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Best things to do in Brussels

Among Europe’s big cities , Brussels doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Yet Belgium’s capital has prime architecture, public parks, and 19 municipalities, each with its own distinct vibe. These include trendy Ixelles, artsy Saint-Gilles, and the city center with its Grand-Place on the main square, surrounded by opulent buildings. Add to that a unique artistic sense, excellent cuisine, and multilingual conversation — French, Dutch, and German are all official languages, and English i...
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Manneken Pis no longer peeing water down the drain

Famed Belgian statue wasted 1,000 to 2,500 litres of fresh clean drinking water each dayFor four centuries the celebrated Manneken Pis – the “peeing boy” in the local Dutch dialect – has embodied the laissez-faire culture of the Belgians.But, to the surprise of officials in the city of Brussels, it has emerged that the bronze statue had been weeing fresh clean drinking water – some 1,000 to 2,500 litres of it a day, sufficient for the use of 10 households – directly into the city’s sewers. Conti...
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The Best Things to Do and See in Brussels

Updated: 9/1/2018 | September 1st, 2018 Welcome to the capital of Belgium and the European Union. At times it can feel a little stuffy, but it is also a picturesque and historic city with lots to offer to intrepid traveler. The city has plenty to keep you busy (especially if you’re a fan of beer!) and makes for a great stop over between nearby Amsterdam and Paris. There have been people in the Brussels area since the Stone Age. Its location enabled it to benefit from trade, growing rapidly unde...
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Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis was...smaller than I thought. Same size as #smartdoll though. 小便小僧は思ったより。。。小さかった。
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Things to do in Brussels Belgium: The 13 Best Brussels City Tours

We share our top 13 Brussels city tours for sightseeing, education, and fun. Get to know the Belgian capital, on the best sightseeing tours for individuals, groups, and families. We share our top 13 Brussels city tours for sightseeing, education, and fun. Get to know the Belgian capital, on the best sightseeing tours for individuals, groups, and families. Taking the time to discover a city’s hidden gems slowly is a luxury we indulge in whenever possible. However, when we travel, time is not ...
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JustFly Reviews: 5 Places to Visit in Europe For Young Travelers

By Adam Groffman AD – This post is brought to you by JustFly Reviews. Europe is an interesting destination for young travelers. The continent is perfect for those on a budget and because of the many countries and diversity in Europe, there’s quite literally something for everyone. First time travelers to Europe will find plenty of activities and culture, whether it’s discovering history through museums or skiing in the Alps. It’s the perfect starting point for beginner travelers in their twentie...
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7 Things to do in Brussels for Beer Lovers

If there is one thing Belgium is known for, it is producing some of the world’s best beer. To make the most of your next visit, we share 7 things to do in Brussels if you love Belgian beer. Belgium boasts more than 160 breweries and produces the 7th  largest volume of beer in Europe. For a country of fewer than 11 million inhabitants, this is impressive. However, so many different beers make knowing where to start intimidating for visitors. I know, because I was overwhelmed too when we first ...
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A Photo Walking Tour of Poitiers, France

We take a guided walking tour through historic Poitiers, in Poitou-Charentes, France and share our favourite photos from our visit.   Despite our efforts to get off the beaten path, sometimes our travel isn’t as slow as we’d like it to be. While travelling through Poitou-Charentes, France, we only had a few hours to discover the city of Poitiers and we could have spent much more time. However, the fact we finally visited Poitiers’ historic centre was something in itself. We had passed through ...
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Things to do in Brussels, Belgium: The 12 Best Museums

Continuing our series of things to do in Brussels, we share our 12 favourite museums in Belgium’s capital city. After 11 years of living in Belgium, we’re still shocked when we hear people claim there is nothing to do in Brussels. Even after a decade, we still didn’t have time to explore all of Brussels’ attractions. We do, however, have many favourites; some are well known, some are hidden gems. Although we’ve written about many of our favourite things to do in Brussels over the years, we wa...
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Tag 2 Brssel

An diesem Tag habe ich mir das Stadtzentrum von Brssel angesehen. Zum Beispiel den Groen Markt den Manneken Pis und danach war ich noch im Park. Ich glaube abends war das Fussballspiel BelgienDeutschland aber das habe ich nur im Fernsehen gesehen.
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There's Something For Everyone in Venice

For 30 years, I've been fascinated by all the goofy gimmicks sold by immigrants on the streets of Europe. The flaming Manneken-Pis cigarette lighters, the "How many more minutes of George W. Bush's presidency are left?" digital countdown clocks, the fluorescent launchers, the click-clack crickets, the selfie sticks. One year it's tripods and the next its 4-inch cartoon figures that magically dance against a wall. It seems they all have a season and the next year there's something different. You...
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Pissing Statue Becomes A Symbol Of Belgium’s Attitude To Terrorism

A quirky statue found in Brussels that has long been photographed by tourists has now become a symbol of defiance in the wake of this morning’s terror attacks in the Belgian capital. h/t: pulptastic The Manneken Pis has always drawn laughs as it’s a statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain. Réponse des belges à la violence… #jesuisbruxelles — Laura de B (@Lauradeb) March 22, 2016 But now artists around the world are turning Manneken Pis into a symbol of d...
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Twitter users express support for Brussels with its iconic fountain

By Meredith McGrath, Foo Yun Chee and Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The statue of a cheekily urinating boy that has long drawn tourists to Brussels' city center took on a new role on the Internet on Tuesday after attacks in the city that killed at least 30 people. The cherubic Manneken Pis, belovedly irreverent icon of the Bruxellois, was shown relieving himself on a Kalashnikov in images on Twitter using the colors of the Belgian flag: a red boy and yellow gun against a black background. ...
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Europe responds to Brussels attacks with show of solidarity

Leaders and members of the public issue messages of support and celebrate all things Belgian in aftermath of atrocity European leaders and the public reacted to the Brussels attacks with a show of solidarity, support and celebration of all things Belgian, from Tintin to chips to the famous Manneken Pis statue.The most emphatic response came from Paris, target of the last major terrorist attack on Europe in November. The city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, announced that the Eiffel Tower would be lit up ...
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Artists respond to Brussel attacks

After the tragedy of the killings at Charlie Hebdo on January 7th, 2015 and the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris that took place on November 13th, 2015, artists from around the world reacted with an outpouring of emotional cartoons. Today, Belgium was hit with the same horror that France experienced only a few months ago and the cartoonists, once again, showed their solidarity, condemned the violence, and offered sympathy through art. 1 France comforting Bel...
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Belgium's Manneken Pis statue becomes symbol of resilience following attacks

Cartoonists and illustrators condemned the terror attacks on the Belgium capital on Tuesday by turning Brussels' iconic Manneken Pis Statue ...           
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An Art Weekend Trip to Copenhagen & Malmö

By Adam Groffman Recently, I met more than a few travelers who enjoy going to places but purposefully skip museums and art galleries. I respect them; but for me, art has always been a reason to visit a place, a city, a country. It’s hard to imagine London without the Tate or Madrid without the Prado. I’ve always had a passion for art, having studied art history in both high school and university, and maybe that’s why I sometimes take holidays specifically for art: “art weekend trips.” Winter is ...
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