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These security cameras are monitored by AI as well as a human surveillance team

Do you remember that viral video of the engineer that designed this glitter bomb for parcel-thieves? It was this over-engineered box that contained a motor, a centrifugal cup with glitter, a fart-bomb, and four smartphones that recorded the incredibly cathartic experience of seeing your parcel thief open the box only to be doused in glitter and sprayed with fart-spray. Thieves would see an unsuspecting box on a porch and pick it up. Once they opened it, the motor would trigger, sending glitter...
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Glitter bomb creator Mark Rober has admitted that portions of his video were likely staged ― but not by him, he says. In a Thursday tweet, Rober said two incidents in his original video that purported to show his booby-trapped package exploding on thieves appeared to have been staged by friends, unbeknownst to him. He said he was “gutted” when he realized this, and hoped it doesn’t “taint the entire effort as ‘fake.’” (Thanks to Mac Turl)
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'My credibility is sort of shot': Former NASA engineer behind the viral YouTube glitter bomb video admits some of it was faked

Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who built a glitter bomb package that explodes after it has been stolen, has admitted that elements of his viral video were faked. Two of the so-called "thieves" filmed stealing the box were actually in on the prank. Rober said they were roped in by a friend of a friend, who offered to place the package on their porch. The YouTuber has re-edited the video and apologized to viewers. It is one of the viral videos of the year, but elements of it were unwittin...
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Viral glitter bomb video featured fake thieves, creator admits in apology

Video creator Mark Rober tweeted Thursday that he had removed portions of the video after learning they were staged. The device itself and some of the reactions it captured were still legitimate, he said.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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YouTuber Admits Aspects of Viral HomePod Glitter Bomb Video Were Faked

New submitter ArchieBunker writes: A viral video featuring a booby-trapped HomePod box that pranked package thieves with a glitter bomb has been criticized for faking some of the reactions of the would-be "thieves," who were in fact acquaintances of friends of the video's creator. The video, "Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap" by former NASA engineer Mark Rober, featured the creation of a device constructed inside a HomePod box that spread out glitter once the HomePod box was opened, with four...
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This Ex-NASA Engineer Is Putting an End to Package Theft - One Glitter Bomb at a Time

Most of us know the feeling of having a delivery stolen from our porches too well. We also know the feeling of wanting the thieves who ran off with our packages to at least face some sort of consequences. That desire for revenge is what inspired former NASA engineer Mark Rober's latest passion project. After being told by police earlier this year that not much could be done about a few packages that were stolen from his doorstep, Rober decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. Internal Facebook documents show it gave tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft privileged access to user data, which Facebook has not previously disclosed. Documents obtained by The New York Times reportedly show that Facebook gave tech giants intrusive access to users' data, including handing over users' private messages to Netflix and Spotify. President Trump raged at Twitter with a baseless claim that it has been tampering...
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Former NASA Engineer Builds Farting Glitter Bomb In The Name Of Revenge

One small step for man, one giant glittery fart cloud for mankind The minds at NASA are among the most intelligent and skilled in the world, and one has to wonder... After creating machines capable of space travel or that are used to roam other planets collecting data, what kind of amazing innovations do those minds move onto next? Once they design robots and send them to other planets, where do they even go from there? I’ll tell you. They build Farting. Glitter. Bombs. (PS that is th...
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Engineer creates special package to coat porch pirates in glitter, fart spray

Mark Rober's muse was a package thief.Two package thieves, to be exact, both of whom had made off with a delivery from his California porch one day in broad daylight, about seven months ago.Indignant, Rober - a former NASA engineer... [Author: [email protected]]
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This former JPL scientist created a glitter bomb trap for package thieves

Former JPL scientist and YouTube personality Mark Rober was the victim of package theft earlier this year. So using his engineering skills, he came up with an innovative way to get revenge: a trap that explodes “a pound of the finest glitter” all over the unsuspecting package thief. And wannabe porch pirates should be aware that his YouTube video showing how he built the trap has gone viral, and may inspire other revenge plots. Here’s how he engineered the glitter bomb trap: Related Article...
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Watch this NASA engineer own porch pirates with a glitter bomb package

NASA engineer Mark Rober had a package stolen from him and the police wouldn't do anything about it, so he took matters into his own hands and built a glitter bomb package to thwart would-be thieves. The post Watch this NASA engineer own porch pirates with a glitter bomb package appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Revenge Package

This is pretty nerdy and entertaining. After someone stole a package off of his porch, Mark Rober spent months designing and building a fake package to get revenge on the next person stupid enough to try it. He outfitted the box with GPS, motion sensors, four cameras that auto-uploaded to the cloud, a glitter bomb that detonated when the package was opened, and a canister of fart spray that sprayed periodically until the thief threw the package out. Genius. Tags: crime   Mark Rober   video...
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Ex-NASA engineer creates glitter bomb trap for package thieves

Revenge is sweet. But Mark Rober's glitter bomb trap for package thieves proves it can be a bit messy, too.
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WATCH: High-tech glitter-fart bomb helps man get revenge on Amazon package thieves

Mark Rober was tired of having thieves steal packages from his front door, so he got (and recorded) his sweet revenge.
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Former NASA Engineer Designed Glitter Bomb Trap To Avenge Amazon Delivery Theft Victims

