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Everything Coming to Disney+ at Launch Teased in 197-Minute Video

After Disney+ made an early debut over in The Netherlands, a complete list of titles available on the streaming service made its way online. But today, Disney decided to draw out the process of revealing the streaming library by individually tweeting pretty much every single title, from television to movies, that you’ll be able to watch starting on November 12. However, apparently that wasn’t enough for Disney+, because they’ve now released a video that’s over three hours long with clips from e...
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NASA Consultant 'Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s' (slashdot)

"A consultant for NASA slammed the agency for deliberately ignoring the results of the experiment he handled that showed signs of alien life on Mars," reports the International Business Times. "According to the consultant, NASA refuses to conduct new life-detection tests on the Red Planet." Engineer Gilbert Levin served as a principal investigator on NASA's Viking missions, which sent two identical landers to Mars. For his role, Levin handled the missions' biological experiments known as Labele...
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Complete List of Disney Plus Launch Titles Revealed!

  Complete list of Disney+ launch titles revealed! With less than a month before the streaming service officially launches, Disney+ has revealed the FULL lineup of shows, films, and specials that will be available for streaming when the service launches on November 12. Check out the complete list of Disney Plus launch titles below! The pricing tiers for Disney+ are available at a $6.99 monthly rate or $69.99 for a year, the subscriptions come with a seven day free trial when the service launc...
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Remains of shallow, briny pools provide further evidence of liquid water on Mars

A new study has examined the geology of the Mars' Gale Crater to learn more about the briny ponds which are thought to have once dotted the planet's surface.
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New images reveal more about the history of water on Mars

Two new sets of images have revealed more about how billions of years ago, Mars had a thick, dense atmosphere that trapped heat and allowed liquid water to exist on the surface.
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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover practices its crucial decent separation

Engineers at NASA working on the Mars 2020 rover have performed a separation test, ensuring the rover can detach from the rocket-powered descent stage.
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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover practices its crucial descent separation

Engineers at NASA working on the Mars 2020 rover have performed a separation test, ensuring the rover can detach from the rocket-powered descent stage.
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Part two of my novella "Martian Chronicles" on Escape Pod: who cleans the toilets in libertopia?

Last week, the Escape Pod podcast published part one of a reading of my YA novella "Martian Chronicles," which I wrote for Jonathan Strahan's Life on Mars anthology: it's a story about libertarian spacesteaders who move to Mars to escape "whiners" and other undesirables, only to discover that the colonists that preceded them expect them to clean the toilets when they arrive. Last night, they published the conclusion in part two (MP3) of Adam Pracht's reading of the story, along with some lo...
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Mars – “Murder” (EP Review)

Mars is a horrorcore veteran from Pittsburgh, California that made his debut in 1998 with S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). He would go on to drop 2 EPs in the mid-2000s, a mixtape in 2012 & his sophomore full-length entitled Glockcoma just a couple years ago. But with a new studio album Locked Up a Broad set to drop next month, Mars is warming the fans up by enlisting Bvne to produce his 3rd EP. The opener “Small Sacrifices” is mostly a 2 minute hypnotic trap beat, but the first actual ...
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Artificial meat is now made in space, coming to a supermarket near you

Creating meat from cells is no longer the realm of science fiction: a Russian cosmonaut did it aboard the International Space Station, and it is just a matter of time before these products arrive in supermarkets. Tests carried out in space in September led to the production of beef, rabbit and fish tissue using a 3D printer. This new technology "could make long-term travel possible and renew space exploration," to Mars for example, said Didier Toubia, the head of the Israeli startup Aleph Farm...
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A NASA image shows the center of our galaxy in unprecedented detail. Expect far more revealing photos from a soon-to-launch telescope.

A NASA photo captures the center of the Milky Way galaxy in infrared light. The image shows the galactic center in unprecedented detail, but NASA's upcoming James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will produce even better photos. JWST's powerful infrared cameras might even capture the disk of hot matter swirling around the supermassive black hole at the galaxy's center. Future images of the galaxy's center could help scientists answer questions about how the Milky Way formed and how it evolves over ...
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Costco: Sweet Deal on Hershey’s and Mars Full Size Variety Packs

Whether you have have a sweet tooth or want to get some candy for Halloween, Costco has a good deal on Hershey’s and Mars candy now until 10/27. Both the Hershey’s and Mars boxes are a 30 count variety pack of full size bars and candy packs.  There is a limit of 4 packs of... Read More Read more about Costco: Sweet Deal on Hershey’s and Mars Full Size Variety Packs
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How To Write A Stand-Out Music Biography, How It Can Help Your Music Career

If you want to make it as an independent artist in the music business, it's important to diversify. One avenue many may not consider is to go into publishing. Not music publishing, but actual publishing of artist bios. Being able to thread the PR needle and craft a well-written bio can do wonders for your career. _____________________________ Guest post by Kaytee Long of DIY Musician Effective music PR begins with a good artist bio. As an independent artist, it’s your job to...
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Virgin Orbit plans to launch first commercial small satellites to Mars

Richard Bransons-backed small satellite launch operation Virgin Orbit wants to be the first to dedicate a mission to bringing commercial cube sats to the red planet, the company announced today. Working with Polish satellite company SatRevolution, Virgin Orbit has established a consortium along with a group of Polish academic institutions to jointly work on at least one, and as many as three small satellite launches to Mars, with the first one expected to happen as soon as three years from no...
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A winner of this year's Nobel prize in physics is convinced we'll detect alien life in 100 years. Here are 13 reasons why we haven't made contact yet.

