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Flying 1,300 mph on airplanes would be great. But future aviation has other plans.

In the year 2044, our cities might be energized by fusion power plants, our sleek cars may all run on electricity, and our doctors might regularly employ gene-editing to cure blindness.  But our airplanes will probably still fly at the same speeds they did half a century ago: between 550 and 600 mph.  Supersonic flight — which is to say speeds that exceed the speed of sound (768 mph) and can dramatically slash flight times — died out for civilians in 2003 with the retirement of the narrowly-shap...
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WestJet Canada Valentine’s Day Sale on Flight Tickets

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! Treat your special someone to a romantic getaway this Valentines Day with WestJet Canada. Save on flights across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Book by: February 14, 2019 (11:59 p.m. MT). Travel until: Canada: July 10, 2019 U.S., Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean: June 25, 2019 Blackout dates: March 8-9 March 15-18 March 21-24 Mach 28-31 April 18-20 April 22 May 16-18 May 20 Restrictions apply. Lowest fares can be found on the f...
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Boeing forges partnership with Aerion to speed up supersonic jet development

Boeing says it's making a significant investment in Aerion to accelerate the development of the Nevada-based company's supersonic business jet. The partnership announced today appears to be a closer tie than the relationships Aerion once had with two of Boeing's rivals, Airbus and Lockheed Martin. Neither Aerion nor Boeing disclosed financial terms of the investment, but Boeing said it would provide Aerion with engineering, manufacturing and flight test resources, as well as strategi...
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5 favorite books of Albert Einstein

Einstein had a large library and was a voracious reader.The famous physicist admitted that some books influenced his thinking.The books he preferred were mostly philosophical and scientific in nature. None Undoubtedly considered one of the brightest individuals who ever lived, Albert Einstein did not become so accomplished in a vacuum. The physicist learned from the best minds of the time, as is evidenced by his voracious appetite for reading and his extensive personal book collection.In "Einste...
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B-2 Spirit

With its precision, stealth, long-range capability and payload capacity, the B-2 Spirit is one of the most versatile airframes in the Air Force’s inventory. The combination of its unique capabilities enables global reach and allows the Air Force to bypass the enemy’s most sophisticated defenses. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // If multiple elements are selected, it will use the first element. var player = new...
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Boeing's 'Transonic Wings' Will Take Your Commercial Flights to Just Under the Speed of Sound

How about sitting back and flying at just under Mach 1?
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Boeing's 'Transonic Wings' Will Power Your Commercial Flights at Just Under The Speed of Sound

How about sitting back and flying at just under Mach 1?
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VOTD: Pop Cuture’s Most Famous Cars Head to Walmart to Pick Up Groceries

Last night brought us the 76th annual Golden Globes, and during the ceremony broadcast cinephiles were treated to an extremely cool advertisement from Walmart. To promote their growing grocery pick-up service, the megastore utilized some of film and television’s most famous vehicles in an advertisement where the Batmobile from Justice League, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, the Jurassic Park Ford Explorer, the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future, Lightning McQueen from Cars, and more ar...
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Boom Supersonic nabs $100M to build its Mach-2.2 commercial airliner

One Denver-based startup’s long-shot bid to move today’s commercial jets beyond supersonic speeds just got a big injection of cash. Boom Supersonic, which is building and designing what it calls the “world’s first economically viable supersonic airliner,” announced today that they’ve closed a $100 million Series B funding round led by Emerson Capital. Other investors include Y Combinator Continuity, Caffeinated Capital, SV Angel, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Ron Conway, Michael Marks and Greg McAdoo...
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What Einstein meant by ‘God does not play dice’

'The theory produces a good deal but hardly brings us closer to the secret of the Old One,' wrote Albert Einstein in December 1926. 'I am at all events convinced that He does not play dice.' Einstein was responding to a letter from the German physicist Max Born. The heart of the new theory of quantum mechanics, Born had argued, beats randomly and uncertainly, as though suffering from arrhythmia. Whereas physics before the quantum had always been about doing this and getting that, the new quantum...
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Russia’s Poseidon Thermonuclear Torpedo Is No Aircraft-Carrier Killer

