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Buy: The Fraggle Rock Collection Chocolate Bars

Inspired by Jim Henson's beloved television show "Fraggle Rock," a metaphor for diversity and cohabiting peacefully, Brooklyn chocolatiers the Mast Brothers have released five limited edition bars, each featuring a different character. The brand selected...... Continue Reading...
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Shelf Awareness: 5 Questions With Nourish Snacks Founder Joy Bauer

It’s been three years since Joy Bauer, celebrity nutritionist on NBC’s The Today Show, launched her Nourish Snacks brand via e-commerce. About time for an overhaul, she figured. So Bauer went back into her kitchen, hired a graphic designer, huddled with her marketing and product teams and in May revealed a more focused product line, bold new package design and Nourish’s first significant presence on US retail store shelves at Target, Wegman’s and Safeway, with Amazon now handling online sales. ...
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watch Olga Bell play in MAST Brothers Chocolate Factory (and Friday as part of American Songbook in the Penthouse)

Lincoln Center’s American Songbook hosts a six-concert mini-series in The Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse beginning this week. Chairlift/Dirty Projectors collaborator Olga Bell plays Friday. Meanwhile, check out this video Lincoln Center recorded of Olga playing "Offstage". Continue reading… [Author: BrooklynVegan Staff]
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Packaging: l’originalité 2016 de Mast Brothers

En cette rentrée 2016, le fabricant états-unien de chocolat Mast Bothers présente sa collection ainsi que ces nouveautés. Parmi ces dernières, les packs Los Angeles, Brooklyn et Londres. Mast Brothers est un fabricant de chocolat basé à New York, plus précisément à Brooklyn, mais également à Los Angeles et Londres. Fondée par les frères Rick et Michael Mast en 2007, Mast Brothers présente le chocolat avec une attention obsessionnelle du détail, un artisanat méticuleux, une innovation révoluti...
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Stay on the Ecuador farm that produces the world’s most expensive chocolate

A bar of To’ak chocolate sells for a tooth-splintering $345 – but a stay in a treehouse in the Ecuador rainforest where it originates costs just $15 a nightIf you think the controversial Mast Brothers chocolate is pricey at £19 for a 200g bar, then you haven’t come across To’ak chocolate. Touted as the world’s most expensive chocolate, one 50g bar of To’ak comes packaged in an elm wood box, in which you’ll find a pair of wooden tongs – so that you can taste the delicacy without tainting it with ...
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Cruel Britannia: Brexit Campaign Blows Up Its Brand—and Britain’s

A brand cannot lie about itself. Given time, the brand owner/consumer give-and-take that defines a brand will reveal untruths. When this happens, the brand often suffers far worse than if it had been upfront earlier on. This is true for . It is true for Mast Brothers chocolate. And it is true for “Brexit.” Two years before pro-“Leave” activists called their promise to spend EU funding on the National Health Service more of “an aspiration” than a promise, The Telegraph had roasted the term “asp...
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Brandspeak: Brands Drop the Act and Get Real With Imperfections

The following is a guest post by Mark Gandy, global brand director at global creative consulting agency bluemarlin: Gone is the day of the perfectly presented, meticulously manicured, flawless brand that can do no wrong. Brands are shifting their focus to portraying a real-life story to more honestly connect with consumers. In turn, consumers are abandoning their desire for aspirational brands, instead being wooed by the actual, the real and the attainable. According to a 2014 global study by C...
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Inside Bushwick, The Weirdest Place in New York City

What makes Bushwick so weird? It’s the brightly painted warehouses that you can’t tell are functional or abandoned. It’s galleries that double as yoga studios and coffeeshops that double as life drawing classes. It’s strange parties in abandoned furniture stores where people wear crazy costumes. It’s being hit on by guys who always end their catcalls with “God bless you.” A Brooklyn Unlike Brooklyn Of all the neighborhoods I’ve visited in Brooklyn (not all of them, not by a long shot, but a ...
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Comparing Tea and Chocolate Tasting

Comparing tea and wine tasting has come up quite a bit, but what about chocolate?  Of course, I mean specialty bean-to-bar-chocolate, the kind of thing many people aren’t aware even exists. Some chocolate bloggers are just talking about things like how to bake a nice cake, which is surely very useful, but after some searching I found a chocolate blogger that is thorough and analytical, but still personable and genuine.  The reviews seem familiar, even though the subject is very different from t...
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The Problem With Mast Brothers Chocolate Is a Problem For the Entire Industry

America’s favorite hipster chocolate brand was thrust into an uncomfortable spotlight last week, when several detailed investigations cast doubt on pretty much every aspect of the Mast Brothers’ Brooklyn-flavored, ingenuity-fueled origin story. But for chocolate lovers, the allegation that matters most is this one: the Mast Brothers sold $10 craft chocolate bars under the pretense that they were “single origin,” when, in fact, some of that chocolate was re-melted factory stock.Read more...
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11 Truly Acclaimed Chocolate Producers That Aren't Mast Brothers

There is trouble in artisanal Brooklyn, what with the recent revelations that the Mast Brothers - the borough's Ur-craftsmen - are caught up in a big cocoa controversy . Maybe you're a fan who feels cheated, or one of the many people who just never liked the brothers' chocolate all that much to begin with.
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How Hipsters And Foodies Were Fooled Into Buying Terrible Chocolate At $10 A Bar

“As artisanal food surges in popularity, whether it’s chocolate, liquor or jam, the Mast Brothers’ story highlights how a company can have great success selling a product of dubious quality as something ‘artisanal’ or ‘handcrafted’ with beautiful packaging and handsome, bearded founders.”
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The Mast Brothers Are the Subject of a Controversial Chocolate Scandal 

Using stylish packaging, attractive ingredient descriptions such as “cold-pressed olive oil” and “Bourbon vanilla bean,” and an alluring founding story about two well-bearded, chocolate-loving siblings, the Mast Brothers were able to bring themselves to the top of the chocolate industry since their launch in 2007. Now, a blogger named Scott at has published a four-part exposé about the company, in which he describes Rick and Michael Mast as the “Milli Vanilli of chocolate.”Read mo...
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