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Tips for Smooth Office Business Relocation

By Lucas Bergman Whether you need a larger office for your growing business or you’ve found a stunning workspace at a better location, it’s essential that you properly plan your business relocation. An efficient approach will help you overcome some unexpected challenges, make the relocation easier for your employees, clients and yourself and get everything running smoothly again as soon as possible. Here are several essential tips that will help you relocate your business easily and successfully...
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Key Findings from the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey (Part I)

Last week, I shared some compelling results from the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Future of Jobs Survey. To recap, this research set out to represent the current strategies, projections and estimates of global business, with a focus on large multinational companies and more localized companies of significance due to their employee or revenue size. Let’s examine some additional highlights from the report: Emerging in-demand roles: Among the range of established roles that are set to experience in...
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The Most Useful Apps For The Growing Freelancer Population

The freelance economy in the United States is growing each year. According to the website 1099 Nation, 11 percent of working adults are engaged in full-time freelance work. Over the… Read more » The post The Most Useful Apps For The Growing Freelancer Population appeared first on
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'The Shutdown Is Introducing The Very Human Toll Of Missed Paydays'

Professor and author Paul Light weighs in on the current state – and future – of the government shutdown.
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Trump Isn’t Even Trying to Convince Voters on the Shutdown

The president and his party have grown accustomed to representing a minority of Americans—and ignoring majority opinion.
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House Rejects GOP Effort to Give Feds Their First Missed Paycheck But Continue the Shutdown

Republican amendment to a continuing resolution would have funded agencies until Jan. 15, thus providing the one check that has been missed so far.
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Four Smart Strategies to Hire Right

By Alex Miles Recruiters are always on the lookout of different tactics by which they can reduce the time required to hire candidates. Research has found that only 30% of companies are able to fill their vacant jobs within 30 days and the rest take one to four months to hire. If the hiring process is lengthy, then around 57% of job seekers are likely to lose interest in that company. Other research found that high-quality candidates are off the market within 10 days . To hire qualifi...
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Executive Sessions and Continuous Feedback

I’ve written about these two related but different topics before but I’ve been doing a lot of board meetings as we kick off 2019 and I am reminded of how important both are. At the end of every board meeting, the board should meet alone with the CEO in an executive session, followed by a session without the CEO, followed by a session where at least one director, but possibly all of the directors, meet again with the CEO. This requires a fair bit of time to do right. These three back to bac...
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Don’t Let An Injury Or Illness Hold Your Business Back: 6 Tips Inside

When you’re an employee at a business, illness and injury are typically covered by paid time off. All you have to do is stay home and focus on getting better.… Read more » The post Don’t Let An Injury Or Illness Hold Your Business Back: 6 Tips Inside appeared first on
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8 Reasons to Outsource Facility Management

By David Tan Over the years, facilities management has evolved from being considered a little more than “janitorial services” to a fully-functioning, independent discipline covering a myriad of services such as pest control, plumbing, fire safety, lighting, heating, security–you name it. It is still evolving and becoming increasingly complex as organizations seek to further add more diverse services to their contracts, all considered under the umbrella term “facilities management”. This inevitab...
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Business As Usual: 6 Ways To Get Your Employees To Work On Time

There’s nothing more heartwarming to any team leader than having a highly motivated and even more excited team. In an office environment, such a team can smoothly help the company… Read more » The post Business As Usual: 6 Ways To Get Your Employees To Work On Time appeared first on
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Watchdog: GSA Ignored Ethics Advice on Constitutionality of Trump Hotel Lease

Inspector general blasts “unwillingness” to consider Emoluments Clause violations.
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The Citizenship Question Isn’t Quite Dead Yet

A federal judge held that the Trump administration’s desired change to the census violates the law, but the Supreme Court could review the decision.
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Attorney-General Nominee Breaks With Trump on the Mueller Probe

Bill Barr attempted to assuage Democrats’ fears that he would be beholden to the president, but parts of his testimony still left them unnerved.
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Benefits of Building a Team That Has Your Back

By Keren Lerner I am a carrot rather than a stick leader. Often classified by friends as “too nice” to my team - compared to other business owners, I really am pretty easy going. Everyone knows I want to keep a good balance between happy clients and a happy team. This can on occasion cause issues, and I’ve been told I generally let people get away with too much. But I don’t feel like I am a total doormat, and I truly believe there’s a nice way to deal with almost every situation. To put it blunt...
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The Spyware That Brought Down El Chapo’s Drug Empire

For months, the FBI listened as Mexico’s infamous drug kingpin allegedly trafficked drugs and arranged assassinations. Here’s how.
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Pentagon Could Claim Authority to Build Trump's Border Wall, CRS Says

Updated analysis by Congress's legal researchers predicts a court challenge.
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Why Did the Border Patrol Union Switch Its Position on the Wall?

