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Apple Store looks set to retain mask mandate for now

Despite some major stores relaxing rules regarding face masks, Apple has reportedly decided that shoppers at its stores will still need to wear a face covering.
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"All of us, more or less, wear masks. Because without masks we can’t survive in this violent world."

"Beneath an evil-spirit mask lies the natural face of an angel, beneath an angel’s mask lies the face of an evil spirit. It’s impossible to have just one or the other. That’s who we are. And that’s Carnaval. Schumann was able to see the many faces of humanity—the masks and the real faces—because he himself was a deeply divided soul, a person who lived in the stifling gap in between the two."From the story "Carnaval" by Haruki Murakami, in his new short story collection "First Person Singular."If...
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Rep. Eric Swalwell slams Marjorie Taylor Greene's spokesman during mask confrontation: 'You don't tell me what to f---ing do'

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) arrives for a House Republican caucus candidate forum to replace outgoing conference chair, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) at the Capitol on May 13, 2021. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images "You don't tell me what to f---ing do," Rep. Eric Swalwell told Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's spokesman on Friday The confrontation came after Greene's staffer told Swalwell to take off his mask at the Capitol. The CDC announced on Thursday that fully-vaccinated peopl...
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There really is another choice.

The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.— President Biden (@POTUS) May 13, 2021 It's incoherent to demand that people follow science and to misrepresent the options. There's also the choice to avoid both the mask and the vaccination. Everyone knows that. If I had to defend the President, I'd say it's so obviously not true that no one takes it as true, so it doesn't count as a lie. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The Cal Ripken of television.

Thanks to all wishing me get well - hard to do since I feel perfectly fine, but I appreciate it! Most upset about ending my streak going back to 1993 of never missing a Politically Incorrect or Real Time episode. Oh well, even Cal Ripken had to sit one out at some point.— Bill Maher (@billmaher) May 14, 2021 Maher has tested positive for Covid, but he's symptomless — and vaccinated — so it may be a false positive. In any case, I know from listening to him on the Joe Rogan podcast that he takes...
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"I’m terrified... Terrified, and I do not scare easily."

I'm reading the top-rated comment at the NYT article,  The NYT seems to be stimulating fear in reaction to the CDC announcement. The survey the headline refers to was taken before the CDC took its new position, so these epidemiologists — 723 of them — were, I suspect, passing along the party line. Did they do their own studies? Even if they did, do they study the costs of the restrictions or simply, endlessly default toward caution? Here's the full comment: This is a horrible, horrifying decisi...
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CDC: No need to physically distance if you're fully vaccinated

Reuters The CDC updated its mask guidance Thursday, saying fully vaccinated people don't have to wear masks indoors. So far, around 35% of Americans (117,647,439 people) are fully vaccinated. CDC director Rochelle Walensky also said fully vaccinated people can forget the six-foot distance rule. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its COVID-19 guidance Thursday, saying fully vaccinated people don't have to wear ma...
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Vaccinated people can ditch masks and distancing, the CDC says. Experts think the guidance is overdue but may be too broad.

A woman adjusts her face mask. Getty Images Fully vaccinated Americans no longer have to mask up or distance at indoor or outdoor gatherings. The new CDC rule is overdue, experts said, but there are still circumstances that warrant caution. If you live in a hotspot or have unvaccinated kids, you may not want to ditch your mask yet. See more stories on Insider's business page. For the first time in more than a year, Americans have a green light to participate in any kind of activity - l...
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The CDC's new mask guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, explained in one handy chart

Fully vaccinated people are now allowed to go maskless almost anywhere. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The CDC released a chart Thursday to explain the new mask guidance. People who are two weeks past their second COVID-19 vaccine (or single J&J vaccine) can go maskless. Masks are still required in many setting for people who are not fully vaccinated. See more stories on Insider's business page. On Thursday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said fully vacci...
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Fauci: 'If you're vaccinated and outside, put aside your mask'

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks during a news conference with the coronavirus task force at the White House in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020. Susan Walsh/AP Photo Dr. Fauci says people vaccinated against COVID-19 don't need to wear masks outside. He said said Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 need to "make that transition." The CDC said last month that vaccinated people can take off their masks at small outdoo...
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"Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker or maybe it’s because I always feel like I have to present my best self to the world, but it has been such a relief to feel anonymous. It’s like having a force field around me that says 'don’t see me.'"

