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#486 Machine Learning & The Future of Advertising: Interview with Patrick McKenna

On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast,  Andy is joined by Patrick McKenna, Founder and CEO at Strike Social  to talk about machine learning and the future of advertising. On the show you’ll learn: How Patrick was able to grow Strike Social quickly How AI/Machine Learning can help with multi-variant testing What DV360 is The trends Patrick sees coming in the next 24 months across the major social platforms Patrick’s tips to help you be more successful within your advertising? P...
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Can you guess which face is real, and which is computer generated?

Computers have recently gotten much, much better at a somewhat unsettling skill: generating fake human faces. As in, creating an image of a human who has never existed before. We saw the concept go a bit viral this week with ThisPersonDoesNotExist, a website hooked to a machine that generates a new face every few seconds. Or the feline version that dreams up (sometimes nightmare inducing) cats, ThisCatDoesNotExist. Now its been turned into a game. Think you can tell which human is… well, human? ...
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DeepSqueak is a machine learning A.I. that reveals what rats are chatting about

Want to know what rats are squeaking about? You'd better check out DeepSqueak, the new deep learning artificial intelligence developed by researchers at the University of Washington. The post DeepSqueak is a machine learning A.I. that reveals what rats are chatting about appeared first on Digital Trends.
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This cat doesn't exist either

This Person Does Not Exist (previously) generated frighteningly convincing images of human faces. This Cat Does Not Exist, well, it generates frightening cats.
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IBM THINK 2019 Wrapup Review

I’m back from IBM THINK 2019. Let’s look at the major highlights from a marketing and AI perspective. Key announcements: – Watson Anywhere – Watson OpenScale – Project Debater (and its implications) – Watson AutoAI What does it all mean for you? What will you realistically be able to use in the next year? FTC […] The post IBM THINK 2019 Wrapup Review appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Statistician raises red flag about reliability of machine learning techniques

Machine learning is everywhere in science and technology. But how reliable are these techniques really? A statistician argues that questions of accuracy and reproducibility of machine learning have not been fully addressed. The post Statistician raises red flag about reliability of machine learning techniques appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Even without explicit collusion, pricing algorithms converge on price-fixing strategies

Literally the only kind of monopolistic behavior that the US government is willing to prosecute is price fixing, and that's why it's so important to read Artificial intelligence, algorithmic pricing, and collusion, a paper by four Italian economists from the University of Bologna who document how price-fixing is an emergent property of pricing algorithms -- the systems online merchants use to price-match with their competitors. The researchers find that "even relatively simple pricing algo...
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Biotech AI startup Sight Diagnostics gets $27.8M to speed up blood tests

Sight Diagnostics, an Israeli medical devices startup that’s using AI technology to speed up blood testing, has closed a  $27.8 million Series C funding round. The company has built a desktop machine, called OLO, that analyzes cartridges manually loaded with drops of the patient’s blood — performing blood counts in situ. The new funding is led by VC firm Longliv Ventures, also based in Israel, and a member of the multinational conglomerate CK Hutchison Group. Sight Diagnostics said it was aft...
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IBM THINK 2019 Day 3 Recap: Reducing Bias with IBM

In today’s IBM THINK 2019 Day 3 Recap, we look at the problem of bias in AI and machine learning, the three locations in the development process where bias can creep in, and how IBM helps us mitigate bias with two key products, Fairness 360 and IBM Watson OpenScale. Learn more: – Fairness 360 (open […] The post IBM THINK 2019 Day 3 Recap: Reducing Bias with IBM appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Beyond GIGO: how "predictive policing" launders racism, corruption and bias to make them seem empirical

"Predictive policing" is the idea that you can feed crime stats to a machine-learning system and it will produce a model that can predict crime. It is garbage. It's garbage for a lot of reasons. For one thing, you only find crime where you look for it: so if you send out the cops to frisk all the Black people in a city, they will produce statistics that suggest that all concealed weapons and drugs are carried by Black people, in Black neighborhoods. But once you feed that biased data to an...
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By now, many consumers know that uploading a photo, video, or other file to “the cloud” on a service like Google or Facebook often means storing it in a data center. But the computer servers inside data centers don’t just store information—they are constantly processing complex algorithms and using energy to glean new insights for the companies that store it.A Seattle-based startup,, is attempting to build a business on the belief that it could also be possible to run machine learning a...
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SXSW Startups: Supportiv

