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DJI's Upgraded Mavic Air 2S Has a Much Larger Camera Sensor

DJI’s Mavic Air 2 drone already offers a great balance of price and performance, but with the new Mavic Air 2S, DJI is revamping its latest quadcopter with a way bigger camera sensor. Read more...
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Watch this breathtaking drone video of a volcanic eruption

Aerial filmmaker Stefan Forster has created an extraordinary piece of work that captures the breathtaking beauty of a volcanic eruption.
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Flying DJI's First FPV Drone Is an Exhilarating but Imperfect Experience

DJI is widely known for its commercial drones that are easy to use and friendly to newcomers, as well as for its content creation features for vlogs and even cinematography. With its new first-person view drone, DJI wanted to make a splash in the drone-flying community with a quad that toes the line. The DJI FPV…Read more...
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DJI launches an all-in-one FPV drone system

DJI has flirted with FPV goggles before, of course. The company got on the burgeoning FPV movement with the launch of its DJI Goggles back in 2016. It was a logical extension for the company that controls around 70% of the drone market, at last count, and a push toward a more mainstream experience for what has largely been the realm of hobbyists. Today, it takes another important step toward conquering that market with the launch of DJI FPV. The simply named new drone model is aimed at offering ...
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Shift while coasting with HxR Easy Shift Crank and Mavic ID360 Ratchet Locker

HxR Components have partnered with Mavic to make their Easy Shift Crank more accessible to Mavic wheelset owners. Specifically, those who run Mavic wheels with the ID360 Ratchet hub engagement system. The Mavic ID360 Ratchet Locker gives those riders the option to modify their rear hub to allow gear changes while coasting. Here’s how it […] The post Shift while coasting with HxR Easy Shift Crank and Mavic ID360 Ratchet Locker appeared first on Bikerumor.
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DJI's Mavic Mini 2 Packs 150% Better Range and 4K Video Into the Same Small Body

For people who want to get into drones but don’t want to deal with the hassle of registering their tiny flying cameras, DJI’s Mavic Mini was an almost ideal solution. Today, DJI is announcing its follow-up, the Mavic Mini 2, which boasts support for 4K video and way better range without any increase in size.Read more...
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DJI’s pint-sized Mavic Mini gets camera and connection upgrades

We dug DJI’s Mavic Mini when the drone arrived last year. As Matt noted in his review, “It packs everything critical to be a quality drone. It has a good camera, good range and a good controller. It holds up well in the wind and is quick enough to be fun.” Today, DJI improves two of those things with the arrival of the Mini 2. The new version, which hits retail today, is more refinement than redefinition. This is one of those cases where that’s perfectly fine, as the first release was a solid...
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The Tour de France bikes, ranked

Jumbo-Visma rides Bianchi. Tim de Waele/Getty Images The 107th Tour de France got rolling in Nice on August 29 and finished in Paris on Sunday. 176 riders started and 146 finished. The 21-year-old Slovenian Tadej Pogačar won the three-week race after dramatically snatching the leader's yellow jersey from compatriot Primož Roglič on Saturday's penultimate stage, an hourlong time trial with a demanding summit finish. With the racing done, we again ranked each of the 22 teams' bikes, based on...
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Best Buy discounts DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro — save $180

Two of the best drones right now -- DJI's Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro -- are both on sale at Best Buy for $180 off.
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DJI Mavic Air 2 Review: Fantastic drone, despite obstacle avoidance blindspots

I’m supposed to get photos as soon as I take something out of the box. I know better. The rule is not to play with the gadget first. I’m going to crash the drone; I always do. I crashed the DJI Mavic Air 2 and broke a landing peg. I flew the drone before I took pictures and of course, the drone found a tree. I swear it’s not my fault this time. I quickly discovered the Mavic Air 2 obstacle avoidance technology is not up to par with its competition. And yet I still love this drone. The Mavic A...
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DJI Announces Mavic Air 2 Drone With 8K Support, Larger Camera Sensors, and Longer 34 Minute Flight Time

