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"The multimillionaire former CEO of online shoe store Zappos died on Friday, nine days after he was dragged unconscious by firefighters from a blazing Connecticut house..."

"... in the middle of the night. Tony Hsieh, who was worth an estimated $840 million, had retired three months earlier from the billion-dollar business he helped found, and was just 46 years old. The alarm was raised at 3:30am on November 18 and firefighters forced their way into the New London home after being told someone was trapped inside.... He insisted on a $36,000 annual salary... and he sat in an unassuming cubicle among the other employees. When Zappos set up a new warehouse in Kentucky...
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My husband donates money to the church, but leaves me short

It’s not about the money, says Mariella Frostrup. You describe your husband as if he were a stranger, so think hard about your futureThe dilemma I’m a 60-year-old woman and although I have worked for years teaching English, I have always been financially dependent on my husband. He is very involved in the evangelist church and gives them a percentage of his salary. The knowledge of this, together with a constant struggle to get by, has made me feel so bitter. I contemplated leaving, when the chi...
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Choosing the Path to Bethlehem

I still remember sitting at that outdoor café table across from my mama as a newly-minted widow. In those days, it was hard for us to find time away from my three young daughters to process together. We savored our sandwiches on freshly-baked bread and sipped cappuccino on that fall day. Our conversation wandered to the book of Ruth, which we were walking through at our church Bible study. Was it any wonder that just a few months after my husband soared to heaven that God would have me circle ba...
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Your Weekend Justice #288: The Day That Sockmaster Died

Don’t give that to your wife at all. Ever. – Madman In a world where time has lost all meaning, we bring you this episode of Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 Audio Trainwreck. It was recorded in May. That’s just how this year has gone. Agenda: Receiving dignitariesDom turning everybody onGoddamn Craig and the thing that wasn’t a listThe podcast where subtlety goes to dieDom and the Murder Room(s)Leigh inserting the microphoneProfessional tight setupsThe New Yorker:...
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How we stay together: 'There is no magic cookbook of relationships'

Suzanne Harris and Tom McAtee may not agree on politics – but the pair’s pragmatism and ability to talk things out has kept them together for over three decadesNames: Suzanne Harris and Tom McAteeYears together: 34Occupations: social worker and HR consultantWhen the going gets tough, Suzanne and Tom get into the garden. “In the times where we’ve not had much money, or there’ve been difficulties with work or jobs changing, we’ve gardened,” Suzanne says. “It’s a good way of releasing tension, of w...
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Religious intolerance is 'bigger cause of prejudice than race', says report

Attitudes to faith said to drive negative perceptions more than ethnicity or nationalityReligion is the “final frontier” of personal prejudice, with attitudes to faith driving negative perceptions more than ethnicity or nationality, a report to be published tomorrow will say.How We Get Along, a two-year study of diversity by the Woolf Institute, is due to conclude that most people are tolerant of those from different ethnic or national backgrounds, but many have negative attitudes based on relig...
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'My husband’s chewing makes me want to scream. I’m living with a horse. How do I navigate it?'

In the past few months everyone has experienced something like this, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith – you have to tell him, but how you do it mattersMy husband’s clicking jaw and loud chewing makes me want to scream. I’m living with a horse. Meal times are impossible. Pre-lockdown I only had to endure dinner at the end of a day. But now it’s three freaking meals and everything in between. In a small apartment I’m going mad. He is someone who does not take on board personal criticis...
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How we met: ‘He was in a shell suit and trainers – I asked him to go back and change‘

Linda and Ian Whitehouse met on holiday on the Greek island of Lefkada in 1990. They live in a village near Hull, Yorkshire, with their catIn the summer of 1990, Ian Whitehouse was coming out of a bad relationship. “I decided to look for a last minute holiday,” he says. “I saw an offer for a trip to Lefkada in Greece, departing from Gatwick, so I drove down from Hull.”Linda was also newly single and looking forward to the same holiday. “I was living in London and had booked nine months before,” ...
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Some Of The Best Advice For Newlyweds

Is there anything more beautiful than two people coming together in holy matrimony to signify their love and commitment in front of God, family, and friends?  Monogamy and marriage is something civilization across the world have practiced for hundreds of years. And each person’s desires and intentions to couple up differs. Some want to spend the rest of their life with their best friend. Others dream of starting a family with someone they love.  Whatever the reason may be, marriage e...
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‘Divorce Filings Have Skyrocketed’: Lawyer On Impact Of COVID-19 On Marriages

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Pluto Transit Effects On Marriage & Divorce

I was talking to a client yesterday, about Pluto’s transit through Libra, which transformed relationships.  Divorce gained acceptance (in America) at that time. It’s since become common and even usual. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn might be showing us the results … Read More...
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Seen by God in the Loneliness of Marriage (plus a giveaway!)

