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Mark Romanek Returning to Directing For Lionsgate Horror Mother Land

Mark Romanek returning to directing with Lionsgate horror Mother Land It’s been a decade since filmmaker Mark Romanek was last seen in the feature world with the well-received romantic drama Never Let Me Go and now he’s ready to step back into the director’s chair for the Lionsgate horror-thriller Mother Land, according to Deadline. RELATED: Corin Hardy Set to Helm Sam Raimi Horror Pic Every House is Haunted “To have Mark Romanek board this project says everything you need to know about the ...
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Star Trek: Picard's Patrick Stewart Teases Q's Tumultuous Return

Some familiar faces are returning to Child’s Play. Borat 2's breakout star is teaming up with A24 for some slasher horror. Plus, what’s to come on Supergirl and The Flash. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
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‘One Hour Photo’ Director Mark Romanek Returns With Horror Movie ‘Mother Land’

Beyond a successful career in music videos, Mark Romanek directed three feature films: Static in 1985, One Hour Photo in 2002, and Never Let Me Go in 2010. But then, curiously enough, the feature film work from Romanek stopped coming. He’s continued to helm music videos and also directed an episode of the Amazon series Tales From the Loop last year, but Romanek’s movie work has been absent since 2010. Thankfully, that’s about the change, as the filmmaker is now attached to helm Mother Land, a h...
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‘Locke and Key’ Season 3 Ordered By Netflix Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

Netflix has ordered Locke and Key season 3 ahead of the season 2 premiere. The show is based on the comic book series created by Joe Hill and Gabrielle Rodriguez, which follows a family that loses its patriarch and then moves into a spooky house where all sorts of mysterious things happen. The show had a bumpy road to the screen, first starting off at Fox, then moving to Hulu, before finally ending up on Netflix. Variety is reporting that Netflix has given the go-ahead for Locke and Key seas...
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‘Tales From the Loop’ Helmer Mark Romanek Reflects on the Essentials of His Career So Far

It will come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed the career of director Mark Romanek that his newest work, “Loop,” the pilot episode for eight-episode Amazon Studios series “Tales From the Loop,” is as visually arresting as it is conceptually bold and emotionally evocative. Best-known for his work on some of the past two […]
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‘The Overlook Hotel’: Mark Romanek Provides Info on His Abandoned ‘Shining’ Prequel

HBO Max is moving forward with Overlook, a TV series spun-off from The Shining. But at one point we could’ve had a completely different piece of entertainment bearing the Overlook name. That was The Overlook Hotel, a Shining prequel that was supposed to be directed by Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) and written by Glen Mazzara. The script for that film exists and even got the blessing of Stephen King himself, but it ultimately never came together. In a new interview, Romanek talks about what happ...
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Amazon’s Digital SXSW Lineup Has Been Revealed – And It’s Not What We Were Expecting

Earlier this month, Amazon put out the word that they were interested in hosting a digital SXSW film festival, giving filmmakers a chance to debut titles they were unable to premiere at the now-canceled fest. The overall reaction to the idea was mixed – some were into the idea, but others felt that filmmakers wouldn’t want to debut their features on a digital platform. As a result, most filmmakers passed on the idea. But some got in on the action, and now Amazon has revealed its digital SXSW fi...
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‘The Shining’ TV Series, ‘Justice League Dark’ Coming From Bad Robot & HBO Max

HBO Max just ordered thee new shows from Bad Robot, and one of them is a spin-off of The Shining. Overlook will explore more stories from the haunted hotel featured so prominently in the Stephen King novel and Stanley Kubrick movie. The two other shows are Duster, about a getaway driver for a crime syndicate, and the third is Justice League Dark, set in the world of DC Comics. Overlook HBO Max and Bad Robot just announced three new shows, and the most exciting of the bunch – in my humble o...
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CS Interview: Rebecca Hall on Tales from the Loop, Godzilla vs. Kong

