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Superhero Bits: More ‘The Suicide Squad’ Set Photos, ‘Ms. Marvel’ Rumored to Be Casting ‘Inhumans’ & More

What the hell happened at the end of the Arrow season premiere? Does Vincent D’Onofrio have a role in The Batman? Is the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+ looking to cast some Inhumans? Want a look at Idris Elba and John Cena on the set of The Suicide Squad? What were Joaquin Phoenix‘s requirements laid out to Todd Phillips when casting the other roles in Joker? Is Gambit dead after the Disney and Fox deal? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. A new creature gets stronger by the...
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Dallas Cop Seen Wearing Punisher Logo During Altercation at Community Oversight Meeting

At the first public meeting of Dallas’s newly formed Community Police Oversight Board earlier this week, dozens of residents who came to share their concerns about law enforcement were surprised to learn the board had no intention of letting anyone from the community actually make a comment. And at least one officer…Read more...
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Morbius, the Living Vampire: What we know about Sony’s Spider-Verse movie so far

Morbius the Living Vampire leaps from the pages of Marvel Comics to the big screen in 2020, with Jared Leto portraying the film's titular, blood-hungry antihero.
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Marvel Comics at 80: From bankruptcy threat to billions at the box office

Marvel is celebrating 80 years of making comics and its rise to one of Hollywood's biggest names.
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Hickman's 'Dawn of X' Will Launch a New Wolverine Comic and Turn Every Mutant Into an X-Men Hero

As riveting as Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X series have been, it can be easy to forget that the two comics are only the beginning of Marvel’s larger “Dawn of X” arc that’s ushering in a new era of mutant resurgence. Soon, those books will come to an end and make way for even more stories about how…Read more...
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‘New Mutants’ Will Complete Reshoots This Year, Might As Well Be ‘Old Mutants’

It’s been 84 years since The New Mutants was supposed to hit theaters. I still remember when the trailer played before showings of Mutiny on the Bounty. Those were simpler times. In all seriousness, the movie was originally slated to be released in April 0f 2018. But it’s been pushed back little by little since then, with the most recent update putting it in theaters on April 3, 2020. Walt Disney Pictures is still hoping to give the X-Men spin-off from 20th Century Fox a theatrical release inst...
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Stan Lee’s Former Business Partner Arrested On Theft, Fraud, Elder Abuse Charges After Fleeing California

Keya Morgan, who was captured and detained in Phoenix, “is facing felony charges including theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, and false imprisonment of an elder adult.” Lee, for many years the star creator at Marvel Comics, suffered from dementia; he died last November after a turbulent final year. – Yahoo! (AP)
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This Week's Star Wars Comic Is Like Opening an '80s Time Capsule

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm and rebooted the expanded universe continuity that had sustained Star Wars for decades, we got a whole new universe of Star Wars comics at Marvel. It’s one that, for nearly four years, has delivered some excellent stories. But this week, for one week only, we got to take a step back to…Read more...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Avengers’ Game News Coming to E3, Chris Hemsworth Almost Played Gambit & More

Want to see the next installment of the Marvel Comics documentary series Seminal Moments? Are you ready to learn more about the upcoming Avengers video game at E3? What did David Harbour‘s remake of Hellboy make in its entire domestic run? Is Millie Bobby Brown in The Eternals or not? Why was the ending of Dark Phoenix reshot? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Watch the next installment of Seminal Moments from Marvel Comics, looking back at the first issue of X-Men. Marv...
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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Trailer: Jessica Jones Solves Her Final Case

The last of Marvel’s Netflix shows is going out with a bang. Jessica Jones returns with its third and final season this summer, bringing the era of the Marvel-Netflix partnership to a conclusive end. Watch the Jessica Jones season 3 trailer below. Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer Jessica Jones tackles her final case in the upcoming third season of Jessica Jones, which Netflix has just announced will premiere on June 14, 2019. In its announcement video, Netflix teases the mysterious new vi...
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Asian and Asian-American Superheroes Are Getting Their Own Marvel Comics Series

Right as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is coming to a close, Marvel Comics is coming in strong with their most exciting move toward Asian representation yet. Marvel is teaming up its mightiest Asian and Asian American heroes in a new stand-alone limited series titled New Agents of Atlas. The series will feature established heroes like Shang-Chi (who will be debuting in his own Marvel Studios solo film in a few years) and new Marvel heroes that have never been featured in U.S. comics bef...
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Stan Lee's former manager arrested on elder abuse charges

Keya Morgan faces charges of elder abuse, false imprisonment and grand theft from an elder involving the late Marvel Comics legend.
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Stan Lee’s former manager arrested for allegedly stealing $260,000 from late comic book legend

Stan Lee‘s former business manager has been arrested on elder abuse charges involving the Marvel Comics legend.Keya Morgan was taken into custody in Arizona on an outstanding arrest warrant after being charged by Los Angeles County prosecutors earlier this month.Mr Morgan faces felony charges including theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, and false imprisonment of an elder adult. A misdemeanour count also alleges elder abuse. Police say Mr Morgan pocketed more than $262,...
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Asian, Asian American heroes to power Marvel comics series

