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From IKEA to Home Depot, major companies are offering 'intrapreneurship' programs that let top talent lead their own startup-like projects. Here's how they work.

Home Depot, IKEA, and Accenture are examples of major companies with innovation labs. The labs are designed to attract the brightest minds in technology, giving them a place to channel their entrepreneurial spirit with the security of working for an established organization. Companies benefit as well, because they're less likely to lose their top talent to the startup world. Alphabet, Google's parent company, has a famous innovation lab called X. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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Anzac Day

It is ANZAC Day morning and I can't sleep quite right. I am going to the Dawn Service - but it isn't the same without Alice.Alice was a war-widow who looked after me as a child, and I looked after a little in old age.In memory, here is a post from 2009, the last time I went to the remembrance parade with Alice.=== The original ANZACs were the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  They landed on 25 April 1915 at Galipoli in the Dardenelles for what was to become a protracted and punishing milit...
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CWHL Folds: What’s Next for Women’s Hockey?

On the morning of Sunday Mar. 31, 2019, word was released that the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) would cease operating as of May 1. The news sent shock waves through the women’s hockey community, with players, coaches, and fans alike pondering not only how this could happen, but where would things go from here? In a move of solidarity combined with heartache, CWHL players tweeted out the same message again and again: This morning we were informed the #CWHL is folding. As players, we ...
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Best Chinatowns in the North America

There’s a certain generic image that’s associated with the word Chinatown. The neighborhoods can be found around the world and have, in many ways, made the switch from immigrant communities to full-blown tourist attractions. Chinatowns in places like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and LA are prime examples. But Chinatowns aren’t limited to what you see in the movies. True Chinatowns also exist, oftentimes in unexpected places like tiny farm towns and French-speaking cities north of the bor...
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Stun-gun kidnapping of Chinese student alarms Canada

Police search for Wanzhen Lu, 22, who was bundled into van by masked gang in Markham, near TorontoPolice in Canada are searching for a Chinese university student following an armed kidnapping using “significant” violence over the weekend.Wanzhen Lu, 22, was shocked several times with a stun gun by three masked attackers on Saturday evening in the city of Markham, Ontario, north of Toronto. A fourth person waited in a nearby vehicle. Continue reading...
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The GTA Line (Greater Toronto Area)

from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, Different in growing up in three diverse areas of the GTA. Tavares was born in Mississauga, played his first hockey in Oakville. Marner was born in Markham, first skated in Pickering, now listed as coming from Thornhill. Hyman was born in Toronto, grew up in the hockey hotbed that is Forest Hill, normally a breeding ground for NHL owners, and starred in the Greater Toronto Hockey League. Just like Marner did after him and Tavares before him. ...
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PE-backed Cologix acquires Metro Optic

Denver, Colorado-based Cologix, a data center and interconnection solutions provider, has acquired Montreal-based infrastructure provider Metro Optic. No financial terms were disclosed. The transaction includes data center facilities in Montreal and Toronto. Cologix is backed by Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners. PRESS RELEASE DENVER – March 4, 2019 — Cologix, a network-neutral interconnection and Hyperscale edge data center company, today announced it has acquired Montreal based infrastructure ...
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What's the deal with textbooks?

Editor's note:Here at Markham's Behavioral Health we are interested in education, how people learn, the function of education in society, how it constributes to human development etc.In 1986, my ex wife, Angela, and I started homeschooling four of our nine children. One of the big things I learned was the great variability in textbooks, how they are chosen by school districts, how teachers use them in their classrooms etc. I learned that some textbooks are very helpful in learning about a subjec...
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Babcock’s “Ontario Guys” Evolution: Is Don Cherry Right?

