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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Had The Best Response To A Dad Pretending To Use The Force On His Kid

Mark Hamill continues to be the king of social media.
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Masters of the Universe: Revelation's First Trailer Has the Power and Then Some

I have been very wary of Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation for two reasons. The biggest one is that Smith kept calling it a “continuation” of the original 1983 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, which seemed impossible because the original was completely episodic, meaning there was never…Read more...
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Chucky and Tiffany Return in New Teasers For Don Mancini’s Horror Series

As production continues on the Chucky series, Child’s Play franchise creator Don Mancini took to Twitter to share two new teasers for SYFY and USA Network’s newest horror series, centering around the iconic killer doll. The series is expected to make its debut this coming fall. The first video teases the return of Oscar nominees and Child’s Play mainstays Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and Jennifer Tilly (Bullets over Broadway) as they reprise their iconic roles as the voices of ...
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Joking About Luke And Leia’s Infamous Kiss

After 41 years, The Empire Strikes Back's infamous moment still gets a laugh out of Mark Hamill.
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Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Shares A+ Response To Vintage Empire Strikes Back Trailer

Mark Hamill had the best response to a classic trailer for The Empire Strikes Back.
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He-Man's New Animated Series Looked to Marvel for Inspiration

When a filmmaker like Kevin Smith gets ahold of a popular franchise, it’s natural to be curious what he’ll do with it. That goes double for something like his new He-Man show at Netflix, because the streamer so successfully reimagined She-Ra and the Princesses of Power not too long ago. Recently, io9 spoke with Smith,…Read more...
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Has The Best Response To Scientists Finding Fossilized Claw

Mark Hamill delivers a classic response to scientists finding a fossilized claw.
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill’s Has The Best Response To Scientists Finding Fossilized Claw

Mark Hamill delivers a classic response to scientists finding a fossilized claw.
Tags: Religion, Mark Hamill

Exclusive: Kevin Smith Showcases His Nostalgic, Nerdy Career in a New Coffee Table Book

Filmmaker Kevin Smith may have started his career selling convenience store coffee, but now he’s the subject of his very own coffee table book. A book so big, so bold, and so filled with behind-the-scenes stories and photos that Smith suggests it could be used someplace fairly uncomfortable. But no. Not the back of a…Read more...
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Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation Gets First Photos & Release Date

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Netflix has finally released the first Masters of the Universe: Revelation photos for Kevin Smith’s upcoming sequel series to the classic 80s animated show titled He-Man and the Masters of the Universe from Filmation. Revelation Part 1 is scheduled to make its debut on Friday, July 23 with the first five episodes of the 10-episode series. The photos, which you can check out below, feature our first look at the updated versions of the main characters including He-Man, Skeleto...
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Star Wars Spin-Offs That Would Make Great Disney+ Shows

With Star Wars: The Bad Batch released on Disney+ earlier this week, we thought it would be cool to suggest further spin-offs we’d like to see from that galaxy far, far away. After all, while the Mouse House has certainly provided a fair amount of Star Wars content since acquiring Lucasfilm way back in 2012, there’s still plenty of material to be mined from this enormous gallery of heroes, scoundrels, and villains. Read on and be sure to chime in on the Star Wars spin-offs you’d like to see! D...
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Mark Hamill’s May The Fourth Greeting To Star Wars Fans Is Funny And So On Brand

Star Wars' Mark Hamill is celebrating May the Fourth just like the rest of us.
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Shares Hilarious Video Of Harrison Ford Dropping F-Bomb After Magic Trick

Han Solo believes in The Force, but Harrison Ford might not be a big fan of magic.
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Amazon Renews Animated Superhero Series ‘Invincible’ For Two More Seasons

Amazon Studios has officially renewed Invincible for two more seasons. The animated series, which is based on the comic book from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, is Amazon’s second big superhero series that’s aimed squarely at adults. The live-action adaptation of The Boys has become a phenomenon for Amazon Prime Video, and the streaming service is clearly hoping the same thing happens with Invincible season 2 and season 3. The first season of Invincible is about to come to an end wi...
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Addresses Horrifying Ewok Theory

