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MD Illustrates Problem with Requiring Permission to Exercise Rights

Maryland's recent “catastrophic hardware failure” illustrates issues with asking permission for Constitutional rights. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( 2020 continues to serve up examples of why Americans should not tolerate gun control schemes that require citizens to obtain government permission before exercising their Second Amendment rights. This week, the Maryland State Police experienced what they termed a “catastrophic hardware failure” that interrupted that state’s ability to proces...
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Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board Under Attack by Progressive Democrats

Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board Under Attack by Progressive Democrats Maryland – -( In 2016, as a part of the Justice Reinvestment Act, Maryland created a Justice Reinvestment Advisory Board with representatives from various government and citizen groups to serve as an independent check and balance on issues related to correctional detainment activities within Maryland. Then again, in 1999, the City of Baltimore was directed, by Maryland statute, to create the Civilian Rev...
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