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This Embattled Navajo Nation Hospital Is Still Recovering From a Recent Ransomware Attack

If you want a good example of the kind of havoc a well-placed cyberattack can wreak on an already stressed healthcare system, look no further than the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services center in Gallup, N.M.Read more...
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Mysterious Macintosh Malware

This is weird: Once an hour, infected Macs check a control server to see if there are any new commands the malware should run or binaries to execute. So far, however, researchers have yet to observe delivery of any payload on any of the infected 30,000 machines, leaving the malware’s ultimate goal unknown. The lack of a final payload suggests that the malware may spring into action once an unknown condition is met. Also curious, the malware comes with a mechanism to completely remove itself, a c...
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Why Is My PC Always Trying to Open a File When It Boots?

There are times when your Windows PC seems to have a mind of its own—launching programs, windows, browser tabs, or whatever else without your direct input. There’s always a reason for this activity. Your system hasn’t become sentient. However, tracking down what’s causing this chaos is always a fun exercise. And…Read more...
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Twelve-Year-Old Vulnerability Found in Windows Defender

Researchers found, and Microsoft has patched, a vulnerability in Windows Defender that has been around for twelve years. There is no evidence that anyone has used the vulnerability during that time. The flaw, discovered by researchers at the security firm SentinelOne, showed up in a driver that Windows Defender — renamed Microsoft Defender last year — uses to delete the invasive files and infrastructure that malware can create. When the driver removes a malicious file, it replaces it with a new,...
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Dependency Confusion: Another Supply-Chain Vulnerability

Alex Birsan writes about being able to install malware into proprietary corporate software by naming the code files to be identical to internal corporate code files. From a ZDNet article: Today, developers at small or large companies use package managers to download and import libraries that are then assembled together using build tools to create a final app. This app can be offered to the company’s customers or can be used internally at the company as an employee tool. But some of these apps ca...
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Hackers Slipped Mysterious Malware Into Thousands of Macs But Researchers Can't Figure Out Why

A new malware strain has infected Mac devices all over the world—most prominently in the U.S. and parts of Europe—though experts can’t decide where it came from or what it does.Read more...
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Find and Remove the New 'Silver Sparrow' macOS Malware

What’s Silver Sparrow? No, it’s not a Game of Thrones character—has that ship sailed?—but rather a new piece of macOS malware that runs on both Intel and M1-based Macs. That makes it the second piece of known malware for the latter, but there’s a silver lining: Researchers discovered the malicious software before it…Read more...
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Apple's latest computers are being targeted by a new type of malware - and 30,000 machines are already infected

Apple's M1 chip is the target of a new type of malware. Apple Apple's latest line of computers are the target of a new type of malware. The malware, nicknamed "Silver Sparrow," specifically targets Apple computers with new M1 chips. Nearly 30,000 infections were detected by security firm Red Canary, primarily in the US and UK. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. In November 2020, Apple unveiled a sleight of new computers that were powered by the company's first-ever...
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Malware found on some new Apple M1 Macs mystifies experts

A Colorado security firm says it's discovered malware on nearly 30,000 of Apple's new M1 Macs, though its precise purpose isn't currently clear.
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M1 Malware Has Arrived

Now that Apple has officially begun the transition to Apple Silicon, so has malware.Read more...
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France Just Suffered a SolarWinds-Style Cyberattack

As the U.S. continues to chart the damage from the sweeping “SolarWinds” hack that targeted government and industry alike, France has announced that it too has suffered a large supply chain cyberattack. The news comes via a recently released published by the Agence Nationale de la sécurité des…Read more...
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Malicious Barcode Scanner App

Interesting story about a barcode scanner app that has been pushing malware on to Android phones. The app is called Barcode Scanner. It’s been around since 2017 and is owned by the Ukrainian company Lavabird Ldt. But a December 2020 update included some new features: However, a rash of malicious activity was recently traced back to the app. Users began noticing something weird going on with their phones: their default browsers kept getting hijacked and redirected to random advertisements, seemin...
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This Researcher Hacked Into 35 Major Tech Companies, Including Microsoft, Tesla, and Netflix

Alex Birsan, a Romanian threat researcher, recently made over $130,000 by virtuously breaking into IT systems at dozens of major tech companies.Read more...
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Israeli startup CYE raises $100M to help companies shore up their cyber-defenses

Cybersecurity startup CYE has raised $100 million in a new growth round, led by investment firm EQT and with participation from 83North. CYE was founded in 2012 by Reuven Aronashvili to help companies shore up their security posture. It does this in large part by conducting offensive operations against their customers — with their explicit consent — to find weaknesses in their network defenses before malicious hackers do. The company also provides incident response and security consultants, as w...
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NoxPlayer Android Emulator Supply-Chain Attack

It seems to be the season of sophisticated supply-chain attacks. This one is in the NoxPlayer Android emulator: ESET says that based on evidence its researchers gathered, a threat actor compromised one of the company’s official API ( and file-hosting servers ( Using this access, hackers tampered with the download URL of NoxPlayer updates in the API server to deliver malware to NoxPlayer users. […] Despite evidence implying that attackers had access to BigNox ser...
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Barcode-Scanning App for Android Pushed Malware Onto Millions of Phones

