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Colorado Governor Signs Deadly Red Flag Bill Into Law ~ VIDEO

Opinion Colorado – -( Colorado is now the fifteenth state to sign a red flag bill into law. Twenty-nine other states are also considering such legislation. Colorado’s Democratic Governor, Jared Polis, signed HB 1177, the state’s red flag bill, into law. The legislation will take effect in 2020. This new red flag law presents an interesting scenario because it 2/3 of Colorado’s counties have become Second Amendment sanctuary counties. If somebody were to put a red flag on you and...
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Microsoft took an ethical stand on facial recognition just days after being blasted for a sinister AI project in China

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it rebuffed a request from a US police agency to install its facial recognition software on officers' car and body cameras. President Brad Smith cited human rights concerns, saying that AI bias could mean a disproportionate number of women and ethnic minorities would end up being held for questioning. While Microsoft is taking an ethical stand on AI, less than a week ago it was accused of being complicit in helping China develop facial analysis AI, which cou...
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Apple Music Slammed For Bowing To Chinese Censors

After pressure from authorities in China, Apple Music has removed songs with lyrics that refer the Tienanmen Square massacre. Several members of Congress members are calling out Apple for bowing to pressure and missing the chance to "become a stronger voice for freedom around the globe." Thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were killed and thousands arrested when troops stormed Tienanmen Square in Beijing on June 4, 1989. "It's disgraceful to see one of America's most innovative,...
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U.S. Senate confirms former lobbyist Bernhardt as Interior chief

Senators approved Bernhardt in a 56 to 41 vote. Bernhardt replaces former Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke as the head of the Interior Department, which manages federal and tribal lands and waters and is key to President Donald Trump's efforts to boost domestic crude oil, natural gas and coal production. Republican senators including Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida have also raised concerns over the Interior Department's looming five-year offshore drilling plan, which could expand drilling...
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Senate set to confirm ex-lobbyist Bernhardt as Interior chief

Bernhardt would replace former Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke as the head of the Interior Department, which manages federal and tribal lands and waters and is key to President Donald Trump's efforts to boost domestic crude oil, natural gas and coal production. Republican Senators including Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida have also raised concerns over the Interior Department's looming five-year offshore drilling plan, which could expand drilling into new parts of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, ...
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Trump’s Anxiety About Mueller Report Shines Through Intensifying Attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump took a victory lap after special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his Russia investigation. It may have been premature. The scramble to frame the investigation’s findings in the best political light is sure to be renewed in coming days when Mueller’s report is expected to be released in redacted form. Now that the American public will get a look at details beyond the four-page investigation summary written by Attorney General William Barr, some Trump a...
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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin 'planted a British flag on the moon'

A British engineer has claimed that a Union Flag was planted on the moon by an unwitting Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Keith Wright was an engineer at the Kennedy Space Centre, working on experiments for the 1969 Apollo mission. Fifty years on, he has disclosed that he secretly ensured a little piece of Britishness made it to the moon, because he “wanted to give Brits a bit of credit”. Speaking to The One Show on BBC One, Mr Wright said: “We were working on the experiments that the astronauts ...
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U.S. senators want stiff sanctions to deter Russia election meddling

The measure was introduced by Senators Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat, and Marco Rubio, a Republican. Trump has gone along with some previous congressional efforts to increase sanctions on Russia, although sometimes reluctantly. Backers of stronger action against Russia believe such measures will have better prospects in 2019, given control of the House of Representatives by Democrats, who are less reluctant than Trump's fellow Republicans to push back against the White House.
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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido stripped of parliamentary immunity

The Venezuelan government has stripped president Nicolas Maduro's rival Juan Guaido of his parliamentary immunity, opening the door for his possible arrest and prosecution. Mr Guaido, head of the opposition-controlled national assembly, declared himself president on January 23 and has been recognised as Venezuela’s legitimate leader by more than 50 countries. Until now, Mr Maduro has given Mr Guaido a remarkably free rein, unwilling to risk antagonising supporters of the 35 year old – includ...
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Is Ted Cruz Using Smart Tactics On ERPO Laws? You Decide

Opinion Ted Cruz Texas/United States – -( The controversy over “red flag” laws, also known as Emergency Response Protection Orders (ERPO), is not going away. Anti-Second Amendment extremists have been pushing versions that are being signed into law. The first problem is that those versions have real problems. The second problem is that after the repeated screw-ups of the bumbling cowards of Broward County and the FBI’s fumbling of two tips prior to Parkland, there is a real des...
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US-manufactured Crisis in Venezuela: Creating a “Need” for Intervention

