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Regulators are warning people against filling their veins with young blood, but a controversial startup is charging $8,000 to do it

Federal regulators are warning people against getting infusions of young blood. Last month, Business Insider reported exclusively that a controversial blood transfusion startup called Ambrosia was allegedly up and running in five US cities. Ambrosia charges $8,000 to fill your veins with the blood of young people — despite little to no hard evidence that the procedure has any benefits. As Business Insider has previously reported, many researchers — including those whose original science inspir...
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Starz Gives Counterpart The Axe

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Starz gives Counterpart the axe Despite two highly acclaimed seasons for the premium cable network, the sci-fi espionage thriller Counterpart will not be getting a third season from Starz, according to The Hollywood Reporter. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googl...
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On Pro Basketball: Behind the Nets’ Success Is a Carefully Crafted Culture and, Finally, a Clue

A strategy of bringing in players with something to prove has made the Nets a team of low-wattage players finding their footing and becoming stars.
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Howard Marks' Latest Memo: Political Reality Meets Economic Reality

Oaktree Capital Chairman Howard Marks is out with his latest memo entitled Political Reality Meets Economic Reality.  In it, he spends the first part of the letter with interesting first and second order effects of the impact of tariffs, examining what's perceived as a benefit versus a risk. Marks then goes on to touch on something else that's worrying him even more: increasing anti-capitalist sentiment.Rising populism is something he's watching, and he's not alone, as Ray Dalio of Bridgewater A...
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Making Peace With the Music Left by an Omnivorous Young Composer

Matt Marks’s breakthrough work, “The Little Death: Vol. 1,” will be revived as part of the Prototype festival, after his death in May at 38.
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Critic’s Notebook: On ‘Counterpart’ and ‘Berlin Station,’ Spies to Keep You Company in the Cold

Two entertaining espionage thrillers, on Starz and Epix, both take place in Berlin, where secret agents are part of the atmosphere.
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United States: Ninth Circuit Opens Door For More Expansive Meaning Of ATDS In TCPA Cases - Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton

In the recent case of Marks v. Crunch San Diego, LLC, 904 F.3d 1041 (9th Cir. 2018) the Ninth Circuit broadly interpreted the TCPA's definition of automatic telephone dialing system
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What Have They Done to the Shar Pei?

This is what the Shar Pei used to look like.  Image source . This is what a heavily inbred dog can look like today. The same dog after a face lift to save its eyesight. The Daily Mail details a recent facelift given to a Shar Pei whose over-wrinkled face and resulting eye entropion was leading to blindness.The vet blasted the over-breeding which led to Molly suffering from one of the worst cases of the entropion he had ever seen.Mr Marks said: 'Molly is a result o...
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Jennifer Connelly Feels the Need For Speed, Joins ‘Top Gun 2’

Top Gun 2, aka Top Gun: Maverick, may have just found its new leading lady: Jennifer Connelly. Connelly is in early talks to join Tom Cruise and Miles Teller in the sequel to the 1986 high-flying action flick. More Jennifer Connelly in movies is never a bad thing, so let’s all remain optimistic about the actress joining the Top Gun 2 cast. THR is reporting that Connelly is in talks to play the female lead in the film, described as “a single mother who runs a local bar near the Navy base.” Co...
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US Lobbying Firm Tried To Enlist Global Ambassadors To Help Russian Company

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. lobbying firm sought to recruit the ambassadors of France, Germany and several other countries to demonstrate international support for severing Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s control of Rusal, the aluminum manufacturing giant sanctioned by Washington. Documents made public by the Justice Department show that Mercury LLC drafted messages for at least six envoys to send to senior U.S. government officials that expressed support for a plan to eliminate Deripaska’s major...
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Men helped fight Alpine Fire with garden hoses

ALPINE, Calif. (KGTV) - Several homeowners along Viejas View Place and Olive View Road in Alpine are thanking two men for helping save their homes during the West Fire on Friday.RELATED: Alpine residents getting help after the West FireMichael Marks and Bryan Meyers stayed behind and helped out spot fires with garden hoses.  “We made sure we were safe. If some wind shifted or something we had a plan so that we could get out,” Marks said.“Just basically did what any community would do for each ot...
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Howard Marks' New Memo: Investing Without People