When Don Cherry talks, people listen. Not everyone agrees, but Cherry has a platform as large as his life. And, bombastic as I sometimes find him, I do tune in to watch him hang out with Ron MacLean on Hockey Night in Canada. It’s a good shtick. I enjoy it. And, it’s always worth a quote or two. Speaking of quotes, recently, I read that Cherry believed the Toronto Maple Leafs needed more hometown, Ontario “boys.” Specifically, Cherry finger-pointed: “Strange, Toronto coach Mike Babcock say...
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Thieves Are Boosting the Signal From Key Fobs Inside Homes To Steal Vehicles

An anonymous reader quotes a report from According to Markham automotive security specialist Jeff Bates, owner of Lockdown Security, wireless key fobs have a role to play in many recent car thefts, with thieves intercepting and rerouting their signals -- even from inside homes -- to open and steal cars. According to Bates, many of these thieves are using a method called "relay theft." Key fobs are constantly broadcasting a signal that communicates with a specific vehicle, he said, and wh...
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New posts are now being published on the blogger web site Markham's Behavioral Health. You can access this site by going here Posts will be published daily. Please visit and subscribe. Thank you for your interest in Markham's Behaviorial Health. [Author: David G. Markham]
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Irvin Mayfield’s New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Misdirected, Misspent Public Funds: Audit

The report fleshes out details of the alleged activities for which trumpeter Mayfield and orchestra CEO Ronald Markham face wire fraud, money laundering, and other criminal charges. The audit found that Mayfield spent $28,000 of NOJO money at the Ritz-Carleton in New York and that he and Markham diverted earmarked state and city money into NOJO payroll and operations.
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Virginia Theological Seminary to underwrite new scholarships with sale of artifact

VTS has announced it will auction a 3,000-year-old Assyrian sculpture, valued at between $10 million and $15 million, through Christie’s, to create a new scholarship fund with the proceeds. Reported in ARTnews: The gypsum relief is over seven feet tall, and it once adorned the walls of the Northwest Palace of King Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud in what is now Iraq. The figure depicted in the stone, a deity known as Apkallu, holds a bucket and a cone-shaped object that represent fertility and protec...
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Companies like IKEA and Accenture are following in Google's footsteps to stay ahead of the curve

Home Depot, IKEA, and Accenture are examples of major companies with innovation labs. The labs are designed to attract the brightest minds in technology, giving them a place to channel their entrepreneurial spirit with the security of working for an established organization. Companies benefit too, because they're less likely to lose their top talent to the startup world. Alphabet, Google's parent company, has a famous innovation lab called X.  "It's like being an entrepreneur," said Tomas Cha...
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'Everybody fits in': inside the Canadian cities where minorities are the majority

In ‘majority-minority’ cities such as Markham and Brampton, diversity isn’t aspirational; it’s a fact. But how does integration work?The Foody Mart in Markham, a sprawling city near Toronto, is found in a typical North American suburban plaza, sprinkled with fast-food chains, nail salons and a small legal firm. But look closely and you will notice the mall’s parking signs are in Chinese and the bank serves customers in Cantonese and Mandarin.Inside the Foody Mart, there are shelves of salted duc...
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Goodbye counterculture: what will happen when weed goes corporate?

It is big corporations, not small independent producers, who will reap the benefits of cannabis legalization in Canada – but what will that mean for musicians and artists?On a cool evening this past winter, Markham cannabis producer MedReleaf unveiled the first official branding for a legal recreational weed company at Toronto’s Opera House. Continue reading...
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Juror Research Online and Mistrials

With a smartphone in every pocket, and easy access to the law in every home, when does independent research by a juror become sufficient for a mistrial? The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently explored this issue during a personal injury trial in Patterson v. Peladeau, where Justice Hackland dismissed the motion for mistrial. At issue for the mistrial motion was an unusual jury question on the first day of deliberations. The content of the note inferred that the jury had been discussing t...
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Markham of European Home named Outstanding Woman of Family Business

Middleton, MA According to European Home, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of modern gas and wood fireplaces, its founder and president, Holly Markham, has been named an Outstanding Woman of Family Business by The Warren Group editorial board. Twelve honorees were recogni...
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Court bars winner of 2017 mayoral election from office

CHICAGO (AP) — An Illinois appeals court has ruled the winner of a suburban Chicago mayoral election isn’t eligible to hold the position because of a felony conviction. Roger Agpawa was blocked last summer by a Cook County judge from being sworn-in as Markham’s mayor despite garnering 41 percent of the vote in the April […]
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Department Of Justice Eyes Ticketmaster, Live Nation [REPORT]

The battle between Live Nation and AEG has escalated with a New York Times report that the Department of Justice is probing whether Live Nation strong-arms its clients into using Ticketmaster.  AEG has reportedly told the DOJ that venues it manages in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Louisville and Oakland were told they would lose valuable shows if Ticketmaster was not used as a vendor, a possible violation of antitrust laws. The complaint stems from a Matchbox Twenty ...
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"Geeze. Don't take a moment to rest in your farming or some jerk will come along and call you an ox."

