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Walmart's advertising business is rattling agencies

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for October 30. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Walmart rattles agencies, WPP hires McKinsey for five-year plan, and CEOs field investor questions about influencers. Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images Walmart is trying to build a big...
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For Every Successful A-Side, There's a Suprising B-Side

[Coming up this week. Sign up here:] A B-side was the song on the flip side of a 12" or 7" vinyl single that backed the A-side originally. That's where you put the song that wasn't going to be promoted or receive radio play. They were meant to make it worth your while to buy the single. You'd know the songs because diehard fans raved about them initially, then they spread. Metaphorically-speaking, B-side stands for for the less-obvious part of a story, personality, ...
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You Ask, I Answer: Source/Medium Governance in Google Analytics?

Jakes asks, “With the switch to GA4 Source/Medium is becoming so much more important, can you recommend any resources that I can share with our advertising stakeholders to upscale them on the best use of of these parameters?” This is a question of power and process. First, you have to have the organizational power to […]
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Watch out for the capital gains tax turnover trap

Long story short: This post won’t apply if you invest entirely within ISAs and pensions. Try to! M ost people rightly believe capital gains tax (CGT) is not a tax they’ll pay. Buy-to-let landlords may face a CGT bill when they sell up, due to the size their one-off property gains. But private investors in shares and funds can usually buy and sell within tax shelters – ISAs and SIPPS1. This avoids CGT altogether. By using shelters you also sidestep the hassle of reporting to HMRC all your trade...
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10 things you need to check on your website

In this blog, we're looking at the instinctive things that we check when we're looking at a website. We'll talk about how you can fix and improve some of those. Some are performance issues and others are SEO issues. We're hoping that this will compliment our previous resources on SEO. [Author: [email protected] (Matthew Stibbe)]
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IBPS 10th CRP Bank Specialist Officer Recruitment Examination 2020-21

Xth (10) CRP for Specialist Officers Vacancy  in PSU Banks by IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) will conduct Xth (10th)  Online Common Recruitment Process (CRP), Preliminary and Main Examination for the year 2020-21 for and recruitment and selection of personnel for Specialist Officers (SO) Government Job Vacancy Posts in participating Public Sector Bank or any other Financial Institution tentatively in the month of December 2020 and January 2021 through Xth... Please Click on...
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Swimming into the Torpedo: How Microsoft Transitioned to Virtual Events

Why do some virtual events succeed while others miss the mark? One likely reason is that organizations simply try to recreate the in-person event they are familiar with digitally. Unfortunately, they fail to find the right medium and methodology for virtual success.
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SNK Cowardly Takes Down Butt-Slapping Advertisement for SNK All Stars

The gaming industry’s current era of hypersensitivity has already led to the take-down of the butt-slapping advertisement for SNK All Stars, a decision that many critics predicted would happen as SNK caters to the easily offended snowflakes on social media who probably don’t even play their games. The advertisement involved SNK character Terry driving by […]
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5 Painless Ways to Pay Yourself First

We all know that we ought to be paying ourselves first — by building a healthy emergency fund, investing in our retirement accounts, and saving for important future purchases. However, it can feel like paying ourselves first will end up shortchanging our other financial obligations. How can you pay yourself first when you barely have enough money to make it to the end of each month? Luckily, saving is just like Lao Tzu’s journey of a thousand miles. They both start with a single (and, in this c...
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Should your SaaS startup embrace a bottom-up GTM strategy?

Caryn Marooney Contributor Share on Twitter Caryn Marooney is general partner at Coatue Management and sits on the boards of Zendesk and Elastic. In prior roles she oversaw communications for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus and co-founded The OutCast Agency, which served clients like and Amazon. More posts by this contributor Onboarding employees and maintaining culture in a remote work env...
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You Ask, I Answer: Views and Segments in Google Analytics 4?

Reid asks, “are you saying that we should use properties in the same way we would use views in UA? And if so, does that mean a separate tag for each property in GTM?” To understand the layout of Google Analytics 4 and where stuff has or has not gone, we have to understand the […]
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Can a Meal Delivery Service Actually Save You Money?

Can a Meal Delivery Service Actually Save You Money? is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!This year has been one of the busiest times of my life. Between homeschooling my son, working on my freelance business, playing the drums at church every other weekend, and trying to maintain my mental and physical health, my plate is pretty full. The thought of trying a meal delivery service has crossed my mind.I’m always looking for ways to save ...
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How To Boost Your Startup Business Using Affiliate Marketing

For a startup, the first goal is to invest in the advertisement of your business to get customers. Digital marketing is the latest strategy of advertising your business, promoting it to the next level. For this purpose, affiliate marketing is used by which you can advertise your products by letting a publisher website post information about it. In this strategy, the affiliate link to your website is placed in the promotional content, and by clicking the link, it will lead to your website. The p...
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What Is Engagement Marketing And How Does It Help A Business?