Says Francesca, a 46-year-old professor, quoted in "The people who want to keep masking: ‘It’s like an invisibility cloak’/More than a year into the pandemic, some people prefer to keep wearing their face mask – even outdoors in public" (The Guardian).  There's also this, from a 25-year-old bookstore worker near Chicago: "It’s a common consensus among my co-workers that we prefer not having customers see our faces. Oftentimes when a customer is being rude or saying off-color political things, I’...
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Why are so many masked faces spewing racist invecitves? They're scared

First some context, I live in Northumberland County which is in Eastern Ontario.  It's farming country, orchard land.  If you've been out this way you not doubt have seen The Big Apple complete with it's yellow mask as you drive along the 401.  It is also overwhelmingly white, and we have our share of racists out here.  Maybe the mask on that Apple should be replaced with a white hood?Like everywhere Northumberland County has a lot of frightened people, terrified of catching this Covid bug.  The...
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"The expanding reach of the technology is enough to make a person want to wear a mask indefinitely. We won’t, of course."

"With a spell of warm spring weather in New York City, masks are starting to come off and the smiles are returning to the faces—just as George Harrison once had it—and it really does feel like years since they’ve been here. To be unmasked feels good, natural, free, human. And yet, as covid-19 recedes in this country, the human face will be more vulnerable than ever. Unmasked, we’ll find that our faces have become common property. For technology, faces equal identity; we are our faces, but they a...
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Right-Wing Media Now Weaponizes Science To Manufacture New Outrage: Masks Are ‘Child Abuse’

Republicans have started to weaponize science -- after spending months denying it -- in a bid to justify harassing people who wear masks outdoors just as the Centers Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday relaxed some of its outdoor masking guidelines for fully vaccinated people.  [Author: Zoë Richards]
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The Apple Watch and iOS 14.5 cure annoying Face ID problems when masked-up

Apple has created a neat workaround so you can still unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask, even with Face ID active. You need iOS 14.5 and an Apple Watch.
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Anti-Mask AK GOPer Now Must Drive Hundreds Of Miles Then Take Ferry To Capital After Flight Ban

Alaska state Sen. Lora Reinbold (R) had no choice but to drive for more than 13 hours and then take a ferry on Sunday to get to the state's legislature in Juneau after Alaska Airlines banned her for flouting its mask requirement. [Author: Cristina Cabrera]
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CDC guidelines to wear masks outdoors anywhere busy are likely to change soon, Fauci said

Dr. Antony Fauci speaking to ABC News' This Week with George Stephanopoulos on April 25, 2021 ABC news/YouTube CDC guidance for wearing masks outdoors should be updated "soon," Dr Antony Fauci said on Sunday. Evidence shows that "outdoor risk is really, really quite low," Fauci told ABC News' This Week. Laxer guidance would be "common sense," Fauci said. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should be updating guidance for mask we...
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You don't always have to wear a mask outside. Experts share 'really simple' ways to know when you need one and when you don't.

People wearing masks outdoors in New York Noam Galai/Getty Images You don't need to wear a mask whenever you step outside. If you're exercising alone it's perfectly fine to go maskless. Just bring your mask along and be prepared to pull it up if you meet others while you're out and about. See more stories on Insider's business page. Don Milton is as serious as they come about wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from person to person.As one of the world's...
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Sen. Ted Cruz no longer wears a mask at the Capitol, falsely claiming 'everybody' in the Senate has been vaccinated against COVID-19

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), in the Senate Subway on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images Sen. Ted Cruz has stopped wearing a mask at the Capitol, CNN reports. Cruz claimed "everybody" in the Senate is vaccinated, but that's not true of all staffers, reporters, and lawmakers. The CDC still recommends vaccinated individuals to wear a mask when in public. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sen. Ted Cruz has stopped wearing a mask while at t...
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The CDC says airplanes should leave middle seats empty to reduce COVID-19 spread - after every major US airline decided it was unnecessary

Not a great idea anymore. The Late Late Show with James Corden A new CDC modeling study estimated that keeping middle seats empty on planes may reduce 'viable virus' spread by 23-57%. In the study, mannequins didn't wear any masks. It's a reminder that masks and distance are best - especially if plane passengers remove masks or wear masks with gaps in them. See more stories on Insider's business page. This summer, every major airline across the US will have middle sea...
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Alabama is lifting its mask mandate on Friday as Governor Ivey encouraged residents to still voluntarily wear them

Ivey is also known for signing the nation's strictest abortion ban into law. Brynn Anderson/AP Alabama Governor Kay Ivey says the state's mask mandate will end on Friday. She said people should still wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. She called the new phase "Safer Apart," and said it would include "slimmed down" restrictions. See more stories on Insider's business page. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has confirmed that the state's mask mandate would end on Frid...
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"The syndicate has set the level of expectation..."

