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As Emmanuel Macron’s Impact Grows, So Does French Disdain

No recent president has had a deeper effect on France’s economy, society and politics. And many French despise him for it.
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Macron vows to defend French farmers, fishermen in uncertain year

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday promised to safeguard European farm subsidies, secure compensation for wine producers hit by U.S. tariffs and defend fishermen in talks with Britain, as France's farming world faces an uncertain year.
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France's Macron: unclear if EU-Britain to have trade deal by year-end

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday cast doubt over the likelihood of the European Union and Britain reaching a post-Brexit trade deal by the end of the year, saying he expected fishing talks to be very tough. "It's going to be tense because they are very tough...Boris Johnson has a card in his hand and it is fishing and with that he will try to gain access to the market," Macron told representatives of the French fishing industry at a farm show in Paris.
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Macron tells farmers he'll fight for EU budget, wine tariff relief

President Emmanuel Macron told farmers on Saturday that France would continue to oppose cuts to agricultural subsidies, a day after EU budget discussions ended in deadlock, while also promising compensation for wine producers hit by U.S. tariffs.
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France's Macron says 'intolerable' rights violations taking place in Cameroon

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday "intolerable human rights violations" were taking place in Cameroon, a week after 22 people were killed by gunmen in military fatigues in a village at the heart of a separatist insurgency. "I will call President Biya next week and we will put maximum pressure so that the situation ends," Macron said. When France says a leader has not been democratically elected, Africans tell us: why are you meddling?
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Russian artist defends leak of explicit video that brought down Macron ally as 'political porn'

The Russian artist who published an explicit video that prompted a candidate to pull out of the Paris mayoral race told CNN he stole the footage from his girlfriend's computer, saying his actions were "just the beginning" of a "political porn" project.
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Russian artist defends leak of explicit video that brought down Macron ally as 'political porn'

The Russian artist who published an explicit video that prompted a candidate to pull out of the Paris mayoral race told CNN he stole the footage from his girlfriend's computer, saying his actions were "just the beginning" of a "political porn" project.
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Russian artist Pavlensky says leaked video that brought down Macron ally in Paris was part of a 'political porn' project

The Russian artist who published an explicit video that prompted a candidate to pull out of the Paris mayoral race told CNN he stole the footage from his girlfriend's computer, saying his actions were "just the beginning" of a "political porn" project.
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'I stole this video': Russian artist Pavlensky says leaked video that brought down Macron ally in Paris was part of a 'political porn' project

The Russian artist who published an explicit video that prompted a candidate to pull out of the Paris mayoral race told CNN he stole the footage from his girlfriend's computer, saying his actions were "just the beginning" of a "political porn" project.
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Why are French soldiers in the Sahel? Protesters have an answer | Alexandra Reza

Macron’s autocratic attitude towards dissent in countries such as Niger and Mali is only stoking anti-French sentimentLarge protests have been taking place in Bamako, the capital of Mali, demanding that French troops leave the country. “We marched for them to leave, and now they send 600 more,” one blogger in Mali wrote in response to the news that more French soldiers were to be deployed to the Sahel. In total, roughly 5,100 French troops are deployed in Mali, as well as across Chad, Niger, Mau...
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France to Shut Down Its Oldest Nuclear Complex by the End of June

(PARIS) — French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Wednesday that the Fessenheim nuclear reactor, on the border with Germany, will be shut down at the end of June, with one of its reactors to be closed this weekend. A statement on Wednesday called the decision “the first phase” of France’s energy strategy set out in 2018 by President Emmanuel Macron. The plan calls for a re-balancing of nuclear-produced energy and electricity derived from renewable sources. Coal plants are to be closed by ...
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France to end imam, teacher deals to counter extremism

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday announced measures intended to counter Islamic extremism in France by giving the government more authority over the schooling of children, the financing of mosques and the training of imams. Macron, during a visit to the city of Mulhouse in eastern France, said the government sought to combat “foreign interference” in how Islam is practiced and the way its religious institutions are organized in the secular country. Macron said he plans to end a prog...
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Artist (And Scrotum-Nailing, Bank-Burning Refugee) Pyotr Pavlensky Arrested For Leaking Sexts Of Paris Mayoral Candidate

When the ever-provocative protest artist put online sexual images and messages sent to a woman by former Macron aide Benjamin Griveaux, thus driving him from the race for mayor of Paris, Pavlensky was violating France’s revenge-porn law, which carries penalties of up to two years in prison and a €60,000 fine. Pavlensky, who is in France on political asylum from his native Russia, and his girlfriend (the alleged recipient of Griveaux’s sexts) are being held by police. – Deutsche Welle
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Mike Bloomberg is not the lesser of two evils

Like the vast majority of Americans, I have been effectively disenfranchised in the last few presidential elections. In 2011, I moved to Washington, D.C., which is so heavily Democratic that any vote for president is totally meaningless — in 2016, Hillary Clinton won with 93 percent of the vote. But last year, I moved to famously swingy Pennsylvania, and suddenly I'm a full citizen again. (I'm already lording it over my friends from California and New York.)As I have written on many occa...
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French reforms: Why France is resisting Macron's push on pensions

