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20 Great Examples Of Vibrant Colors In Photography

In the best case scenario, the way we use color in photography should combine art, science and our own personal style. Since colors can make or break the mood of a photograph, it's good to use them carefully and understand their storytelling potential. To make outstanding color photography, we should be deliberate about the use of colors and learn how they affect other aspects of photography, such as composition and framing. The following images are creative examples of vivid colors in photograp...
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7 Small Business Resolutions to Achieve in 2019

By Kayla Matthews 2019 is here, and even if you haven’t made a personal resolution, you can still make a professional one. Whether your small business wants to focus internally or externally, there are plenty of resolutions to make that will help your business grow and accomplish its goals throughout the year. Here are seven small business resolutions you can work to achieve in 2019. 1. Try Automating Certain Business Processes If 2018 was a year of rapid growth for your small business, you mi...
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Creating Beautifully Executed High-Key Photography

High Key photography is used extensively in fashion, portraiture and increasingly in product photography. Today we’re going to talk a little about what’s required for creating beautifully executed high key photography. Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash What Is High Key Photography Back in the early days of photography, film didn’t have a huge range. It couldn’t deal with the pure whites and heavy blacks that we can get today (At least, not in the same frame). Because of this, photographers and ...
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He is near to all of us

Jeremiah 23:23 Am I a God at hand, saith the LORD, and not a God afar off? God asks the question, do they not realize that He is close at hand. God is not one who set the world in motion and just lets it run. He is still in control. He still hears and answers prayer. You can know that God knows you, cares about you and will answer your prayer. If you are not sure your sins have been forgiven, you need to realize that He loves you. He is pursuing you. He has done all for you to be born again. ...
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Dystopia: an update

True aficionados of the earthly apocalypse cannot fail to have noted the deepening pessimism in discourses on what is often euphemistically referred to as “climate change”, but what should be designated “environmental catastrophe”. The Paris Agreement of 2015 conceded the need to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, albeit without binding nations to either achieve this specific target or impose specific binding targets in turn on the worst offenders, namely the fossil fuel industries. By...
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15 Examples Of Product Photography To Spark Your Creativity

Product photography is an interesting genre which aims at combining marketing and art. Modern products have to be photographed in such a way that they look both visually pleasing and purposeful. Product photography is really a modern take on the traditional still life. Although what you are trying to achieve with your image is to entice the viewer to buy a product, rather than enjoy your creativity. This is usually achieved through a careful choice of composition, colors, lighting and overall at...
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From Riverside to LA, utilities on alert as heat wave prompts increased power demand

As triple-digit temperatures blanketed the region Friday, power companies from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles worked to keep services operating smoothly. But by late afternoon on Friday that was becoming a challenge. Early in the day, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials said it has “adequate resources” to meet a higher power demand from the department’s customers over the coming days. “We’re not planning any sort of brownouts right now,” said LADWP spokesman Albert Rodriguez. B...
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BDO darts player Adams has prostate cancer

Three-time BDO darts world champion Martin Adams reveals he is being treated for prostate cancer.
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Martin Adams loses to Jeff Smith in BDO World Darts Championships

• Three-time champion Adams loses 3-0 to Canada’s Smith• Smith to play 15th seed Brian Dawson in last 16Three-time champion Martin Adams is out of the BDO World Professional Darts Championships after defeat by Canada’s Jeff Smith at Lakeside on Tuesday.The 59-year-old Englishman won the title in 2007, 2010 and 2011, but Smith, the 2015 semi-finalist, was the victor in a clinical display. Adams, the No2 seed behind Glen Durrant, had received a bye to the round of 32, but was beaten 3-0 by Smith. ...
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Adams loses in BDO first round

Three-time champion Martin Adams is whitewashed 3-0 by Canada's Jeff Smith at the BDO World Championships at Lakeside.
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Adams targets 25th Lakeside outing

Martin Adams targets 25 successive appearances at the BDO World Championships, after his 23rd ended with a first-round loss.
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'No pressure' on Adams at Lakeside

Three-time champion Martin Adams expects the focus to be on other leading contenders at the BDO World Championships.
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Adams to play Grand Slam of Darts

Three-time BDO world champion Martin Adams accepts an invitation to play in the Grand Slam of Darts for the first time.
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