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The Morning Watch: Special Effects Make-Up Explained, DC FanDome’s Superman Radio Show & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, a special effects make-up artist explains some of the techniques used on movies like The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. Plus, check out the revival of the S...
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65: Adam Driver to Lead Sony’s Sci-Fi Thriller From A Quiet Place Scribes

65: Adam Driver to lead Sony’s sci-fi thriller from A Quiet Place scribes According to Deadline, two-time Oscar nominee Adam Driver has signed on for the leading role in Sony Pictures’ upcoming sci-fi thriller titled 65 which hails from A Quiet Place writing duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. In addition, Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy, Evil Dead films) has also boarded the project to serve as a producer along with Zainab Azizi and Debbie Liebling through their Raimi Productions banner. ...
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Top 10 Best Threequels: Return of the King, The Last Crusade & More

Top 10 Best Threequels: Return of the King, The Last Crusade & More Ah, the threequel. The third and typically last film in a series. Over the years we’ve seen a number of finales drop the ball on their last go — Spider-Man 3, Superman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and even The Godfather Part III, for example — as director’s seem to run out of ideas or run into studio interference that hampers their overarching vision. And yet, there are actu...
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6 Marvel Characters Matt Damon Would Be Perfect To Play

Matt Damon made a great fake Loki, but how about giving him the role of a real Marvel hero?
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The 14 best beach movies you can stream right now

  Though many beaches have opened for the season, those with COVID-related concerns are looking for summer entertainment from the safety of their homes, including films available for streaming. We compiled a list of award-winning and cult-favorite movies from a diverse range of directors and actors to replicate the experience of visiting the beach and inspire new bucket list travel destinations. Picks include coming-of-age dramas, queer love stories, and family-friendly animated films set on ...
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Ben Affleck to Helm Making-of-Chinatown Movie at Paramount

Ben Affleck to helm making-of-Chinatown movie at Paramount It’s been four years since Oscar winner Ben Affleck last stepped into the director’s chair for a feature project and while he has a number of projects he’s reportedly set to helm, Deadline brings word that the Argo writer/director has signed on to next direct Paramount’s making-of-Chinatown project, The Big Goodbye. RELATED: Ben Affleck Confirms the Status of McDonald’s Monopoly Scam Movie PB = PB || {...
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The Great Wall – The Art Of The Film Book Review

The Great Wall is a period fantasy/monster film directed by famed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who gave us such memorable films as Raise The Red Lantern, Hero and House Of Flying Daggers. Set during the Song dynasty in ancient China, The Nameless Order battles against a horde of emerald monsters on a stretch of the great wall, aided by two European mercenaries played by Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal. The film lacks the beautiful visual poetry of the director’s earlier films like Hero, but the...
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The Best Movies Leaving HBO Max in August (And Also All the ‘Harry Potter’ Films)

There are a bunch of movies leaving HBO Max in August 2020, including all eight of the original Harry Potter movies. This piece highlights five of the best movies leaving the service, and it does not include any Harry Potter movies, because you’ve all probably seen them a few times by now. But just so you know: you only have a few weeks left to stream them on HBO Max. Anyway, let’s leave ol’ Harry in the dust and break down a few great films you should catch up with before they disappear from H...
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Comedy Legend Carl Reiner Passes Away at Age 98

Comedy legend Carl Reiner passes away at age 98 It is with great sadness that (via Deadline) must report the passing of writer, director, actor and comedy legend Carl Reiner of natural causes at age 98. The father of noted actor/director Rob Reiner was most famous for creating The Dick Van Dyke Show, directing The Jerk and his role as Saul Bloom in the Ocean’s movies. Here is his final Tweet made three days ago… PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone...
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Matt Damon Isn’t Too Happy That Jimmy Kimmel is Taking the Summer Off From His Late Night Show

After almost 18 years and 3,130 shows, Jimmy Kimmel is taking a vacation. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live announced on the June 18 episode that he will be “taking the summer off to spend even more time with my family,” a sweet announcement that was unexpectedly crashed by Matt Damon, the long-running butt of Kimmel’s jokes. And he wasn’t too happy about having to wait even longer for his time on the show. At the end of every episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel would joke, “Our apologies to Ma...
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Matt Damon doesn't approve of Jimmy Kimmel's hiatus

Jimmy Kimmel announced that he is taking a break from hosting "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to spend more time with his family.
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Matt Damon Interrupts Jimmy Kimmel’s Big Announcement And... Umm... Wow

Jimmy Kimmel is taking a few months off. But first, Matt Damon trolled him big-time.
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Jimmy Kimmel announces a summer break from his show as Matt Damon crashes to say he isn't happy

Jimmy Kimmel is going on a break and says guest hosts will fill in this summer. See Matt Damon react to the news at Kimmel's house.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘The Bourne Stuntacular’ Footage Shows Off Universal’s Next-Gen Theme Park Stunt Show