Eva Bartlett, reporting from Venezuela, is a freelance journalist with extensive experience in the Gaza Strip and Syria. See her website, In Gaza, for more of her work, and see her page on Zero Anthropology for her other articles on this site. This report was originally published on on March 29, 2019. ***** Venezuela […]
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Non Sequiturs: 03.31.19

* Even Jonathan Adler, no fan of Obamacare, can't support the Justice Department's shift of position in the ongoing Affordable Care Act litigation out of Texas. [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * John Lauro continues to protect the reputation of his client Wendi Adelson, ex-wife of murdered law professor Dan Markel. [2paragraphs] * Meanwhile, another player in the Dan Markel case -- David Oscar Markus, counsel to Charlie Adelson -- argues that Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney Gene...
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Mitt Romney Joins Push For Terrible Family Leave Bill

He and Marco Rubio laid out the latest GOP effort to attract women with a plan that undercuts Social Security.
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Puerto Rico Governor to Trump: 'I'll punch the bully in the mouth’

The governor of Puerto Rico did not mince his words this week when he learned that the Trump administration have doubled down on their refusal to grant the island funding for its recovery from Hurricane Maria.Gov. Ricardo Ros Rosselló said he will not let Puerto Rican officials be taunted and bullied by the White House.“If the bully gets close, I’ll punch the bully in the mouth,” Mr Rosselló said on CNN on Thursday, referring to Donald Trump.The Puerto Rican governor’s comments came in response ...
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'No more hope': fresh blackout leaves half of Venezuela without power

Fourteen of country’s 23 states affected just weeks after the country’s worst power failure in historyA woman stands in front of a closed metro station during a blackout in Caracas on 25 March. Photograph: Carlos García Rawlins/ReutersVenezuela has been hit by another major power cut, with more than half of the country reportedly affected by the latest blackout.The El Nacional newspaper reported that Monday’s power cut had affected 14 of Venezuela’s 23 states as well as the capital, Caracas. Th...
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Marco Rubio: Green New Deal litmus test makes it harder to deal with climate change

Publicity stunts pandering to a progressive base trying to repackage socialism will do nothing to address real climate problems like rising sea levels.            [Author: Opinion contributor]
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Deadly Red Flag Bill Being Heard In U.S. Senate On March 26

Deadly Red Flag Bill Being Heard In U.S. Senate On March 26 Virginia – -( This Tuesday, March 26, 2019, the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee is going to be hearing a Red Flag gun-control/gun confiscation bill put in by Florida Republican Marco Rubio.  Yes, the Republican controlled Senate is going to hear a bill that a Republican put in. President Trump said right after the Florida school massacre that he thought Red Flag laws were a good idea. We need to let our Senators, hear f...
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Bipartisan attacks on the Second Amendment

The House of Representatives recently passed legislation that would expand the national background check system to require almost everyone selling firearms, including private collectors who supplement their incomes by selling firearms at gun shows, to perform background checks on the potential buyers. The bill has a section purporting to bar creation of a national firearms registry. However, the expanded background check system will require the government to compile lists of those buying and sel...
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NYT: Video Contradicts Trump Admin’s Claim That Maduro’s Forces Burned Aid Trucks

A video analysis published Sunday by The New York Times contradicts claims by senior Trump administration officials and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) that Venezuelan forces loyal to President Nicolás Maduro were responsible for a fire last month that consumed trucks attempting to carry food into Venezuela. According to Times’ video analysis, which the paper based on unpublished TV footage, the fire appears to have been the result of a Molotov cocktail thrown from the Colombian side of the Veneuzuel...
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Thousands of protesters take to the streets of Caracas amid nationwide Venezuela power outage

Thousands of people took to the streets of Caracas on Saturday amid a nationwide power cut that has plunged crisis-hit Venezuela into further chaos and desperation for two days. The capital bristled with the security forces of Nicolás Maduro as supporters of Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly leader recognised as the legitimate interim president by more than 50 countries, poured into the city centre. It was a daring move by opponents of the Maduro government, both for the march’s unusual proximi...
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US condemns arrest of journalist Cody Weddle in Venezuela