President Macron's pension reforms reach the National Assembly - but the protests have not gone away.
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Petr Pavlensky: Russian activist's girlfriend held over Macron ally sex video

The video, which has rocked French politics, brought down a political ally of President Emmanuel Macron.
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Merkel succession contender calls her out over slow EU revamp

A leading contender to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday criticised her for taking too long to respond to a French push to strengthen the EU after Brexit. "I would like to apologise for the German government," Armin Laschet said, casting himself as strongly pro-EU as the race to find a new leader for Merkel's centre-right CDU party heats up. Macron has long called for an overhaul to the European Union in response to Britain's departure from the bloc, including deeper integratio...
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Petr Pavlensky: Russian who released Macron ally sex video arrested

A Russian protest artist is held after Benjamin Griveaux is forced to ditch his Paris mayoral bid.
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Macron sets out 10-year vision for EU with call for more integration

French president says EU must have effective defence policy, larger budget and integrated capital marketsEurope’s middle classes will only remain reconciled to the European Union if it is more integrated with an effective defence policy, a larger budget, integrated capital markets and shorn of vetoes that slow decision-making, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has said.Setting out his 10-year vision for Europe on Saturday, he said he still wanted to see the UK involved in defence, but urged...
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Macron opens door to North Macedonia, Albania EU accession talks

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he would allow North Macedonia and Albania to begin talks on joining the European Union if the bloc's executive gave them a positive review next month. Macron's comments at the Munich Security Conference look set to end his freeze on the two Balkan countries' progress towards EU membership and reassure other European leaders that France still backs expanding the bloc to new members. "We are waiting for the (European Commission) report in March ...
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BlackRock Becomes a Symbol for Anticapitalist Fervor in France

Suspicions that the Wall Street giant sought to influence President Macron’s overhaul of the nation’s pension system have made the company a target of protesters.
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Scrotum-Nailing, Bank-Burning Artist Interferes With Paris Mayoral Campaign

Pyotr Pavlensky — who gained notoriety in Russia for sewing his lips shut in solidarity with Pussy Riot and nailing his scrotum to Red Square, and who, having received political asylum from the French government, proceeded to set fire to the Bank of France — obtained, posted online, and gave to the newspaper Libération sexting messages and images sent to a woman by President Macron’s former spokesman, who is — make that was — running for mayor of Paris. – Yahoo! (AP)
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Macron Ally Withdraws Paris Mayoral Bid After Sexual Videos Emerge

Benjamin Griveaux made the announcement after a Russian performance artist in France published the private footage.
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Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is 'happy to pay more tax in Europe' (FB)

Mark Zuckerberg is planning to say Facebook is "happy to pay more tax in Europe," according to excerpts from a speech scheduled for Saturday seen by the Telegraph and BBC. European countries including Britain and France have drawn up bills for taxing the revenue big tech companies like Facebook make inside their countries. The planned tax laws have led to escalating tensions with the US, which says such laws unfairly target American companies. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories...
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Griveaux Paris race: Sex video prompts Macron ally to step down

Benjamin Griveaux condemns a "torrent of mud" after a video is apparently posted by a Russian artist.
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Paris mayoral candidate drops out over sex video scandal

Benjamin Griveaux, who was standing for party of President Macron, lambasts ‘vile attacks’The favoured candidate of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in upcoming elections for Paris mayor has dropped out of the race after the emergence of a sex video.Benjamin Griveaux, a former government spokesperson, said on Friday morning: “A website and social networks have launched vile attacks concerning my private life. My family does not deserve this. No one should ever be subjected to such abuse.” ...
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France to limit access to Mont Blanc to protect biodiversity

Macron says protecting environment is ‘battle of the century’ on visit to ChamonixFrance is to restrict access to Mont Blanc in the Alps in an effort to halt reckless summit attempts and protect the biodiversity of the mountain and its surroundings.Emmanuel Macron announced the new rules during a visit to Chamonix on Thursday when he visited the famous Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) glacier, which has shrunk dramatically over the last 20 years. Continue reading...
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France's Macron vows to protect Mont Blanc from overcrowding

France will create a new reserve around the mountain amid concerns over tourism and pollution.
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Brexit: Macron pushes for tougher EU negotiating position

French government wants stronger UK commitments on ‘level playing field’ with EUEmmanuel Macron is making a last-ditch push for a tougher EU negotiating position with Britain over the post-Brexit relationship despite concerns among other member states that they risk blowing up the talks before they have begun.The conclusion of an internal decision on Brussels’s so-called level playing field demands has been delayed as the French government continues to push for stronger commitments on regulatory...
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Blasphemy 'is no crime', says Macron amid French girl's anti-Islam row

Schoolgirl Mila received death threats after posting anti-religious diatribe on InstagramEmmanuel Macron has waded into a row over a schoolgirl whose attack on Islam has divided France, insisting that blasphemy is “no crime”.The French president defended the teenager, named only as Mila, who received death threats and was forced out of her school after filming an anti-religious diatribe on social media. Continue reading...
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