A popular app has been removed from Google Play after it was discovered to have delivered trojanized malware onto millions of users’ phones via an update. Read more...
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More SolarWinds News

Microsoft analyzed details of the SolarWinds attack: Microsoft and FireEye only detected the Sunburst or Solorigate malware in December, but Crowdstrike reported this month that another related piece of malware, Sunspot, was deployed in September 2019, at the time hackers breached SolarWinds’ internal network. Other related malware includes Teardrop aka Raindrop. Details are in the Microsoft blog: We have published our in-depth analysis of the Solorigate backdoor malware (also referred to as SUN...
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2021's First Big Ransomware Gang Launches Sleek and Bigoted "Leak" Site

Every year sees a number of new ransomware gangs emerge and take a swing at becoming the most prolific operators in the digital underworld. Well, 2021 officially has its first new high-profile ransomware operation and they are definitely assholes.Read more...
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Police Have Disrupted the Emotet Botnet

A coordinated effort has captured the command-and-control servers of the Emotet botnet: Emotet establishes a backdoor onto Windows computer systems via automated phishing emails that distribute Word documents compromised with malware. Subjects of emails and documents in Emotet campaigns are regularly altered to provide the best chance of luring victims into opening emails and installing malware ­ regular themes include invoices, shipping notices and information about COVID-19. Those behind the E...
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'World's Most Dangerous Malware' Botnet Disrupted by Global Police Sting

The criminal operation behind a dangerous, global botnet has been disrupted.Read more...
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North Korean Hackers Successfully Phished Cyber Researchers Using a Fake Blog

A recent phishing campaign by North Korean nation-state hackers successfully duped a number of security professionals who were involved in vulnerability research and development, according to a new report from Google’s Threat Analysis Group.Read more...
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British schoolkids issued laptops conveniently pre-loaded with malware that connects with Russian servers

Why should the British Department of Education have to wait for students to visit dodgy porn and torrent websites to get their machines infected with malware when they can cut out the middleman and give them computers preinstalled with it? "A shipment of laptops supplied to British schoolkids by the Department for Education to help them learn under lockdown came preloaded with malware," reports The Register. — Read the rest
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The best free antivirus software for 2021

Making sure you are safe when browsing the internet is a must in the modern age of computing. Here are the best free antivirus solutions to get you started.
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Dozens of Al Jazeera Journalists Were Hacked Via Zero-Click iPhone Exploit

It appears that 36 Al Jazeera journalists reportedly had their personal iPhones hacked using spyware created by NSO Group, a sketchy Israeli security firm. The terrifying thing is the zero-day, zero-click exploit, which abuses a vulnerability in iMessage, went undetected for about a year—and likely originated from…Read more...
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2020 was a disaster, but the pandemic put security in the spotlight

Let’s preface this year’s predictions by acknowledging and admitting how hilariously wrong we were when this time last year we said that 2020 “showed promise.” In fairness (almost) nobody saw a pandemic coming. With 2020 wrapping up, much of the security headaches exposed by the pandemic will linger into the new year. The pandemic is, and remains, a global disaster of epic proportions that’s forced billions of people into lockdown, left economies in tatters with companies (inc...
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5 questions every IT team should be able to answer

Christy Wyatt Contributor Share on Twitter Christy Wyatt is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors at Absolute, a leader in endpoint resilience solutions and the industry’s only undeletable defense platform embedded in over a half-billion devices. Now more than ever, IT teams play a vital role in keeping their businesses running smoothly and securely. With all of the assets and data that are now broadly...
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5 questions every IT team should to be able to answer

Christy Wyatt Contributor Share on Twitter Christy Wyatt is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors at Absolute, a leader in endpoint resilience solutions and the industry’s only undeletable defense platform embedded in over a half-billion devices. Now more than ever, IT teams play a vital role in keeping their businesses running smoothly and securely. With all of the assets and data that are now broadly...
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Hiding Malware in Social Media Buttons

Clever tactic: This new malware was discovered by researchers at Dutch cyber-security company Sansec that focuses on defending e-commerce websites from digital skimming (also known as Magecart) attacks. The payment skimmer malware pulls its sleight of hand trick with the help of a double payload structure where the source code of the skimmer script that steals customers’ credit cards will be concealed in a social sharing icon loaded as an HTML ‘svg’ element with a ‘path’ element as a container. ...
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Beware the Cyberpunk 2077 'Free Download' Cyberscam

I really shouldn’t have to warn anyone about this kind of scam, but it’s time for Cyberpunk 2077 to hit the streets and hackers are ready to take advantage of the excitement. So, if you receive a free download code for the year’s most anticipated video game, no matter how cool it looks, don’t install it.Read more...
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Decrypted: Apple and Facebook’s privacy feud, Twitter hires Mudge, mysterious zero-days

Trump’s election denialism saw him retaliate in a way that isn’t just putting the remainder of his presidency in jeopardy, it’s already putting the next administration in harm’s way. In a stunning display of retaliation, Trump fired CISA director Chris Krebs last week after declaring that there was “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised,” a direct contradiction to the conspiracy-fueled fever dreams of the president who repeatedly...
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