DJI this week announced the , a new foldable drone that features 8K functionality, a larger 1/2" camera sensor for higher resolution photos and videos, and upgraded flight modes. The Mavic Air 2 can also stay in the air longer thanks to better battery life. The company said that this is the first drone in the Mavic family to offer 4K video at 60fps and 120 Mbps. The drone supports HDR video, 4X slow motion in 1080p at 120fps or 8x slow motion in 1080p at 240fps. It can record images with up ...
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DJI Claims the Mavic Air 2 Is Its Smartest Drone Yet, But It's Definitely Not Its Lightest

Two years after the Mavic Air wowed us with a drone so small it could be shoved in a (very large) pocket DJI is back with the Mavic Air 2, and this time the size is similar, the weight is heavier, but the drone sounds a whole lot smarter.Read more...
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The DJI Mavic Mini Blew Me Away

The tiniest drones are the worst ones, I always thought. It was nearly 10 years ago that I tried to fly my first quadcopter: the Estes Proto X (no relation). The thing was so light and unstable that, as soon as it was airborne, it caught a gust of wind and flew directly into my eye. So when I got the new Mavic Mini,…Read more...
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DJI Mavic Mini Review

The $399 Mavic Mini lives in a sweet spot of core features and a low price. It packs everything critical to be a quality drone. It has a good camera, good range, and a good controller. It holds up well in the wind and is quick enough to be fun. And it’s so small that you’re more likely to throw it in your bag and take it on Instagram adventures. The small size is the Mavic Mini’s main selling point. It weighs 249 grams, and that odd number isn’t an accident. Drones that weight 250 grams and a...
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DJI Mavic Mini: A powerful drone the size of your phone!

You’ve got to admire how DJI has absolutely perfected the art of stabilized video. Whether they’re the drones, consumer gimbals, or the massive handheld Ronin rigs used in cinema, DJI knows how to maneuver a camera, no matter whether it’s a massive cinematography instrument, or something as minuscule as the lens on the DJI Osmo Pocket. Now imagine taking that expertise, and that incredibly small and cutting edge tech, and giving it wings. That’s the DJI Mavic Mini. A camera worthy of the Mavic...
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DJI announces the smallest Mavic drone yet

The Mavic Pro was a revelation when DJI announced it a little over three years ago. The foldable drone was precisely the shot in the arm the industry needed to help make the technology more accessible for the masses. In July, I paid a visit to the markets of Shenzhen, and it’s clear that the design has had a profound impact on both the industry at large and the public perception of a drone’s platonic ideal. DJI, meanwhile, has spent the last few years refining the line and building up a ro...
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DJI's Mavic Mini Wants to Be the Drone for Everyone

DJI just announced the latest member of its Mavic line, and it is tiny. The foldable Mavic Mini is roughly the size of three smartphones stacked on top of each other and weighs just 249 grams. That’s just light enough to mean you don’t have to register a Mavic Mini with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Those…Read more...
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DJI's Mavic Mini is its smallest and most affordable drone

DJI's Mavic line of drones have gotten smaller and more portable over the years, but nothing matches the Mavic Mini, the company's latest drone.
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Parrot’s latest drone targets professionals with a thermal camera

The last several years have seen an interesting pivot for Parrot, from bluetooth headset/speakers to drones. The company’s ANAFI line is probably one of the best positioned products to go head to head with DJI’s successful Mavic line, but the company’s looking to take things a bit further by moving beyond hobbyists/consumers. The system’s primary differential from other products in the line is the inclusion of the titular thermal camera designed by Flir. The ANAFI Thermal is capable of captu...
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Mavic goes gravel, carbon, and 650b with Allroad Pro Carbon SL & SL+ wheels

Mavic is no stranger to the dirt, but until now hasn’t offered a high-end gravel-specific carbon wheel set. That changes now with their new Allroad Pro Carbon SL and SL+ wheels. Featuring all-new carbon construction, diameter-specific rim widths, and UST tubeless compatibility, they’re taking Mavic’s gravel game to the next level. Mavic Allroad Pro Carbon […] The post Mavic goes gravel, carbon, and 650b with Allroad Pro Carbon SL & SL+ wheels appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Bikerumor Podcast #005 – Mavic trolls our comments