Wrote Freeman Hunt in the post about the 1898 poem, "The Man with the Hoe," which was based on a Millet painting of a farmer resting, leaning against his hoe. The poet, Edwin Markham did indeed look at the painting of a man and see an ox — well, a brother to an ox:Who made him dead to rapture and despair,A thing that grieves not and that never hopes.Stolid and stunned, a brother to the ox?The meaning is in the eye of the beholder. I thought of Vincent Van Gogh's response to Millet:In 1885 Van Go...
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Poem read in bed in the middle of the night — after a conversation that got me looking up another poem by the same man.

The poet is Edwin Markham, and the poem — not the one that made me look up Markham — is based on this Millet painting:The Man with the Hoe (1898)Bowed by the weight of centuries he leansUpon his hoe and gazes on the ground,The emptiness of ages in his face,And on his back the burden of the world.Who made him dead to rapture and despair,A thing that grieves not and that never hopes.Stolid and stunned, a brother to the ox?Who loosened and let down this brutal jaw?Whose was the hand that slanted ba...
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Quebec Nordiques – A History of Beer, Brawls, and Van Halen

The Quebec Nordiques almost didn’t exist. And depending on who you ask, maybe they shouldn’t have existed at all. In fact, their story begins on the other side of the continent, under the considerably warmer skies of San Francisco, California. The Nordiques (roughly translated as the “Northerners” or “Northmen”) were originally called the San Francisco Sea Hawks, under the ownership of Gary Davidson, the lawyer and businessman who co-founded and served as president of the World Hockey Associatio...
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Q & A with Shannon Doyle of the Whale

Shannon Doyle has just about seen it all over her 40 pro games since the inception of the Connecticut Whale in the NWHL and after talking with her for just six minutes it’s clear why she was chosen by her teammates to be an alternate captain in her third season. It’s not the fifteen points she’s chipped in from the blueline or the 77 shots on goal the defender has fired at goalies or the countless goal posts she’s pinged a shot off of. It’s her character, her personality, and her belief in her t...
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Ex-mayor of Chicago suburb indicted in bribery scheme

MARKHAM, Ill. (AP) — A grand jury has indicted the former mayor of a poor Chicago suburb on charges he took part in a $300,000 bribery scheme involving city contractors. The Chicago Tribune reports the federal indictment against former Markham Mayor David Webb was issued Thursday. Authorities say the bribes included payments made through campaign […]
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Will Amazon Dominate Influencer Marketing Too?

Jeff Bezos and Amazon already oversee dominant or emerging powerhouse businesses in cloud computing and storage, e-commerce, rockets, ebooks, smart speakers, and original programming (check out the $250 million they recently paid for just the RIGHTS to make two Lord of the Rings TV shows). Now, they’re making a new move into influencer marketing. There’s a new wrinkle in the long-running Amazon Associates affiliate program: The company is now offering Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram influencers...
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'Far Away Brothers': What Becomes of the Children Who Must Flee Home and Country?

There's a scene at the end of the first chapter of The Far Away Brothers where the title characters -- identical twins from a small town in El Salvador, at the time in their early teens -- walk up to the doorstep of a good friend. Maybe he wants to hang out. But Edgar's not there. As his mom succinctly explains: “He went to the North." It's a refrain that will occur over and over in this new book by investigative journalist Lauren Markham. She's covered immi...
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Books of The Times: ‘The Far Away Brothers’ Breathes Vivid Life Into Immigration Issues

Lauren Markham’s impeccably timed and intimately reported book follows twin teenage brothers on their journey from El Salvador to California.
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Constructing an All Toronto-Born NHL Lineup

Ever wonder what the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup would look like if they only employed active Toronto-born players from across the league? Today, we answer that question. It’s well documented that a plethora of Toronto area players make up a significant part of the NHL’s top performers, as well as a portion of Canadian Olympic teams. But, many of those players are born and raised in more rural towns and cities of Southern Ontario, or from other cities in the GTA like Mississauga, Brampton, Vaugha...
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