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Lesbian storyline defended by film director Francis Lee

Francis Lee's Ammonite, about pioneering fossil collector Mary Anning, stars Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan.
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Sexing Up Female-Female Relationships For Biopics Isn’t Enough? Now They’re Adding Fake Lesbian Lovers To Movies About Real People

“The latest sapphic storyline to get tongues a-wagging” is Ammonite, starring Kate Winslet as paleontologist Mary Anning and Saoirse Ronan as her entirely fictional lover. Laments Guardian writer (and lesbian) Hannah Jane Parkinson, “It is immensely damaging that LGBTQ relationships are being fetishised for entertainment – and depressing to think that the mass audiences may not be interested in women unless they’re in bed together.” – The Guardian
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Explore millennia of human inventions in one exhibition

New inventions have fueled fantasies and shaped human society—from the first stone tools to robotic arms, steam engines to jet propulsion, pieces of paper to the internet, and hieroglyphics to emoji. Take the telescope, for example. Today, the Hubble Space Telescope orbits 340 miles above the Earth, capturing crisp images of 10,000 galaxies that are up to 13 billion years old. The idea for the telescope was born in 1608 from Dutch spectacle-maker Hans Lippershey's idea, and Galileo Galileo later...
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How a poor Victorian woman changed the way we do dinosaur science

Lyme Regis is an almost obnoxiously gorgeous town in Dorset in the west of England, perched atop the cliffs of the world-heritage listed Jurassic Coast. Thanks to a campaign set off by a local 10-year-old girl and her mother, the people of this town is raising funds to erect a statue to their famous citizen Mary Anning. As an expert on paleontology, I think this is a brilliant idea. Mary Anning was born in 1799. Her family was poor – and somewhat tragic. She was named after an older sister who h...
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Saoirse Ronan Reunites with Wes Anderson for ‘The French Dispatch,’ Teams Up With Kate Winslet for ‘Ammonite’

Promise Saoirse Ronan a corset, or at least a chance to wear a fancy hat, and you’ve got her booked for your next period drama. The Mary Queen of Scots actress is making a habit out of starring in prestigious historical dramas, but with casts and directors like these, you have to at least be vaguely interested. Four years after The Grand Budapest Hotel, Saoirse Ronan is reuniting with director Wes Anderson for his 10th feature film, The French Dispatch. But while she’ll be reuniting with a few ...
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Coffee and Provocation

A Sitting President Was Arrested An enslaved man enlisted; fought in the Battle of the Crater; joined the DC police force and arrested a sitting president for speeding (with a horse!), who defended him for doing his job, and paid his speeding fine. Romulus and Remus Are Back in Rome Wild wolf cubs have been born in Rome for the first time in at least 100 years. The Leopard Eel is Neither Leopard Nor Eel A new large amphibian discovered in North America. It's the largest vertebrate discovered ...
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Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan to Star in Fossil Hunter Movie ‘Ammonite’

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan are starring in the independent historical drama “Ammonite,” a story inspired by the life of fossil hunter Mary Anning. The story is set in 1840s England, when Anning and a young woman sent to convalesce by the sea develop an intense relationship, altering both of their lives forever. Anning is […]
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Kate Winslet & Saoirse Ronan to Star in Romance Ammonite

Kate Winslet & Saoirse Ronan to star in romance Ammonite Oscar winner Kate Winslet (Avatar 2, Blackbird) and Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan (Mary Queen of Scots) will be starring in the romance-drama Ammonite, Deadline has confirmed. The project helms from writer/director Francis Lee (God’s Own Country). PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googlet...
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Mary Anning: how a poor, Victorian woman became one of the world's greatest palaeontologists

Fossil hunter Mary Anning didn't get the recognition she deserved during her lifetime. Now her home town wants to raise a statue in her honour.
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New Natural History Museum room honours Mary Anning

The room has been transformed in honour of pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning.
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In the 1810s Mary Anning begin to unearth strange creatures near her English seaside town

In 1804, when she was 5 years old, Mary Anning began to dig in the cliffs that flanked her English seaside town. What she found amazed the scientists of her time and challenged the established view of world history. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll tell the story of "the greatest fossilist the world ever knew.” We'll also try to identify a Norwegian commando and puzzle over some further string pulling. Show notes Please support us on Patreon!
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This week in science history: The unregarded palaeontologist is born

Mary Anning was a woman in a man’s England, her genius unrecognized in her day. Jeff Glorfeld reports.
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10ish Favorite Books – A Smugglivus List by Rachel Neumeier

Welcome to Smugglivus 2017! Throughout this month, we will have guests – authors and bloggers alike – looking back at their favorite reads of 2017, looking forward to events and upcoming books in 2018, and more. Today’s Smugglivus guest is Rachel Neumeier – writer of adult and YA speculative fiction whose recent works include The Keeper of the Mist, The White Road of the Moon, and Winter of Ice and Iron . Please give it up to Rachel! When the Book Smugglers invited me to write a post about my...
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Childhood memento belonging to famous fossil collector discovered on UK coastline

Researchers have been studying a recently discovered childhood token - believed to have belonged to the pioneering palaeontologist Mary Anning - on a beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset.
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Skepticality #130 - The Sound of Science! - Interview: Artichoke's Timothy Sellers and Steve Collins.

This week Skepticality welcomes two of the members of the Los Angeles-based band Artichoke: Timothy Sellers (who pursued physics before deciding on music) and Steve Collins (an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Artichoke is known to many eSkeptic readers for the song Mary Anning, their highly popular contribution to the Skeptics Mix Tape 2009 project. (As Mix Tape curator Daniel Loxton explains, "Artichoke is really top tier science music. There are vanishingly few bands who can m...
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