Everyone loves the Bikerumor comments, but what if they could be better? What if they could better unite riders everywhere with the people behind the brands? Well, they could. They can! And in this episode, we talk with Chad Moore of Mavic’s global marketing team about how they handle comments on their posts, why they […] The post Bikerumor Podcast #005 – Mavic trolls our comments appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Mavic adds carbon rims for custom wheels, hubs coming & prototype gravel wheels

Back in the day, if you were going to build a custom set of wheels, chances were pretty good you’d be surrounding them with Mavic’s alloy rims. Over the years, they’ve continued to offer those, updating them with their latest tech, machining tricks and designs, even if complete wheels have mostly take over. Now, though, […] The post Mavic adds carbon rims for custom wheels, hubs coming & prototype gravel wheels appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Mavic adds Elite carbon mountain bike wheels, Deemax update & MicroSpline option

Mavic introduced their first full carbon mountain bike rims as part of the 2016 XA Pro Carbon wheelset. It took two years to see an update to those, with the XA35 going a lot wider to handle the “plus” mountain bike tire craze. Somewhere along the way, they released the Crossmax Carbon Pro wheelset and […] The post Mavic adds Elite carbon mountain bike wheels, Deemax update & MicroSpline option appeared first on Bikerumor.
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Comparing a $50 knockoff drone with a $1400 Mavic 2 Pro

How does a $50 drone compare against a $1,400 Mavic 2 Pro? Well, I was hoping this test would reveal that the $50 knockoff was about half as good as the Mavic. But it turns out that the knockoff is so crappy that it's 0% as good. It can't deal with a light breeze, it loses its radio connection frequently, the camera is garbage, and the battery dies without warning. The Mavic 2 Pro, on the other hand, is a thing of beauty, with built-in GPS so it hovers, and a gorgeous video image. Image: Indy...
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DJI finally releases a $650 Mavic 2 controller with built-in screen

The DJI Smart Controller lets Mavic 2 owners take to the skies without the need of a mobile device. The $650 controller includes a 5.5-inch screen that can display images streamed from the connected drone in full HD resolution. DJI says this screen is twice as bright as mobile screens, too, which should make it easier to use in direct sunlight. The device is a smart, though expensive accessory for drone owners. Right now, for most drones on the market, owners have to connect a mobile phone to...
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This is the first drone parachute system available for Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom

Drone parachutes are a cool invention that can protect both your drone and people below it in case something unpredictable happens. There are already some solutions on the market, and Fruity Chutes has recently launched the first available drone parachute system for the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom. The full name of the system is […] The post This is the first drone parachute system available for Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This Mavic 2 Pro vs Phantom 4 Pro comparison puts image sharpness reports to the test

There have been a few reports across Facebook groups, YouTube videos, and various forums across the web on sharpness issues with DJI’s new Mavic 2 Pro. Despite housing a camera branding the Hasselblad name, people aren’t happy. But are things really as bad as they might appear? Tom David from Tom’s Tech Time puts the […] The post This Mavic 2 Pro vs Phantom 4 Pro comparison puts image sharpness reports to the test appeared first on DIY Photography.
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DJI announces the Mavic 2 Enterprise with self-heating batteries

After having recently announced both the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI has now announced the new Mavic 2 Enterprise. DJI is turning the Mavic name from more being than just a single drone into a whole range of products focused on different tasks Despite the name, though, the Mavic 2 Enterprise is […] The post DJI announces the Mavic 2 Enterprise with self-heating batteries appeared first on DIY Photography.
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DJI adds a bunch of extras to Mavic 2 for a new search-and-rescue drone

Drone giant DJI has added a bunch of extras to its compact Mavic 2 drone to create a new flying machine that's ideal for search and rescue missions, as well as industrial inspections. The post DJI adds a bunch of extras to Mavic 2 for a new search-and-rescue drone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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DJI releases a modified Mavic 2 drone aimed at enterprise

DJI announced today at an event in Texas a modified version of its well-received Mavic 2 aimed squarely at business ranging from government to education. The base of the folding drone is the same as the commercial one that launched a few months back, but there are a few updates on-board aimed specifically at enterprise customers. The most interesting of the bunch of a new modular mount for adding-on a handful of new accessories controllable through the DJI app. The group includes a dual spot...
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