Oaktree Capital's Chairman Howard Marks has penned his latest memo.  It is entitled Investing Without People and talks about the evolution of the markets with the increasing presence of index/passive investing, quant strategies, and machine learning/AI.Marks writes,"When people invest more in certain stocks than others, the prices of those stocks rise in relative terms. And when everyone decides to refrain from performing the functions of analysis, price discovery and capital allocation, the app...
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The Return of Relist Watch

John Elwood provides useless blather to accompany Monday’s relists. I apologize for slacking off last week, but I was in central Europe taking in the dulcet tones of the language of love while testing the effects of an all-meat on the body of a sedentary middle-aged lawyer. After about 10 days among people who see cuts of meat in the most unlikely places, packing myself full of and something that I only belatedly discovered translates as “liver-cheese,” I can report that there are no adverse...
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Opinion analysis: Justices clarify when prisoners can benefit from sentencing-guidelines changes, but refuse to revisit the narrowest-grounds test

What could have been one of the most significant cases of the term turned out to be a very narrow decision of import mainly to federal defendants and criminal lawyers. The court granted certiorari on two separate questions relating to the meaning and viability of the rule articulated in Marks v. United States for discerning precedent from a plurality opinion. In Marks, in 1977, the court held that “[w]hen a fragmented Court decides a case, … the holding of the Court may be viewed as that positio...
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A “view” from the courtroom: Justice Kennedy’s Master-pièce de résistance

It’s the first opinion day of June in this very busy term. The court has 29 argued cases to finish, many of which are in the blockbuster category. Both the bar section and the public gallery are full. As it turns out, some general-public seats are being taken up by part of a large cohort of Harvard Law School alumni who will be sworn into the Supreme Court Bar at the end of this morning’s session. Other groups being sworn in today are from the Illinois State Bar Association and the Phi Alpha Del...
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That Decisive Moment: The Nilsson Centennial: The Week in Classical Music

The great soprano's birthday, Beethoven and Yanni were among the highlights.
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SCOTUS for law students: Counting at the Supreme Court

Here’s a quick quiz: When does 6 plus 1 not necessarily add up to 7? Counting vote totals can sometimes be a challenge at the Supreme Court, especially when the justices write separate opinions that take different forms and reach different conclusions. One example came earlier this week in the sports-betting ruling, Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association. In a decision written by Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court invalidated a federal law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Pr...
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Charles Ray, Walking a Fine Line With a Hungry Lion

The enigmatic Los Angeles sculptor has new works at Matthew Marks Gallery. Even his fans acknowledge that his subjects can have unpredictable effects on viewers.
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How A Mule Train From Marks, Miss., Kicked Off MLK's Poor People Campaign

Martin Luther King Jr. chose Marks as a starting point for the economic justice fight because of the entrenched poverty he saw there. Today, poverty remains a challenge in Marks.(Image credit: Bob Daugherty/AP )
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Ask a Showrunner: Justin Marks on the ‘Counterpart’ Finale, and Why Unsexy Is the New Sexy

The science fiction spy thriller ended its first season Sunday night.
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Argument analysis: “We know how to get to five” – justices debate precedent in the absence of a majority opinion

Erik Hughes was federally indicted in 2013 on four methamphetamine- and firearm-related offenses. He pleaded guilty to two charges, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute at least 500 grams of methamphetamine and being a felon in possession of a firearm. The plea agreement between Hughes and the government — known as a “C-Plea,” named for Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11(c)(1)(C), in which the prosecutor and the defendant agree to a “specific sentence or sentencing range” — contain...
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Argument preview: Narrowing the “narrowest grounds” test, or simply interpreting a federal statute?

