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15 Refreshing, Cool Takes on Summer Nail Art That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Your nail art this Summer can make the next three months that much brighter - and it isn't just because you're using neon hues or painting on tropical patterns reminiscent of your last vacation to Miami. Ahead, you'll find unexpected ways to put those Summer nail polish shades to work, plaster on foils, and break out your dotting tool. After seeing these looks, you're going to want to bring them to your manicurist, pronto.
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These Bright Nail Polishes Will Make You Feel Like You're on a Tropical Vacation

Even if you don't have a tropical vacation planned, you can embrace the feeling of a warm-weather getaway with a brightly hued manicure. Whether you want to start out easy with a coral color or jump into the trend with a bright flamingo or kiwi shade, you're sure to get a little bit of paradise each time you glance at your fingers and toes. Ahead you'll find 18 nail polishes that will take you through Summer with a smile on your face.
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These Nail Art Trends Will Be the Hottest You'll See All Summer

Summer doesn't just have us swapping out our cold-weather wardrobe for lighter layers. It also has us reaching for a completely different color palette of nail polishes - ones that are as bright and exciting as our upcoming adventures for the season. This Summer's nail art trends are exactly that and more. They are bold with neon hues and shine with iridescent and foil finishes. We asked celebrity nail artist Jenny Bui (you know, the mastermind behind Cardi B's Swarovski-encrusted nail look at t...
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30 Graduation Nail Ideas to Celebrate the End of School

As the school year wraps up and you're decorating your graduation cap, don't forget to adorn your nails with some art as well. Whether you'd prefer a neutral, single-color manicure to pull together your look as you walk across the stage or an attention-grabbing neon orange nail art, we've got some inspiration for you. We've rounded up some of the biggest nail trends for you to try in your final days as a student. Check them all out ahead.
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18 Orange Nail Polishes For Every Skin Tone That You'll Wear All Summer Long

The warm weather is bringing bright color trends to your favorite nail salons, and orange in particular is a major trend for Summer 2019. Regardless of your skin tone or tastes, there's a shade of orange to love. According to Eleanor Langston, chief creative officer of Paintbox in New York City, clients are already favoring the color. "From poppy red to vivid peach, orange undertones signal that Summer's here," she said. In fact, the color is becoming so popular, it's replacing many people's go...
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You Might Have Missed This Pokémon-Themed Detail in Blake Lively's Recent Beauty Look

We get it. We, too, have barely recovered from the news that baby number three is on the way for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. It's such a surprise announcement, that we almost missed a delightful detail in Lively's beauty look from last night's premiere of Pokémon Detective Pikachu. To match her yellow dress, Lively had a Pokémon-themed manicure that featured a Pokeball and an adorable illustration of Pikachu (the mouse-like character in the film who is voiced by her husband) complete with d...
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May the Force Be With Your Fingers: 7 Easy Star Wars Nail Art Ideas

One of the easiest ways to show off your devotion to Star Wars is with nail art themed around the out-of-this-world movies. For megafans, that means plenty of R2D2 thumbs, lightsaber index fingers, and Chewbacca pinkies. Don't know where to start? Luckily, lovers of the films have been practicing their skills and showing off their exceptional designs so you can get inspired for some looks of your own. To perfect your art, pick up a skinny paint brush, a dotting tool, and even a toothpick to draw...
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Kelly Clarkson Just Walked the Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet With an $8 Beauty Item

Kelly Clarkson may get super glammed up on the red carpet, but that doesn't mean she spends a fortune on her beauty look. The "Broken and Beautiful" singer knows a good deal when she sees one, and hosted the Billboard Music Awards while wearing a drugstore staple. Clarkson accessorized her edgy hair and bold red lip with a simple and chic short black manicure, courtesy of drugstore favorite, Kiss. The Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails in Aim High will only run you $8, which is probably the amount you spend...
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Umm, The Night King's Trendy Almond Manicure Is Dividing the Internet

After the Battle of Winterfell, fans had lots of feelings and even more questions. But beauty enthusiast viewers had one extremely serious query on their minds: who is the Night King's nail tech? Forget the characters and plot - people want to know why he had a perfect almond-shaped manicure. Although, not everyone is a fan of a beautifully curved nail, and Twitter is, to say the least, divided on manicure opinion. Ahead, read all the passionate tweets about the Night King's new manicure, and m...
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This Brand Finally Figured Out How You Can Give Yourself the Perfect Mani

Nail salon appointments tend to be expensive, but most people don't believe they'll be able to paint their nails at home as well as a professional can. LA-based brand Olive and June is out to change that with its new launch, The Studio Box ($50). In March, Olive and June launched its revolutionary "Poppy" product, a millennial-pink silicone grip that you attach to your polish brush for greater control. Squeezing the Poppy as you glide the brush onto your nails finally makes painting with your n...
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These Gradient Nail Looks Will Give You Hot, Steamy, Summer Vibes