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: Rebecca Hall on Tales from the Loop, Godzilla vs. Kong Amazon’s series adaptation of the art book Tales from the Loop has blown away critics and audiences alike since its debut this month and got the opportunity to chat with star Rebecca Hall (The Night House) to discuss the sci-fi series, as well as her upcoming role in the monster blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong. RELATED: CS Review: Amazon’s Tales from the Loop Is Full of Wonder & Heartache ...
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‘Tales From the Loop’ Featurette: New Amazon Series is “A Film Lover’s Television Show”

Since we’re all cooped up inside and movie theaters seem to be on the brink of extinction (thanks, coronavirus), here’s a bit of good news: a new show is coming to Amazon Prime Video that just might become your next obsession. Tales From the Loop is based on the moody sci-fi art of Simon Stålenhag, and the enigmatic-looking first season will be directed by a murder’s row of terrific talent. Check out a new look at the series below. Tales From the Loop Featurette I’ll be honest: even aft...
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Amazon Debuts Behind-the-Scenes Look at Tales From the Loop

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Amazon debuts behind-the-scenes look at Tales From the Loop Amazon has debuted a new featurette for the upcoming sci-fi drama Tales From the Loop giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the work the showrunners, producers and directors took to bring Simon Stålenhag’s narrative art book to life. The featurette can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Amazon’s Tales From the Loop Trailer & Key Art Released Based on the acclaimed art of Swedish artist Stålenhag, Tal...
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Tales From The Loop Official Trailer

Amazon Prime Video recently released the first trailer for their upcoming sci-fi series Tales From The Loop, adapted from Simon Stålenhag‘s highly acclaimed art book of the same name. Check it out below – If you’re a fan of Simon Stålenhag’s amazing art work , you’ll be just as excited as I am for the series; especially when the cast includes such amazing actors like Rebecca Hall ( The Prestige, Ironman 3 ) and Jonathan Pryce ( Game Of Thrones, Brazil ). To top this off, the series is dire...
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Amazon’s Tales From the Loop Trailer & Key Art Released

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Amazon’s Tales From the Loop Trailer & Key Art Released Amazon Prime Video has released the official Tales from the Loop trailer for the drama series created and written by Nathaniel Halpen. Custom key art created by series co-executive producer Simon Stålenhag, whose work inspired the series, was also released. You can check out the trailer now in the player below as well as the new art in the gallery! RELATED: Josh Brolin to Lead Amazon Drama Outer Range Based on the acc...
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‘Locke and Key’ Trailer: Netflix’s Adaptation of the Horror Comic is Almost Here

It’s hard to believe, but the Locke and Key series is almost upon us. The adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘s graphic novel series went through several fits and starts at several different networks before finally ending up at Netflix. And now, ahead of the show’s debut, the first real Locke and Key trailer is here. The story involves a trio of siblings who move into their ancestral home after their father’s murder. Locke and Key Trailer In Locke and Key, “After their father i...
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Paul Schneider and Jonathan Pryce Join Tales From the Loop for Amazon

Paul Schneider and Jonathan Pryce Join Tales From the Loop for Amazon Paul Schneider and Jonathan Pryce have decided to take the journey on Amazon’s latest series Tales From the Loop, according to Deadline. The duo will join recently announced Rebecca Hall in the hour long genre series, based on Simon Stålenhag’s acclaimed sci-fi art. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptSta...
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Amazon’s Tales From the Loop Adds Rebecca Hall as Lead

Amazon’s Tales From the Loop Adds Rebecca Hall as lead Deadline is reporting that Golden Globe nominee Rebecca Hall (Vicky Christina Barcelona) has been cast as the female lead in Amazon’s Tales From the Loop. Hall, whose credits also include The Town, The Prestige, Holmes & Watson, and the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong, will play Loretta, a gifted physicist. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh ||...
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The Electric State – Simon Stålenhag Art Book Review