Asian superheroes — assemble. Marvel Comics is giving ink to an unprecedented team-up of its mightiest Asian and Asian American heroes, also known as the new Agents of Atlas. Established icons like martial arts master Shang-Chi and newbies like Wave, the first Filipino superhero, will team up in a stand-alone, five-part comic book series starting […]
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Superhero Bits: Patty Jenkins Regrets Pushing Back ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, Possible Man-Thing Easter Egg & More

Where is Avengers: Endgame on the domestic box office chart now? Is there a Man-Thing Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy? Want to watch the first part of a new Marvel Comics online documentary series about the X-Men? Who was originally also considered for Lois Lane in Man of Steel? Why does Patty Jenkins regret pushing back Wonder Woman 1984 to next summer? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Patton Oswalt talked seeing Avengers: Endgame with his daughter and joining Ma...
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Paramount to Adapt Atlas Comics Properties Into Movies, Akiva Goldsman to Lead Yet Another Writers’ Room

For years, Paramount Pictures has a handful of franchises that have kept them afloat: Transformers, Mission: Impossible, Terminator, and a few scattered others. But the studio is perpetually in need of major intellectual property – and in today’s Hollywood, that means they especially need source material for comic book movies. Now they’ve struck a development, production, and distribution deal with Steven Paul, a producer who recently acquired a majority interest in the Atlas Comics library, to...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Clip, ‘Cloak and Dagger’ VFX & More

Want to see a clip from Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Who disappeared in The Flash season finale? Which MTV Movie & TV Awards nominations did Captain Marvel get? How should the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer have ended? Want a look at the visual effects in Cloak and Dagger? Should Stan Lee get a statue of himself in New York City? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Take a closer look at the visual effects from Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger in this behind the scenes...
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Stan Lee's former manager charged with elder abuse of the late Marvel icon

A former business manager of Stan Lee has been charged in California with five counts of elder abuse involving the late Marvel Comics mastermind.            [Author: The Associated Press]
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Stan Lee's former manager is charged with elder abuse

A man who claimed to be a manager and caretaker for Stan Lee has been charged with abusing the late Marvel Comics legend.
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Former manager charged with abuse of Marvel’s Stan Lee

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former business manager of Stan Lee has been charged with five counts of elder abuse involving the late Marvel Comics mogul. Los Angeles County prosecutors filed the charges Friday against 43-year-old Keya Morgan, including felony allegations of theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, and false imprisonment of […]
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New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Featurettes Revisit the Legacy of the X-Men in Films and Comics

Today has been arbitrarily declared X-Men day as 20th Century Fox (or what’s left of it) continues to market Dark Phoenix, the last film in the X-Men film franchise as we know it. In honor of the makeshift publicity holiday, a trio of new featurettes have been released focusing on both the legacy of the X-Men on the big screen that spans all the way back to 2000 and the original Marvel Comics storyline that inspired the new movie. Watch the new Dark Phoenix featurettes below. Dark Phoenix Fe...
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22 Movies? This Marvel Universe Has 1,000 Chapters

Marvel Comics No. 1000, due in August, continues a story that began in 1939, with 80 creative teams for its 80 pages.
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The MCU Referenced Earth-616 Way Before ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just got shaken up by the latest trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which dropped the major reveal that the MCU is just one of many alternate realities. This concept is not new to readers of Marvel Comics, who have become familiar with the concept of other Earths — mostly since Marvel uses it as leeway to create as many “alternate” titles as possible. But the Marvel multiverse is entirely new to the MCU, which until now, had operated under the assumption that t...
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A New Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip Has Some Very Intriguing Teases About the Multiverse

This week’s Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped some pretty major curveballs about how it’s going to deal with Peter Parker’s post-Endgame life—one of which was an allusion to the young hero’s first step into a much larger world. Or, rather, set of worlds. And a new clip has us even more intrigued.Read more...
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The MCU Revealed to Be Earth-616 in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Clip

A studly magic-using superhero that looks like Jake Gyllenhaal? He could only exist in another universe. That’s exactly what is taking place in Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio apparently travels from an alternate Earth in order to save the one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a concept not unfamiliar to fans of the Marvel Comics, where there are alternate dimensions galore, each with their own numerical designation. And it looks like those numerical designations ...
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The Final Chapter Begins in Legion Season 3 Trailer

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The final chapter begins in Legion season 3 trailer FX has released the official trailer for the upcoming third and final season of their X-Men drama series Legion, featuring our first glimpse at series newcomers Lauren Tsai as Switch and Game of Thrones alum Harry Lloyd as Professor Charles Xavier. Scheduled to return on June 24, you can check out the video below along with a trippy new poster! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptSta...
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Professor Hulk Is Avengers: Endgame's Gift to Bruce Banner

Hulk smash. The Hulk has always smashed; it’s his thing and he’s incredibly good at it. But in Avengers: Endgame, the Hulk is given a new emotional depth that allows him to do more than express rage with his irradiated fists. Read more...
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