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Tips for decorating an outdoor patio space

It was time for my old patio furniture to go and I wasn't really sad about it. When I bought it, I hadn't really considered how we would use the space or really considered comfort. Now that I was starting with a blank slate, I put a lot more thought into my selections. I'd like to share with you a few things to consider when decorating your outdoor spaces.  But first up, here are some before pictures: I was staring off with a really good foundation. Back in the day, this was actually grass wit...
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DIY Southern front porch renovation with curb appeal

When we moved into our current lakefront home, my husband and I were so happy with the glorious windows and view from the back of the house that we kind of forgot all about the front of the house. It was fine, but just so boring. The house was painted a pale yellow color, the front door had completely the wrong look for us, and the huge front porch was a giant blank slate with no charm. This all added up to ZERO curb appeal! So when we were offered an opportunity to work with The Home Depot ...
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Dessert stands made from Target Dollar Spot items

Like a moth to the proverbial flame, I can't resist the lure of the Target Dollar Spot. There's something about this ever-changing collection of items I just have-to-have that gets me as soon as I walk in the door. This time, I spied these trays and plant baskets. Into the cart you go!  I wanted to use them for an upcoming boho bridal shower so I added a bit of color to them using watercolor paints. This worked out great because it gave them a hint of color, more like a stain.  To give some ...
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Rainbow kid's bathroom art from painted toy ducks

I wanted to make a colorful and fun piece of art for my nieces' bathroom. Right now, they are obsessed with ducks since they have some ducklings on their farm. I also wanted to incorporate their love of rainbows, so that was my color palette. I ordered some plastic toy ducks and picked out a rainbow of spray paint colors from ColorShot (available exclusively at Home Depot) Step 1: Spray paint the ducks rainbow colors The easy-use cans and fun colors of ColorShot paint made it a breeze to pa...
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White and blue modern kitchen makeover on a budget

My aunt and uncle recently refreshed all the rooms in their house...but the kitchen. They were a little stumped as to how to best transform their builder-grade kitchen into something with a bit more modern and to mesh with the rest of the house. They asked if we could help out and we jumped at the chance to tackle this 90s time capsule!  To start, we met with them to see what was currently working for them and where they might need some help. We also unearthed a collection of vintage Fiestawar...
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7 Steps to Being Debt-Free in Three Years

Table of contents Negotiate for a lower interestMake a game plan for credit card debt repaymentUse tax refund to pay down debtsFind out where your money goesSpend your money strategicallyWork some side hustlesConsider debt consolidationFinal thoughts Attaining financial freedom is the ultimate financial goal for many people. One of the significant obstacles most people face is debt. Due to economic constraints and financial obligations, many people live from hand to mouth. To go the e...
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Guest bath toiletries and first aid kit

When we have guests in our home, we like them to feel as welcome as possible, whether they are visiting for a week or just an afternoon. We never want our guests to be uncomfortable or embarrassed because they forgot to bring a toiletry or need some first aid supplies. So when I did my spa-style guest bathroom makeover, I made a point to include a guest toiletries kit that was subtle, functional, and thoughtful. I started with a couple of KUGGIS storage bins from IKEA because they were the p...
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DIY giant heart-shaped candy box Valentine's Day decoration

This year I decided to make the ultimate, oversized decoration for Valentine's Day, and took inspiration from the classic heart-shaped box of candy. How fun would it be to create a giant heart-shaped box filled with faux candy that could be used for a bold Valentine's Day decoration? It would be the perfect statement piece for romantic decor and I was so excited to get started. Creating a giant heart-shaped box of candy took some effort but pretty normal supplies, such as cardboard, duct tape...
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Reindeer DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

This DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper is a fun project for kids. What’s great about this project is minimal supplies are needed to make your very own reindeer wrapping paper. It is super cute and adds a personal touch to any gift. Kids love to help with everything Christmas. So if you want them to help ... Read More about Reindeer DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper The post Reindeer DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters {Printables}

These conversation starters are the perfect Thanksgiving dinner entertainment, try using some of these questions to get the conversation going. To add more conversation and fun into Thanksgiving try playing Thanksgiving Trivia {Free Printable}. It is great fun for your wise and competitive family members and guests. Thanksgiving holiday dinner conversation Thanksgiving dinner brings family ... Read More about Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters {Printables} The post Thanksgiving Dinner ...
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Scandinavian fabric stars

