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Europe agrees platform rules to tackle unfair business practices

The European Union’s political institutions have reached agreement over new rules designed to boost transparency around online platform businesses and curb unfair practices to support traders and other businesses that rely on digital intermediaries for discovery and sales. The European Commission proposed a regulation for fairness and transparency in online platform trading last April. And late yesterday the European Parliament, Council of the EU and Commission reached a political deal on ...
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Is Europe closing in on an antitrust fix for surveillance technologists?

The German Federal Cartel Office’s decision to order Facebook to change how it processes users’ personal data this week is a sign the antitrust tide could at last be turning against platform power. One European Commission source we spoke to, who was commenting in a personal capacity, described it as “clearly pioneering” and “a big deal”, even without Facebook being fined a dime. The FCO’s decision instead bans the social network from linking user data across different platforms it owns, unles...
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EU’s antitrust cop lays groundwork for tougher scrutiny — and it may not bode well for U.S. tech giants

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Silicon Valley’s notorious nemesis, Margrethe Vestager, plans to end her term as the European Union’s antitrust enforcer this year with a bang, laying out a long-term plan to intensify scrutiny of the world’s big tech companies. As the EU’s competition commissioner, Vestager is arguably the world’s most important tech regulator. Since 2014, […]
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EU reviewing last-minute concessions from Siemens and Alstom on rail deal

The European Commission is reviewing last-minute changes from Alstom and Siemens aimed at getting a green light for the planned merger of their rail activities, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager told Reuters.
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Siemens, Alstom both able to compete, EU's Vestager says

The rail divisions of Siemens and Alstom are world champions and are both able to compete in the market, the European Union's Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager told Die Zeit newspaper, signalling scepticism over a planned merger of their rail businesses.
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The EU's ambitious, fearless antitrust czar is unlikely to win another term

Margrethe Vestager (previously) has been the EU antitrust commissioner for five years, and now she is getting ready to step down (her party is unlikely to prevail next year, so she will likely be replaced), having presided over an unprecedented era of antitrust enforcement that has seen billions of euros extracted in penalties from Google, Apple and Facebook, with Amazon now under her microscope. Vestager formerly served as the Danish deputy PM and economy minister, as part of a centre-left...
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EU's antitrust cop lays groundwork for more tech scrutiny

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Silicon Valley's notorious nemesis, Margrethe Vestager, plans to end her term as the European Union's antitrust enforcer this year with a bang, laying out a long-term plan to intensify scrutiny of the world's... [Author: [email protected]]
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The case against behavioral advertising is stacking up

No one likes being stalked around the Internet by adverts. It’s the uneasy joke you can’t enjoy laughing at. Yet vast people-profiling ad businesses have made pots of money off of an unregulated Internet by putting surveillance at their core. But what if creepy ads don’t work as claimed? What if all the filthy lucre that’s currently being sunk into the coffers of ad tech giants — and far less visible but no less privacy-trampling data brokers — is literally being sunk, and could both be more hon...
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Google Is Expected to Get Hit With a Third Antitrust Penalty

The European Union is expected to soon announce another antitrust fine against Google--this time related to its AdSense advertising platform, according to a report from Bloomberg. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who heads up EU competition policy, is expected to soon announce a fine for the AdSense product, sources told Bloomberg Thursday evening. It's unclear when exactly...
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Google Faces Third EU Antitrust Fine Within Weeks

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is set to announce a penalty targeting the AdSense advertising service in the coming weeks, according to people familiar with the probe who spoke on condition of anonymity. Regulators were probing whether Google’s advertising contracts unfairly restricted rivals. The penalty will mark the culmination -- for now -- of more than eight years of active antitrust investigation into the U.S. tech giant.
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Amazon watchers say the company has accelerated its efforts to sell its own products — and that's worrying regulators around the world

Amazon watchers say the company has accelerated its efforts to sell its own products or products it markets exclusively. That's worrying regulators around the world SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analysts Youssef Squali and Naved Khan estimated in June that private label product sales would generate $7.5 billion for Amazon in 2018, a significant increase from their estimate for 2017. By selling more products of its own, Amazon is becoming a competitor to the outside manufacturers it hosts on i...
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Seven ways technology will change in 2019

