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The King's Man Teaser Introduces Its Gallery Of Rogues

Ralph Fiennes is assembling a team. But rather than wearing spandex, his crew of heroes is decked out in ... tuxedos? There's nothing wrong with getting a little blood on your suit and tie if you have the proper tailor to replace it all! Fiennes stars in the latest entry of the Kingsman series, "The King's Man," which details the origin story of the secret spy agency.You can check out the new teaser below! The King's Man Teaser Forget everything you think you know about the Kingsman — this tim...
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Movies To Watch If You Loved Fast & Furious 9

As "F9" roared into theaters, viewers both casual and devoted feverishly caught up on the Fast & Furious franchise's oddly complex lore and timeline. But once you're finished with NOS, Coronas, and the overbearing themes of family, you may want to find other movies that maintain the adrenaline rush that the Fast & Furious movies provide."F9" is defined by its strange mix of genres, combining heist, spy, and car action to create the high reality that the Fast & Furious series thrives on. Director...
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The 20 Best Assassins In Film Ranked

The hitman might be one of the most purely cinematic professions -- the silent, emotionless hired gun without any affiliation or loyalty. They've taken on an almost mythic status that feels completely at odds to the reality. Some are portrayed as sociopaths, some as slick, cool secret agent types. As it is, the numerous cinematic portrayals on film often makes them the most intriguing part of their films.There are so many depictions of assassins, hitmen, and mercenaries in cinema that it's impos...
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The King's Man: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)It's been several years since we last saw the "Kingsman" franchise grace the big screen. Though it hasn't been for a lack of interest on the studio side of things, as "The King's Man," a new entry in the action/spy series, has been ready to go for some time. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it had been repeatedly delayed. But ...
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Who Is the Best Actor in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed?

Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning crime drama The Departed turns 15 this week, people. Looking back on the flick, I’m still amazed at its ability to entertain, dazzle, thrill, and shock audiences. Honestly, check out this terrific “first-time reaction” from a couple on YouTube if you need a reminder of just how bonkers the 2006 film really is: Personally, I love The Departed. It has all of Scorsese’s usual flourishes, a fantastic, whip-smaht script by William Monahan, and plenty of intr...
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More Than Bond: Daniel Craig’s Best Performances to Rewatch Before No Time to Die

The official release of No Time to Die is ahead of us as it will hit theaters on October 8. It will be the last time Daniel Craig will portray the intelligent and sexy British Secret Service agent created by Ian Flaming. The English actor will officially say goodbye to the iconic character after a run that started with 2006’s Casino Royale and spanned over four more movies. While the general public perceives the 53-year-old actor as James Bond, his career includes more than one performance that ...
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5 Daniel Craig Movies To Stream After No Time To Die

"No Time to Die" is the final hurrah for Daniel Craig's James Bond, but luckily, the actor has had plenty of other great roles over the years. So if you find yourself curious about some other standout entries in his filmography, we're here to guide you. A quick note before we begin: "Knives Out" and "Munich" are not on this list. That's because A) this list is limited to just five films, B) "Knives Out" was very well-received when it came out a few years ago, so I assume you've probably seen it ...
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Daniel Brühl’s Part in ‘The King’s Man’ ‘Not Big But Pivotal,’ Shares Actor in Zurich

Following his directorial debut “Next Door” – which saw him poke fun at his international success as a movie star Daniel, forced to deal with a stalkerish neighbor on his way to a secret audition for a superhero movie – Daniel Brühl will be next seen in Matthew Vaughn’s spectacle “The King’s Man” as Erik […]
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Matthew Vaughn’s New Star-Studded Spy Film Argylle Begins Production

Production on Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn’s newest spy film Argylle has officially begun in Europe. The filming start also comes with the addition of Tony Award-nominated actress Ariana DeBose, who has signed on to join Henry Cavill, and John Cena, the star-studded project. DeBose will also next be seen in Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited film adaptation of the West Side Story. “We have assembled an absolutely stellar cast to inhabit each of the wonderfully original and captivating character...
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All Of Matthew Vaughn's Films Ranked Worst To Best

Although his directorial credits are somewhat limited, British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has forged an innovative style that fuses sharp humor with memorable characters, shocking darkness, and genuine sincerity. While he frequently works with established franchises and adapts previously existing properties, Vaughn makes his stories feel original, and his confidence behind the camera has made him one of the most prominent voices of his generation.Vaughn is brilliant in the way he approaches famili...
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The 12 Best Tom Hardy Movies Ranked

