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How to watch 'Those Who Wish Me Dead' starring Angelina Jolie on HBO Max while it's still playing in theaters

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Warner Bros. "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is a new thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Hoult. The movie premiered in theaters and on HBO Max on May 14. You can stream the film with an HBO Max subscription ($15/month) through June 14. Max (small) "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is the latest Warner Bros. film to premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day. The movie debuted on May 14, but it will...
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Shaed’s ‘High Dive’ Is a Sharp, Smart Pop Outing Loaded With Synths and Strings: Album Review

Shaed are a Washington DC-based trio who scored a massive hit two years ago with “Trampoline,” a song from their second EP that featured Zayn on the remix. The group is essentially an electronic-pop outfit, comprised of twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst, the latter of whom is married to singer Chelsea Lee (a situation […]
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J. Yoon, Korean Singer With M.C. The Max, Dies at 39

J. Yoon, singer with successful Korean rock band M.C. The Max, was found dead at home in Seoul on Thursday. He was 39. “J. Yoon left us on Thursday,” his agency 325 E&C said in a statement after it had been unable to reach him and called the police. “Members of M.C the Max and […]
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Boeing got the FAA green light for a 737 Max electrical fix, and 100 grounded planes can now return to the sky

Boeing 737 MAX airplanes Drew Angerer/Getty and Philip Pilosian/ The FAA has approved Boeing's proposed fixes to an electrical problem that grounded nearly 100 737 Max airplanes. The FAA told US lawmakers the electrical issue would need a "pretty straightforward fix." The grounded Boeing 737 Max airplanes, used by American Airlines, United Airlines, and others, can now fly again. See more stories on Insider's business page. Boeing Co on Wednesday won approval from U...
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Alaska Air Orders 13 Boeing 737 MAX Jets as Travel Demand Rebounds

(Reuters) - Alaska Air Group said on Wednesday it would expand its fleet with 13 orders for Boeing Co 737-9 MAX airplanes and 17 Embraer 175 jets,...
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Brydge Debuts New Air MAX+ Keyboard With Trackpad for iPad Air and iPad Pro

Brydge, known for its range of keyboards designed for Apple's iPads, today introduced its latest keyboard offering, the Brydge Air MAX+, which is compatible with 10.9-inch iPad Air and 11-inch iPad Pro models. Priced at $149.99, the Brydge Air MAX+ features a full keyboard along with a large multi-touch trackpad that's designed to turn an ‌iPad Air‌ or ‌iPad Pro‌ into a more laptop-like machine. The Brydge Air MAX+ features a row of shortcut keys for controlling screen brightness, accessing m...
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Ducks executive David McNab announces retirement after 28 years

David McNab, one of the architects of the expansion Mighty Ducks of Anaheim franchise in 1993-94 and the longest-serving member of the front office, announced his retirement Tuesday after 28 years with the organization and 43 years in the NHL overall. “It is our honor to celebrate David and his incredible career as a lifelong Anaheim Duck,” Ducks owners Henry and Susan Samueli said in a statement. “He has been key to this organization’s success as an executive for 28 years. David was instrumenta...
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Mark Zuckerberg named his goat 'Bitcoin' - and fans of the cryptocurrency are taking it as an endorsement

Mark Lennihan/AP Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a picture of his goats, Bitcoin and Max, on Monday. Crypto fans are taking this as an endorsement and are trying to figure out the meaning of it. There has been speculation that Facebook owns bitcoin despite the platform working on its own cryptocurrency Diem. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a picture of his two pet goats on Facebook on Monday, introducing t...
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Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Goat Named Bitcoin but Will Zuck Kill and Eat His Crypto Creature?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of his two goats on Monday, and the crypto world got pretty excited after hearing the names of Zuck’s four-legged friends: Max and Bitcoin. But are Max and Bitcoin pets or something a bit darker?Read more...
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MB&F Launches Three New Editions Of The LM101

I never quite knew the exact inspiration for the Legacy Machines until I read the latest press release MB&F had sent over. It was very much a “what if?” fantasy, and I adore these types of hypothetical daydreams — indeed, I indulge myself regularly in the horological make-believe. So, the story goes that Max asked […] Visit MB&F Launches Three New Editions Of The LM101 to read the full article.
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Pig Pursuit: 150-Pound Porker Eludes Authorities In El Dorado County, Found At Ranch Near Lotus