Pouria Mojabi and Helena Plater-Zyberk, co-founders of Supportiv The Forrest Four-Cast: February 13, 2019 Fifty diverse startups will aim to impress a panel of judges and a live audience with their skills, creativity and innovation at SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx. Winners in 10 categories will be announced at the Pitch Award Ceremony at 6:30 pm Sunday, March 10, at the Hilton Austin.Based in Berkeley, Cal., Supportiv — The Support Network —is a finalist in the Social and Culture category, wh...
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Medivis has launched its augmented reality platform for surgical planning

After two years of development, Medivis, a New York-based company developing augmented reality data integration and visualization tools for surgeons, is bringing its first product to market. The company was founded by Osamah Choudhry and Christopher Morley who met as senior residents at NYU Medical Center. Initially a side-project, the two residents roped in some engineers to help develop their first prototypes and after a stint in NYU’s Summer Launchpad program the two decided to launch the com...
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The AI Talent Gap: Locating Global Data Science Centers

Good AI talent is hard to find. The talent pool for anyone with deep expertise in modern artificial intelligence techniques is terribly thin. More and more companies are committing to data and artificial intelligence as their differentiator. The early adopters will quickly find difficulties in determining which data science expertise meets their needs. And the AI talent? If you are not Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, or Apple, good luck. With the popularity of AI, pockets of expertise are eme...
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IBM THINK 2019 Day 2 Recap: The Next Frontier

In this video, learn 5 key takeaways from day 2 of IBM THINK 2019 on the topics of finding more AI/ML talent, the use of personas in an AI work, digital transformation and its relationship to AI, finding new opportunities for innovation, and perhaps the meaning of life itself with quantum computing. Can’t see anything? […] The post IBM THINK 2019 Day 2 Recap: The Next Frontier appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Magenta Studio lets you use AI tools for inspiration in Ableton Live

Instead of just accepting all this machine learning hype, why not put it to the test? Magenta Studio lets you experiment with open source machine learning tools, standalone or inside Ableton Live. Magneta provides a pretty graspable way to get started with an field of research that can get a bit murky. By giving you easy access to machine learning models for musical patterns, you can generate and modify rhythms and melodies. The team at Google AI first showed Magneta Studio at Ableton’s Loop c...
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IBM THINK 2019 Day 1 Recap: The Great Debate

In this video, catch a recap of IBM THINK 2019 day 1, including a blockchain digital twin example and a review of the #ProjectDebater results and its implications for businesses. I also spoke on Day 1 at IBM Champion Day on the 8C Framework for building digital communities. If you haven’t seen it, grab a […] The post IBM THINK 2019 Day 1 Recap: The Great Debate appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Consumer-focused healthcare can save lives by focusing on changing behavior

Vijay Pande Contributor Share on Twitter Vijay Pande, PhD, is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University, where he continues to advise the Pande Lab -- focused on tackling challenging problems in chemical biology, biophysics, and biomedicine. Everything we do in the $3 trillion healthcare market today only affects 10% of outcomes to premature death. You rea...
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AI-powered Marketing Personalisation Startup, DataSine, Secures £4 Million Series A Funding

LONDON — London-based AI startup DataSine, which combines expertise in psychology and machine learning to help businesses personalise their communications at scale, has raised £4 million in Series A funding from leading European and U.S. investors, led by Pentech and Propel Venture Partners. Other investors include C.Entrepreneurs/Cathay Innovation, Twin Ventures and Sistema_VC. DataSine’s personality-driven marketing […] The post AI-powered Marketing Personalisation Startup, DataSine, Secures £...
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DataRobot Predicts the Grammy Awards’ Song of the Year Is…