Tom Hardy is one of the most popular actors working today, and with good reason: He's also one of the best. Hardy is known for innovation and originality -- whether he's masking his face, trying out a new voice, physically transforming his appearance, or navigating between different genres, Hardy takes chances that his contemporaries simply don't.Hardy first made an impact in two intense war projects: "Band of Brothers" and "Black Hawk Down." Among large ensembles, Hardy's originality stood out,...
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Flight Of The Navigator Remake Will Be Directed By Bryce Dallas Howard

Look, what little kid doesn't love the idea of unwittingly stumbling upon an advanced alien spaceship, falling unconscious and missing eight entire years without aging a day, and finally boarding the vessel (and becoming fast friends with its inquisitive artificial intelligence ... eyeball ... thing? Whatever, it's name was Max and it ruled) to be whisked away on an adventure of a lifetime? That was my experience with the original "Flight of the Navigator," a movie that I wore out on VHS growing...
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Disney Sets Dates For Movies Through 2024, Doubles Down On Theatrical

Today, Disney announced a torrent of updated release date information about several of the studio's biggest upcoming films. Let's take a look at these new dates, and then break down which ones will only be available to see in theaters. Disney Release Date Announcements OK, take a deep breath and let's go through these one by one.Disney has moved "Nightmare Alley," Guillermo del Toro's remake of a 1940s Tyrone Power drama, from a limited December 3, 2021 release to a wide release just a few days ...
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Upcoming Henry Cavill Movies To Keep On Your Radar

(Welcome to On Your Radar, a series where we take a look at what's next for the biggest actors and filmmakers, and why you should be excited ... or not.)The people have spoken and they simply can't get enough of Henry Cavill. Even amid the highs and lows of his Superman appearances in the DC Universe, the cries of "Henry Cavill innocent!" rang throughout social media as everyone could at least agree that Cavill's physicality and presence made him a star in his own right. His appearances in "The ...
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The 12 Best Action Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

Ever since "Iron Man," studios have been trying, almost like clockwork, to make action movies using the Marvel formula. "The Suicide Squad" was just "Guardians of the Galaxy" with bad dudes. "Justice League" was "The Avengers," but worse. And every A-list actor under the sun has suddenly tried to become a money-making superhero. Aside from the flying cars of the "Fast & Furious" franchise and the occasional chapter of "John Wick" or "Mission: Impossible," superhero films rule the day, action-wis...
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New Trailer Released for THE KING’S MAN

It seems like it’s been so long since we last saw or heard from THE KING’S MAN – originally scheduled to release last year. But fans of the original Kingsman films don’t have to wait much longer for this awaited prequel. Today, 20th Century Studios debuted a brand-new, action-packed trailer, full of director Matthew Vaughn’s signature style. […] The post New Trailer Released for THE KING’S MAN appeared first on ZANNALAND!.
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The King’s Man Red Band Trailer Revealed for Long-Delayed Prequel

20th Century Studios has dropped a brand new red band trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s long-delayed action prequel The King’s Man, starring Ralph Fiennes, and Gemma Arterton. The film has been delayed several times now, with its first initial date previously due two years ago. Currently, it is slated to finally arrive in theaters on December 22, 2021. The King’s Man red band trailer, which you can check out below along with the new poster, features new footage that continues to highlight its action-...
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The King's Man's Newest Trailer Showcases Some Very Un-Gentle Men

If, for some wild reason, you thought the prequel to the ultra-action-packed Kingsman movies would going to be any tamer than its forebears, I can promise you, you needn’t lose any sleep over it. The King’s Man has action for days, and this newest R-rated, red-band trailer for the film proves.Read more...
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The King's Man Red Band Trailer: The Super-Spy Prequel Gets Bloody

The long-awaited new addition to "The Kingsman" franchise is finally upon us. Well, almost. After nearly two years of delays due in no small part to that pesky pandemic, Matthew Vaughn's third installment in the series looks locked into place for a December 2021 release, and we have a new trailer on deck to prove it."The King's Man" serves as a prequel to the other two "Kingsman" films, depicting the secret and oh-so-proper spy organization in its early days, long before Colin Firth's Harry Hart...
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One More Red Band Trailer for 'The King's Man' Finally Opening Soon