We love the clean, simplistic lines of Scandinavian design, and wanted to add some traditional Scandinavian stars to our holiday decor this year. Turns out they are pretty easy to make with some strips of fabric, and the best part is that no sewing is required! We love how easy these fabric stars are to create and customize with any color. To create your own fabric Scandinavian stars, all you need is four pieces of coordinating fabric and an iron. Figure out how big you want your star to be,...
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Mini s'mores kit gift box

With the current COVID situation we're living in, social distancing is unfortunately becoming a normal way of life. Jo and I are really feeling a disconnect with our neighbors and friends, so we decided to make them a fun little gift to show that we really miss hanging out. The fall season made it an easy decision to create mini s'mores kits, which we packaged in sweet little boxes with adorable labels. We designed these mini s'mores kits fit perfectly in our exclusive 5" kraft mini pizza box...
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Turkey Finger Puppets

Turkey finger puppets are a great way to entertain and engage kids. So easy to make and lots of fun to play with. Kids might also like to learn how to draw a turkey. Turkey Puppet Craft Supplies a few pieces of felt (brown and a variety of colors) some googly eyes sewing machine or ... Read More about Turkey Finger Puppets The post Turkey Finger Puppets appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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DIY hardware and spray paint organizer cabinet

I've been struggling for ages with how to store and organize my random hardware. Screws, nails, nuts, and bolts are scattered around my garage in various boxes and bags. When the TV show The Home Edit came into my life this summer, I was inspired to finally get it all organized. I used several of Clea and Joanna's basic principles, applied my woodworking skills to the challenge, and came up with the perfect solution. I created a beautiful and functional way to store hardware, as well as spra...
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Adorable Paper Ghost Craft – BOO!

Make this darling paper ghost craft! It makes a perfect Halloween decoration.  This is the ideal kid’s craft for kids to make to decorate their own houses. You can also help them practice using scissors. Simply hit print and let them cut the ghost out.   For more Halloween ideas check out these hanging bats DIY ... Read More about Adorable Paper Ghost Craft – BOO! The post Adorable Paper Ghost Craft – BOO! appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Mini travel bar made from Japanese mid-century bread box

On a recent thrift store expedition, I came across a super cute wooden box with doors. I had no idea what its original purpose was but I knew I right away I was going to transform this vintage wooden box into the cutest mini bar ever. I love how this wooden box has two doors that open to the sides, which I found very unique. A short amount of Googling told me this is actually a mid-century, Japanese bread box. You can find lots of versions out there, and this technique can be applied to any s...
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DIY bourbon barrel ring serving tray

We live in Kentucky, deep in the heart of bourbon country, so bourbon barrel rings are easy to find and a popular rustic decor element. My friend Casey recently gave me a couple of bourbon barrel rings and I decided to transform one of them into a serving tray. To make your own barrel ring serving tray, start by tracing the inside of the narrow side of the ring onto a piece of 1/2" thick plywood. Then use a jigsaw to cut out the circle, but angle the blade so that the sides of the plywood ...
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Name plates for labeling your jigsaw puzzles

I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, and usually have one in progress on my dining table for a fun break during the day. Many of my friends (including Jo) love puzzles as well, so we often trade them back and forth. The tricky part is remembering who owns each puzzle so that I can return it to the right person! To solve this problem, I took inspiration from classic bookplates and created some "This Puzzle Belongs To" puzzle nameplate stickers to put on everyone's puzzle boxes. In addition to ...
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Tips for hanging a wall mural

For a long time now, I have wanted something on this white wall in my hearth room. I couldn't figure out what until Wallsauce reached out to me about trying out one of their murals. My biggest problem at this point was choosing which one I wanted from the thousands they have available online! I ended up with a design by Steve Read because I loved the style and color story. Cutting around outlets There were just a couple of tricky parts to hanging this mural. First, there were three outlets ...
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DIY wood yard game for kids

Whether you're having a cookout or just a boring summer day, yard games can really keep kids entertained. We love DIY outdoor games like cornhole, ladder golf, or giant versions of Jenga, dice, checkers, or Connect Four. I decided this week to make a new yard game that I've been seeing pop up a lot at wedding receptions, cookouts, and kids' parties. It's most often called "Gruyere", but also goes by names like "The Cheese Grater", "Cheese Board", "Hole Maze", or "Hole Board". It makes perfe...
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Miniature Weaving

