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What Good Can A Handgun Do Against An Army?

Recall when I said this? Do you suppose this would look like great land armies getting into formation at the edges of great fields of battle and marching towards each other?  What do you think such a messy civil war in America would look like?  Bubba would be wearing a Ghillie suit, shooting a bolt action rifle, or a modern sporting rifle, and after the shot you will never hear from him again – until the next one.  And you’ll never catch him.  Police will have to decide what side to take, and if...
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Strive For Balance In Your Spiritual Life

Most of the heresies that have opposed the Church in her progress through the world have arisen from the undue pressing of one part of the truth. For the truth of the Christian Faith can generally be stated in the form of a paradox. And any failure to keep perfect balance and proportion in these statements results in error. The history of the struggles of the early ages is the history of the wonderful instinct with which the Church ever preserved the mean between the extremes toward one or anoth...
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Try Forgetting Pennywise The Clown's Unsettling Backstory, Just Try

While watching the remake of Stephen King's It, you’ll be too busy physically jumping out of your seat to consider the origins of Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgård). Instead of wondering what “It” is, you’ll be yelling at Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) to not talk to strangers, and to definitely not put his hand in the sewer.Only after the movie’s over and your heart has stopped thumping will you start inquiring into the supernatural spine of the movie. It dives right into the present day, an...
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Deepen Your Friendship with God

The perfect life consists in the perfect correspondence to the will of God. He who came to teach us how to live said, “I came down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of Him that sent me”; “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work”; and St. Paul says of Him, “Even Christ pleased not himself.” In the hour of His agony, His prayer was, “If it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.” He would not anticipate by ...
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Book Review: The Devil's Feast

The following review is a special for BlackFive readers provided by Elise Cooper. You can read all of our book reviews and author interviews by clicking on the Books category link in the right side bar. The Devil’s Feast by M. J. Carter plays off Anthony Bourdain’s quote, “I’ve long believed that good food, good eating, is all about risk… food has always been an adventure.” Carter had the idea for the story because of “an illness I had for the past few years that has to do with my digestion. I c...
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Let Christ Impart Life to You

A visitor from the higher kingdom must descend into the lower, take into Himself the elements of which that lower kingdom is composed, making them His own, infusing into them His own life and holding them in its grasp, endowing them with His power, enriching them with His attributes, crowning them with His beauty, and penetrating them with His presence, and thus transplanting them into the kingdom from which He comes. This was done once for all when “the Word who was with God and was God. . . wa...
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Nurture Genuine Sorrow for Your Sins

The virtue which for obvious reasons we should consider first is contrition, for those who have lost their baptismal innocence can be saved only as penitents. Which of us can think that we have kept our garments in their baptismal purity? If we have not, then the foundation of our Christian character, upon which all must rest, is penitence. So completely can this virtue stamp itself upon the whole character that we can describe many a person in one word — “peni­tent.” Just as innocence shines ou...
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Grow in the Virtues That Underlie Holiness

Besides the general effort that every Christian must make to do what is right and to keep from what is wrong, it is important that he should have some special and definite aim that will help to keep him from dissipating his strength. The end of the Christian life is, of course, holiness, but holiness is rather an indefinite thing to beginners, and it may manifest itself in many forms. And those who would attain to holiness must begin as they are, with their many sins and imperfections and ignora...
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Dwell in the Presence of God

The supreme work of life is the perfect development of character, having ever in view the will and purpose of God, the development of all that God has given us in relation to Himself, and the harmonizing of all the various gifts and powers with which we are endowed, so as to form one perfect whole. Each has to develop his own personal life and to resist all those manifold conflicting claims and forces that are constantly trying to interfere with it and to hurt it. It is scarcely possible for any...
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Venezuela cash crisis sparks looting, protests

Desperate Venezuelans looted delivery trucks and clashed with police Friday as a botched plan to introduce new banknotes left people stranded without cash -- the latest shortage in a spiraling economic crisis. Formerly the highest denomination bill, the 100-bolivar note was worth about three US cents, and accounted for 77 percent of the cash in circulation in Venezuela. In the eastern city of Maturin, dozens of people blocked off a major avenue and looting broke out.
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Discussion: Post Captain (Aubrey/Maturin #2)

Discussion: Post Captain (Aubrey/Maturin #2) The second book in Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series finds our two protagonists headed home from the Mediterranean to find peace has arrived in England following the Treaty of Amiens. Without a ship, he and Stephen begin to live the lives of country gentlemen, hunting, entertaining and enjoying more amorous adventures. Their comfortable existence, however, is cut short when Jack is overnight reduced to a pauper with enough debts to keep him i...
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Unseen Patrick O’Brian sea stories to launch in December

Master and Commander author’s early nautical stories – Noughts and Crosses, Two’s Company and No Pirates Nowadays – return to print after 80 yearsThree virtually unknown short stories by Patrick O’Brian of derring-do on the high seas, featuring everything from shark fishing on the Great Barrier Reef to encounters with pirates in the fog-bound northern Pacific, are due to be released next month to mark the centenary of the Master and Commander author’s birth.The stories, Noughts and Crosses, Two...
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