If the goal is to sink a U.S. carrier, couldn’t Russia saturate a carrier’s defenses with a volley of conventionally-armed hypersonic missiles like the Mach 5-plus Khinzal?
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Introducing the SR-71 Blackbird: Still the Fastest Plane on Earth (Even in Retirement)

Capable of cruising at speeds in excess of Mach 3.2, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft to ever to see operational service. But even though its performance has never been matched, the SR-71 was retired as the Cold War drew to a close.
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A New Engine Could Bring Back Supersonic Air-Travel

An anonymous reader shares a report (may be paywalled): Every morning, time once was, a giant roar from Heathrow Airport would announce the departure of flight BA001 to New York. The roar was caused by the injection into the aircraft's four afterburners of the fuel which provided the extra thrust that it needed to take off. Soon afterwards, the pilot lit the afterburners again -- this time to accelerate his charge beyond the speed of sound for the three-and-a-half hour trip to JFK. The plane was...
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Virgin Galactic passenger rocket reaches space in test flight

The rocket, dubbed SpaceShipTwo, reached an altitude of 51 miles on Thursday. Virgin Galactic hopes to soon transport space tourists into the atmosphere on the rocket.The successful test is a landmark for Virgin Galactic, which has seen its fair share of setbacks since it was founded in 2004. None In a successful test of what Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson hopes will be "the world's first commercial spaceline," the company launched a spacecraft 51 miles above California's Mojave Desert ...
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Virgin Galactic successfully sends test pilots to space

Virgin Galactic has successfully sent its test pilots into space, bringing Sir Richard Branson's dream of commercial space travel one tantalising step closer. Taking off from the Mojave desert base shortly after 7am, the space craft flew to reach an eventual height of 271,000 feet. Sir Richard wiped away tears as it was announced, and the crowd on the tarmac erupted in whoops and cheers. The flight marks the first time that man has reached space from US soil since the end of Nasa's spa...
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F-35A Lightning II

The F-35A Lightning II is a fifth-generation fighter combining advanced aerodynamics, survivability in high-threat environments and an enhanced ability to provide pilots and allied assets across operational domains with robust situational awareness. var tag = document.createElement('script'); = 'iframe-demo'; tag.src = ''; var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName(...
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Ford Trademarks ‘Mach E’ – You Know It’ll Be a Crossover

Earlier this year, the Blue Oval raised the ire of die-hard fans when it was rumoured the company would use the Mach 1 name on an upcoming electrified vehicle. Ford might be making some odd decisions lately, like refusing to bring the Ranger Raptor to America, but they’re not completely tone deaf. Which helps explain […] The post Ford Trademarks ‘Mach E’ – You Know It’ll Be a Crossover appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Meet the Submersible Nuclear Ramjet: Part Nuclear Bomber, Part Submarine (And Moving at Mach 4)

It could have killed millions--and served as the ultimate Cold War terror weapon.
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Aviation authority investigating UFOs over Ireland

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is investigating multiple reports of UFOs over the coast of Ireland on Friday. From the BBC: (A British Airways) pilot, flying from the Canadian city of Montreal to Heathrow, said there was a "very bright light" and the object had come up along the left side of the aircraft before it "rapidly veered to the north..." (Another Virgin pilot said) there were "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory" and that they were very bright. The pilot sa...
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Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition Watch

On October 24, 2003, British Airways retired the legendary Concorde passenger liner, marking the end of an era where airline passengers could fly over the Earth at speeds in excess of Mach 2 or twice the speed of sound. To some, it may seem that...The post Bremont Supersonic Limited Edition Watch appeared first on aBlogtoWatch.
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 26 October, 2018

A view of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, part of our second Land cruise itinerary next June (see below). Good morning It has been a wild and crazy week, but have I got a lot to show you for the week that was.  We now have details of our June 2019 UK touring online. I’m using the “land cruise” concept first offered in this year’s Christmas land cruise (still have the cancelled couple’s $500 credit if anyone wants to take advantage of this and join us) again. One of the weaker parts of this y...
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The Concorde made its final flight 15 years ago and supersonic air travel has yet to recover — here's a look back at its awesome history