I'd never thought about this and now I'll never sleep again.
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Mark Hamill Has The Perfect Response To James Gunn Finishing The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Script

Mark Hamill gave a great response to James Gunn after he director finished his Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Script.
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Mark Hamill Reminds Fans What Chewbacca’s Fashion Fate Could Have Been

The "Star Wars" Luke Skywalker actor didn't spare the hairy details.
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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Reveals Wild Original Plans For Chewbacca In A New Hope

Chewbacca could have looked very different in the Star Wars movies
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Mark Hamill Joins ‘The Machine’, Based on Bert Kreischer’s Epic Stand-Up Comedy Bit

Now that Mark Hamill is mostly done playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars universe, he’s really expanding his presence on the big and small screen. The second season of What We Do in the Shadows let him spread his wings as Jim the Vampire, and now Legendary Pictures has recruited him to co-star in The Machine, a new action comedy inspired by an epic stand-up bit by comedian Bert Kreischer. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Mark Hamill will co-star with Bert Kreischer in The Machine, i...
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Carrie Fisher’s Screen Test for Star Wars

Before her appearance in Star Wars, Carrie Fisher had only appeared in one film (Hal Ashby’s Shampoo) and for the role of Leia, she was going up against several other great actresses, including Karen Allen and Jodie Foster. In this footage of Fisher’s screen test from late 1975/early 1976, where she’s reading a scene with Harrison Ford about the Death Star plans, you get a tantalizing glimpse of why she ended up winning the part. See also Mark Hamill’s screen test and several other Star War...
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Star Wars: Dog Goes Viral For Hilarious Reaction To Darth Vader, And Mark Hamill Approves

This gog watching Star Wars has the right idea.
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George Lucas Originally Wanted A ‘Looney Tunes’ Short To Run Before ‘Star Wars’

Lucas wanted the cartoon "Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-Half Century" to accompany "A New Hope," Mark Hamill said.
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Mark Hamill Reveals Why Star Wars’ George Lucas Wanted Looney Tunes To Play Before A New Hope

The first Star Wars could have opened with an animated short.
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Chucky Series Teaser Wants You to Reconnect With an Old Friend

Chucky series teaser wants you to reconnect with an old friend SYFY and USA Network have released a brand new teaser for Don Mancini’s upcoming Chucky series, warning viewers the iconic slasher toy is coming back for more terror. The video, which you can check out below, features a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making the titular killer doll as the series is set to use robotics to bring the iconic villain to life. RELATED: New Texas Chainsaw Massacre is ‘A Direct Sequel’ to the 19...
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Don Mancini’s Chucky Series Officially Begins Production 

Don Mancini’s Chucky series officially begins production Creator Don Mancini took to Twitter to share a new teaser confirming that production on SYFY and USA Network’s long-in development Chucky series has finally begun after getting delayed last year due to the ongoing pandemic. In his post, Mancini also revealed that the project is targeting to make its debut this fall. The teaser, which you can check out below, also featured the episode title for the first episode which is written and dir...
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Mark Hamill Pointed Out Problem With Sebastian Stan's Take On Whether Or Not He Could Play Young Luke Skywalker

Fans hoping to see Sebastian Stan play Luke Skywalker might have a problem.
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Mark Hamill, Hollywood stars say they won't work in Georgia due to new voting legislation

After Gov. Brian Kemp signed Georgia’s new voting legislation into law, some in Hollywood are calling for a boycott of the state’s...
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Mark Hamill Reveals The Original Star Wars Trilogy Had More Weather Problems Than We Thought

Weather was unkind to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back but it turns out it also caused problems for A New Hope first.
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CS Interviews: Cast & Creator Talk Amazon’s Invincible Adaptation

CS Interviews: Cast & creator talk Amazon’s Invincible adaptation Ahead of the animated series’ debut on the streaming platform, got to partake in special roundtable interviews with Invincible creator Robert Kirkman and stars Steven Yeun (Minari), J.K. Simmons (Zack Snyder’s Justice League), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) and Gillian Jacobs (Come Play) to discuss the superhero drama. RELATED: Amazon Drops a New Trailer For the Invincible Animated Series When asked about whether the t...
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