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Two Routine Pieces Of In-House Legal Advice

This is very important advice that you don't want to find out the hard way.
Tags: Law, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

How To Be A Crappy Partner, Redux

Here are a few new ideas that come to mind. Avoid doing them at all costs.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Partner Issues

Selecting Your ‘cc’s’

It's not hard to take just a few seconds to consider who's receiving copies of your messages.
Tags: Law, Emails, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

Routine Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

When you're in-house, getting to 'no' is much easier than getting to 'yes.'
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How Much Could We Lose At Trial?

It's an important question. So why don't people answer it accurately?
Tags: Law, Trials, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

On Thinking Versus Really Thinking

If you'd like to develop a reputation as a competent person, you'll choose to think seriously about stuff. 
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On Law Firms And ‘Changing At Scale’

Why aren't firms asking small groups of lawyers to develop ideas that will improve the practice of law?
Tags: Law, Innovation, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, Small Law Firms

The Partner’s Continuing Lament

In Biglaw, you'll do good work, be in demand, and stay busy -- until you age.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, Partner Issues

2 Things You Should Never Say To A Partner

Partners aren't crazy, but these phrases are sure to raise their blood pressure.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, Partner Issues, Associate Advice

Should Clients Insist That Young Lawyers Get Trial Experience?

It’s really not our job, says in-house columnist Mark Herrmann.
Tags: Law, Trials, Litigators, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Young Lawyers

On Law Firm Perfection

Once institutions begin to prize revenue over perfection, they may lose their focus.
Tags: Law, Perfectionism, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

On Employee ‘Engagement’

If engagement matters, you should measure it and monitor it -- in an accurate way that isn't subject to abuse.
Tags: Law, Employee Engagement, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

Our Offer Is A Million Bucks Today, And It’s Going Down Every Week After That

This ain't exactly a good way to settle your case.
Tags: Law, Advice, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Settlement Offers

Preparing Witnesses For Trial, Rather Than Deposition, Testimony

Trials are different than depositions. Make sure that your witnesses understand that.
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Playoff Games For The New York Islanders Need To Be Played At ‘Home’

from Mark Herrmann of Newsday, There are roughly 13,917 good reasons why the Islanders should be allowed to play their potential playoff games at Nassau Coliseum. Here is the one that stands out and should count the most: The National Hockey League owes it to them. Commissioner Gary Bettman announced last week at the All-Star Game and Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello acknowledged in his first post-break interview with reporters Thursday that the league will have the final word...
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Why Summer Associate Jobs Don’t Tell You Anything About A Firm

Think you’re going to have real interactions with partners? Ain’t no partner got time for that.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, Partner Issues, Summer Associates

How To Stop Outside Counsel From Mishandling Enforcement Matters

One way to guarantee that outside lawyers aren't secretly antagonizing regulatory agencies or otherwise mishandling the investigation.
Tags: Law, Advice, Biglaw, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Outside Counsel

Donald Trump’s Lessons On Management

If you thought you knew how to conduct yourself as an in-house attorney, think again.
Tags: Law, Advice, Management, Donald Trump, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

The New York Islanders Are Quietly Having A Good Year

from Mark Herrmann of Newsday, You won’t see the Islanders in the Winter Classic, the Jan. 1 centerpiece in which Chicago has played four times (all losses, including one at Notre Dame’s football stadium Tuesday). But at this moment, there is no team as fetching, quirky and compelling as the one that plays (most of the time now) on Long Island. No one else can match the mix of nostalgia, excitement, bitterness, uncertainty and hope that the Islanders have put together in a season that...
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3 Legal Predictions For 2019

What will happen in the legal industry in the new year? In-house columnist Mark Herrmann has some ideas.
Tags: Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Women's Issues, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Litigation Finance, Predictions for 2019

A New (To Me, Anyway) Business Development Idea

An incredibly unique idea that might just convince in-house counsel to hire your firm in the future.
Tags: Law, Business Development, Appeals, Mark Herrmann, Pro Bono, In-House Counsel

Getting Dinged For The Bad Much More Than You’re Credited For The Good

No one will remember your victories, only your defeats. Get used to it.
Tags: Law, Advice, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel

“Let’s Go Islanders”

from Mark Herrmann of Newsday, Three little words can fill an entire arena and describe a whole occasion. No one even had to say them, either. On a night marked by playoff-caliber choruses of “Let’s Go Islanders!” the magic words were the ones everyone was thinking: “Where they belong.” The Islanders were home, truly home, for the first time since April 2015. Technically, the team has had plenty of home games since then, but let’s be honest. The fans had not had a single one in 3½ yea...
Tags: Sport, Columbus, Long Island, Islanders, Barclays Center, Nassau Coliseum, Mark Herrmann, Nassau Suffolk

On Word Choice

Lawyers should make an effort to sound like real people when they speak.
Tags: Law, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, English Grammar and Usage, Legal Writing, Word Choice

A Proposal To Put Politicians At Risk

An idea for how we can force politicians to compromise.
Tags: Politics, Law, Government, Constitutional Law, Mark Herrmann

What Trump Said About Law Firm Bonuses!

Interesting commentary on bonus season from POTUS.
Tags: Law, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Media and Journalism

Surviving The Day While Doing No Work

What do you do at a corporation on a day when you're doing nothing?
Tags: Law, Advice, Mark Herrmann, Work/Life Balance, In-House Counsel, Stupid Lawyer Tricks

Do You Ever Admit That You Should Have Lost?

Should someone feel guilty about having won when you should have lost? Why?
Tags: Law, Advice, Trials, Biglaw, Litigators, Mark Herrmann