Using a traditional weaving technique on a miniature scale, you can make tiny little weavings perfect for jewelry projects. Miniature waving is a great activity for older kids or teenagers with good fine motor skills. An adult will likely need to help with the last few steps. Turn their tiny weaving into a charm for ... Read More about Miniature Weaving The post Miniature Weaving appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Paper Plate Crab Craft

This Paper Plate crab is a simple craft that even very young kids can make. You only need a few supplies for this art and craft and my free printable claw template. We have you covered with loads of fun kids’ activities you can make with your children.  If you are looking for more boredom ... Read More about Paper Plate Crab Craft The post Paper Plate Crab Craft appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Vintage modern desk and lamp makeover

I love to refinish flea market finds, and recently picked up a vintage school desk that I thought would make an amazing nightstand in my guest room. It sat in storage until recently when I was given the perfect desk lamp to go with it — a classic that used to belong to My Honey's grandfather. With both pieces in hand, I knew this project was ready to be completed at last. First, I tackled the lamp. Wow, was it rusty! And believe it or not, it had long, skinny, fluorescent lightbulbs in it...
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Hydro-dipped faux marble countertop

My whole laundry room is a scary, hot mess. It is the first place I see when I walk into my home from the garage so it shouldn't make me sad, it should make me happy! I am going to share one part of the overall transformation with you today...the sink area. Take a look at this train wreck of an area. The floor and the cabinets have been updated so I am focusing on the countertop and the sink area here. Eventually, I am going to purchase a new faucet but in the meantime, let's just give this b...
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DIY ice cream cart

My cousin's wedding is going to have a cheerful, outdoor vibe with light fun refreshments at the reception. She wants to serve ice cream at the reception for a touch of nostalgia, and Chica and I brainstormed about how to make a cute ice cream bar. Then she remembered she had a popcorn machine base cluttering up her storage area, and we knew it would be the perfect start to making an inexpensive DIY ice cream cart for the wedding reception. There was a lot of grime on the base, so I first p...
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Harry Potter's Diagon Alley play receipts

A true Harry Potter fan knows well the shops of Diagon Alley and takes joy in anything authentic to the wizarding world experience. Whether it's for party favors or role-playing for the kids, having replicas of Harry Potter's favorite shops can be a really fun way to let the kids use their imagination and pretend to be one of Hogwart's finest pupils. To make the Diagon Alley shopping experience more realistic, we came up with a set of printable shop receipts that are perfect for use for play,...
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Mad genius builds robotic arm to control synth with Nintendo Power Glove

You know how in movies where there's a mad genius tech-wizard/hacker (often a precocious teen) who can make the most fantastical creations with seemingly no effort? It's such a great fantasy with little analogue in the real world. Sam Battle, he of Look Mum No Computer strikes me as a character from one of those films, except he is very real. Sam has given us the Furby Organ, the Sega Mega Drive Synth, and the Circuit Bent Bible -- among many other jaw-dropping creations. Now, Sam has made ma...
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Flea market find end table make-over with Deco Adhesive

I picked up this drawer cabinet at a flea market over a year ago! I thought it was cute but couldn't decide how to decorate it so it just sat in storage. Duck Brand sent us some samples of their Deco Adhesive and inspiration finally struck. I loved the basketweave type pattern on this removable adhesive liner. Before I added the liner, I needed to paint the drawers. I used ColorShot Marshmallow to give a glossy, even coat. I used Americana Decor Outdoor Living to add a touch of color to t...
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Duck Tape Crystal Light containers as vases

The kids and I wanted to come up with an inexpensive way to brighten some people's days during quarantine and since they love doing Duck Tape crafts and they had just sent us some to use, we came up with upcycling Crystal Light containers into flower vases. We really liked the bright colors in this chevron pattern so we started by covering our container with it, trying to line up the pattern as best we could. The tape wasn't quite wide enough to evenly cover so we took it as a design opport...
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Flea market find gift wrapping cart

Our good friend Kristie is definitely the person you want looking out for fun pieces for you at flea markets and yard sales. She grabbed a quirky bamboo cart for me at a recent outing, and challenged me to create something new from it. It was in great shape except for the lack of a top, so I knew I could update this old cart into a fresh new piece of functional furniture. I wanted to make the drab bamboo pop with a fresh, new color so I decided to paint it. First, though, I had to tape off ...
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