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It’s Okay – Everyone Feels Bad, Because Nothing Is New and Everything Is The Same

I spent the best part of this morning feeling lost. It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing anything – it’s that I, no matter how many “things” I do, never quite feel like I’ve done enough. I’m lucky, though – I have a job, a business, I keep people paid, we get paid, everyone’s good. Our work makes clients happy, and new business is still rolling in. But I still feel like I’m not doing enough, because I feel like I’ve sat in front of this computer and typed and hit send in the same way every day (minu...
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Could Virtual Test Drives Transform the Car-buying Experience?

With large hunks of the nation still under varying degrees of pandemic-related restrictions and accompanying panic, auto dealerships haven’t been awash with customers. Many that did reopen have been forced to follow distancing guidelines, frequently limiting the number of people allowed on the premises. Hoping to avoid closing permanently and relinquishing ownership to the bank, […] The post Could Virtual Test Drives Transform the Car-buying Experience? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Announcing the Fifth Edition of Advertising & Marketing Law: Cases & Materials by Tushnet & Goldman

Rebecca Tushnet and I are pleased to announce the fifth edition of our casebook, Advertising & Marketing Law: Cases & Materials. It is available for purchase in the following formats: * A DRM-free PDF file. Price: $12 * In Kindle. Price: $9.99 * Print-on-demand hard copy from Amazon. Price is $30 + shipping and tax. Buyers of the hard copy can also get a free PDF file by emailing me a copy of their receipt showing which edition they bought. If you are a professor, or are hoping to teach the...
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Renting is Better Than Buying for Some People

One of the commonly accepted indicators of financial success in our society is homeownership, but it’s not necessary to buy a home just to reflect financial success. For many people, it can make more sense to rent a home. After all, whether home buying is the best choice for you largely depends on your goals, and your lifestyle preferences. So how do you figure out whether renting is better than buying? Does Home Ownership Fit Your Lifestyle? The first thing to ask yourself is whether or not ...
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You Ask, I Answer: Why do Recommendation Engines Fail?

Oz asks, “Why is some consumer AI so bad? Instagram senses that I like bright-colored clothes. Then it shows me ads for bright-colored clothes that are also cheap crap that I’d never buy. What is the perspective of the companies? – It works great for most people. – We just need to get this right […]
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7 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Essential To Boost Your Business

Businesses must respond to what the market demands. In today’s digital era, video is the most preferred form of content in the world. Over 500 minutes’ worth of videos is uploaded per minute on YouTube alone. With that said, there are still many new influencers entering the YouTube ecosystem and are finding success. If you want to elevate the status of your business, you can’t afford to miss out on harnessing the power of videos. It’s possible to get started with a low marketing budget for this...
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Do You Highlight Pockets of Opportunities? Evidence Driven?

There is no linear sales and marketing approach, no matter what the current Marketing Funnel experts says. There is not anything new in these processes except for the tools being used. Elmo St. Lewis developed the funnel in 1898, it is still the same basic philosophy. Today’s marketing is about being there. Being in the Read More ...
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Best Budget Friendly Virtual Learning School Supply List

Best Budget Friendly Virtual Learning School Supply List is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!With everything in our world in flux currently, even the traditional school model is bound to change. And for many school systems, it has already been announced that the learning environment will look a bit different. No matter how you slice it, there will simply be more virtual learning during this upcoming school year. Which means that the sc...
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My Canadian Expat Taxes, Budget, and Savings Rate In Qatar

Can I really go work in Qatar and not pay Canadian income taxes as an expat? This was one of my first thoughts when I started looking into teaching abroad.  I mean, when you make a decision to move to the desert, adventure has to be the primary consideration, but let’s be honest here: If… The post My Canadian Expat Taxes, Budget, and Savings Rate In Qatar appeared first on Million Dollar Journey.
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Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Good Website Design And Digital Marketing Strategy

Why are web design and digital marketing so important for entrepreneurs? If you own a business but you don’t have a good website design and a digital marketing strategy, in… Read more » The post Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Good Website Design And Digital Marketing Strategy appeared first on
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Are Trump’s Executive Orders to Suspend Payroll Taxes, Extend Extra Weekly Unemployment Benefits, Defer 2020 Student Loan Payments and Continue Eviction Moratoriums Legally Valid?