Regardless of niche or industry, several businesses need to find, connect, and gain new customers. Some marketing methods tend to be quite effective for certain businesses. One particular technique that may come to mind is engagement marketing. What Is Engagement Marketing? As its name implies, engagement marketing, also called experiential or event marketing, uses well-thought, resourceful methods to engage with targeted audiences. The interactions created may present numerous opportunities ...
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Customer Happiness | 4 Tips to Measure What Truly Matters

Do you want happy customers?  Of course, you do. No business wants unhappy customers. But how do you know they’re happy? Repeat business isn’t necessarily a sign of happiness, as proved by the concept of customers as hostages (when customers don’t want to buy from you, but feel like they don’t have a choice.)  Is it, in fact, even possible to measure happiness?  Every year the United Nations publishes its World Happiness Report , ranking the planet’s countries in order of the happiness...
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You have to keep doing the work

Finish out the year strong at the upcoming Connect events.
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Center of Excellence | Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Implementing a foundation program library inside of your Marketo Engage application is one feat. Implementing a center of excellence outside of the platform is another. Without a focus on people, processes, and overall technology, you could be setting yourself up for poor adoption and support. With a focus on the three, you could be setting yourself up for optimized value realization and your next big promotion. As employees turn towards virtual work during the pandemic, these components are mor...
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AgencyLogic Secures Funding Enabling Growth and Innovation in Real Estate Marketing

Hudson Valley Investment Group leads round to help the company fuel product development and expansion through acquisitions and partnerships. Wappingers Falls, NY (Tuesday, October 27th, 2020) AgencyLogic, the global leader in the single property Website market, today announced it has closed on funding led by the Hudson Valley Investment Group. The deal is the continuation of a relationship that has seen the company leverage new capital to drive product development. AgencyLogic, in...
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Traditional And Roth IRA Contribution Limits Announced

The contribution limits for the Roth IRA and Traditional IRA were just announced. Here's what IRS limits are for the upcoming year. The post Traditional And Roth IRA Contribution Limits Announced appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Peter Anderson. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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You Ask, I Answer: When to Switch to Google Analytics 4?

Brian asks, “When should a company really consider shifting over to Google Analytics 4?” Interestingly, reports from Reddit say people setting up new properties are not given an option for GA 3 (aka Universal Analytics, it is available as an ‘advanced’ option) so we’re already seeing Google pushing hard for GA 4 adoption. You should […]
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Fidelity Extended ETF Orders in Dollars with Fractional Shares to Website

Fidelity started accepting ETF orders in dollars with fractional shares back in February but it was available only in their mobile app (see ). Now Fidelity extended the same functionality to online trading on their website. When you buy or sell an ETF at most other brokers, you have to do it in whole shares. If you’d like to invest $3,000 in an ETF and the price of the ETF is $53.69 per share, you have to calculate first how many shares it is. Then you place an order for either 55 shares or ...
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The Rozen Maiden Girls Inject Elegance Into SinoAlice

Rozen Maiden has become relevant once again though perhaps in a way not favorable to those hoping for a new anime as the series is instead participating in a collab campaign with SinoAlice, thrusting all the doll girls into the smartphone game for gacha addicts to collect. Suigintou, Shinku, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Hina Ichigo, and Kanaria […]
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3 ways to build trust using personalized direct-message videos

If you have not added video to your marketing strategy, get started with one-to-one videos, or videos that you directly message to an audience of one, that will help you establish, deepen and maintain more relationships.
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The facts of investing life

W hich is more important in your world: knowledge or skills? This question is the fulcrum of an ideological battle being fought over our education system, and it’s a debate that also has ramifications for DIY investors. The champions of knowledge believe we need to command certain basic facts to operate effectively in society – the essentials of science, literature, history, and geography. Without these fundamentals, you’re like a driver who can’t read road signs or markings. The advocates o...
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Running An Online Business – Fundamentals To Always Remember

Running a business online means you will have to deal with more people and therefore more competition. This is why many people are still reluctant to start an online business, especially one with limited sales. There are many benefits to online businesses. They offer you the ability to work when it is convenient for you, which is great for working parents or anyone who needs to earn extra income. If you find that there is a need for you to work extra hours, you can do so at your convenience. Wit...
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How Big Are Costco Cakes?

Costco is known for bulk packages and great deals. If you mention the bakery to any Costco fan, they’ll likely gush about their famous sheet cakes. If you haven’t heard about them, here’s everything you need to know about their cakes, including Costco cake size. Are Costco Sheet Cakes Available? In June of 2020 it was rumored Costco stopped making their famous sheet cakes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, large gatherings aren’t happening causing demand to fall for the dessert designed to feed a...
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How To Find A Job You Love

Key Takeaways Figuring out your career path can take years, but patience is part of the process. Narrow down your job search step by step, starting with an honest self-assessment and industry research. Invest in yourself by building your skills, networking, and learning how to sell your personal brand. Most people spend around a third of their lives working, which is why it’s a worthy endeavor to find an engaging, energizing job.  Maybe you’re just getting started on your career jou...
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What Do You Need To Open A Bank Account? The Ultimate Guide

If you plan on opening a bank account, especially in person, make sure you know the process and have all the required documents. The post What Do You Need To Open A Bank Account? The Ultimate Guide appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Contributing Author. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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Ad holding company IPG takes aim at Accenture and consultants

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for October 27. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: IPG takes aim at consultancies like Accenture, Inspire Brands eyes buying Dunkin', and the financial PR pros to know. IPG Ad holding giant IPG has roped in a former Deloitte Digital exec and invested $5 million to launc...
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Freshworks (re-)launches its CRM service

Freshworks, the customer and employee engagement company that offers a range of products, from call center and customer support software to HR tools and marketing automation services, today announced the launch of its newest product: Freshworks CRM. The new service, which the company built on top of its new Freshworks Neo platform, is meant to give sales and marketing teams all of the tools they need to get a better view of their customers — with a bit of machine learning thrown in for better pr...
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