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Walmart shuts down its experimental personal shopping service, Jet black

Walmart is shutting down its personal shopping service, Jet black, on February 21, after struggling to find adoption or additional investment. The service had allowed New York-area customers to text message orders for home delivery. According to its website, Jet black will now no longer accept new orders and will refund its customers their most recent $50 monthly membership fee. The retailer is trying to spin the shutdown as a learning experience, noting that part of the initiative was to test a...
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5 Lessons for Western Marketers to Learn from China

With the world’s largest population, and the world’s second largest economy, China has established itself as a global economic powerhouse in the past few decades. Due to its rapid success, it has also created its own type of digital market – one that is very different from Europe and North America. China’s Digital Market China has a digitally-driven economy, with 828 million internet users – almost as much as the population of the European Union and the United States, combined. The mark...
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Next Stop, IPO? Austin’s BigCommerce Nabs $64M for Global Expansion

Austin—BigCommerce, which sells software to allow businesses to build and run online stores, announced Wednesday that it has raised $64 million in new funding. The investment round was led by Goldman Sachs with participation from current investors General Catalyst, GGV Capital, and Tenaya Capital. With the latest funding, BigCommerce has raised more than $200 million. Brent Bellm, BigCommerce’s CEO, says the funding will go toward improvements in the company’s core product and also to est...
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Why retailers need to think social and mobile this holiday season

In this post, GlobalWebIndex’s Senior Trends Analyst, Katie Young discusses why mobile and social will be more important than ever for retailers this festive season. It’s that time of year again. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are just around the corner and brands and retailers are rapidly building momentum around the most lucrative shopping days. We’re already seen e-commerce giant Alibaba record a staggering $25bn in sales on Singles’ Day and Amazon is hoping for big success with 10 ...
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12 Powerful Posts Featuring the Top Mobile and E-commerce Trends: E-commerce Link Digest

Hey, Big Thinkers! I trust that you’ve had an amazing week and can’t wait to kick-off the long holiday weekend in style. When you find a free minute, don’t forget to check out these 12 powerful posts featuring the top mobile and e-commerce trends too. Enjoy: A recent episode of our Thinks Out Loud podcast looked at “How to Keep Up With Technology as a Marketer: The Quick and Dirty Guide” that will make a fine listening experience over the long holiday weekend. eMarketer has data showing “US M...
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7 Must-Read Marketing and E-commerce Posts: E-commerce Link Digest

Hey, Big Thinkers! Hope you’ve had an amazing week. I know we have around here. I also hope you don’t mind if we skip all the setup this week and instead just get you right to these great set of 7 must-read marketing and e-commerce posts from the past week. Enjoy: Leading off, Mobile Commerce Daily express checkout adoption remains strong on mobile as options proliferate, which is one of the reasons why I’m bullish on mobile payments (and messaging, too). We’ve got to make the checkout process ...
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Starbucks rolls out a more personalized mobile app along with a revamped Rewards program

 Starbucks this morning announced the overall of its mobile application, now used by 17 million people, in an effort to create a more personalized experience for its customers. The changes rolled out alongside an overhaul of the company’s popular customer loyalty program, Starbucks Rewards, which is now doling out stars based on dollars spent in stores, rather than how often… Read More
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63% Of Us Now Use Mobile Phones

Amongst the wealth of insights and information shared during Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, one data point really stood out for me. GSMA Intelligence (GSMAI) – the team that publishes the mobile data we use in our  reports – updated its figures for the number of unique mobile users around the world, and the change is quite remarkable. At the time we published our  report just over 12 months ago, GSMAI reported that there were around 3.65 billion unique mobile users around the world. B...
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8 Excellent Extended Insights Into E-commerce Trends: E-commerce Link Digest

Hope you’re having a wonderful winter weekend, Big Thinkers. Rather than bore you with a ton of setup, I thought you’d rather we get right to the links. So, with that, take a few moments to review these 8 excellent extended insights into e-commerce trends. Enjoy: Leading off, Mobile Commerce Daily suggests the top 8 complaints about mobile shopping reveal persistent issues. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is that despite these issues, new research from eMarketer shows most digital ...
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Shopify Debuts Shopkey, An App That Puts A Product Catalog In Your iOS Keyboard

 A growing number of e-commerce businesses today are assisting their customers over SMS and mobile messaging. There are even SMS-based services, like Magic, Operator, GoButler, and others targeting the emerging “conversational shopping” market. Now, e-commerce platform Shopify is aiming to help its merchants better serve their customers via mobile messaging with the launch of… Read More
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Omni-Channel Shoppers’ Pros and Cons of Mobile Commerce (Study)

Why do people shop via their mobile devices and, conversely, why don’t people shop using their mobile devices? A recent study by GfK on behalf of Facebook IQ drilled into the habits of more than 2,400 adult “omni-channel shoppers,” defining omni-channel shoppers as those who researched and bought online via a variety of channels—mobile phones, tablets, desktops or laptops and in-store. On the positive side for mobile shopping, GfK found that: 45 percent of all shopping journeys today involve mo...
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Is the Finger Print Reader on the IPhone the Solution for M-commerce and Security?

Apple has filled patents for fingerprint recognition system for the iPhone. This may have major implications for m-commerce and security as well as mobile user interfaces. Fingerprint reader technology has long been used for computer security. The interesting thing about Apple's research is that involves the use of fingerprint patterns to actually identify distinct fingers. The idea is to match specific functions to specific fingers. This table shoes how an index finger press might perform on...
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Fashion Discovery And Shopping App Voonik Gets $5M From Sequoia And Seedfund

 India is Asia’s fastest growing e-commerce market and shoppers there face an increasingly unwieldy array of options from different sites. Voonik wants to make shopping for fashion easier by combining multiple stores on its platform and letting shoppers check out all items in a single transaction. The app just raised a $5 million series A from Sequoia Capital and returning investor Seedfund. Read More
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Peach Is A Flash Sales App With An Auction-Based Twist

 There are already a gabazillion flash sale sites and apps available, but the Berkeley, California-based founders of Peach App believe that there is still room for innovation in the world of online impulse buying. Instead of just offering discounted goods, Peach lets customers name a price for its merchandise, most of which is women’s clothing and accessories from luxury brands. The catch… Read More
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How e-commerce sparked a POS evolution

From same-day fulfillment to sites that are optimized for mobile shopping, the influence of e-commerce and m-commerce is undeniable. But what many consumers don’t see is how different point-of-sale systems in the store, on desktops and on mobile devices act on the back-end. This innovation of retail technology has changed the industry for the better – but often at the cost of displaying an inconsistent customer experience across these channels. Retail IT teams around the world are...Read the who...
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23 million people in the UK already using their mobile phones to make purchases

Research from the finds that smartphone users are 63% more likely to engage with m-commerce New research from the Internet Advertising Bureau – the trade association for online and mobile advertising – reveals that mobile commerce has already become widely adopted in the UK, with 51% of mobile owners (23 million people) using their device to make payments, redeem coupons or research products and services. The study shows once again the urgent need for retailers to catch up with the mobile con...
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