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The Design Intelligence Award accelerates good project into world-class product designs

Design awards are often a mechanism to discover good design. A panel of judges help identify designs with potential, and reward them for being a good concept, or having a good execution. China’s premiere awards program, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) operates on a slightly different path. It doesn’t just discover good design. It develops it. Working in part like an award program and in part like a product accelerator, the DIA Awards have a long, arduous, meticulous process. They identify go...
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This children’s book has printed circuits!

I’m beginning to seriously think paper is one of the most versatile materials there are. You’ve got origami, cardboard furniture, plus remember that video of a man using a paper disc mounted on an angle grinder to cut through wood??Anyway, designers Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage are using paper to build simple machines and gadgets. Titled Papier Machine (a play on the word Papier Mache), the designers compiled a 13-page book where pages can be torn off and folded into various different ...
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