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Playfully Modern Classic in Germany

Photographer and blogger Martina Klein (55) lives in Munich, and documents her outfits on her blog Still Sparkling. Her style is a mix of Modern Classic Polish and Trendy Playfulness. She likes to wear neutrals that are occasionally punctuated with pops of colour, and enjoys remixing the classics with fun trends. “Over the last five years my style has become more brave. I love to mix materials and my outfits normally have an eye-catcher with a twist, while my prevailing colors have a natural hu...
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Journalist’s Murder Puts a Tycoon, and a Nation, on Trial

The killing of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée shocked Slovakia. The trial of the businessman accused of ordering it promises to expose corruption in high places.
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AK Monthly Recap: October 2019

October is one of my favorite months of the year, and this year I got to enjoy it in three countries. I do enjoy drinking pumpkin spice lattes while draped in layers of flannel and tall boots as much as the next basic bitch, but it’s more than that. October is a time for growth — there’s something about fall that always makes me want to buckle down and work. Maybe that’s a remnant from my school days. Right now, I’m focused on getting EVERYTHING out before the end of the year. More po...
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Rose Street Patisserie to close Linden Hills shop, Martina's chef will take over the space

A loss and a gain for the south Minneapolis neighborhood.
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10 Essential Stops in South Bohemia, Czech Republic

South Bohemia is a beautiful area south of Prague that largely flies under the radar of foreign tourists – save for the storybook-like town of Český Krumlov. South Bohemia is definitely not a mainstream destination. And yet it’s got an embarrassment of riches including a plethora of fairy-tale like castles, charming villages, pretty man-made lakes, massive forests (the largest in Central Europe), excellent restaurants and plenty of scenic places to drink a pilsner beer. Allow five to seven d...
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The Stresses of Playing on the French Open’s Clay Courts

European red clay courts demand peak physical conditioning, the dexterity to slide across the baseline and the perseverance to sustain 30-stroke points.
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A Trio of Toscas

The three sopranos who will portray Floria Tosca at the Paris Opera in May and June weighed in on how they approach a familiar yet challenging role.
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Slovak Businessman Charged With Ordering Murder of Journalist Jan Kuciak

Marian Kocner, who has long been linked with organized crime and corruption, was said to have issued threats a few months before the reporter and his fiancée were killed.
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3 Things on a Saturday Night (Surrender to Passion Takeover!)

We made it folks - it's Saturday night! I'm excited to bring you the second author of the book Surrender to Passion - Victoria Spencer. Welcome, Victoria! Make sure you check out last week's suggestions too and also be sure to purchase a copy of this incredible book here. Take it away, Victoria!------Suggested book: Under Winter Lights by Bree M. LewandowskiI’m a sucker for dance movies and books, and this one is so fantastic! The author is a dancer herself, which really shows. Chicago ballerina...
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Teenager with  extreme allergies gets a dog who saves her life

F i ft een-year-old Martina Baker from Maine has a very rare disorder which makes her allergic to almost everything in the world. Included are such common things as heat, water, cleaning products, and anything that has a perfume scent. One sniff of cooking oil can send her into anaphylactic shock and she could die without quick treatment.   The disorder first started when she was 13. She started breaking out in hives and her throat would close up. The only thing that helped was being jabbed...
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White Model Martina Big & Her Husband Who “Changed Their Race” Believe Their Children Will Be Black

Over the past couple of years, Martina Big has gone from a blonde, white woman to an overly tanned white woman with darker skin who now claims to be Black, and her husband is doing the same thing.Now, because they have darker skin, Martina and her husband, Michael Eurwen, seriously believe that whenever they decide to have children, they will be Black. And how do they know this, you ask? Because a doctor (allegedly) told them so. “They said they will be Black,” Big said during a recent intervie...
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Why your startup shouldn’t rush to $1 million in revenue

Martina Lauchengco Contributor Share on Twitter Martina spent over 20 years as a marketing and product executive building and crafting strategies for market-defining software like Microsoft Office and Netscape Navigator. As an operating partner at Costanoa Ventures, she sits on multiple boards and advises companies on all things go-to-market. She also teaches at the UC Berkeley graduate school of engineering. ...
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How Mom Entrepreneurs Can Get a Better Work-Life Balance

By Martina Sanchez In a society that wants us to ‘have it all’, achieving that work-life balance is far easier said than done. There are times when it feels impossible to meet all your obligations and do everything to the best of your ability. When you’re juggling family commitments and the pressures of work, you’ll probably end up dropping a few balls. Not beating yourself up about it is key to finding that balance. Here are a few other real life hacks: Sometimes Something Has to Give It may ...
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How To Have A Long And Successful Career In Music

Making a career in the music industry is no easy task, (just getting people to listen to your music in the first place is hard enough), but developing a sustainable career is even harder. That said, it is doable with the right strategy. _____________________________ Guest post by Martina Sanchez  The world of music is a fickle one and forging a career in it can be tough going. From the initial work of getting people to listen to you, to the ongoing challenge of selling enough copies t...
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Sacha's Photos of Our Stay in Seattle

