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Zindi taps 12,000 African data scientists for solutions to COVID-19

Since its inception, Cape Town based crowdsolving startup Zindi has been building a database of data scientists across Africa. It now has 12,000 registered on its its platform that uses AI and machine learning to tackle complex problems and will offer them cash-prizes to find solutions to curb COVID-19. Zindi has an open challenge focused on stemming the spread and havoc of coronavirus and will introduce a hackathon in April. The current competition, sponsored by AI4D, tasks scientists to cre...
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Espressive lands $30M Series B to build better help chatbots

Espressive, a four-year-old startup from former ServiceNow employees, is working to build a better chatbot to reduce calls to company help desks. Today, the company announced a $30 million Series B investment. Insight Partners led the round with help from Series A lead investor General Catalyst along with Wing Venture Capital. Under the terms of today’s agreement, Insight founder and managing director Jeff Horing will be joining the Espressive Board. Today’s investment brings the total rai...
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You Ask, I Answer: Can AI Solve Word Problems?

Ravi asks, “Can AI solve word problems?” It depends on how we define word problems. Can AI techniques process language and deliver useful outcomes using natural language processing? Absolutely. Techniques like sentiment analysis and machine translation are robust and available in-market now. Can they truly understand our speech? Not yet. NLP is far from being […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Can AI Solve Word Problems? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker...
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Monitoring is critical to successful AI

Amit Paka Contributor Share on Twitter Amit Paka is co-founder and chief product officer at Fiddler Labs, an explainable AI startup that enables enterprises to deploy and scale risk- and bias-free AI applications. More posts by this contributor How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley The Rise Of Micro Startup Acquisitions Krishna Gade Contributor ...
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Amazon, Apple and Microsoft CEOs detail their companies’ efforts to combat coronavirus pandemic

The tech industry is mobilizing its considerable resources to attempt to support efforts against the growing global coronavirus pandemic. Over the weekend, the CEOs of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft all shared updates regarding some aspects of their company’s ongoing contributions, which range from donations of medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers, to software projects that help track and analyze the global spread of infection. Apple CEO...
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Stuart Russell on how to make AI ‘human-compatible’

In a career spanning several decades, artificial intelligence researcher and professor Stuart Russell has contributed extensive knowledge on the subject, including foundational textbooks. He joined us onstage at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI to discuss the threat he perceives from AI, and his book, which proposes a novel solution. Russell’s thesis, which he develops in “ Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control,” is that the field of AI has been developed on the false p...
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FluSense system tracks sickness trends by autonomously monitoring public spaces

One of the obstacles to accurately estimating the prevalence of sickness in the general population is that most of our data comes from hospitals, not the 99.9 percent of the world that isn’t hospitals. FluSense is an autonomous, privacy-respecting system that counts the people and coughs in public spaces to keep health authorities informed. Every year has a flu and cold season, of course, though this year’s is of course far more dire. But it’s like an ordinary flu season in that the main way any...
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This robot plays the marimba and writes and sings its own songs

Shimon, the robotic maestro from Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, is releasing an album and going on tour. To write lyrics, the robot employs deep learning combined with semantic knowledge and rhyme and rhythm. Shimon has also had a complete facelift giving it a much more expressive mug for singing. In IEEE Spectrum, Evan Ackerman interviewed Shimon's creators, professor Gil Weinberg and PhD student Richard Savery: IEEE Spectrum: What makes Shimon’s music fundamentally diff...
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Machine Learning Is Your Secret Weapon For Customer Acquisition

by Chad Ruff, Chief Technology Officer at Swiftpage If you’re looking for a strategy to get ahead when it comes to customer acquisition, machine learning can be your secret weapon. While machine learning does fall under the larger category of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s a bit more specific and can be extremely effective technology to pair with your customer and prospect database. True AI can think for itself like Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek. Machine learning, however, can au...
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Voices in AI – Episode 109: A Conversation with Frank Holland

[voices_in_ai_byline] About this Episode On Episode 109 of Voices in AI, Byron speaks with Frank Holland about the nature of intelligence and the ways in which we define, cultivate and attempt to mimic it. Listen to this episode or read the full transcript at Transcript Excerpt accomplishments, board memberships and sterling leadership. He excels at building high-performing teams. As CEO, Frank is responsible for directing the company’s growth at scale and capitalizing on ...
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Ask Sophia the Robot: What can AI teach humans?

Is Sophia the Robot, of Hanson Robotics, conscious? Not quite, she says. Instead, she reflects the consciousness of humans in the same way the moon reflects the light of the sun. While we don't know if humans possess free will, she advises us to act as if we do. We can benefit from this.So, what can humans learn from robots? Artificial intelligence can view the world in a way that's more objective, being present while still able to look toward the future and the past.
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Automated Facebook Anti-Spam System Goes Hog Wild, Blocks Links Including Covid-19 Info

Facebook’s automated moderation tools went wild and targeted tons of posts about the coronavirus pandemic and other topics on Tuesday evening, blocking users from sharing articles from legitimate news sources.Read more...
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How to Use Affordable AI Strategies for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence used to be the domain of large corporations and government agencies. However, thanks to more affordable AI software services, you do not need to be Walmart, McDonald’s, or General Motors to use these advancements anymore. AI is democratizing business opportunities for small businesses around the globe. In the words of former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, “I believe technology is the great leveler. Technology permits anybody to play.” Below are examples of how companies use AI te...
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Deep-learning A.I. is helping archaeologists translate ancient tablets

2,500-year-old documents have confounded experts for years
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Glisten uses computer vision to break down product photos to their most important parts