Over the weekend President Trump signed a series of executive orders expanding certain Coronavirus economic relief provisions, following the inability of Congress (Republicans and Democrats) to reach... Read the rest of the post...
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Why Every Landlord Needs Quality Property Management

If you are renting out multiple properties, or even one property, it can be difficult and frustrating to deal with everything. Not only that, but this might not even be your only job. It can get difficult to manage all of these properties at one time, ensuring that your tenants are happy. This is where having quality property management comes in handy. By hiring the right team to do the job, you can remain happy and stress free while your tenants get the support and care that they need. Here ...
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14 Best Freelance Side Jobs To Consider

There are dozens of freelance platforms and social media that can help you find ways to make money. Here are some of the best freelance jobs. The post 14 Best Freelance Side Jobs To Consider appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Contributing Author. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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How to stop negative self talk (& finally reach your potential)

I’ve had the privilege of talking to many top performers and I’ve found one thing that stops them from reaching their full potential is how they talk to themselves. It may not seem like much, but negative self talk can be the one thing preventing you from living your dream life.  But it doesn’t have to. You can start today and shift that hurtful self talk into something more positive. The way you talk to yourself can become a vehicle that helps you reach your goals instead of a barrier preven...
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The Predictable Recipe Of Branding

From an interview/podcast I just made with the great Chiara Covone on Marketing & Branding. Great discussion. Today we are going to talk about brands, brands from today and tomorrow. You worked with many well known brands over the years, in very different industries. What do you think all successful brands have in common? I agree with the definition of Professor Sharp, which is very clear in this respect. Successful brands usually command a vast market share, generated by mental an...
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Weekend reading: Direct indexing seems inevitable

What caught my eye this week. P assive investing is a solved problem. Invest regularly into index funds or their ETF equivalents, allow your money to compound for 30 years, and then enjoy the fruits of the market’s return by spending down your portfolio in your later years. Sorted. Next! Well maybe. It’s been hundreds of years since much of anything stayed the same for long. So it seems likely to me our kids and grandkids (maybe future Monevator readers?) will be doing it their own savvy way. ...
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You Ask, I Answer: Why Map Customer Journeys?

John asks, “If the customer journey is different for every person, why bother trying to map it?” The presumption is that the customer journey is a wide open field of possibilities, when it’s more like a densely wooded forest. There are a limited number of rational pathways to conversion, and mapping both the probability and […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Why Map Customer Journeys? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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Broadcast your next listing: HomeRover is moving the bar for livestream tours

The Android and iOS app HomeRover allows multiple parties to view, screenshot and make a list of what they want to see in real time.
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Brand Bewitchery!

In this Marketing Over Coffee: We’re joined by Park Howell, The World’s Most Industrious Storyteller! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: NetSuite and Otis. The book is Brand Bewitchery Ron Ploof mutual admiration society meeting – Check out Ron on The StoryHow Pitch Deck and on Proverbs Where’d the industrious tagline come from? ABT – And, But & Therefore (Setup, Problem, Resolution) – Not Problem, solution, you need the setup to give the problem gravitas. 8:45 – 9:53 Sma...
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What's Next Depends on What's Now, But it's not a Straight Line

“A home isn’t just a home. When people are safe, healthy and happy in their houses, it enables them to be more in control of their own futures,” says Fernando Assad, social entrepreneur and founder of Programa Vivenda, Brazil. The statement is from 2019's IKEA highlights page. It rings even truer today. IKEA's new catalog is out. It tells us a lot about where we are, what we're feeling and doing right now as individuals and a society in many parts of the world. Every year, the Swedish company di...
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Is It Too Late To Pandemic-Proof Your Business? 

