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The 9 Best Photos of This Morning's Sunrise Eclipse

Full disclosure: I slept through this morning’s solar eclipse, which is a real shame because watching the Sun rise over the horizon while being partially blotted out by the Moon is objectively one of the coolest things anyone is likely to see this year. I mean, I paid actual money to see Cruella, but I couldn’t get…Read more...
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Dramatic photos from around the world show the 'super blood moon' large and red in the sky

A total lunar eclipse seen in Auckland, New Zealand on May 26. Phil Walter/Getty Images A "super blood moon" was visible in several parts of the world on Wednesday. A total lunar eclipse coincided with a supermoon, so the moon appeared large and red in the sky. Australia, New Zealand, and some Pacific islands had some of the best views. See more stories on Insider's business page. A "super blood moon" appeared in the sky early on Wednesday, but only certain parts of the world caught a ...
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13 Spectacular Pics of the 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse From Around the World

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning on the East Coast of the United States, Earth’s shadow enveloped the Moon in darkness, marking the first lunar eclipse since January 2019 and one of two lunar eclipses we’ll witness in 2021. Not only that, but this eclipse took place during a “Super Blood Moon”—making it…Read more...
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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 2021

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs at 12:13 (BST) on May 26, 2021 at 05°Sg25′. Edited Extract from Patreon Recording Transcript – The Moon is in Sagittarius, in the global 9th house, a sign and place associated with searching for the truth. This is a house connected to religion and belief and here is where we may be getting unstuck because this is a South Node Eclipse. We’re being asked to move away from old beliefs, old assumptions. With its big picture view, Sagittarius tends to make sweeping ...
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How to Watch Tomorrow's ‘Super Blood Moon’ Eclipse

On Wednesday, May 26, the Moon will move into Earth’s shadow, resulting in the first total lunar eclipse in nearly two and a half years. Here’s how to see it, regardless of where you live in the world.Read more...
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A 'super blood moon' will appear large and red in the sky on Wednesday. Here's how to spot the rare eclipse.

A total lunar eclipse turns the moon red over Buenos Aires on April 15, 2014. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci A lunar eclipse will coincide with a supermoon early Wednesday morning. Viewers in the western US will see the moon take on a reddish hue - hence the nickname "blood moon." The astronomical event will also be livestreamed. See more stories on Insider's business page. The night sky could look a bit spooky on Wednesday, depending on your vantage point.A lunar eclipse will peak at 7:14 ...
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Here’s how to watch the lunar eclipse this week, live or online

This Wednesday will see this year's only total lunar eclipse, and we've got the details on how to watch the event live in person or online.
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A lunar eclipse will coincide with a 'super blood moon' next week. Here's how to spot the rare event.

A total lunar eclipse turns the moon red over Buenos Aires on April 15, 2014. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci A lunar eclipse will coincide with a "super blood moon" early Wednesday morning. The moon will take on a reddish hue that should be clearly visible in the western US. The astronomical event will also be livestreamed. See more stories on Insider's business page. The night sky could look a bit spooky on Wednesday, depending on your vantage point.A lunar eclipse will peak at 7:14 a.m. E...
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When to See This Month's 'Super Flower Blood Moon'

The next celestial event to light up the sky across the Northern Hemisphere has a name befitting its red-tinted hue: The Super Flower Blood Moon. No, that mouthful of a name isn’t a purely scientific term, but as far as full moons go, this month’s is definitely worth the space on your calendar. It’s the product of a…Read more...
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Hawaii stargazing: Summer 2021

Anyone planning a Hawaii vacation this summer should be well aware of the multitude of daytime activities available. Snorkeling, surf lessons, hiking, museum tours, even simple strolls on the beach: these are the things that people come to do and see in the Aloha State. But what about after the sun goes down? The truth […] The post Hawaii stargazing: Summer 2021 appeared first on Hawaii Aloha Travel.
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When to Catch This Month's 'Worm Moon' at Its Peak Brilliance

This year’s celestial calendar is in full swing, with the next visual treat primed to appear in the night sky on Sunday, March 28: the Worm Moon. This particular moon will be large and easy to spot as it hangs high above the Earth, as it always does during its annual March appearance. Here’s more background on the…Read more...
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Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Beyond Words

The Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 8°38′ Gemini is on Nov. 30, 2020, 1:30 am Pacific Time. I n Gemini, the Moon finds comfort in language – in the reassuring hum of parents’ voices down the hall as their children fall asleep; in the soothing mantra, the dog’s welcoming bark, delighted laughter, a favorite poem. Even, when the time comes, in the sensitive eulogy for a loved one, delivered by someone with keen powers of observation and a lyrical tongue. Eclipses of the Moon reveal uncon...
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Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – November 2020

The Lunar eclipse takes place at 09:29 (UT) on November 30, 2020 at 08°Ge38′. The Moon is the only body in the skies that is in an air sign. It seems like our focus and choices are being narrowed. There are important decisions to make around this time, choices that will play a part in our unfolding future. Full Moons are a time of culmination, conclusion, closure, completion but it’s out of the ordinary as the Moon is connected to the Nodes, the Gates of Karma. Eclipse season puts us in touch wi...
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How and When to Spot a Lunar Eclipse This Weekend

As the holiday weekend winds down and we prepare to go back to work for these awkward weeks between holidays when it seems like everyone else is out of the office, but we’re all very much still here, we have another chance to catch something interesting in the night sky. First of all, there will be a full moon. And,…Read more...
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Earth will partially eclipse the Beaver Moon this weekend. Here's what that means.