Stunt peformers rarely get their due in Hollywood, but Universal Studios Orlando is giving these acrobatic artists their time to shine with The Bourne Stuntacular show, a new stunt show which replaces the long-running Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time. The theme park held the soft opening for the show this week, giving guests a peek at the technical rehearsals, where the live actors showed off their balletic stunts and interacted with stunning live effects and projection-mapping LED screens. ...
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Don Winslow Says No Adaptation of His Books Will Film in Georgia Until Voter Suppression is Addressed

Don Winslow, the author of books like The Force and the Cartel trilogy, has optioned the rights to several of his novels to studios and TV networks. But in the wake of this week’s egregious voter suppression in Georgia, Winslow is taking action. “I will allow no film or television show based on one of my works to be shot in the state of Georgia until its government takes immediate, real and concrete steps to ensure free and fair elections and to end voter suppression,” he writes in a recent op-...
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15 Non-MCU Marvel Actors Who Appeared in the MCU

15 Non-MCU Marvel Actors Who Appeared in the MCU The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled to the brim with top tier talent. With actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo sprinkled throughout 23 films, it can be easy to lose track of all the other names and faces. It’s even easier to forget that some actors who have appeared in the MCU have also appeared in non-MCU Marvel movies. Before the creation of what is now the paradigm of shared universes,  superhero films were stil...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming to HBO Max in June 2020

HBO Max launches this week, but what about the future? What will be available to stream next month, for instance? A lot, as it turns out. And it’s a lot of quality stuff, too. Not just HBO Max originals, but also plenty of familiar films as well. These are the best TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max in June 2020. McCabe and Mrs. Miller Robert Altman‘s anti-Western features Warren Beatty as a gambler and Julie Christie as the prostitute he strikes a deal with to open a brothel in a newl...
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Apple TV+ Wins Rights to New Docuseries From McMillions Filmmakers

Apple TV+ wins rights to new docuseries from McMillions filmmakers Following an intense bidding war against multiple networks and streaming services, Apple TV+ has successfully won the rights to a brand new documentary series which hails from McMillions filmmaking duo Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez. According to Deadline, the project was a seven-figure deal for Apple. RELATED: The Custom of the Country: Sofia Coppola Adapting Classic Novel Into Apple TV+ Series The streaming service ha...
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Ryan Gosling-Led Astronaut Film Lands Phil Lord & Chris Miller To Helm

Ryan Gosling-led astronaut film lands Phil Lord & Chris Miller to helm After landing Ryan Gosling (First Man) to star in his second space-centric project in late March, the adaptation of Andy Weir’s upcoming novel Project Hail Mary has found not one, but two masterminds to helm the project in the form of Oscar-winning duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), according to Variety. RELATED: MGM in Talks to Acquire Andy Weir’s Hail Mary; Ryan Gosling to Star  The no...
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Matt Damon Is Living A Fish-Out-Of-Water Comedy In Ireland

By Amanda Mannen  Published: May 15th, 2020 
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Matt Damon Dishes On His ‘Fairytale’ Self-Isolation Setup In Ireland

The residents of Dalkey, Ireland, are extra protective of their famous new neighbor.
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Ireland swoons over Matt Damon's lockdown love affair with village

Hollywood actor goes native in Dalkey, touting his togs in a Supervalu bag and calling in to local radioIt was the SuperValu bag that clinched it. Matt Damon, recently emerged from the cold waters of Dublin bay and carrying his swimming togs in a plastic shopping bag just like any Irishman. A nation swooned.The actor appeared to have gone native after a few weeks in Dalkey, a seaside village in south Dublin, and in return the natives have adopted him – it is a lockdown love affair. Continue read...
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Matt Damon describes 'fairy tale' lockdown life in Ireland

Matt Damon has described living in Ireland during the country's coronavirus lockdown as like being in a "fairy tale" during a surprise radio interview.
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Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with radio call

A Dublin radio presenter had been appealing for the Oscar winner to call his programme for weeks.
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Coronavirus live updates: Court strikes down Wisconsin stay-at-home order, Matt Damon's daughter had virus 'early on' and recovered

Wisconsin court strikes down state's stay-at-home order and a new study finds kids aren't as safe. The latest coronavirus updates.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with surprise radio call

A local radio station had been trying to get in contact with Damon for weeks before he phoned in.
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Matt Damon discusses life under lockdown in 'fairytale' Irish town

Matt Damon has revealed that his daughter tested positive to Covid-19 in New York City, while he and the rest of his family have spent lockdown in Ireland.
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Matt Damon says his Ireland lockdown feels like 'a fairytale'

Actor, who is staying near Dublin, says country’s leader Leo Varadkar is a ‘badass’ and he worries about lack of Covid-19 testing in USMatt Damon says lockdown in Ireland feels like a fairytale, that the country’s taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, is a “badass” and that he worries about returning to the United States because of inadequate testing for coronavirus.The actor has been staying with his family in Dalkey, a seaside village of south Dublin, since March after filming in Ireland for The Last Duel,...
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Matt Damon Says Daughter Alexia Had COVID-19 But ‘Got Through It’

The actor and his family, currently living in Ireland, plan to reunite with the 21-year-old by the end of the month.
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