by Lonny Kocina, CEO of Media Relations Agency and author of “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The Book Every Marketer Should Read Before Their Boss Does“ There are lessons to be learned from this current marketing environment. Not even the best prepared businesses could have planned for the economic fallout that is taking place during this pandemic. How should business owners and marketers respond? Is it too late to make effective changes to your marketing plan? There are still plenty of actions ...
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Want Your Envelope To Get Opened? Tips For Direct Mail Success

If you think that direct mail is a non-effective marketing tool, then you should think again. Direct mail, if done right, can be as effective as any other marketing tool. Despite the increased popularity of technological means of advertising, some business still benefits largely from direct mail. And if you think that direct mail is for the old, you’re wrong. Even the young generation finds direct mail useful. In fact, some of them use direct mail to learn about marketing offers as opposed t...
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Future Buzz creator Adam returns to blogging with a new weekly YouTube vlog

Hello loyal Future Buzz readers! I hope you’ve been enjoying the updates from my good friend Ed Zitron (who you now know well). The site is in great hands with him. I felt awful leaving my subscribers after deciding I’d wanted a break from blogging. Which is why I was so happy he took over as editor, as he was the perfect person to keep the spirit of this site alive with actually interesting and useful views on a sector which is typically an endless parade of lukewarm takes and unimaginative thi...
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Blue Cash Everyday Card and Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Cash Money Life has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Cash Money Life and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Several years ago, I had to cancel my credit card because I noticed some fraudulent activity on it. That was when I realized I didn’t have a backup card. It was more of an inconvenience than anything, but I recognized the value of having another credit card in reserve. So I researched the best cards on the market and found a deal I c...
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Best Gas Rewards Credit Cards – Save up to 5% on Gas Purchases

Cash Money Life has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Cash Money Life and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. High gas prices affect everyone. Even if you don’t drive very often, high fuel costs trickle down through the economy, causing price increases for food and other commodities. Even though gas prices are affecting many aspects of our economy, anyone can save money on gas if they shop smartly. One of the best ways to do that is with a g...
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Business Continuity | Reinvention & Digital Transformation

When COVID-19 showed up and became a global pandemic, no one had a playbook – let alone the definitive one – on how to respond and adapt your business continuity to the unprecedented challenges it brought. As stay-at-home orders and social distancing went into effect and business trips, conferences, and gatherings of any significant size were canceled, we were quickly reminded of how vital the face-to-face human connection is to doing business. We had little choice but to pivot to all available ...
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How to Be More Creative

Those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to be born the next Picasso may think there’s no way we can learn to be more creative. But is that really true? According to some of the most creative people in the business, it’s not.  I recently interviewed Brian Koppelman, a renowned filmmaker, producer, and writer. He has worked on some of my favorite movies, like Rounders, Ocean’s Thirteen, and The Illusionist. He also created the popular T.V. show Billions, which has won many prestigious awards. ...
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Can We Use Recent Learning to be more Digital?

Are there reasons that Engineering should not be more Agile or Design Thinking like? With today’s modeling capabilities, can better collaboration taking place? Working with manufacturers through the years, I have found many of the engineering processes not all that collaborative in nature. In fact, many are somewhat archaic when compared to modern-day collaboration efforts Read More ...
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Top 3 Personal Loans

More and more people are taking out personal loans, and it’s now the fastest form of borrowing in the United States.  In the current economic climate, more people are predicted to take out personal loans this year than ever before.  It’s a great way to keep you afloat – whether it’s for your bills, your mortgage, or you need to buy something expensive that you couldn’t otherwise afford, like fixing your roof or having your bathroom redone.  If you think you’ll be needing to take out a per...
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How To Make Your Zoom Calls Look Like You’re On TV

I’m extremely online, the Freakazoid of PR. I was born online, raised online, and when everyone else went remote I was extremely ready, except for one thing: going on camera. I didn’t want to. I’d spent all this time enjoying not having to share my physical form. I hate seeing myself, more than anything (even other people), and thus I had to pick the most extra way to deal with the problem: to look as close to a television broadcast as possible. One caveat: an actual TV broadcast is slightly ...
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