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Max & the Midknights

Lincoln Peirce, the author of Big Nate, takes us to a fantasy land in a sword-and-sorcery tale with kid protagonists, told in the popular mixed-media format of short text sections interspersed with comics, in Max & the Midknights. Max is voyaging with Uncle Budrick, a struggling troubadour. As an apprentice, Max is supposed to become a traveling entertainer, just because of family expectations. However, Max is more practical, smarter, courageous, and very competent, which makes her (yes, her) th...
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J. Lo and Ben Affleck were spotted together in Montana, which is set to gain a new House seat in redistricting

Ben Affleck, left, and Jennifer Lopez, right, are spending time together 17 years after they broke off their high-profile engagement Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, engaged in the early 2000s, were spotted together in Montana. Montana is gaining a seat in Congress after the 2020 census due to its population growth. Like the former A-list couple, Montana will be receiving significant media attention. See more stories on Insider's...
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iPhone 13 Models Will Be Slightly Thicker and Will Have Larger Camera Bumps

Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 models will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 12 models and will also feature larger, thicker camera bumps with lenses that protrude less, according to ‌iPhone 13‌ schematics seen by MacRumors. The new ‌iPhone 13‌ and 13 Pro models are expected to feature a thickness of 7.57mm, up from 7.4mm in the ‌iPhone 12‌ models. That's an increase of 0.17mm, which won't be hugely noticeable to most people. Changes coming to the camera bumps of the new iPhones may be more no...
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Marcel Spears And Sheaun McKinney Say Working With Cedric The Entertainer Is ‘Insane, Surreal’

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Coldplay’s Chris Martin Shouts Out Olivia Rodrigo, Hails Hitmaker Max Martin

As part of the rollout for the release of Coldplay’s new single “Higher Power,” Chris Martin joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily earlier this week. In addition to discussing the band’s creative evolution over a decades-long career, Martin broke down what it was like to work with legendary pop producer Max […]
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Poetry Busch, Wilhelm: Schnurrdiburr / Buzz a Buzz (De, En, colorIllus). v1. 07 May 2021

Schnurrdiburr, oder, Die Bienen Written and illustrated by Wilhelm Busch (1832–1908) Buzz a Buzz, or, The Bees English translation 1 by Hezekiah Watson (no data found) English translation 2 By William C. Cotton (1813–1879) This is a story in comical pictures and rhyme, in which the bees are humanized. The human characters find themselves in many strange and silly, and sometimes scary, situations. I’ll sing of Johnny Dull: his pig, Made by his bees exceeding big; And of his daughter fair Chris...
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The best Apple AirPods deals you can get now, including the first discount we've seen on the AirPods Max

Apple; Alyssa Powell/Insider If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Apple's AirPod lineup makes listening to audio on iPhones easy. Right now, AirPods Pro are only $200 from Amazon, a $50 savings. Check out our best headphones deals for more options. Apple's AirPods are popular for a reason: they're among the most convenient, and best options for wireless earbuds. They automatically pair with your Apple devices the moment you open t...
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How to watch 'Those Who Wish Me Dead' starring Angelina Jolie when it hits HBO Max and theaters on May 14

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Warner Bros. "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is a new thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Hoult. The movie arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on May 14. You can stream the film with an HBO Max subscription ($15/month) through June 14. Max (small) "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is the latest Warner Bros. film set to premiere in theaters and HBO Max on the same day. The movie will be available to stream as ...
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NRA-ILA Responds to Bloomberg Columnist’s Piece, “A Civilized Society”

Bloomberg anti-gun columnist Sir Max Hastings missing the point entirely on his recent anti-gun article. IMG NRA-ILA. U.S.A. -( Bloomberg columnist Sir Max Hastings shares his thoughts on guns, crime, and the differences between his native Britain and the United States in “I Grew Up on Guns. Now I’ve Learned to Love Firearm Control.” Having a father who had brought home keepsake firearms from the Second World War, he claims he became “exceptionally proficient” at taking apart and...
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A Pro-Gun Brit Responds To ‘Sir Max’ & His Anti-Gun Foolishness ~ VIDEO

Editor’s note: This guest column from Martin Hyde – an American businessman who immigrated from England to Florida 22 years ago – was written in response to an editorial from the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Reporting Project. Mr. Hyde is primarying Congressman Vern Buchanan, R-FL16, because of Buchanan’s support for HB8. by Martin Hyde A Pro-Gun Brit Responds To ‘Sir Max’ & His Anti-Gun Foolishness USA – -( The article by “Sir Max” Hastings pontificating on thin...
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Trailer for Doc Film 'Mosley: It's Complicated' About FIA's Max Mosley