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” Genesis 16:13 (NIV) Life changes I hadn’t seen coming knocked the wind out of me, and I’m short of breath, trying to make sense of the misunderstandings and buried resentments, straining to imagine a future where things don’t hurt so much between my husband and me. The changes have exposed the complicated knots that have formed over the course of our marriage from ...
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Buying an Engagement Ring Online: The Dos & Don’ts

In terms of convenience and choice, there is no better way to buy an engagement ring than to order one from an online retailer. However, if you have never made such an important purchase before, there are some pitfalls to avoid and precautions to take to avoid disappointment. Here is a look at how you can make this process as painless as possible. Do shop with a reputable brand In the world of e-commerce, it is always worth being aware of the threats you face as a consumer, sinc...
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"Now there’s evidence that the heightened partisanship has — paradoxically — led politically mixed couples to understand each other better than before...."

"Although a sizable share of Americans don’t follow current events closely and don’t vote, the Trump presidency has been so polarizing and omnipresent that many voters say it has been all but impossible to avoid politics, even for couples who ordinarily do....  Politically mismatched couples may be the best example that Democrats and Republicans aren’t necessarily too polarized to relate. Battleground neighborhoods, where the number of Democrats and Republicans are roughly equal, have the highes...
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"In 1938, the dread in taking over a big house like Manderley came from the idea that one could end up an inept matriarch, a woman who could not fulfill her obligations."

"Today, the story could have been fertile terrain on which to explore issues of control, abuse, and the sheer terror of becoming a wife at all. Hitchcock’s version was shaped in other ways by the mores of the time. Because of Hays Code restrictions, the homoeroticism of Mrs. Danvers’s longing for Rebecca could be addressed only through innuendo.... A new film could have explored the violence and sensuality of du Maurier’s tale any way it pleased. And yet Ben Wheatley’s superficial, slapdash new ...
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Humor: Imagining the "first couple to ever get married," and divorced

YouTubers Julie Nolke** and Ryan George collaborated on two videos (one on her channel, one on his) to point out the absurdities of getting hitched, and, subsequently, unhitched. **You'll remember her from her funny "Now-self explains the pandemic to past-self" videos (one and two). — Read the rest
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Funny short video: The first couple ever to get married

We've featured comedian Julie Nolke a few times before on Boing Boing. In this video, she teams up with Ryan George to imagine they were the first two people ever to get married. They also have a skit about being the first couple ever to get divorced:
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Study: 33% of people fantasize about being in a sexually open relationship

The study involved 822 Americans who were in monogamous relationships at the time.Participants answered questions about their personalities, sexual fantasies, and intentions to act on those fantasies.Research suggests practicing consent, comfort, and communication makes open relationships more likely to succeed. New research suggests one-third of Americans in monogamous relationships fantasize about being in a sexually open relationship. Of that one-third, most want to act out their desire. Som...
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Japan’s Government Now Offering Newlyweds ¥600,000 to Counter Declining Birthrates

Hoping to combat their ever declining birth rate, Japan’s cabinet office is now offering double the monetary support for willing newlyweds, an incentive that will surely convince lonely individuals into marrying (should they be able to actually find a partner). Such costs as rent, security deposits and moving fees will be made easier to pay […]
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Being in a frisky mood may improve your chances in the dating world

Fear of rejection, self-doubt, and anxiety are just some of the obstacles humans need to overcome to make a meaningful, romantic connection with another person.According to a 2020 project by a group of psychologists at the University of Rochester (and the Israeli-based Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya), humans see possible romantic partners as a lot more attractive if they go into the interaction with a "sexy mindset."Across three separate studies, this team discovered that this sexual activati...
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"[Sandra Day] O’Connor... retired at 75 to spend more time with her husband, John. He was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease..."