There's one trend you've probably been seeing across the hands of your favorite celebrities: gradient manicures. The trend involves creating an ombré effect on your nail, fading from one color into the next, or, in many cases, into the natural nail. The trend is super versatile and can involve just one shade of polish, or as many as can fit on your nail bed. While some lovers of the trend wear it on just a few nails, others opt to have it across all 10 fingers. While the look is high-impact, t...
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Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Just Turned 3 and Can Paint Nails Better Than You

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna had quite 3rd birthday. Not only did she get a magical trip to Disney World, but she also received a unique gift to show off one of her special talents. Teigen shared a variety of photos and videos of her daughter's new favorite toy: a mechanical arm with fake nails and a collection of Disney-princess-themed nail polishes. According to one of Teigen's captions, Luna has wanted to be a manicurist most of her short life. The future nail artist seemed ...
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Look Away, Nail Techs: Victoria Beckham's Beauty Sin Will Make You Weep

Celebrities have the top pick of products, beauty treatments, and professionals on speed dial, but it doesn't mean they're immune to a beauty sin or two, including former Spice Girl, fashion guru, and soon-to-be beauty brand owner Victoria Beckham. Beckham's new YouTube channel gives us snippets of her extremely busy and chic life. In between her hectic family life and being a leading designer, like a lot of people, she has to attend meetings. And just because she's a celebrity doesn't ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic Nails, Straight From Cardi B's Manicurist

For some people, acrylic nails can be very intimidating and cause fears about weakening your natural nails. However, with celebrities like Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner wearing them almost religiously, it's no wonder people are increasingly interested in giving the treatment a try. The technique is super versatile because you can add length to your nails, which then can be shaped into coffins, squares, stilettos, or almonds to suit your manicure tastes (more on how that's achieved ah...
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You'll Feel Fresh as a Daisy After Trying One of These 21 Floral Manicures

Two things that easily inspire happiness are a fresh manicure and bouquet of flowers, so it's no wonder that daisy-inspired nail art is blooming everywhere. Anyone in need of a pick-me-up will enjoy these floral designs each time they look at their perfectly manicured fingers. Whether you add a flower to just one nail or make it the main feature, you're sure to get compliments on your fresh designs. Ahead, find 21 designs to inspire you for your next salon appointment.
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8 Go-To Nail Sets For When You're Feeling Indecisive About Which Color to Wear

For those of us who have trouble picking a shade of polish - meaning, anyone who spends what feels like hours staring at the wall of our nail salons - there's a way to try on an array of colors for a lengthy period of time (and for a low, low price). Ahead, see our picks for our favorite nail sets, and remember: you've got options.
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These 10 Polish Shades Will Be the Perfect Addition to Your Valentine's Date Look

This Valentine's Day, pack some romance into your beauty look with nail polish shades you'll fall in love with. Whether you have a movie night with your best friend planned, a night out with your significant other, or even a solo excursion in mind, these hues will ensure your nails look good regardless of what the day has in store for you. Maybe you'll wear a pale-nude pink to match your many outfit changes or stick to a vampy red to turn up the sex appeal. Ahead, you're sure to find a shade th...
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This Nail Brand Is Donating Money to the Ripped-Off Fyre Fest Bahamian Workers

In 2017, "business man" Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule teamed up to create what was supposed to be a luxurious Bahamian music festival called Fyre Festival, that ended up being a severe failure with tents and cold cheese sandwiches. In the last month, both Hulu and Netflix have both come out with documentaries on the now legendary disaster, and it's coming to light that many of the Bahamian workers that were hired by McFarland were not paid. The people behind nail brand Digits are just as d...
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You Won't Believe How Long It Took to Do Cardi B's Decked-Out Super Bowl Pepsi Nails

Cardi B isn't just famous for her music or epic takedowns on conservative policy - she also always has on a killer set of nails. For her Super Bowl Pepsi commercial debut, the star brought the same bedazzled look she's become known for to our TV screens. In addition to a sequin blazer and bejeweled Pepsi can, Cardi had on red, white, and blue stiletto nails, accessorized with a ton of rhinestones. The rapper's go-to manicurist Jenn Bui took almost three hours to apply the rhinestones to Cardi's ...
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Fiberglass Nails Have Been Around For Decades, Here's Why You Should Finally Try Them

While you may have never heard about fiberglass nails - a technique similar to silk wraps that uses fabric to build the nail – the technique has been around for years. According to manicurist Elle, the manicure first made an appearance in the '90s and has some impressive benefits. "They're thought to be waterproof because the material used is similar to the heavy-duty fabric used to make boats," she explained. The nails are also thinner than acrylics and can still add length to the nail. The te...
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11 Nail Polishes to Shop on Amazon That You'll Love