"Life is a battle… and I generally only pick the fights I can win." Flat-Out Films has released the official trailer for a biopic documentary titled Mosley: It's Complicated, chronicling the life and times of former FIA president Max Mosley, who was the head of F1's governing body from 1993 to 2005. Over fifty years, Mosley achieved great things, making the family name well respected, until a hidden camera from a BDSM "party" exposed his colorful sex life in the British tabloids. Some collea...
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I tried a BarkBox subscription for my playful, energetic dog and it did not disappoint - the toys kept him entertained and they didn't fall apart the second he got to them

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. My dog Archie loved his BarkBox toys, and I was impressed by how well they held up. Kate Barrington/Business Insider BarkBox delivers toys and treats to your home monthly with its dog subscription box. Boxes range from $23 to $35 per month and include toys, all-natural treats, and a chew. I tested BarkBox with my dog Archie - he loves the toys and I'm pleased with their durability. Table of Con...
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iPhone 13 Pro Max Dummy Model Depicts Smaller Notch

Apple's iPhone 13 models are expected to feature a slimmed down notch, marking the first major change to the TrueDepth camera system since it was introduced in the 2017 iPhone X. We're still months away from the launch of the ‌iPhone 13‌, but Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy managed to get an ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro Max dummy model that represents what we can expect from the new 2021 device. Dummy models often come out ahead of when new ‌iPhone‌ models launch to give case makers an idea of what to e...
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Another AntiGun Englishman Denounces Your 2A Rights & the Second Amendment Foundation

Max Hastings I Grew Up on Guns Fail USA – -( Sir Max Hugh Macdonald Hastings is one of the preeminent British journalists and military historians. As a foreign correspondent for the BBC, he covered 11 wars and reported from more than 60 countries. In 1982, Hastings was the first reporter to enter Port Stanley, after the British military kicked out the Argentinians and liberated the Falkland Islands. Hastings was knighted in 2002 for his “services to journalism.” He has written ...
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Injuries, slumps have Dodgers searching for offense

Cody Bellinger isn’t walking through the clubhouse door to help solve the Dodgers’ offensive problems any time soon. “I talked to him last night,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Saturday afternoon. “He’s in a good place, getting antsy, but he’s still a little bit away too because he’s not running at full speed, (full) body weight or facing live pitching. So, once he gets there, it’ll be a different conversation.” Bellinger was only off to a 4-for-19 start (.211) with no home runs before he su...
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The 6 best robot vacuums we tested in 2021

A good robot vacuum cleans floors with little work from you, clearing debris with a button push. We tested 25 robot vacuums and consulted three experts to find the best options for different needs. The Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum is the best robot vac; it cleans well, mops, and has a helpful app. A robot vacuum can remove the small but time-consuming task of vacuuming from your never-ending to-do list. However, you'll want one that's powerful, relatively quiet, and doesn't require cons...
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Today Only: Prime Members Save An Additional 10% Off Via The Woot App! Save On Luggage, CamelBak Bottle, Pixel 3 Smartphone, Fossil Watch, Galaxy Buds Pro, Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules, Echo Show 2, And More!

Download the Woot App for Android or iOS. Once downloaded login to your Amazon Prime account and automatically receive 10% off and free shipping at checkout. Max discount $20. Sample deals after 10% discount: Oakley Boots and Sunglasses Sale Merrell Shoes on sale Mother’s Day Sale Items Star Wars Sale Items Chocolate, candies, and snacks sale CamelBak Chute […]
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Fine Wolf: A suave SYM 150 commuter from 2LOUD

The definition of a commuter bike varies from the East to the West. In Europe, a prime commuter would be something like a Royal Enfield 650. But in Asia, scooters and tiny singles rule the roost, and companies like SYM make a killing. This right here is an early 2000s-model SYM Wolf 150 Legend. As commuters go, it’s surprisingly attractive, with a pint-sized UJM vibe to it. And as the Taiwanese shop 2LOUD Custom has just shown, it’s ripe for customization too. This isn’t the first time tha...
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Es dauerte ein Jahr, bis ich über jemanden hinweg war, den ich nie getroffen hatte

Am 28. Februar 2020 schickte er mir auf Tinder ein GIF aus Alice im Wunderland. Das weiß ich deswegen noch so genau, weil das mein letztes normales Wochenende war, bevor Corona in Südafrika ankam, wo ich wohne. An diesem Abend war ich auf einer Geburtstagsparty, ließ mich total volllaufen und antwortete ihm erst am nächsten Tag auf seine Tinder-Nachricht. Innerhalb von fünf Nachrichten wurde mir klar, dass ich sehr viel mit diesem Typen gemeinsam hatte, den ich hier Max nenne. Wir hatten a...
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