With everyone worrying that a robot or artificial intelligence model will take their jobs someday, why shouldn’t The Recording Academy fear its annual task of doling out the Grammy Awards is safe?DataRobot, a Boston-based startup whose machine-learning platform helps companies use algorithms for data analysis without hiring a data science team, is taking a first swipe at predicting how likely it is that each nominee for Song of the Year will walk away with that gramophone award.The startup, b...
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Hypergiant in Space, Celltex & Saudi, Siete Foods’ $90M, & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up on the latest innovation news in Texas.—Aeglea Biotherapeutics, an Austin biotech, raised $60 million in a secondary public stock offering Wednesday, according to a press release. The company is developing drugs to essentially starve cancers to death. In 2016, it raised $50 million in an IPO. In 2017, co-founder David Lowe, who led the company from pre-clinical stage, was replaced by Anthony Quinn as interim CEO. The next year, the company named Quinn as its president and permane...
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Microsoft Azure sets its sights on more analytics workloads

Enterprises now amass huge amounts of data, both from their own tools and applications, as well as from the SaaS applications they use. For a long time, that data was basically exhaust. Maybe it was stored for a while to fulfill some legal requirements, but then it was discarded. Now, data is what drives machine learning models, and the more data you have, the better. It’s maybe no surprise, then, that the big cloud vendors started investing in data warehouses and lakes early on. But that’s just...
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KenSci Gets $22M for Tools to Help Hospitals Flag High-Risk Patients

Transitioning an elderly patient to palliative care can be a difficult decision for caregivers, but it’s one that families and clinicians across the globe make every day. Seattle-based KenSci contends that technology can help all parties make better, more informed choices.The startup’s software has gained traction in hospitals, where KenSci says crunching patient mortality data leads to healthcare savings. Now KenSci has $22 million in new funding to support its growth.The company’s latest roun...
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Data Governance Takes A Turn – and Its a Doozy

If you were to ask me a year ago what I would point to as a best practice for data governance, my response would be to look at what financial services firms do to meat their regulatory requirements. Fast forward to the age of GDPR and the new privacy mandates coming out of California (CCPA). […]
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Data Governance Takes A Turn — and It’s a Doozy

If you were to ask me a year ago what I would point to as a best practice for data governance, my response would be to look at what financial services firms do to meet their regulatory requirements. Fast forward to the age of GDPR and the new privacy mandates coming out of California (CCPA). […]
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Chasing down that list of potential Predpol customers reveals dozens of cities that have secretly experimented with "predictive policing"

Last October, I published a list of cities that appeared to have contracted with Predpol, a "predictive policing" company, based on research provided to me by an anonymous source who used clever methods to uncover the customer list. Now, Motherboard's Caroline Haskins has used that list as a jumping-off point for a wide array of public records requests that have revealed a pattern of extensive, secret experimentation with precrime in dozens of cities that allowed Predpol to access policing ...
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Foot Traffic Startup Scraffic Mulls New Funding, Machine Learning

San Antonio—Scraffic, a small startup that helps retailers count foot traffic in their stores, has gone international.The San Antonio-based business, which has four employees, now has customers in the Philippines, Spain, Portugal, and Canada, as well as users in the U.S. Scraffic found opportunity to expand in international markets like the Philippines because there are fewer competitors, says Ryan Ward, Scraffic’s chief operating officer. Founded in 2016, the company’s price point helped, too:...
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A service to help airline passengers get compensated for lost bags, delays, cancellations and overbookings

Airhelp is a service that helps airline passengers in 30 countries file claims (for delays, lost bags, overbookings, and cancellations) structured to increase the likelihood of paying out; the bots have made $930m in successful claims to date, and the company behind it only collects a commission when a claim succeeds. The service uses internal machine-learning systems that sifts through claims to identify high-potential claims, as well as correctable defects in claims, like missing document...
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Getting started with machine learning

Machine and deep learning are very popular topics which have a very wide range of use cases.  I’m not going to spend too much time explaining what machine learning is, instead I’m going to assume you already know that part.  However, just in case, here is a good high level overview of what machine learning is and how it relates to deep learning. My goal in this article is to get you up and running as quick as possible.  So from here on out, we are assuming you know at least the definitions of...
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Big companies are not becoming data-driven fast enough

I remember watching MIT professor Andrew McAfee years ago telling stories about the importance of data over gut feeling, whether it was predicting successful wines or making sound business decisions. We have been hearing about big data and data-driven decision making for so long, you would think it has become hardened into our largest organizations by now. As it turns out, finds that most large companies are having problems implementing an organization-wide, data-driven strategy. McAfee was...
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