It’s amazing that in this day and age, the best way to search for new clothes is to click a few check boxes and then scroll through endless pictures. Why can’t you search for “green patterned scoop neck dress” and see one? Glisten is a new startup enabling just that by using computer vision to understand and list the most important aspects of the products in any photo. Now, you may think this already exists. In a way, it does — but not a way that’s helpful. Co-founder Sarah Wooders encountered t...
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Glisten uses computer vision to break down fashion photos to their styles and parts

It’s amazing that in this day and age, the best way to search for new clothes is to click a few check boxes and then scroll through endless pictures. Why can’t you search for “green patterned scoop neck dress” and see one? Glisten is a new startup enabling just that by using computer vision to understand and list the most important aspects of the clothing in any photo. Now, you may think this already exists. In a way, it does — but not a way that’s helpful. Co-founder Alice Deng encountered this...
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Busting the myth of ‘neutral’ AI

AI isn't "just technology," says Professor Ramesh Srinivasan. We have to bust the myth that AI is neutral and has no biases. We encode our biases into artificial intelligence. That fact will become more apparent as 5G 'smart cities' become a reality. Business leaders must develop awareness and ask themselves: What are the data sets my technologies are learning from and what are the values that are influencing the development of these technologies?The American public, across every demographic and...
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Insurtech startup Akur8 raises $8.9M from BlackFin and MTech Capital

Far from replacing humans, Artificial Intelligence is actually coming to the aid of a very old profession that has fallen out of fashion to such an extent that people are increasingly not joining it. I speak of the rarified world of the Actuary. Actuaries deal with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty using what is known as ‘actuarial science’. However, in recent years, university graduates who may have entered the industry in the past are now often attracted to the slightly ‘h...
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Google Cloud launches new tools for deploying ML pipelines

Google Cloud today announced the beta launch of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines, a new enterprise-grade service that is meant to give developers a single tool to deploy their machine learning pipelines, together with tools for monitoring and auditing them. “When you’re just prototyping a machine learning (ML) model in a notebook, it can seem fairly straightforward,” Google notes in today’s announcement. “But when you need to start paying attention to the other pieces required to make an ML workfl...
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L1ght Looks to Protect Internet Users from Toxic and Predatory Behavior

Cybersecurity has been regarded as a necessity for all computer users, especially today when data breaches and malware attacks have become rampant. However, one of the more overlooked aspects of cybersecurity is the prevention of other forms of cybercrime, such as the spread of harmful content and predatory behavior. Most current discussions on cybersecurity revolve around organizations [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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HireSweet helps employers find candidates that aren’t actively looking to change jobs

The right candidate to fill your job may not actually be looking for a job right now. HireSweet, which is part of Y Combinator’s current class of startups, is trying to help companies find exactly these candidates that are perfect for a job but not actively looking. Like so many other recruiting platforms, the HireSweet team started working on an assessment tool but then realized that the problem companies were facing wasn’t really assessment, it was scouring the right candidates. “So we move...
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Prosthetics that don’t require practice: Inside the latest breakthrough in bionics

Get ready for an entirely new generation of prosthetic limbs
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Ada Health built an AI-driven startup by moving slowly and not breaking things

When Ada Health was founded nine years ago, hardly anyone was talking about combining artificial intelligence and physician care — outside of a handful of futurists. But the chatbot boom gave way to a powerful combination of AI-augmented health care which others, like Babylon Health in 2013 and KRY in 2015, also capitalized on. The journey Ada was about to take was not an obvious one, so I spoke to Dr. Claire Novorol, Ada’s co-founder and chief medical officer, at the Slush conference last ye...
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YC-backed Turing uses AI to help speed up the formulation of new consumer packaged goods

One of the more interesting and useful applications of artificial intelligence technology has been in the world of biotechnology and medicine, where now more than 220 startups (not to mention universities and bigger pharma companies) are using AI to accelerate drug discovery by using it to play out the many permutations resulting from drug and chemical combinations, DNA and other factors. Now, a startup called Turing — which is part of the current cohort at Y Combinator due to present in the nex...
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Voices in AI – Episode 108: A Conversation with Kirk Borne

[voices_in_ai_byline] About this Episode On Episode 108 of Voices in AI, Byron and Kirk Borne discuss the intersection between human nature and artificial intelligence. Listen to this episode or read the full transcript at Transcript Excerpt Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm, and I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Kirk Borne. He is Principal Data Scientist and executive advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton. He holds a BS in Physics from Louisiana State a...
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How tech has impacted archaeologists’ hunt for long-lost civilizations

Satellite mapping, 3D modeling, and machine learning have become game-changers
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Google Assistant's Text-to-Speech Feature Goes Live Today on Android

Back at CES, Google teased a new feature that allows the Google Assistant to read web pages aloud in more than 42 languages with just a simple voice command. Now Google’s Read It feature is finally ready to roll out.Read more...
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OJO Labs launches AI-powered photo scanning tool for kitchens

Kitchen Fit uses machine learning to help potential homebuyers figure out exactly what they want out of a kitchen.
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R&D roundup: soft 3D printing, backscatter Wi-Fi and other bleeding-edge tech

I see far more research articles than I could possibly write up. This column collects the most interesting of those papers and advances along with notes on why they may prove important in the world of tech and startups. This week: advances in rocketry, machine learning, wireless transmission and more. Firing up new rockets In some ways, rocketry is not so different from its beginnings around WWII, but as other bottlenecks give way it is becoming feasible to experiment with truly innovative typ...
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All Businesses are Tech Businesses – Like it or Not

All Businesses are Tech Businesses – Like it or Not The world of information is remaking businesses with new technologies turning all businesses into technology companies like it or not.  Companies who continue to believe that they are not technology companies are finding that they can be taken ad...
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