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GovExec Daily: Is the Administration Sidelining Senior Execs at CFPB?

Eric Katz joins the show to discuss his story about the shakeup at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
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Ethics Experts Say Administration’s Hiring of Top Biden Advisor’s Kids Raises Questions

A White House official said the Ricchettis have relevant qualifications for their jobs and their levels of experience are similar to those of their predecessors.
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Agencies to Boost Hiring, Tighten Internal Screening to Root Out Domestic Terrorism

Biden administration launches new strategy to tackle domestic extremism, including by looking in house.
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GAO Says Biden’s Freeze on Border Wall Construction Didn’t Violate Budget Law

The watchdog said the “programmatic delays” were not comparable to an earlier GAO finding that the Trump administration violated the Impoundment Control Act in withholding funds for Ukraine.
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White House Outlines ‘Made in America’ Executive Order Implementation

Agencies must designate a senior official to spearhead efforts to support domestic manufacturing.
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Biden Employs Aggressive Strategy to Sideline Top Career Officials at Consumer Protection Bureau

Current and former employees say the administration is flouting civil service protections—and its own promises.
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3 Lessons From the Pandemic to Help Small Businesses Move From Survival Mode to Strategic Mode

The pandemic tried small business owners on many levels: emotionally, logistically and financially. If the trials of the past 15 months have brought any strengths to the fore, it’s the creativity and resilience of these entrepreneurs. Over the past year, my team and I have been inspired by all the ways small businesses have been challenged to pivot again and again, sometimes with no more than a few hours’ notice. Now, as vaccination levels rise and communities loosen their restrictions, small bu...
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3 Questions Small Business Owners Need to Address to Reopen Successfully

It’s a tough time to be a small business owner. You’re tasked with reopening your business to customers or increasing capacity amidst shifting public health guidance, so there’s a lot to consider. As American cities reopen, you may be wondering whether you should still require masks on premises of employees and guests, what state and local rules apply to your business, and just how long this uncertain “reopening” phase will last. Here are 3 questions to consider as you reopen to ensure you have ...
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Analysis: Trump’s DOJ Was More Dangerous Than We Knew

Revelations since Biden’s inauguration are adding detail to a portrait of ethical decay at the department.
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Patio Dining Post-Pandemic: How to Get Your Restaurant Up and Running

The restaurant industry is among those hit the hardest by the global pandemic. As food businesses were forced to close their dining rooms and revenues started to drop when COVID-19 hit, operators experienced catastrophic losses and faced many hurdles to survive. The unprecedented effects of the restaurant closures rippled through the whole economy, with millions of employees finding themselves out of work. Even when COVID-19 restrictions have slowly been easing, the restaurant dining landscape a...
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What Should Be My Key Considerations After a Business Liquidation?

This article will explain the following: What business liquidation is Why liquidation is a valid solution if you must close your business What your key considerations after business liquidation should… Read more » The post What Should Be My Key Considerations After a Business Liquidation? appeared first on
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White House Releases a Regulatory Agenda to Advance Its Priorities

Addressing the climate crisis, promoting racial equity and helping small businesses are high on the administration’s list.
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Biden Administration Outlines Plans for Unspent Border Wall Funds

A watchdog is still in the process of determining whether or not the construction pause at the start of Biden's term was legal.
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NIH Aims to Boost Diversity and Inclusion Within Its Biomedical Workforce 

The agency said the changes, which are part of a larger plan to combat structural racism in biomedical research, are “long overdue.”
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Biden Kept His Promise to Increase COVID-Testing Capacity, Even as Demand for Testing Drops

Experts said that the system’s capacity has improved and people now have access to different testing options.
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How Can You Choose a Professional Web Design Agency?