The Milky Way galaxy has billions of planets that could potentially host life. Yet despite scientists' efforts to monitor for and occasionally signal to extraterrestrials, we have not found any evidence that aliens exist. This conundrum is known as the Fermi Paradox, and it has inspired debate among researchers for decades. A co-winner of this year's Nobel prize in physics said he "can't believe we are the only living entity in the universe," and that he's "absolutely convinced" we will detect...
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A huge explosion sliced through our galaxy just 3.5 million years ago, as human ancestors walked the Earth. Scientists think it was nuclear activity in the black hole at the Milky Way's center.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope revealed the remnants of a huge explosion near the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, just 3.5 million years ago. In galactic timescales, that's recent. Ancient human ancestors lived across Africa at the time. Video of an artist's interpretation shows how the explosion produced cones of radiation that reached 200,000 light-years beyond our galaxy. Researchers say the blast was likely caused by nuclear activity. The finding suggests the Milky Way...
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Curiosity finds ancient salty lakes on Mars

The discovery could provide insights into how climate change affects a planet. Richard A Lovett reports.
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Mars Curiosity Rover finds evidence of an ancient oasis on Mars

On its latest trek through the Gale Crater on Mars, the Curiosity Rover has discovered evidence that’s leading . scientists to believe that there was an oasis at the base of that 150-kilometer-wide crater. Curiosity scientists described the scene in an article in “Nature Geoscience” published earlier this week. Researchers analyzing data from the Rover are extrapolating from the data that rocks enriched by mineral salts are evidence of briny ponds that went through periods of drying out and o...
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NASA's Curiosity rover found a weirdly salty 'ancient oasis' on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover discovered what it dubs an "ancient oasis" on the red planet, featuring some very unusual salts. After sending Curiosity to explore the floor of the 100-meter-wide Gale Crater, scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement Monday that millions of years ago, the floor of the crater might have been covered with shallow streams. The rocks that Curiosity found were also filled with unique mineral salts.
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20 new moons were just discovered orbiting Saturn, and you can help name them

Twenty new moons orbiting Saturn were discovered, bringing the planet's total up to 82 moons. Saturn now has more moons than any other planet in the solar system, including Jupiter, which has 79. Further study of the new moons could help determine how the planet's outermost moons may have formed from collisions that fragmented large moons into smaller bodies. People can submit suggestions for the new moons' names on Twitter, pulling from Norse, Inuit, and Gallic mythology. Visit Business Insid...
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Ad Astra Review – Pitt’s Heavy Burden Trudging Through James Gray Space Psych Lesson

The recent trend of films giving away very little in their trailers is a technique that perhaps ultimately works against James Gray‘s Ad Astra. While potential viewers hopefully have their interest piqued by a film that doesn’t dare give anything away, there’s a mental backlash inherent in the reveal that there wasn’t anything to give away. Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) is an astronaut, after a fashion, and when the Earth itself is suddenly in danger, he is in a unique position to help. His father,...
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Rumbles, screams and dinks and donks: the sounds of Mars

NASA’s InSight team reports its lander is adding to the Red Planet’s sonic environment. Barry Keily reports.
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Curiosity rover finds evidence of Mars' ancient salty lakes

NASA's Curiosity rover has found sediments containing sulfate salt in Gale Crater, a vast, dry ancient lake bed on Mars, suggesting the crater once held salty lakes.
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NASA's Curiosity Rover finds an ancient oasis on Mars

If you could travel back in time 3.5 billion years, what would Mars look like? The picture is evolving among scientists working with NASA's Curiosity rover.
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Diggerland comes to Mars as boffins battle to save InSight's mole

Robot arm to give stricken burrower a helping scoop Boffins at NASA's JPL and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have come up with a plan to save the stricken Mars InSight probe.…
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What’s Mars In Libra Like?

Mars is in detriment in Libra. I have Mars in Libra, I can tell you all about it. Mars, by it’s nature wants to conquer. Mars in Libra wants to act fairly which is completely ineffectual against a true warrior. … Read More...
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HPE's Eng Lim Goh on spaceborne computers, NASA medals and AI at the final frontier

Never mind the edge, try running a super 'puter up there Interview Though HPE's Spaceborne Computer is still fresh from its jaunt to the International Space Station, veep and CTO for HPC and AI Dr Eng Lim Goh is pondering a return visit and outfitting missions to Mars with the company's kit.…
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Deadly Fungus, Fat Bear Week, PS5 Leaks, and Hot Dog Salad: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

No news this week could possibly compare to the “hot dog salad” abomination created by a certain Gizmodo colleague, which has taken our forbidden sandwich out back, choked it to death, and absorbed it into its goopy morass. But reader, we tried.Read more...
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First All-Female Spacewalk Is Back On, NASA Says

The first spacewalk to be conducted entirely by women is scheduled for Oct. 21, NASA announced, nearly seven months after an all-female spacewalk was canceled because two properly fitted spacesuits were not readily available.Christina Koch and Anne McClain, the two astronauts who were scheduled to conduct the spacewalk in March, both needed a medium-size torso component, but only one was available.The spacewalk did take place -- it just wasn't all-female. Koch conducted the six-hour mission ...
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Weekly Astrology Forecast October 7 – 13, 2019

Excerpt from Patreon – Venus enters Scorpio on October 8. This is a challenging placement as this is the sign of her detriment although it doesn’t mean that Venus cannot function here at all. In fact, by confronting the more difficult aspects of this placement, our relationships can be enriched. The problem is that Venus is all about harmony. Venus rules placid Taurus and polite Libra but Scorpio is anything but placid and polite! Scorpio wants to plummet the depths, sniff out the truth, even if...
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