"... and O’Connor wanted to make his last years as full of companionship and good times as possible. But there wasn’t any time. John O’Connor deteriorated much faster than his wife had expected. 'John was in such bad shape she couldn’t keep him at home,' [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg told me. It was a lesson, maybe, in how even the noblest motives aren’t always enough reason to throw in the towel. Ginsburg kept fighting and working... When she was old and frequently sick she still kept on keeping on. H...
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How To Show Your Spouse You Care

Although you may love your partner unconditionally, it can be difficult to show them how much you care when you are caught up in the chaos and stresses of daily life. To make sure that you can retain your connection and create a positive relationship for a long time to come, here are some top tips on what you can do to show them that you love them just as much as when you got married. Renew Your Vows If you feel as if you want to reinforce your commitment and devotion to your partn...
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"When Christopher Columbus encountered a severe storm while returning from America, he is said to have written on parchment what he had found in the New World..."

"... and requested it be forwarded to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, enclosed the parchment in a waxed cloth and placed it into a large wooden barrel to be cast into the sea. The communication was never found."From "Message in a Bottle," a Wikipedia article. Lots more message-in-a-bottle stories at that link. Examples:In December 1928, a trapper working at the mouth of the Agawa River, Ontario, found a bottled note from Alice Bettridge, an assistant stewardess in her early twenties who initi...
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"But after a long day at work I just want the option of coming home and not talking to anyone, making whatever I want to eat and not worrying about anyone else."

"I don't even feel like I sleep as well when I share a bed with my boyfriend; I prefer having sex and then coming home to my own apartment to sleep. Something about being alone truly relaxes me."From a letter to the WaPo advice columnist, from a woman who does want eventually to marry and have children and who wonders if she needs therapy or if she'll just get over her preference for living alone. The columnist doesn't give much of an answer: You have conflicting needs, so they'll only be met im...
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We don’t need new names

COMMENT A deeply embedded patriarchal practice assumes that a married woman must change her surname to that of her spouse. This was standard practice at the department of home affairs. Officials would automatically change the surname of the newlywed wife to that of her husband, sometimes even in violation of the wife’s express intention to […] The post We don’t need new names appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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"Hite did not create the clitoris or discover the female orgasm, but she pointed a lot of women — and men — in the right direction."

"The Hite Report, published in 1976, examined surveys completed by 3,000 women and concluded that, for most women, conventional sexual intercourse was an ineffective means of achieving orgasm and that they did not need men and penetrative sex to find sexual satisfaction. For many women, her findings were a comfort and a potential liberation; for many men, they were shocking and outrageous. Inevitably her report was compared with other landmark sex studies, such as those by Kinsey or Masters and ...
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Michelle Obama on marriage: ‘There are times when you can’t stand each other’

Former first lady says in latest episode of her podcast that marriage should be approached like picking a basketball teamMichelle Obama said there have been times when she wanted to “push Barack out of the window” and that marriage should be approached like picking a basketball team in a frank discussion about relationships. In the latest episode of her Spotify podcast, the former first lady said young couples, especially when they have small children, struggle to deal with tiredness, stress and...
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Top 5 factors that make or break a relationship, according to AI

Artificial intelligence discovered key relationship predictors in psychology study of over 11,000 couples.The researchers utilized machine learning to find the best predictors of relationship success and failure.The study showed the survival of a relationship depends more on its quality than individual characteristics of the people. Does it matter more who you love or how you love? A large machine learning study analyzed data from thousands of couples to identify which characteristics are most ...
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Experience: I was married to an Islamic State leader

John was becoming more radical just as I was becoming more independent. He wanted to go to Syria; I was adamant I didn’t want to take our children to a war zoneI was born in north London in 1983 and grew up in a Bengali-Bangladeshi family. I just wanted to be English, but felt pressure from my family to be a “good Muslim girl” and to not integrate with western society. My family were dysfunctional. When you don’t trust your parents, you learn to distrust authority altogether.When I was 17, we mo...
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The girls and women fighting to stop child marriage – photo essay

Five women affected by child marriage tell their stories – and of their struggles to protect others Text and photographs by Thom PierceTwelve million girls are married every year before they reach 18, according to UN estimates. And in its first set of global statistics on child marriage rates among boys, the UN found one in 30 young men were married as children.Advances have been made, however. Ending child marriage by 2030 is a target in the UN’s set of sustainable development goals, and many c...
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