybe posting about a crazy year is best done on a crazy day. 1. Tiny World Pincushion 2, 2. Tiny World Pincushion 1, 3. Tiny World pincushion 3, 4. Tiny World Fairy House pincushion, 5. Ti...
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Big Man Lumberjack

This fine fellow could blend right in in the forest. Can you see that his beard and hair are made out of a leafy fabric? This is the last guy for now. I plan to get these last ones into my etsy shop over this weekend.
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A Lumberjack in Red Plaid

I am all over the place with various fellows but like I said, I am picking up things that were already sewed and stuffed. There is one more guy after this, then on to something new.
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Red-Haired Lumberjack

He has a really long hat :-) He’s got the same tattoos as the last fellow- Eagle on his chest, George Washington on his arms. I am planning on getting these onto Etsy today, after I go pick up my vegetable box at the farmers market. I have more lumberjacks sewed up for the future but I think I will stop with these for now. With no shows scheduled and none in the foreseeable future, I want to have a good range of pieces in my online shop so I will go on to...
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Lumberjack in a Cowboy Shirt

I do love some buffalo plaid. This is the first time I’ve ever made a fellow in a western/cowboy shirt. He has a hat too.
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Lumberjack #1

Finally, slowly, I am finishing things. With no show dates and slow sales, I am not terribly motivated. Also, I am distracted by the news (a bad way) and the garden (a good way). Let’s get on to these lumberjacks. He has a cashmere hat in case he’s cold. Manly chest with tattoos. And an axe on his back.
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Bald Lumberjack

I’m slowly getting back into the work groove and my studio is looking much cleaner and more organized. That is always the job and the goal for January. He’s got a little cross-cut wooden button for his belt buckle. High boots-
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Lumberjack and George Washington

Yes, that is George peaking out from our Lumberjack’s shirt. I’m heading down to Providence tomorrow to set up for the Art Providence show. I’m in booth 508. I have a few free tickets if you plan to come. Email me if you are interested- [email protected] First come, first serve.
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Blond Lumberjack

I am trying to make sure I have a good range of dolls for the show in Providence so I am all over the place! A reminder- my etsy shop will be closed for dolls (but not patterns) while I am doing the show- so that will mean Friday through Sunday. Then on Monday I will refresh the shop.
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blue shirt, big man lumberjack

This time I remembered his axe. And no hat-
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a few more lumberjacks this week

I’m back to the men for this week and then owls because of my upcoming class. Today’s man- He has an axe too but I forgot to photograph him with it. Grrr. I am sitting here deciding if I should wait to rephotograph him before posting, which would mean tomorrow, or just get on with it. Guess which one I went with. He has a little wooden button belt buckle.
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How to complete the ‘Lumberjack’ skill in ‘Forza Horizon 4’

The Lumberjack skill in Forza Horizon 4 isn't as simple to complete as it might seem. Here's how to perform it, as well as the spots in the game where you'll be able to do so quickly. The post How to complete the ‘Lumberjack’ skill in ‘Forza Horizon 4’ appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Lumberjack 2

Another cotton lumberjack, this time a blond big man. He has a wooden button on his belt.
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Lumberjack in cotton

Wow, it has been a long while since I finished a doll. I have lots in motion but my goal for today was to get one finished up. And, success! This lumberjack is made of all cotton fabrics. I know, not exactly crazy times, but the others have been made of wool or a combo of cotton and wool. Using the cotton and wool fabrics together for the tattooed lumberjacks often led to problems with very uneven fabric stretchiness, which could mean men with very odd proportions. The lumberjacks I’ve sewed u...
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Lumberjack fox

I’ve been imagining this fellow for a long while so when I got back to the foxes, he was the first that I wanted to finish up. He had to wear the lumberjack classic red and black buffalo plaid, of course! And there is his axe, stored in his backpack. All his clothing and accessories are removable. He has his hatchet, a pear, and a handkerchief, stowed in the backpack.
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Video review: a trans + cis conversation on clit pumps

Whip out your genitals and prepare to get huge, y’all, because we’re doing something different today. It’s a video review! Featuring more than just me! And it’s about CLIT PUMPS! Pumps are designed to suction onto your genitals, creating a vacuum to increase blood flow and facilitate enlargement (temporarily, unless you’re really diligent). For this review, I recruited my friend Sid, who wrote a guest review of the Bro Sleeve on here a while back. I’m cisgender and he’s trans, so I wanted to d...
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Tall Lumberjack (#7)

This is the last one for now. This one turned out about an inch taller than the rest. That kind of thing happens because I use all kinds of fabrics and some, even a woven wool, will have more stretch than I expected! You can see in this photo-  
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Lumberjack #6

One more to go after this fellow! He is pretty classic with his red and black shirt. In this photo, you can see the faux-persian lamb texture of his hair. This wool fabric was from my mom’s fabric collection. I remember that it was from a coat she made- I disassembled it to save the usable parts. She used the fabric as a very subtle and classy extra zing on the pockets and collar of a black cashmere coat. I use it for lumberjack hair. In the way of how my mom bought fabric, I also have a w...
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Wild Hair Lumberjack

It’s pumpkin time! The porch is getting it’s fall look and this lumberjack fits right in. His hair is made of knit alpaca, sent through the washing machine. The alpaca makes those amazing shaggy bits, all along the edges- suitable for scruffy beards and snowy owls.  
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Lumberjack with red hair

Yes sirree, all the plaids! Plus fancy suspenders. And dark orange hair. Close-up of those suspenders-
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Classic Husky Lumberjack

He has very nice hair but I made him a hat anyway. Also, I love the beard fabric- the pattern is sort of pressed into the wool.
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Lumberjack, fancy suspenders

It’s all about the details, right? I made his hair (but not his beard) out of a bit of black cable knit and you can almost see it in this outside photo.
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Lumberjack time

So, what have I been doing? The back end work of making: sewing (foxes and tattooed men) and dyeing new doll pieces, trying to get things organized for the holiday rush. I feel like the cartoon character with the spinning feet who is not getting anywhere. Anyway, finally something finished. The lumberjacks (this one and the rest that I hope to finish this week) got promoted to getting finished because I was sorting through my bins, looking for something (?) and found a pile, all sewed up and r...
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one more classic lumberjack

We are speeding towards the end of the year! So many dolls to finish…  
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Classic Big Lumberjack 4

He is in the colors to blend into the forest. Today, most of these pretty leaves dropped off. Oh well, at least I have a photo!
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lumberjack 3

Very classic indeed! He has a hat and of course his axe- With his hat on-
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