    There is a connection between people who love one another that runs deeper than time and space, a bond that unites in an unseen world that intertwines memories, moments collected unknowingly, the essences of love that cannot be defined by words.  I am holding on to that invisible cord that wraps around me with my family and friends. Leaving is never easy. Goodbyes trigger the space that I know will be between us, the ache of senses that go unfilled. That space that I must put back into the ...
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Advent Prepares Us for the Light of Christ

The events that come to mind when we say “Christmas,” “Easter,” and “Pentecost” are so tremendous that their commemoration cannot be celebrated in a single day each. Weeks are needed: first, weeks of preparation, of becoming attuned in body and soul, and then weeks of celebration. This process goes back to an age when people still had time — time to live, time to enjoy. In our day, we face the puzzling fact that the more time-saving gadgets we invent, the more new buttons to push in order to “sa...
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Why Martina McBride is everywhere right now with a new cookbook, cooking show and holiday music tour

Country music superstar Martina McBride’s latest cookbook, “Martina’s Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life,” was released on Oct. 30. (Courtesy of Oxmoor House) Fresh Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce from Martina McBride’s latest cookbook, “Martina’s Kitchen Mix.” (Photo by Antonis Achilleos) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Country music superstar Martina McBride’s latest cookbook, “Martina’s Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life,” was released on Oct. 30....
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Comment on pumpkin muffins by Martina

The texture of these muffins is incredible! I reduced the sugar to 1 cup, put melted butter instead of oil (only had olive oil) and nixed the topping (a big mistake, I believe!). Delicious!
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Comment on foolproof cacio e pepe by Martina

I think she meant *cheese* not oil. ;) And for toasting the pepper, no oil needed. Just toast in a non-stick pan.
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The Late ’70s Ushered In a New Women’s Tennis Rivalry: Chrissie vs. Martina

The rivalry between Martina Navratilova, an aggressive serve-and-volleyer, and the baseliner Chris Evert gave many people a cheering interest.
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‘Dry Martina’ Director Che Sandoval on Sanfic Competition Title

SANTIAGO, Chile — Chilean director Che Sandoval is best known for his Latin American mumblecore indie films, where he amassed credentials which are on display, this time with a bigger budget and professional actors, in “Dry Martina,” participating in the international competition at this year’s Sanfic Festival in Santiago, Chile. Martina, a middle-aged singer from […]
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Everton’s Cuco Martina set for loan move to Stoke City

Squad cut continues Everton defender Cuco Martina is set for a loan move to Championship side Stoke City as the Toffees look to further trim their squad. Everton director of football Marcel Brands admitted when he joined the club that the squad simply needed trimming. Marco Silva had inherited a squad with around 38 players when he joined this summer. Since then, Everton have shipped out around ten players with Wayne Rooney, Ashley Williams, Kevin Mirallas, Davy Klaassen, Ramiro Funes Mori and ...
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Rose and Lavender Toss

  Three French antique straw chicken basket feeders were filled to the brim of dried rose petals and lavender gathered by Martina (from Seattle) and myself. We gathered the flowers and dried them from late April until July. The divine scent added to the ambiance, the wedding guest took a generous handful.        Annie's rose petals were mixed with mine.       Joy over flow.                   The bottom of Chelsea's wedding dress carried the aftermath of the downpour of ...
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40 Years Later, Martina Navratilova Remembers 1st Wimbledon Win

Navratilova would win the Wimbledon singles title a record nine times. But the first one, on July 7, 1978, was bittersweet because her family could not be with her.
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YouTube creators earn more money with new Channel Memberships for viewers

You can get extra personal with your favourite YouTube channels and sign up to a membership with exclusive access to special features and content. At last week’s VidCon YouTube unveiled a bunch of new features that will create an enhanced experience for fans and creators on YouTube alike. Fans of YouTube’s Super Chat will love the new Channel Memberships which bring you even closer to the people behind the channel and give subscribers access to fun and exclusive new content. With Channel Mem...
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Romantic summer destination wedding in the Spanish Countryside

In case you’re wondering about the sweetest wedding theme we’ve ever heard, it might just be Carlos + Alice’s. Ready? It’s *biking through the Spanish countryside*. Yup, so cute! They love biking together, and with the wedding being in the groom’s hometown of Córdoba, Spain, they let their romantic, adventurous pastime influence the whole design. Not to mention, Alice is a talented calligrapher and designer, and she created such a whimsical, blush-inspired celebration with their 265 guests whil...
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Two Daisies and Rose Petals

    The rain's perfume filled my room the morning light had a hint of grey,  My husband's steps downstairs were soft my bed was my vehicle of healing this cold. I rolled over, pulled the blanket over my head and slept for another few hours which was the best medicine. ... What is the saying feed a cold starve a fever? I looked it up: "The thinking behind the old saying "feed a cold, starve a fever" goes like this: fasting causes a drop in body temperature, which helps to fight a high fever, whi...
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Trilobites: The Green-Feathered Terror That Slaughtered Bats in Spain

The largest bat in Europe, a vulnerable species, found shelter in a city park’s trees. Then they started to turn up dead.
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