The NBPC once opposed “wasting taxpayer money on building fences and walls along the border.”
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How to Be Sure You’re Classifying Workers Correctly Under IRS Regulations

Employee or Contractor? By Rick Roddis Seems like a simple enough question. But the rules surrounding whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor are complex. And misclassification can lead to significant legal and financial troubles. Take the IRS, for example. It has a vested interest in how you classify. One of the goals of the agency is to maximize tax revenue. So the IRS wants to ensure you’re properly withholding and submitting employee taxes. If you’re not, you could owe back...
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OMB's Shutdown Improvising Draws Fire from Budget and Legal Experts

Acting budget chief Vought has revived operations on tax refunds and food stamps.
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Why Workforce Diversity Matters for Your Business

Have you ever thought of yourself as a role model? Well, you are. When you own one of  country’s 30 million small businesses (a group that accounts for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses and employs 59 million people, according to the SBA, the world is watching you. That’s why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to commit to creating workforce diversity. Like it or not, our businesses tend to reflect us. So even if you think you’re doing a great job of diversifying your workforce, you may not be doing...
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Senate Republicans Hatch Plan to Prevent Future Shutdowns

Legislation introduced by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and eight other Republicans would institute automatic continuing resolutions if Congress cannot pass spending bills on time.
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Cabinet Secretary Blasts Federal Union for Using Veterans as Shutdown 'Pawns'

Discussing veteran suicides in relation to the shutdown is "nothing short of disgraceful," department head says.
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If Trump Declares a National Emergency, Could Congress or the Courts Reverse It?

History shows that Congress can play an important role in checking a president's power.
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Make Your Next Corporate Offsite a Disruptive Innovation Jam

How to transform a boring leadership offsite into an inspiring springboard for the future I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of executives from many household names over the past 20 years. There’s one thing just about every company and every leadership team share in common – the annual offsite. Most offsites focus on building big visions, crafting ...
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What Management Skills Will Be Needed In The Future

To the casual eye management can seem pretty simple; you just need to tell others what to do. Of course this is not actually the case, it is far more complex and, if done badly, can have devastating effects on the company. In fact a good manager won’t even tell their employees what to do! No matter which way you look at it the world of business is evolving fast, technology is developing at a rapid pace and it is likely that businesses will be fully digitalized within the next 5 – 8 years. This ...
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A Winning Approach To Effective Management Of The Dedicated Development Team: The Main Steps To Make It Work

A Winning Approach to Effective Management of the Dedicated Development Team: The Main Steps to Make It Work The demand for outsourcing services remains incredibly high. Just imagine: in 2017,… Read more » The post A Winning Approach To Effective Management Of The Dedicated Development Team: The Main Steps To Make It Work appeared first on
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How to Increase Productivity in a Highly Collaborative Remote Workspace

In this digital age, where workspaces are dominated by Millennials and their wanderlust mindset, the term “collaboration” takes on new meanings. You are probably aware that freelancing and remote working is a rising trend among Millennials. While it’s great to be able to work together from remote (even exotic) locations spread across the globe by collaborating over the internet, albeit if not done right, productivity can take a toll. In these days of Six Sigma and Kanban, managers (and employer...
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6 Leadership Habits To Develop In 2019

by Mark Green, author of “Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done“ Bad habits can be hard to break, and for business leaders who have them, they can be deal-breakers. In a  survey  by Leadership IQ, an online training firm, the primary reasons CEOs were fired – mismanaging change, ignoring customers, tolerating low performers, and not enough action – were often related to unproductive habits. Although leaders who display these behaviors generally know what to do, a...
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Science Gets Shut Down Right Along With The Federal Government

Setting aside personal hardships for workers who don't see a paycheck during the shutdown, the research enterprise itself loses out, too. And unlike back pay, this lost time can never be made up.
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