If you've accepted that your polish collection and obsession is starting to become bigger than your apartment, you're in the right place. We've found some of the prettiest hues available in unbeatable formulas that will be at your door in a matter of days thanks to Amazon. From classic pinks and reds to holographic silvers and deep inky blues, you'll want to try each and every polish. Ahead, check out some of the very best polishes that will give you an on-trend manicure you're sure to get compl...
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The Genius Way Julia Roberts Repurposed Last Week's Manicure For the Critics’ Choice Awards

Julia Roberts knows her way around nail trends and how to clapback at haters who diss on her manicures, but she also knows how to revamp a look from one red carpet to another. Always on trend, Roberts's gold manicure from the Golden Globes was transformed into an edgy, angled french manicure for the Critics' Choice Awards, thanks to a swipe of black polish over the top of the gold base. Genius. The manicure was created by Mazz Hanna, the talent behind many of Roberts's nail designs, who explain...
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10 Polishes to Wear All Winter Long

For many of us, getting a manicure or painting our own nails can become a kind of self-care, and in the Winter, we all deserve some extra TLC. Having your nails painted can make you feel more put-together, or you might just feel happier glancing down at a bright hue while the sky is perpetually gray. Check out these on-trend shades for Winter, and consider adding them to your collection. If you prefer to have your nails professionally painted, take the polish to the salon with you, and you'll ha...
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Ziggy Stardust Would Approve of These 15 David Bowie-Inspired Manicures

Not only was David Bowie one of the greatest rock stars of all time, but he also delivered a bevy of beauty inspiration and knew how to make a makeup statement. His iconic Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt has become synonymous with his legacy, and is so cool that it's even made its way into nail art. In honor of his birthday month, countless Bowie fans are wearing his emblems on their nails, but we've selected the very best so you can get your creative juices flowing in time for your next salon app...
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Cardi B's Music Video Nails Are So Hot, You'll Need Sunglasses to Look at Them

Cardi B may be known for her extralong nails almost as much as she's known for her music. The rapper can always be seen in videos and on the red carpet switching up her hair and flaunting a sexy manicure almost as long as her fingers, and she credits her bedazzled tips to Jenny Bui of Nails on 7th. Cardi B just released a preview of the look she wears in her "Money" music video, and it is covered in gold. No word on how heavy those things are, but keep reading to check them out (and the rest of...
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Princess Eugenie Doesn't Abide by This 1 Royal Beauty Rule, and We Bet You've Never Noticed

Princess Eugenie is certainly no stranger to the list of protocol that comes with being born into the British royal family, and beauty is no exception. Although there are no hard "rules" about how they can wear their hair and makeup, certain etiquette is taken into consideration. (Take Meghan Markle's messy bun for example: there is no rule saying she isn't allowed to wear the hairstyle, but you rarely see other royals doing so, and you'll never see this style for formal occasions.) But since P...
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The Year's 10 Best Nail Art Trends We Hope to See in 2019

Nail art might be a miniature part of a beauty routine, but because the trends are always changing, it's arguably the most fun. We looked back at some of our favorites from the year, and they certainly don't lack creativity and color. Whether you're looking to tap into your spiritual side with tarot nails, give the more recent tortoiseshell manicure a go, or use it to celebrate your identity and political views, there was plenty of inspiration to look to in 2018. Ahead, we've rounded up some of ...
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The '00s Called to Let You Know That French Nails Are Back in Style

Bon Qui Qui had her nail art, but suburban housewives? They had the french manicure. Back in the early aughts, everyone who was anyone walked around with white-tipped nails - acrylics optional, but not required - until all of a sudden . . . they didn't. A few years later and the look was all but swept under the rug, dismissed for the next decade by many as "too cheesy." Then suddenly, inexplicably, french nails traveled in time to 2018, showing up in blockbuster movies, red carpets, and even mus...
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This Sleeping Beauty Nail Art Looks Like It's Straight Out of the Movie

Image Source: Everett Collection Disney fans find many creative ways to express their love of the company, but we're impressed when one form is this good. Nair artist Vivian Xue Rahey of Pamper Nail Gallery just posted stiletto nails featuring artwork from Sleeping Beauty that looks like it was pulled directly from the film. The muted colors of the 1959 film combined with the perfect rendering of Princess Aurora leaning against a tree singing to her owl and bird sidekicks totally blew us away. ...
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This Nail Art Inspired by A Christmas Story Is Festive as Fudge

It might not be as good as a fishnet-clad leg lamp, but this A Christmas Story nail art is pretty damn close. Ahead of the holidays, nail artist Kelly Ornstein shared a manicure inspired by the classic 1983 comedy, with six nails paying tribute to different recognizable plot points. There's Ralphie's broken glasses, his "deranged" bunny pajamas, Randy's extremely bundled-up snowsuit, the lifebuoy soap, the "oh, fudge quote," and, of course, the iconic leg lamp. Check out the festive-as-fudge ma...
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