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But for Mark Rober, it's much sweeter served smart, smelly and covered in glitter. From a report: The former NASA engineer-turned-YouTube star has received plaudits online after designing a booby trap to avenge all those who've fallen victim to a new wave of neighborhood crime: doorstep delivery theft. Rober spent six months combining GPS tracking, cameras, fart spray and glitter in an elaborate and amusing mechanism after discovering thieves had stol...
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Former NASA Engineer Builds Impressive Glitter Bomb to Make Life Hell for Package Thieves

Mark Rober really loves to build things. So when this home electronics tinkerer discovered that some neighborhood thieves were ripping off Amazon packages from his porch, he did what any self-respecting former NASA engineer would do: He built a glitter bomb made to look like a boxed-up Apple HomePod, and he built it…Read more...
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Porch pirates sprayed with glitter and fart smell after opening fake package booby traps

We've all seen the videos of thieves shamelessly stealing packages off of people's porches. Now someone is fighting back. That someone is former NASA-JPL engineer/current science YouTube star Mark Rober and he ain't playing nice. He's spent six months crafting a beautifully over-engineered revenge package that looks like an Apple product. After the thief nabs it, it first gloriously sprays a pound of glitter when opened and then follows up by spurting out fart spray every 30 seconds. Oh yeah,...
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Ex-NASA Engineer’s Fart-Laced ‘Glitter Bomb’ Stuns Package Thieves

Mark Rober's ingenious device unwraps a whole lot of humiliation on crooks in a viral video.
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How to Beat An Escape Room

Escape rooms are a game where a group of friends or co-workers get locked into a space to play some puzzles, so they can all win the reward of leaving the room slightly early. Maybe you love escape rooms and you want to get faster at them; maybe you hate them and you want to get them over with. Either way, you’ll…Read more...
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Watch Skippa the rock-skipping robot get optimized

Skipping stones takes a little practice and finesse, so Mark Rober enlisted his extended family to help build the perfect rock-skipping robot. Their creation, named Skippa, ended up helping humans learn, too. (more…)
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Your stone-skipping skills pale in comparison to this robotic rock launcher

Former NASA engineer-turned-popular YouTube inventor Mark Rober has created a robot that's able to skim rocks. Check it out in all its fantastic summer afternoon-wasting brilliance. The post Your stone-skipping skills pale in comparison to this robotic rock launcher appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Shocker: lemon-powered batteries can't power an electric supercar

Even what's billed as the world's largest lemon battery can only generate enough juice to charge a small battery cell, so Mark Rober tries a few other fun power generators with a bunch of young scientists-to-be. (more…)
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Former NASA engineer has created what may be the world's largest water gun

What do you do when you're done building the world's largest Nerf Gun? If you're Mark Rober, you set your sights on the mother of all water guns.
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A former NASA engineer has created what may be the world's largest water gun. And it's Yuge!

Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who clearly likes to think big. His latest creation: a really, really large Super Soaker
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YouTuber Mark Rober Secretly Develops VR for Self-Driving Cars for Apple (EXCLUSIVE)

Mark Rober, who is best known for his YouTube videos of spectacular science stunts, has been quietly working as an engineer for Apple’s secretive special projects group, Variety has learned. Rober’s work for Apple includes contributions to the company’s virtual reality projects, with a focus on using VR as on-board entertainment for self-driving cars. An […]
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A basket full of revolting EasterFools' Day 'treats'

For the first time in over 60 years, Easter and April Fools' Day are on the same day, creating the rare EasterFools' Day holiday. To celebrate, former NASA-JPL engineer/current science YouTube star Mark Rober (previously) went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to demonstrate some easy pranks for this rare double holiday. For example, he fills hollow chocolate bunnies with broccolini and calls them "Brocco-Bunny" and puts Brussels sprouts on sticks and then dips them in melted chocolate, creating "Brusse...
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A La Carte (January 8)

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty eclectic collection of works. (On Saturday I attempted to provide a link to An EPIC Evening in Belfast but gave the wrong link. So here it is again. If you’re in or near Belfast, consider checking it out!) When Spurgeon was Invited to Preach at Barnum & Bailey Circus “On one occasion P.T. Barnum, head of the great Barnum & Bailey Circus, invited Charles Spurgeon to speak in the large tent at his traveling circus. Spurgeon’s preaching woul...
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The art and science of carnival games and how to win them

Mark Rober and some friends staked out the carnival games at a local fair for the day in order to find the scams and the ones you can win…if you know how. Armed with info from their observations, Rober hit the fair with a Mets player who could dominate all the throwing games and cleaned them out. I spent some time at a county fair this past summer and, if you’re with little kids, the carnies will sometimes show you how to win the games that are winnable (like the basket toss). But even afte...
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Swimming in a liquid sand hot tub

Science YouTuber (and former NASA engineer) Mark Rober explains how when you add air "in the just the right way" to sand, it "basically becomes a liquified soup." It sure does! Watch and learn.
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What Kind of Sorcery Lets People Swim In This Sand-Filled Hot Tub?

You can try as hard as you want, but you’ll never be as cool an uncle as ex-NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober. Using elaborate experiments, he makes learning about science even more entertaining than Bill Nye did, and his latest invention is a sand-filled hot tub that somehow still behaves like water you can swim in.Read more...
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