Simon Stålenhag, the brilliant artist behind Tales From The Loop and Things From The Flood is back with yet another stunning art book titled The Electric State. Set in the late 1990s, the story follows a runaway teenage girl and her small yellow toy robot as they travel west through a strange American landscape populated by the ruins of gigantic battle drones and discarded trash from the remnants of a high-tech consumerist society addicted to a virtual-reality system. Not unlike his previous ...
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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I've been writing this column for I don't even know how many years now, and this week marks the first time that most of the list is made up of stuff that's more than a week old. This week, three of the five videos on the list are videos that I missed last week, videos … More »
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Netflix Makes It Official, Orders 10 Episodes of ‘Locke and Key’ Series

A potential adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘s acclaimed horror comic Locke & Key shuffled from one Hollywood location to the next over the years. Eventually, the project ended up at Hulu. And then…Hulu passed on it. But all was not lost: Netflix decided to give the series a shot, and now, they’re making it official. The streaming service announced they have ordered 10 episodes of the Locke & Key series. The long journey from page to screen for Locke & Key is finally reaching a d...
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Amazon Orders ‘Tales From the Loop’ Based on the Art of Simon Stalenhag

Amazon has given a greenlight to Tales From the Loop, a sci-fi series based on the art of Simon Stålenhag. One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go filmmaker Mark Romanek will helm the pilot and will serve as executive producer. Read more about the new series below. Simon Stålenhag creates gorgeous, memorable works of art. Usually the pieces have a running theme: mundane, even normal landscapes dotted with mind-blowing sci-fi contraptions. Here are a few examples. Now, Stålenhag’s art will b...
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Netflix Unlocks ‘Locke & Key’ Series After Hulu Passes

After nearly a decade of false starts and crushed dreams, the Locke & Key adaptation is finally coming to the small screen. The series has been reportedly picked up by Netflix, bringing the comic book adaptation’s eight years of development hell to an end. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s acclaimed horror comic series has had a rocky road to the small screen. Initially developed as a pilot for Fox in 2011, Locke & Key has been picked up and dropped by countless writers and networks, with Hul...
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Justin Timberlake – “Supplies” Video

Justin Timberlake promised four videos from four different directors ahead of Man Of The Woods. We've already seen Mark Romanek's Steve-Jobs-inspired "Filthy" footage, and this morning we're getting the second clip. It's for a Neptunes-produced song called "Supplies," it costars Eiza Gonzalez Reyna, and it's directed by Dave Meyers, who recently helmed such instant … More »
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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Mark Romanek is one of the great directors in music-video history. He did Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" and Beck's "Devil's Haircut" and Fiona Apple's "Criminal" and Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and Johnny Cash's "Hurt." His video for Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" was seriously problematic in a lot of ways, and also just plain annoying, … More »
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Watch: Jay-Z’s ‘Family Feud’ Music Video, Directed by Ava DuVernay

We recently wrote about Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek’s foray back into the world of music videos with his video for Justin Timberlake’s new single “Filthy,” but he’s not alone: Selma and A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay has a new music video of her own, featuring none other than Jay-Z and Beyonce. As you might expect from the heavyweight talent involved, “Family Feud” (from Jay-Z’s recent 4:44 album) isn’t just any old music video. It’s a nearly eight-minute short film that span...
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Watch: Mark Romanek Directs Dancing Robots in Justin Timberlake’s ‘Filthy’ Music Video

Justin Timberlake may stepped away from music to launch his acting career, but after five long years, he’s bringing sexy back to pop music. But that he’s also brought a bit of the movie industry back with him. Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek has accompanied Timberlake’s return to pop music, directing JT’s Black Mirror-inspired music video for “Filthy.” This is not their first time working together either – Romanek directed the music video for “Can’t Stop This Feeling,” Timberlake’s one-of...
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Justin Timberlake – “Filthy” Video

Justin Timberlake may be a Man Of The Woods now, but that doesn't mean he's suddenly grown a big bushy beard overnight. "Filthy," the first single we're hearing from his recently announced new album, was co-written by longtime collaborators Timbaland and Danja, and it's a far cry from Bon Iver. James Fauntleroy and Larrance … More »
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