Notice posted in the window of a tavern on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin (click to enlarge and read):   *** There is no comments section anymore, but you can email me here. Unless you say otherwise, I will presume you'd enjoy an update to this post with a quote from your email. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled Gov. Tony Evers acted unlawfully when he issued multiple pandemic emergency orders — including face mask requirements..."

"The order means the governor will be barred from extending the state's current COVID-19 emergency order and mask mandate, which was set to expire on April 5, unless the Republican-controlled Legislature votes to extend it. Otherwise, it will continue to be up to local governments, such as cities and counties, to impose their own virus restrictions. Dane County's mask mandate remains in place. The court's 4-3 ruling on Wednesday, with conservative swing Justice Brian Hagedorn joining the cons...
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"Be a Ninja: Cough etiquette is ninja knowledge"

Image from This poster, as seen at train stations and inside trains, is from a current joint manner campaign by 19 railway companies in the Kansai area. The poster has the theme of "Consideration for the surroundings of coughing and sneezing." Good timing as cases in Osaka are again on the rise. What else is written on the poster? "How to cover your mouth" "Prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection" "Cooperate in wea...
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"I'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom. We have so much to look forward to... but right now, I'm scared."

"We have come such a long way...just please hold on a little while longer. I so badly want to be done. I know you all so badly want to be done. We are just almost there, just not quite yet." Said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky: Not long after that, as the NYT reports:President Biden on Monday called on governors and mayors to maintain or reinstate mask-wearing orders, saying that because of “reckless behavior,” the coronavirus was again spreading fast, threatening the progress the nation has m...
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"I was repulsed and even a little afraid (I could easily imagine that the homeowner belonged to a militia group) but also fascinated..."

"... perhaps because he plainly also wanted very much to connect, to declare himself, to put forth his vision as any storyteller would. It also seemed as though he wanted to make people laugh, or at least smile. Because, as the display evolved over time, it became clear that he wasn’t just putting up political signage; he was directing a subtly changing Kabuki entertainment for the neighborhood. Some days you’d go by and the white-guy doll would be wearing a scowling Trump mask; then he’d be him...
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Anti-masker hilariously digs his own hole after hearing about his own cognitive bias

Nobody should be embarrassed for not being familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect, the cognitive bias in which the more incompetent or ignorant you are about something, the better or more knowledgeable you think you are at that thing. If you still don't get it, the maskless gentleman above can help you understand.
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A restaurant worker was stabbed by a man who refused to wear a mask, the latest customer-employee confrontation since Texas lifted its mask mandate

Jack in the Box restaurant. Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock A customer stabbed a restaurant worker multiple times after being asked to wear a mask. The League City Police Department issued an arrest warrant for the man. Many people have refused to wear masks at stores and restaurants since the mandate was lifted in Texas. See more stories on Insider's business page. A restaurant manager was stabbed multiple times by a customer who refused to wear a mask on Wednesday at a Jack in the Box re...
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"I want to keep wearing a mask after this is over. I can just go and do my thing, and I don’t have to interact with people. It’s liberating."

Said the 16-year-old son of the author of this WaPo column, "Here are the people who love wearing masks."The author, Petula Dvorak, collects some other pro-mask statements: “I love wearing a mask. I want to do this forever. It has helped my social anxiety so much.”...“Wearing a mask is really letting me be ugly in peace. I love it here.”...“I like not catching colds, not wearing makeup and not being noticed... So even vaccinated and with herd immunity, I’m still going to be hiding behind it.”......
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Big Changes for Businesses as Many Sector Rules Become Recommendations

Big changes are on the way for employers in Connecticut that have been operating for close to a year under “Sector Rules” — mandatory practices that were set out by the state that businesses had to follow in order to reopen. All that changes effective March 19th.  Late Friday, the state updated the website regarding sector rules for reopening. While some mandates remain, most of the requirements are changing to best practices. As the webpage indicates by the DECD: The following rules apply to al...
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