British Airways operated its final commercial Concorde flight on October 24, 2003, from New York's JFK International Airport to London Heathrow.  It was the last commercial passenger flight for the Concorde in a career that began in 1976. A total of 14 Concordes entered service with British Airways and Air France.  Co-developed by the British and the French, Concorde was the first and only viable supersonic commercial airliner.  The Concorde could cruise at Mach 2.02 or around 1,340 mph at fly...
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Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Heading to Space ‘Within Weeks’

Looks like Sir Richard Branson is going to beat Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and SpaceX’s Elon Musk into space with the first fare-paying passenger load. The billionaire entrepreneur, owner of commercial space flight company Virgin Galactic, began investing in space travel in 2004, and told CNBC his venture is “more than tantalizingly close” to its first trip to space. “We should be in space within weeks, not months. And then we will be in space with myself in months and not years. We will be in space w...
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Vista to buy Starhome Mach from Fortissimo

Vista Equity Partners has agreed to acquire Starhome Mach from Fortissimo Capital. No financial terms were disclosed. When the deal closes, Vista will merge Starhome Mach with portfolio company Telarix. Starhome Mach is a provider of SaaS wholesale and retail roaming, clearing, settlement and fraud prevention technology. PRESS RELEASE VIENNA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Starhome Mach, the leading global provider of SaaS wholesale and retail roaming, clearing, settlement and fraud prevention technology, ...
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Sneak Peek: Pivot Les Fat gets 27.5″ fat bike makeover with new paint and spec

While their new Fox Live equipped Mach 5.5 might have been getting all the attention at Interbike, Pivot had another new option as a sneak peek for those in attendance. Fat bike season is approaching, so Pivot is getting ready with an all new build for their Les Fat. The key to this build is the […] The post Sneak Peek: Pivot Les Fat gets 27.5″ fat bike makeover with new paint and spec appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Mach 5 Mission: The Air Force Is Going All In on Hypersonic Weapons

The Air Force is taking another step in an aggressive plan to prototype, test and deploy hypersonic weapons
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Boom’s chief test pilot on the thrill and challenge of going supersonic (again)

“There’s nothing like it out there,” says Retired Commander Bill “Doc” Shoemaker, chief test pilot for Boom Supersonic, the startup aiming to make a passenger airliner for transoceanic flights at speeds (as you might guess from the name) faster than sound. Shoemaker, a former Navy aviator, fighter pilot, and aeronautics engineer, will have the daunting privilege of being the first to fly the company’s proof of concept single-seater during tests next year. That there’s nothing like Boom is not ex...
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Ford CEO Hackett Crafts a Bold Vision, Now Must Deliver

Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Hackett is revered as a tech-oriented visionary from his days of running office furniture-maker Steelcase, and he’s been putting together big plans for the No. 2 US automaker since Bill Ford Jr. himself installed Hackett at the helm in the spring of 2017. So far, it’s clear that Hackett’s bold plan for Ford includes bringing the company into a leadership position in two crucial areas of technology that are dictating much of the future of the industry: electric vehicles an...
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Ford reveals the first teaser image of its all-electric SUV set to rival Tesla (F, TSLA)

On September 6, Ford released its first teaser image of the codenamed "Mach 1" vehicle, the company's first all-electric crossover that is inspired by the classic Ford Mustang.  This vehicle's planned range is 300 miles per charge and it is set to go on sale in 2020, with an expected entry-level price of under $40,000.  Ford has stated it plans to invest $11 billion in its electrification efforts. As part of its plan, the company has said it will launch 40 new electrified cars worldwide by 202...
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Danish delight as Ireland presents memorable Eisenhower Trophy

Denmark team (from left) Torben Henriksen Nyehuus (Team Captain), John Axelsen, Nicolai Hojgaard and Rasmus Hojgaard winners of the 2018 World Amateur Team Championship ( Eisenhower Trophy) at Carton House Golf Resort, Maynooth, Co Kildare today (08/09/2018). Picture by Pat Cashman European Ryder Cup captain Thomas Bjorn never got to lift the Eisenhower Trophy when he teed it up i...
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