Regardless of the scale of the business, hiring a web design agency is a key decision. Your website is your digital presence and people will remember you because of it. As a result, it is crucial to contact a reputable and reliable web design agency to build the website. Choosing a web design agency can be daunting as there are too many to pick from. However, if you work with the right one, you will develop a collaborative and strong relationship with them. Many clients who find a great web desi...
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Safety Precautions in the Workplace During the Summer Heat

Over the past year, most of the talk about workplace safety tended to revolve around COVID-19. But while preventing the spread of this respiratory disease is crucial, it’s not the only thing you need to think about when ensuring the safety of your workers. According to data from the CDC, the average annual number of workplace injuries in the U.S. falls at around 2.5 million. That’s a huge amount of lost productivity! Moreover, the number is even more worrying considering that overexertion is one...
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4 Types of Tools You’ll Need to Manage a Hybrid Workforce

A hybrid work from home model allows some employees to work from home while others work from the office. Working with a remote team requires strategic planning and technology to… Read more » The post 4 Types of Tools You’ll Need to Manage a Hybrid Workforce appeared first on
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Why Organizational Culture Is Essential For Business Success?

A large number of leaders are of the view that organizational culture is important for the overall success of the business. However, many organizations tend to struggle to achieve their desired culture. Well, every organization out there has a culture. But does the culture contribute to achieving business objectives? There is no denying the fact that the culture of an organization is its true identifier. Quite interestingly, many experts compare it to a fingerprint. It may have resemblance to ot...
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As More Climate Migrants Cross Borders Seeking Refuge, Laws Will Need to Adapt

Climate migrants don’t fit neatly into the legal definitions of refugee or migrant, and that can leave them in limbo. The Biden administration is debating how to identify and help them.
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GovExec Daily: The Federal Eviction Ban is Ending. What Now?

Route Fifty's Andrea Noble joins the podcast to discuss how local governments are working to help people with housing.
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12 Questions Managers Should Ask Their Employees in Order to Lead Them Well

One of the best ways to learn how to manage your employees is to ask them questions. If you pose the right questions, you’ll get to know what motivates your employees and what their goals are. You can then use this information to manage them more effectively and help them succeed in their jobs. To help you figure out which questions to ask, 12 business leaders from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) respond to a question of their own: “What’s one question every manager should ask their employees ...
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Biden Administration to Lift Capacity Caps at Federal Worksites

Agencies may set their own limits on how many federal employees can return to the office beginning next month, and in the meantime, the federal government will maintain its maximum telework posture.
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Biden Signals He Wants to Expand VA's Footprint, Misses Deadline to Nominate Commissioners to Review It

White House is pushing big investment in veterans' medical facilities as commission initially designed to recommend consolidations takes shape.
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OSHA Releases COVID Safety Standard for Healthcare Employees Only

There have been mixed reactions to the emergency temporary standard and new guidance.
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Coronavirus Roundup: Federal Workforce Task Force Updates Vaccine Guidance; Moderna Asks FDA for Vaccine Approval for Adolescents 

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.
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5 Things to Look for Post Pandemic Office Space

The pandemic has changed the way we work and see ourselves in our workplace. The crisis surrounding the future workplace has been massive but as the return to office looks close, there are different ways to build smart staffing solutions and a safe environment. We have seen a lot of predictions, assumptions, as well as recommendations that have offered some viable suggestions but many, have relied on the fact that the workplace of the future is not going to look like it used to. The one thing th...
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Managers Prepare To Use AI As Their Offices Start To Open Up

Safety monitoring is one of the things that manager will need to do Image Credit: Jesús Corrius The Covid-19 pandemic caused just about every office to shut down and close their doors. Each member of your team started working from home and as a manager you had a whole new set of issues that you had to work through in order to keep your team both together and productive. However, now things are once again starting to change. The arrival of a vaccine has allowed business to once again ...
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What it Means to Think Outside The Box in Business

‘Thinking outside the box’ is one of those phrases is used so frequently in business that it has started to feel almost meaningless – the sort of advice someone gives… Read more » The post What it Means to Think Outside The Box in Business appeared first on
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The Budget Process Is 100 Years Old Today and Its Age Is Showing

A well-functioning democracy requires that elected leaders make sensible fiscal decisions and citizens are engaged and informed—none of which is happening right now.
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