"While governments wait for orders, our people take action." We've been waiting more than a year for this movie to finally be released! 20th Century has debuted one final red band trailer for The King's Man, the next prequel in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman series. This is now set for release in December later in 2021, after many many delays over the last year and plans to open it before. (Technically this is the fifth trailer so far, the last one arrived earlier this summer.) Discover the origi...
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Henry Cavill And Bryce Dallas Howard's New Movie With Matthew Vaughn Is Heading To Streaming

The Man of Steel actor is starring in a spy thriller with Bryan Cranston, John Cena and Samuel L. Jackson.
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Apple Picks Up Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Movie ‘Argylle’ in Massive $200 Million Deal

Argylle is heading to Apple. Apple Original Films is reportedly “nearing completion” on the acquisition of Argylle, a new spy/action film from Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn which is intended to launch a new film franchise. The company is shelling out around $200 million for the project, continuing the somewhat recent trend of streamers upending the established model by paying gargantuan up-front costs to entice talent instead of rewarding them with financial bonuses based...
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Apple Lands Argylle in Near-$200 Million Deal, Wants to Start Franchise

Apple is on the cusp of adding another huge film to its streaming platforms, as Deadline is reporting that Apple Original Films is closing on the worldwide film rights to Argylle, the next film directed by Matthew Vaughn. RELATED: Brendan Fraser Joins Apple’s Killers of the Flower Moon & Legendary’s Brothers According to the report, Apple is set to close the deal somewhere around the $200 million mark, and while it is only a deal for one picture, the company hopes that it will be successful enou...
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'Argylle' Spy Movie Starring Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa Coming to Apple TV+

Apple has established a deal for the rights to "Argylle," an upcoming spy thriller from Matthew Vaughn, reports Deadline. A film package is nearing completion, and Apple is expected to pay around $200 million. "Argylle" is based on the upcoming spy novel of the same name from author Ellie Conway. It follows the world's greatest spy in a globe-trotting adventure, and shooting is set to start later this year. The upcoming film has a star-studded cast, with Henry Cavill set to star. It will als...
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Interview: Composer Dominic Lewis Talks Peter Rabbit 2, Monsters at Work and The King’s Man

Dominic Lewis scored the recently released Sony Pictures Animation feature Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, starring James Corden, Margot Robbie and Rose Byrne; and the upcoming animated series Monsters at Work, starring Ben Feldman and Billy Crystal, which is currently streaming on Disney+. Lucky for us, Dominic reached out to to discuss what it was like scoring these projects along with the anticipated Matthew Vaughn feature, The King’s Man. Lewis’ music can also be heard on Disney ...
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Henry Cavill Will Take a Break From Punching Things With ‘The Rosie Project’

Henry Cavill is good at punching things. Really good. So good he has to cock his fists to reload. Now, despite already having a very busy schedule that includes Chad Stahelski‘s Highlander reboot and Matthew Vaughn‘s spy flick Argylle, he’s signed onto a project where he gets to be more subdued. Deadline reports that he is set to star in The Rosie Project, a romance film about a university professor who can’t seem to find love and comes up with an unusual strategy to get it. A Change of Pa...
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Henry Cavill to Star in Steve Falk’s The Rosie Project

The Witcher and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is adding another project to his growing slate as he has reportedly signed on for the romance feature The Rosie Project, written and directed by Steve Falk, according to Deadline. RELATED: WitcherCon: The Witcher Season 2 First Teaser Trailer Released The Rosie Project follows an unlucky-in-love university professor who creates an elaborate questionnaire in an effort to find a wife and meets an unconventional woman who doesn’t match any of his “requ...
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Updates From Shazam: Fury of the Gods, American Horror Story, and More

Matthew Vaughn’s next spy-fi adventure reveals itself in Argylle. Angela Bassett discusses the ever-changing nature of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s script. Netflix returns to Korean horror with a special episode of Kingdom. Plus, Tim Drake arrives on Titans. Spoilers, go!Read more...
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‘Argylle’: Matthew Vaughn’s New Spy Movie Casts Henry Cavill, Bryan Cranston, John Cena, and More

Yesterday, a report surfaced that Matthew Vaughn, the director of the Kingsman film franchise, would be directing an untitled spy movie about a novelist with amnesia who slowly regains her memory and realizes she’s actually a world-class spy. An official press release, which announced the film’s title and cast, has since contradicted that initial synopsis. Vaughn’s new movie is called Argylle, and the press release promises it will launch a new action franchise. Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) is s...
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