A total lunar eclipse as seen from Santa Monica, California, October 8, 2014. A Beaver Moon eclipse will be visible across North America overnight Sunday. Earth will move between the full moon and the sun, partially eclipsing the moon in darkness, for four-and-a-half hours early Monday. People across North America and Europe have used full moons to track the seasons and months for thousands of years. Here are some of the names they've used for each month's full moon. Visit Business Insid...
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Watch how Hubble Telescope used a lunar eclipse for detecting life on exoplanets

During the January 2019 total lunar eclipse, astronomers trained the Hubble Telescope on our moon in order to calibrate how future telescopes will look for possible life on exoplanets by measuring ozone levels. Via NASA: Though numerous ground-based observations of this kind have been done previously, this is the first time a total lunar eclipse was captured at ultraviolet wavelengths and from a space telescope. Hubble detected the strong spectral fingerprint of ozone, which absorbs some o...
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Hubble demonstrates how to see exoplanet atmospheres by using lunar eclipse

Astronomers were able to detect Earth's ozone by observing the moon
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Episode 32 | Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 32 (6/29/20) Title: 032 | Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye April and Jen bring you up to speed on a busy holiday week here in the US: The second of three Jupiter/Pluto meet-ups; Mercury and the Sun join forces and sextile Uranus in Taurus; Saturn heads back to Club Capricorn; and we wave a goodbye sparkler at the last Cancer/Capricorn eclipse for 8 years: an Independence Day lunar eclipse. Plus: Flag cake, the Minnesota goodbye, helpful advice from the San...
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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius June 2020 – Rise

The lunar eclipse occurs at 20:12 (BST) on June 5, 2020 at 15°Sg34′.This is the first of the eclipses in this season. A lunar eclipse occurs at a Full Moon, so we are dealing with culmination, crises, decisions, high points. This eclipse will be hard to spot with the naked eye as it’s a penumbral eclipse but astrologically it does pack a punch.The Moon is in the sign Sagittarius. This is a mutable (changeable/flexible) fire sign – spirited, restless, visionary. In Sagittarius we’re focused on th...
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TRANSCRIPT Ep 010 | Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day

TRANSCRIPT: Big Sky Astrology Podcast, Episode 10 010 | Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day (January 27, 2020) [00:00:00] Jen: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Big Sky Astrology podcast – with April Elliott Kent and me, producer and cohost Jen Braun. Hey friends, Jen here. Today is January 27th, 2020. And of course, with me, but sitting far, far away from me is my pal – astrologer April Elliott Kent. Howdy, April! April: [00:00:28] Howdy, Jen. How are we today? And I mean that in the royal sense....
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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Full Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse, Jan 10, 2020, 2:21pm ET Full phase Jan 10-13 Effects of a lunar eclipse can last up to 6 months This full “Wolf” Moon may lead you to believe the animal is at the door, even if it’s not. There’s an air of protectiveness and self-interest all... (Click on the title to read the full post and explore the website.)
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007 | Saturn and Pluto Go to The Repair Shop

It’s an epic week in the Big Sky, and April and Jen bring you the down-low on the up-high: Jupiter meets the South Node, Uranus brings extra tumult to a highly-charged Lunar Eclipse, and we sound a final “all aboard” for the S.S. Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. Plus: more new (fictional) sponsors than you can shake a stick at, and April takes any opportunity to discuss her latest TV obsession. Want to learn more about eclipses based on your individual birth chart? Check out April’s Moonshadow Eclip...
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Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 2019 – Star Crossed

The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 05:15 on January 21, 2019 at 00°Le51′. The lunar eclipse is the star of the show on zero degrees of Leo. This is both a last hurrah and a beginning of something special. The first degree of Leo is all glitz and glamour, brilliant, shining, a smile to end all smiles! Yet this is a total eclipse so momentarily, the smile could slip. If we’re pretending to be happy when we’re not, the eclipse could reveal the reality of our situation. The cosmos invites us to come back t...
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Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: The Gift of Boredom

T he desire for self-expression is pretty high up on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You have to have an awful lot going right in your life before it occurs to you to want more fun. That said, even a life that offers a roof over your head, food to eat, and safety from imminent peril can be flat, gray, and filled with despair, if there is nothing to feed your creative spirit and no sense that your life has meaning. This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is in Leo, which is called the sign of creativity; but ...
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Total lunar eclipse coming

The name of the unique celestial phenomenon might sound a bit dramatic, but then again, so is the phenomenon itself. On January 21, at around 12:12 AM EST, a total lunar eclipse called “super blood wolf moon” will be visible in the night sky. The name describes a total lunar eclipse that makes the moon appear larger and red to people on Earth. Total lunar eclipses only happen when the sun, Earth, and moon reach perfect alignment, causing the Earth’s shadow to hide the moon from view. By contr...
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How to See Next Weekend's Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will be visible to sky gazers in North and South America and western parts of Europe and Africa on January 20. As a bonus, it will be a supermoon, so it’s a bigger eclipse than usual.Read more...
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Here's What Earth's Shadow Actually Looks Like

The 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse has passed, eclipse doomsday fever has subsided, and all that’s left are the memories and pictures, which you can find everywhere online. But one image really stood out to us—not because of the way the Moon looked, but because of how it made the Earth look.Read more...
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Complete Lunar Eclipse Begins, the Longest of This Century

Skywatchers around much of the world are looking forward to a complete lunar eclipse that will be the longest this century.
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These Are the Apps You'll Need For Today's Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses only come around once in a blue moon (figuratively speaking, of course). Later this evening, our Earth will block the sun’s light from hitting the surface of the Moon. Along with its usual bright white look, our Moon will also don a reddish color for a short period of time. Read more...
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Mars and Saturn Are Looking Really Good in These New Hubble Pics

Mars is in opposition tonight, meaning it’s about as close and as bright as it’s going to get. To celebrate, Hubble has released new images of the dusty red planet, as well as of Saturn, which was in opposition last month.Read more...
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