The question of how to count the votes of the justices to decide who won a Supreme Court case – and on what ground – when the court is splintered has baffled lower courts for years. The rule laid out in Marks v. United States purports to answer that question: “When a fragmented Court decides a case and no single rationale explaining the result enjoys the assent of five Justices, the holding of the Court may be viewed as that position taken by the Members who concurred in the judgment on the narr...
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Bar Complaint Filed Against Lawyers Who Participated In Bogus Lawsuits Targeting Fake Defendants (techdirt)

The reputation management tactic of filing bogus defamation lawsuits may be slowly coming to an end, but there will be a whole lot of reputational damage to be spread among those involved by the time all is said and done. Richart Ruddie, proprietor of Profile Defenders, filed several lawsuits in multiple states fraudulently seeking court orders for URL delistings. The lawsuits featured fake plaintiffs, fake defendants, and fake admissions of guilt from the fake defendants. Some judges issued j...
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Symposium: Polling-place speech restrictions collide with modern free-speech doctrine

Ken Klukowski is an attorney representing the American Civil Rights Union, which filed an amicus brief in support of the challengers in Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky, and is also senior legal editor for Breitbart News Network. This year the Supreme Court will decide whether the First Amendment allows a “buffer zone” forbidding all political speech around polling places on Election Day. A lot has changed in free-speech jurisprudence since the court looked at this issue in 1992, but the jus...
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Howard Marks Latest Memo on Markets & Tax Cuts

Oaktree Capital's Chairman Howard Marks is out with his latest memo entitled "Latest Thinking."  In it, he details his take on the markets and tax cuts.He begins by highlighting the positives: fundamentals are solid, worldwide growth is in full effect, deregulation and pro-business policies are in place, etc.  He then turns to the negatives, writing."Most valuation parameters are either the richest ever (Buffett ratio of stock market capitalization to GDP, price-to-sales ratio, the VIX, bond yie...
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Review: ‘Counterpart’ Gives Us J.K. Simmons, Times Two

The Oscar-winning actor plays parallel-world versions of the same man — a gentle bureaucrat and a ruthless agent — in a Starz sci-fi mystery mash-up.
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SV Health Investors promotes two

SV Health Investors has promoted Denise Marks to chief administrative partner from chief financial officer and Brent Faduski to chief financial officer from controller. Marks first joined the firm in 2003 while Faduski came on board in 2008. PRESS RELEASE BOSTON, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SV Health Investors, the venture capital and growth equity firm, has promoted Denise Marks to Chief Administrative Partner from Chief Financial Officer and Brent Faduski to Chief Financial Officer from C...
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‘The Jungle Book 2’ Will Resurrect Unused Disney Ideas, Explore More Rudyard Kipling Stories [TCA 2018]

During /Film’s interview with screenwriter Justin Marks, creator of Starz’s new series Counterpart, we asked about his screenplay for the developing live-action Jungle Book sequel. The Jungle Book 2 was announced back in April of 2016, but we haven’t heard much on development since then. Jon Favreau is busy directing a new version of The Lion King in a way similar to how he made The Jungle Book, so it’s tough to say when we might see the sequel. Thankfully, Marks offered some details as to what...
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Will ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Feature a New Love Interest for the Cocky Fighter Pilot? [TCA 2018]

Screenwriter Justin Marks appeared on a Television Critics Association panel for his Starz series Counterpart (which we’ll have more about in the coming weeks), but afterwards, we got the chance to ask about the screenplay for Top Gun: Maverick, of which Marks wrote an early draft. Tom Cruise is back for the long-awaited, long-gestating sequel to the 1986 fighter pilot movie directed by the late Tony Scott, and Val Kilmer wants in too. But what about Kelly McGillis? Will she be back as Charlie?...
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Is Racial Harmony Disintegrating?

John Piper originally shared his burden live online on Thursday, November 30, in a 35-minute address. This article is John’s written version of that address, revised and expanded to provide more clarity on the finer points of his burden. I write not as an authority on race relations, or as one with vast experience across cultures, or as one who considers himself especially successful in realizing my own dreams. Instead I write as a watcher of our sad world, a pursuer of biblic...
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