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New study of 2,600-year-old poop suggests Iron Age miners drank beer and ate blue cheese

An illustrated scene of the Hallstatt salt mountain in the early Iron Age. Reschreiter_Groebner/NHM Scientists analyzed the DNA in an ancient European salt miner's poop from some 2,600 years ago. They found the feces contained microbes consistent with the production of beer and blue cheese. Salt miners were previously thought to mostly eat gruel. The finding suggests they were more sophisticated. A new study of 2,600-year-old feces from an Iron Age salt miner suggested that workers at ...
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5300 Year Old Iceman's Bacteria Genome Does Not Support Out Of India Theory

The genome of bacterium Helicobacter pylori found in  the stomach of the 5300 year old European mummy named the "Iceman" shows close similarity with Helicobacter pylori strains found in the gut of north Indians. This finding published in Science has been used as evidence to support the Out of India theory, which proposes that the Aryans and the Indo-European language family originated in India. One branch of it spread into Europe, diverging into various IE languages, while the branch which remai...
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