App stores, Facebook, smartphone photography, even USB cables – they are all facing disruption this yearAt the beginning of 2019, as at the start of 2018, Margrethe Vestager remains the most powerful woman in tech. The EU competition commissioner has the world’s biggest companies walking on tiptoe, afraid of her habit of enforcing competition law where the US authorities have refused to do so. Continue reading...
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EU's Vestager worries about high speed trains in Alstom, Siemens deal

EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager on Tuesday voiced concerns over a plan by Siemens and Alstom to create a Franco-German rail champion and its effect on high-speed trains in Europe.
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Liberty Global, Vodafone’s $22 Billion Cable Deal Under Investigation by EU

The European Commission has started an in-depth probe into Vodafone’s proposed acquisition of a raft of Liberty Global assets in Europe. The commission cited concerns that the deal could reduce competition in Germany and the Czech Republic. “It’s important that all EU consumers have access to affordable and good quality telephone and TV services,” Commissioner […]
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Amazon is selling its own toys for the first time, but don't expect it to replace Barbie — yet (AMZN)

Amazon has released four new items related to toys recently, according to TJI, an Amazon-focused research group. They are large items like play sets for toddlers and a bin for toy storage. All four of the items were taken down. The products are likely geared to small businesses like daycare or preschools, much like other products under the AmazonBasics umbrella. Amazon: retailer, cloud-computing powerhouse, and voice-computing pioneer. And now, toymaker. Amazon released on its website four ne...
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One of Amazon's most powerful tools is putting a target on its back, and it could turn into a problem for the company (AMZN)

Regulators in Europe have zeroed in on a specific part of Amazon's business that they say could be anti-competitive. The scrutiny involves the company's dual role as both a direct retailer — buying goods wholesale and selling them to consumers — and as a platform for other retailers to sell their goods. The issue is the data and how Amazon uses it. In the United States, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has had a similar take on Amazon's role. Amazon's third-party marketplace is core to its retail growth...
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In an Open Letter To EU's Competition Commissioner, 14 European Shopping Comparison Services Say Google is Not Making the Search For Products Fairer

Google is not complying with European demands that it must make the search for products fairer, rivals say. In an open letter to the EU's Competition Commissioner on Thursday, they wrote: We are writing to you as leading European comparison shopping services (CSSs) to express our collective view that Google's "compliance mechanism" in the Google Search (Comparison Shopping) case does not comply with the European Commission's June 2017 Prohibition Decision. It has now been more than a year since ...
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Trump just made a case that Amazon is not a monopoly

President Trump has indicated he is not worried about Amazon becoming a monopoly. "Maybe Amazon will have massive competition and they won’t be the same company in five years," Trump said in an interview with the Daily Caller. Trump's opinion offers a highly simplistic review of the anti-trust criticisms that have been lobbied against Amazon by other politicians in the US and Europe. President Trump isn't all that worried about Amazon, apparently. In an interview with the Daily Caller discuss...
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EU antitrust enforcers investigate Amazon's predatory private-label products

Amazon's best selling wholesales have long accused the company of mining their sales data to discover which products are most profitable; then Amazon clones the product and offers it for sale at a lower price than the wholesales can afford (because Amazon doesn't have to worry about a wholesale-retail markup when it's both wholesaler and retailer at once) and tweaks its search and recommendation system to drive sales to its private-label versions of its partners' products. This is the kind ...
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She Took on Silicon Valley Giants. Now Margrethe Vestager Is Preparing for Her Final Act

After taking on Silicon Valley's top tech companies like Google and Amazon, Margrethe Vestager is preparing for her final act.
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. Samsung finally unveiled details about its foldable smartphone. The "Infinity Flex" runs on a special version of Android developed in partnership with Google, which works around its foldable display.  Eric Schmidt took the blame for Google's social networking failures. The former CEO admitted "I think it would be fair to say that the rise of Facebook... occurred on my watch," in a recent podcast interview. Vice Media is cuttin...
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Europe's anti-monopoly chief conducted 'very preliminary investigations' into Apple but decided it's 'not a dominant company' (AAPL)

