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What Should LSBC’s Futures Task Force and LSO’s Technology Task Force Do?

The Law Society of British Columbia’s E-Brief for January 2019 states that LSBC has established a Futures Task Force: “… to look at the future of the legal profession and legal regulation in British Columbia. The task force is expected to identify anticipated changes that may improve or disrupt the future market for legal services, consider and evaluate the factors and forces driving those changes, as well as make recommendations to the Benchers regarding the implications and how the Law Society...
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Spotlight: SellApp Enables Chat and Sales on One Platform

Messaging apps have become commonplace for a lot of consumers. But for businesses, many of these apps lack the ability to actually complete sales and get paid without leaving the conversation. That’s where SellApp comes in. The company aims to provide a solution that actually works for businesses and their customers alike. Read more about the offering and the business behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What the Business Does Offers a commerce messaging platform with instant mo...
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To curb misinformation, Facebook ramps up efforts to weed out fake profiles

Facebook has ramped up its efforts against fake and bot profiles on the platform. “We’ve made improvements to recognize inauthentic accounts more easily by identifying patterns of activity — without assessing the content itself,” Shabnam Shaik, a technical program manager with Facebook’s Protect and Care Team, wrote in a note published on the platform. The new changes analyse posting and messaging patterns on the platform to weed out fake profiles. “We’ve found that when people represent themse...
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From This Weekend’s AJBlogs 09.11.16

This Week In Understanding Audience Stories: America’s Creative Divide Isn’t Where You Think This Week: There’s a creative divide in America but it’s not where you think… Rethinking the modern concert hall in favor of the audience… Is glamour an ineffective sell for pop music?… A link …read more AJBlog: AJ Arts Audience Published 2016-09-11 Weekend Extra: Alex Riel Meets Bill Evans Listeners rarely have the opportunity to witness world-class musicians prepare for a performance. In the autu...
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Israel's security minister suckers Zucker for Facebook'ed killings

Erdan: social media king not cooperating with cops Israel's Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has blamed Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg for the killing of Hallel Ariel and Michael Marks.…
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Facebook Safety Check For Pakistan Bombing Accidentally Goes Worldwide

An apparent misfire with Facebook's safety check feature caused confusion on Sunday, when users worldwide were prompted to let their friends know they were safe after a suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan.  Many users shared screenshots of the alerts via social media, noting they were thousands of miles from the site of the bombing that has left at least 52 people dead.  People nowhere near the Pakistan bombing are getting FB alerts asking if they are OK. What gives, @facebook?
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#Kanye Takes To #Twitter To Announce New Album, Tips Sponsor For #FREE Release

Would Kanye be more or less successful without Twitter?  On the one hand, his 19.5M followers hang on every word.  On the other,  he often tweets confusing and sometimes ridiculous things. Today's rant - retweeted 54,000 times - was about a the release of  a new album that we think is different than the new album he dropped on TIDAL just days ago. The highlights: Kanye Tweets a new album is on the way: status/702566224304152576   ...and that he will b...
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Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan pledge 99% of their Facebook shares to charity

Mark Zuckerberg is a happy man and the world just became happier. Mark and wife Priscilla Chan announced birth of their daughter Max by pledging 99 % of his wealth to charity, this amount to approx $45 billions to social causes around the globe. In an emotional letter on Facebook to his new born daughter Max, Mark and Priscilla penned down their thoughts on the positives and negatives about life and growing up in today’s world. They talk about making the world a better place to live for their ...
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