The United States has condemned the arrest of an American journalist, Cody Weddle, who was seized by Venezuelan military intelligence in an early morning raid on his Caracas home. Agents of DGCIM, the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence, detained Weddle and his Venezuelan assistant Carlos Camacho at around 8am local time on Wednesday, a Venezuelan press union said.  After being held for 12 hours at DGCIM's headquarters, Weddle was taken to Caracas airport for deportation, whi...
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Trump Tightens Cuba Embargo As Retaliation For Venezuela Prez Support

HAVANA (AP) — The Trump administration announced Monday that it is symbolically tightening the six-decade trade embargo on Cuba by allowing lawsuits against Cuban companies using properties confiscated after its 1959 revolution. The announcement limits lawsuits to a list of about 200 Cuban businesses and government agencies that are already subject to special U.S. sanctions because they are tied to the Cuban military and intelligence ministries. Virtually none of the businesses have any ties t...
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Rubio warns Venezuela regime in jab at critics over tweets

MIAMI (AP) — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a fierce critic of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, warned Tuesday that tyrants often believe they’re invulnerable — his first, indirect reference to his own cryptic tweeted images over the weekend showing dictators during their brutal downfalls. Venezuela has strongly condemned the tweets from the Florida senator, and the country’s Foreign […]
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GOP Rep.: ‘Republicans Would Be Going Nuts’ if Obama Had Declared Emergency to Bypass Congress

Representative Mike Simpson (R., Idaho) cast his fellow congressional Republicans as hypocrites on Tuesday for supporting President Trump's national-emergency declaration after repeatedly attacking the Obama administration's executive overreach.> GOP Rep Mike Simpson, on what’s different now from exec overreach by Obama: > “Nothing. I mean I’ll be real honest, if Obama had done this Republicans would be going nuts. That’s just the reality. Even if Obama had the authority to do it just ...
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Kevin McCarthy: Trump ‘Has the Authority’ to Fund Border Wall through National Emergency

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy asserted Tuesday that President Trump is acting within his executive authority in declaring a national emergency to fund his long-promised border wall and said the Republican minority in the House would support him.“The president has the authority to do it and we will uphold him,” McCarthy told The Daily Caller when asked about the national emergency Trump declared earlier this month in order to unilaterally secure funding for a wall on the southern border.Mc...
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Message For Maduro? Rubio Tweets Image Of Bloody Gaddafi, Killed After U.S. Intervened

In what appeared to be a message to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), tweeted a picture of a bloody Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader who was brutally killed in the streets after the United States helped to overthrow him as part of a NATO-led intervention. — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) February 24, 2019 Rubio is one of the loudest voices in the Senate backing the United States’ recognition of Venezuelan National Assembly Preside...
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Guaido Hints at More Radical Steps to Topple Maduro as Aid Burns

Juan Guaido, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, said that he’ll meet Monday with officials from countries in the region backing his push to topple Maduro and announce the next steps afterward. Shortly thereafter, Senator Marco Rubio, who’s helped spearhead the U.S. position on Venezuela, posted a tweet showing Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega under arrest in the U.S. in what was a not-so-subtle threat to take Maduro out militarily.
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Venezuela's Juan Guaido says 'all options open' after soldiers set fire to aid convoys in deadly border clashes

Aid trucks go up in flames as soldiers fire tear gas Two people killed, rights group says Around 300 wounded at Venezuela border crossings Country in turmoil as military officers defect Juan Guaido​ says 'all options open' Juan Guaido, Venezuela's self-declared interim president, proposed that Washington consider "all options" to oust Nicolas Maduro on Saturday night after troops violently repelled foreign aid convoys from the border. At least two people were killed and around 300 in...
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Venezuelan soldiers set fire to aid convoys at Colombia border as two killed in clashes

Aid trucks go up in flames as soldiers fire tear gas Two people killed, rights group says Colombia says 285 wounded at Venezuela border crossings Country in turmoil as military officers defect Juan Guaido​ says 'all options on table' Humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela was set on fire last Saturday night, seemingly by troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, as two people were killed and hundreds injured in violent clashes at the borders. Volunteers working for Juan Guaido, the self...
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Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders Have a Plan to Kill the Stock Market

Senators Chuck Schumer of New York and Bernie Sanders of Vermont want to penalize “self-indulgent” corporations that buy back their own stock. In a recent article in the New York Times, they argued that when companies repurchase shares, not only do the vast majority of Americans not benefit, but income inequality is exacerbated since only wealthy shareholders and corporate management profit.Despite decades of extraordinary success that the United States has enjoyed and that we enjoy today, Schum...
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