European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said, "In some of the areas where we have had very preliminary investigations, we find that Apple is not a dominant company." In the past, Vestager has fined Apple €13 billion ($15 billion) for non-payment of taxes and fined Google €7 billion ($8 billion) for anti-competition violations. Apple and its investors will thus be relieved they are no longer in her searchlight.  She is near the end of her third investigation into Google, she sa...
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United States: Is Amazon The Next Big Case? – GAFA Under Antitrust Scrutiny - Orrick

Margrethe Vestager, head of the European Union's Directorate-General for Competition ("DG Comp"), recently announced that the EU was once again investigating actions of a high-profile tech company
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Google is making huge changes to Android to avoid being fined $15 million a day

Google was fined €4.3 billion ($5 billion) in July by the EU over its Android monopoly. The EU gave Google 90 days to get its house in order, saying if it didn't, it could be fined up to 5% of its daily revenue for each day it fails to comply with EU laws. That means it could have been fined as much as $15.2 million a day, on top of the $5 billion penalty. Google filed an appeal against the ruling, but in the meantime, it will implement changes to comply with the EU's decision. Google was fi...
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Google files appeal against Europe’s $5BN antitrust fine for Android

Google has lodged its legal appeal against the European Commission’s €4.34 billion (~$5BN) antitrust ruling against its Android mobile OS, according to Reuters — the first step in a process that could keep its lawyers busy for years to come. “We have now filed our appeal of the EC’s Android decision at the General Court of the EU,” it told the news agency, via email. We’ve reached out to Google for comment on the appeals process. Rulings made by the EU’s General Court in Luxembourg can be ...
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In the Google+ case, the lack of transparency from Google is likely the biggest problem for managers, experts say (GOOG, GOOGL)

The Wall Street Journal's bombshell report that Google decided not to disclose a security lapse at Google+ dominated technology news on Monday. The lack of transparency in Google's handling of the situation is exactly why the European Union implemented tough privacy regulations this year, say legal and security experts. They added that following the Cambridge Analytica case at Facebook, the new issue with Google+ gives US lawmakers more reason to adopt rules similar to those in Europe. Google'...
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Google shows progress in addressing competition concerns, says EU's Vestager

Google's proposals to increase competition in online shopping are bearing fruit, Europe's antitrust chief said on Friday, suggesting that the company may be able to avoid further fines. Alphabet Inc's Google last year offered to allow price-comparison rivals to bid for advertising space at the top of a search page, giving them the chance to compete on equal terms, seeking to appease regulators after the European Commission fined it a record 2.4 billion euros ($2.8 billion) for favouring its own...
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European Competition Commission Looks at Amazon

European Union antitrust regulators are asking retailers and manufacturers whether Amazon’s sales of its private brand products have negatively impacted their business, a question which could lead to a formal investigation and fines of the US-based e-commerce giant. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said last week she was looking into whether Amazon is using sales data illegally. The European Commission’s focus is on Amazon’s role as a retailer selling manufacturers, and as a...
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Amazon is reportedly testing a new feature to convince shoppers to buy its own brands (AMZN)

Amazon appears to be tinkering with how search pages on highlight the brands it owns. It is testing a feature that encourages shoppers to check out items from these private labels by adding a link under search results, according to CNBC. It's the digital equivalent of a store asking customers to compare its private-label brand with the name brand.  Amazon's use of private-label brands to compete with other brands on its website has recently come under scrutiny. Amazon is putting mo...
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Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data

It’s been just over four months since Europe’s tough new privacy framework came into force. You might believe that little of substance has changed for big tech’s data-hungry smooth operators since then — beyond firing out a wave of privacy policy update spam, and putting up a fresh cluster of consent pop-ups that are just as aggressively keen for your data. But don’t be fooled. This is the calm before the storm, according to the European Union’s data protection supervisor, Giovanni Buttarelli...
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